68 Totally 80s Hairstyles Making a Big Comeback


Totally 80s hairstyles when the spenders were big, the gas guzzlers were big, and hairspray made hair bigger and bigger. The style may not be better for post-millennial 20s, but the music and the films were iconic.

We have Dynasty and Dallas big hair. Guess what? The Carringtons are making a big comeback. Riverdale is back and Roseanne too (shortlived though it may be) and there is a slew of 1980s movies being remade right now. And don’t forget Nintendo!

The 1980s was a pop culture goldmine.

The Big 1980s Comeback

But what else is making a big splash? Yup, supreme big hair is back. Or rather, 1980s style. Let’s begin with neon colors, scrunchies, top knots, and snap clips.

Then there are the big fabric headbands and for some reason, even crimping.

But our absolute favorites are one-sided ponytails and the ponytail braids.

80s Hairstyles For Female You Should Check Out

So here’s our list of 1980s hair. Some you should check and try out, A word of warning, some of the styles, you cannot unsee, and you might need to bleach your eyes. Also, 80s hairstyles loved to mix and match. Some were great combination such as this style. Some were not.

If you are the type that cannot unsee cringy stuff, prepare your eye-bleach.

Did I hear acid-washed?

1. Let’s Get Totally Physical

Olivia Newton-John knew what she wanted – a great body. And this gravity-defying style gave birth to aerobics, aerobics wear, and out-of-this-world BIG hair.

80s hairstyles

2. Messy Like a Virgin

We all love the messy hair of the 1980s.

Teasing your hair was a teenage must and so was using up a whole can of aerosol hairspray to achieve the big bangs. If you think it was easy, think again. Each curl and waves were meticulously shaped and curled. We all thank Clairol Benders Hair Curlers for the big curls of the 1980s.

Then we all finger-combed them to messy perfection.

3. Big Loud Fabric Headband With Thin Curls

This style hits two 1980s fashion styles: the fabric headband and thin, messy curls. Beautiful in its stylish simplicity, this is a look we should bring into the 21st century.

4. Big Bow Fabric Headband With Brushed Up Bangs

Okay, we can live with the brushed up bangs but let’s leave the big boss lying smack in the middles of our heads in the dustbin of questionable 80s hairstyles.

A cringe look we should all forget.

5. Classic Hairbow with Sexy Waves

See, not everything needed to be burned until no evidence remains. This is a classic rendition. The fabric is glittery and elegant, the now tied perfectly to complement the soft hair sprayed sexy waves framing the face.

6. One-Sided Fountain Ponytail

One-sided ponytails are nothing new. But the abundance if the decade just made 80s hairstyles so big and out-there.

The ponytail is high and sleek, but the edges have to spout and spill like water from a fountain. The style called for asymmetrical cuts, to begin with, and lots of hairspray to hold the hair.

7. Feathered Layered Boy Cut

Gender-defying 80s hairstyle made waves as women chopped off their permed tresses to sport a boy’s haircut. We can all thank the movie “Say Anything” for this style.

8. Backcombed Rocker Chic

The ladies rocked the 80s like you won’t believe it. We are all for the teased big hair and backcombed bangs that defined rockstar glamour.

9. Big Bangs All Over

Everything was big, including bangs that were just all over.

10. Gentle Shaggy

Not everybody went ga-ga during the 1980s. Some kept their sanity and stuck to simpler styles that have passed the test of good taste and style.

11.┬áMiss the Mullets – Not!

Mullets are traditionally a guy’s hairstyle. But 80s hairstyles were bending genders, and the courageous females took the challenge and sported mullets. Let’s now leave that styles in the 80s, never to be seen again.

12. Thin Curls Were Definitely In…And So Were Butterfly Clips

Technology has been kind to our hair nowadays. Thankfully, thin, messy curls look as good today as they did in the 80s.

Oh! Let’s not forget the butterfly clips that became fashionable

13. Fabric Bows Made Elegant

Okay, here’s another elegant version of the fabric hairbow. See, 80s hairstyles can be done tastefully. Then add in the short sexy waves.

14. 80s Hairstyles are Braided and Blonde

The style features two distinct features of the decade – blonde and braids.

15. Short and Sexy Slick Waves

The 1980s were all about the hair. Here the waves are sexy and held in an uneven side part. They also definitely look sleek.

