103 Easy Dutch Braids Help You Welcome Spring With Style


Dutch braids come to the rescue this spring for every undecided woman. Sooner or later, each woman faces the desire to change her hairstyle at almost any price. There is even a saying according to which, if you change your hairstyle, there will be significant positive changes in your life as well. So, what do you do when you do not even want to cut your hair or dye your hair? This decision can be very simple: you only have to learn how to make Dutch braids, or any braids for that matter.

Dutch braids, that are also called inverted French braids, are so universal that they can be used for any purpose, starting with a walk to the store, and ending with a luxurious party. For this reason, reversed French braiding is so popular. In addition, its appearance can be modified depending on how it is woven and the accessories used to embellish it.

As you will see below, you can create so many hairstyles with this braiding technique. You can literally braid your hair for the gym and later on for an event worthy of the red carpet using the same braiding style. This is not too good to be true!

  1. Two loose Dutch braids for long hair

dutch braid

2. Braids that start from the neck up

3. Use a braid to weave other braids

4. Nice color contrast obtained with woven hair

5. Inverted French braids done on the sides

6. Hair parted in two and woven till the ends

7. Dutch weaving results in a crown

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8. Elegant updo obtained with the Dutch braiding technique

9. Natural hair braided on a side

10. Thick Dutch braids turn in fishtails

Dutch Braids Worn by Celebrities and Regular People

A fairly simple, yet very original braiding technique, the Dutch enjoys a great popularity not only among simple women but also among celebrities. By the way, in most cases, they do not use additional accessories, letting the accent fall on the braiding style itself.

Scarlett Johansson for example, has decided to complete one of her evening outfits with reversed French braids secured around her head. Such hairstyle looks very voluminous and confers the feeling of having crowns made of hair.

Charlize Theron, another Hollywood star, shows us an example of the elegant and very feminine hairstyle created with the help of Dutch braids. This option involves braiding the hair from the temples, all the way to the nape of the neck. Next, it must be secured in a bun, which is usually placed in the opposite side of the head.

11. Platinum hair loosely braided in the back

12. Sun kissed hair tamed in a Dutch braid

13. Curled hair styled with two rows of braids

14. The classic pigtails reinvented by braiding

15. Dutch braids meet in a top knot

16. Simple inverted French braids divided in two

17. Reversed French braids turn into simple pigtails

18. Dutch braiding allows the addition of hair extensions

19. Loosely woven hair secured in a romantic style

20. Dutch braids turn into fishtails from the nape of the neck down

A General Description of Dutch Braids

The main difference between the Dutch braiding technique and the one we know from childhood is that in this case, the braiding starts from the top of the head or from the root of the hair, not from the neck down. Unlike the classic braiding style, this one allows you to braid hair starting with the forehead, from the temples down and so on.

This advantage is due to the technique of weaving, in the case of Dutch braiding, which involves adding new strands of hair into the braid. The hair still remains divided in three strands of hair, even if you add more and more.

In 2019 braided hairstyles occupy a special place both in fashion, on podiums, but also on the street. It’s true; in order to get your hair braided you will need time, patience and, most importantly, skill. But that does not have to discourage you!

You should practice until you succeed, because the result is really surprising and has an incredible impact on your look. So, give yourself a little time until you learn the secrets of these braided hairstyles, then enjoy jubilant adventures that attract admirers.

21. Feminine thin braids on a side

22. Two rows of Dutch braiding caught in one ponytail

23. Complex design brings two braids together in one

24. Dutch crown continues with a large fishtail

25. Dutch crown with high volume hair

26. Masterfully braided hair on both sides

27. Dutch braids match a sporty style too

28. Not much skill needed for a side braid

29. Multiple rows of inverted French braids

30. Long hair woven in a huge Dutch style braid

Inverted French Braids – How to Do Them Yourself

Do you know how to make a simple braid? If your answer is yes, then you will find it very easy to make Dutch braids or inverted French braids. When you braid hair by diving it in 3 equal strands, the twigs from the sides end up in the middle from above. More specifically, if you have 3 strands of hair, A, B and C, and you braid the hair normally, then twig A will be placed over twig B. In case of Dutch braiding, the hair strands from the sides must be taken in the middle from below. So, twig A will go under twig B.

This is basically what makes the Dutch braid different from the French braid. However, you should also keep in mind that when you bring the side sections to the middle, from below, you will have to keep adding twigs from the sides in order to obtain the same effect.

31. A touch of elegance with an accessorized braid

32. Dutch braids can be worn by kids too

33. Almost no skill required for these amazing pigtails

34. A complicated design with multi-layered braiding

35. Long hair nicely braided on a side

36. Double the amount of inverted French braids

Cascade hair is lucid, elegant and perfect for sunny summer days. The effect of a waterfall is based on the inverted French braiding technique and two other tricks. Namely, the lateral section is enriched with inner twigs only at the top, while the bottom section is left free.

37. Side braids connected by a middle section

38. Blonde hair and dark roots tend to highlight Dutch braiding

39. A very comfortable hairstyle for kids

40. A pair of extra hands could help

Tips and Tricks for a Successful Dutch Braiding Process

  • You can create Dutch braids on straightened hair, natural combed hair or on a hair with plenty of volume, which was textured, curled or altered in any other way. Depending on the texture of the hair, you will get completely different braids. They might look messy or sleek, according to your preferences.
  • You can start a Dutch braid from the top of your head or you can do it on the side. If you do not master the proper technique yet, you should know that doing the braiding on one side confers maximum visibility in the mirror. However, after you become familiar with the technique, you will be able to braid your hair from the neck up if that’s what you’ll want.
  • Another trick to know before you start braiding your hair Dutch style, is to always try to divide your hair into even twigs. This will help you get an uniform look all over your head after the braiding process is finished.

41. Red highlights add volume and fun to a braid

42. This is how you start braiding

43. Real tight inverted French braid

44. Casual boho style with a loose side braid

45. Astonishing hairstyle with accessories and braids

46. When a Dutch braid turns into a fishtail

Now that you have an idea about how to braid hair the classic French style or the inverted style, you can create a wide variety of hairstyles for yourself. What is great about these patterns is precisely the fact that you do not need long hair to wear braids and the execution time decreases considerably. Moreover, if you are tired of bangs, a simple way to keep your forehead clear is to start braiding your hair from one side.

47. Romantic look obtained with double Dutch braids

48. A very thick reversed French braid

49. Double side braids start from the neck up

50. Green hair woven in twin braids

Learn How to Braid Your Hair on a Side Using the Dutch Technique

If you are looking for the perfect type of braid, then you must choose the Dutch braid on the side. You must start by combing your hair to one side of your head. In case you want a symmetrical do, you can start braiding your hair from the middle section.

Next, you should continue braiding the hair until you reach under your ear. Just as a reminder, don’t forget that this type of braiding is done under, not over the middle hair strand.

Don’t forget to integrate the rest of your hair in your Dutch braiding. Take thin twigs and add them to the initial strands, each by turn. After you’re done, use an elastic band to secure it.

51. Curled hair braided at the top and secured in a high ponytail

52. Neatly woven hair on a side 

53. Neat and tight braiding style on both sides of the head

54. Hair woven Dutch style created an outer rope

55. Romantic crown made of black and purple hair

Crowns made of hair like in the picture above have a particular charm, but they require skill and patience. Even so, the end result deserves all the effort. It’s a hairstyle worthy of a red carpet appearance in case of a perfect execution. They can be based on the classic or inverted French braid, executed in half: only the right side section will be enriched with hair strands from the inside.

56. Four rows of Dutch braids keep hair in place

57. Thick hair braided in two thick braids

58. Decorative Dutch braid on messy hair

59. Feminine hairstyle obtained with loose side braids

60. Long hair perfectly braided in half

Braid the Upper Section of Your Hair Using the Dutch Technique

If you decide to go for an over the head Dutch braid, it must mean that you are going to attend a party or a cocktail party since it is a more sophisticated do. Since you already know the basics, you must prepare the hair accordingly.

Start by braiding sections of your hair so that the braids meet at the top of the head. If your hair is really long, you will have enough hair to braid and use as a crown or twist it in a bun.

61. The Milkmaid braid is a must try during the summer

One of the easiest styles in which you can braid hair Dutch style is the Milkmaid braid. All you have to do is secure two low tails, at the base of your ears and then put them in a crown. These models give you a bohemian look and are ideal to wear during hot summer days when you don’t want your hair to cover your face.

62. Top view of twin Dutch braids

63. Ornamental fishtail technique combined with braids

64. Healthy, long hair woven using the right technique

65. Simple Dutch weaving for gym class

66. Using hair to decorate hair

67. Two rows of braids or almost the Milkmaid

68. Double Dutch braids are highly fashionable

69. Braids look especially cute with color

70. A simple and central braid done Dutch style

Items Needed for Dutch Braids Hairstyles

  • Hair brush or a comb with wide teeth
  • Rat-tail comb
  • Spray bottle for water in case you want to braid your hair wet
  • Hair elastics that are the color of your hair or cannot be noticed
  • Bobby pins in case you need to secure more than one braid
  • Hairspray if you think it’s necessary and you normally use it
  • In case you have difficult or kinky hair, follow your usual hair caring routine
  • Time and patience are also needed

71. Braids done close to the ears, on both sides

72. Braids end in braided snails

73. It all comes together into a bun

74. Ombre hair looks particularly fascinating when braided

75. Medium long hair can be easily braided as well

76. Dark roots and pale pink braids

Braids do a wonderful thing to dyed hair. They mix the colors in such way that is impossible not to look at. What’s even better about this aspect is the fact that it turns out unique. The combination of colors resulted from braiding hair using various techniques is never the same.

77. A work of art done with nothing but hair

78. Hair divided perfectly in order to create a pattern

79. Gray hair with white highlights woven double Dutch

80. Three hair colors come together in a braid

81. To side braids done thick and secured in a ponytail

82. Carefully sectioned hair braided and secured

You might think about school from time to time and would like to go back just to wear that sexy uniform and braid your hair without thinking it’s too geeky. Now you can, thanks to the Dutch braiding technique, which is fashionable and would suit your scenario. In order to tame your hair before braiding it, you can spray some water on it. Start this hairstyle by combing your hair over the head and dividing it in sections. If you’re a bit daring, put a pair of knee high socks on too!

83. Inverted French side braid turns into a fishtail

84. Two Dutch strands secured in two buns

85. Messy hair requires messy braiding

86. Natural hair stays braided longer

87. The perfect hairstyle for the gym

88. Elegance and femininity starting with a hairstyle 

89. Hair braided at the salon

90. A crown made of braided hair

91. Every hair strand used to create a big braid

92. Back view of a braid done with large chunks of hair

93. Rainbow hair looks amazing braided Dutch style

94. Double Dutch braids come together as one ponytail

95. Be stylish even while going at the gym

96. Fishtails take over inverted French braids

97. A hairstyle suited for active people

98. A side crown made of golden locks

99. Create a very innocent look for yourself

Inverted French braids can create the look of an innocent girl or the look of a very sexy woman, depending on how they’re done.

100. Rainbow hair braided at the back

Since her hair is dyed in all the colors of the rainbow, I think it’s safe to say this is the new Dutch Braided Rainbow Hair. Spring welcomes us with wonderful colors as well, but the colors of rainbow speak more about the inner state.

101. Short blonde hair braided from top down

102. Side view of double inverted French braids

103. Wavy hair loosely braided on two sides

Whether your hair is short, medium or long and you’re out of styling ideas, try French braids! It’s almost impossible for you not to find the right inverted French braids hairstyle. This is because it is suited to all sorts of personalities and events. In addition, it is also very fashionable at the moment. You will not fail if you choose to try French braids and stay in trends without damaging your hair at all!




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