16. Two-in-One Styles

We were all greedy during the 1980s. This style features two 80s stylings, tight ponytail and teased big waves of hair.

17. High Tops and Brushed Up Mullets

We all wanted volume, and sometimes we all went for the height. A style that was very much common for mullets.

18. Long and Messy Backcombed Hair

We wanted height for bangs, length for locks, and just made everything big.

19.┬áSarah’s Soft Crimping Look Was High Fashion

Crimping irons were flying off the shelves, and the 1980s gal made sure she had an extra set of tongs, just in case. The style made a comeback in the 1990s thanks to the divine Ms. Britney Spears and is now making another but gentler comeback.

20. Debbie Harry’s Rocker Blonde

Debbie Harry was the rocker chick that defined the era. She was all blonde and dirty about it. We all followed, of course.

21. Upswept, Curled and Combed

We like one-sided haircuts and faux Mohawk.

22. Stunning Black Mohawk

Punk rock was in and dangerous, and we all loved it. Bring the 80s hairstyles with this curly faux Mohawk. We even went the distance to shave the sides of our heads.

23. Janet’s Messy High Curls

The curls were thin, but they all made it up with the height they could achieve.

24. Sweet and Sane Side Braids

Side braids and all kinds of braids were popular during the 1980s. Soft curls are accented with a partial side braid that was all feminine and sweetness. Some were sane during those times.

25. Sideswept Bob with the Right Kind of Blonde

The definitive color was blonde and more blonde. The side swept bob was a classic take for including big hair. Thankfully, the style worked well.

26. Popular Big Perms

People were getting their hair permed left and right. It was a great decade for all the hair products as people mixed and matched. Some jus practically threw all the styles together.

27. The Bump

Nope, it’s not a baby but that bump of hair we all wanted to have during the 80s. Blown and sprayed, the bigger the bump, the better it was.

28. The Tall Wave

Bangs were pulled, teased, backcombed, and sprayed until it can be as tall as the Empire State Building. Rulers and measuring sticks were used to measure the Big Wave that was right smack in the middle of your head.

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29. Hippie Friendship Bands

What we cannot use as necklaces or bracelets, we should use as headbands. This was the 90s hairstyles motto.

30. Big and Mini Crimps fro Demi

Not all crimps are made equal. There were the big crimps that were all over, and the mini ones that Demi Moore sports in this picture.

31. Dirty Dancing to Messy Thin Curls

Everybody loved the movie and launched the movie careers of Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey.

32. Blown Away and Brushed Up

Hair was blown in any which way. Some also opted for brushing up to achieve height and width.

33. Mini Braids for Style

Mini braids hidden or tucked away within the hair was another 80s hairstyle that we could look back without cringing. It’s sweet and stylish both at the same time.

34. Big Bows

A big black bow keeps messy hair in place. It works well.

35. Rocker Waves and Hanky Bows

The curls were big and long, and rockers dug it – whether they were the artists or the groupies. Add street cred by using your paisley handkerchief.

36. The Tight High Side Tail

Ponytails are forever, but during the 1980s we preferred them way to the side and way high on the head. The stranger it looked, the better.

37. Casual Crimping Chic

Okay, crimping never really made a big farewell. However, we all laid off the crimping wand and gave our hair a much-needed rest for the heat and the twist. Hair is big and still made bigger. Long hair with dark roots was crimped. Still looks good even today.

38. Headbanging Headbands

Channeling the wildflower children of the 1960s and Woodstock glamor, headband of all sizes and colors were IN during the 1980s. The crazier the design, the better. Hair was parted in the middle, though unevenly. Slip on your headbands, garterized for non-slip, and you were good to go. Finger-comb the strands for a lovely and wholesome finish.

39. Punk Rock Braids

Mix and match a side braid and a Mohawk, and you have this style.

40. Farrah’s Feathers Angelic

The feathered curls were Farrah Fawcett’s signature style. The soft feathery hair framed the face while soft curls were let loose and free. She was a true angel that made us all fall in love with her.

41. Messy Locks in a Side Parting

We all took sides during the 1980s.

42. Debbie Gibson’s Whale Spout Was Interesting

The teenage diva of the decade, we all wanted cute and adorable, and the whale spout ponytail was a perfect style.

43. The Making of a Royal Look

The feathered look for short hair that Diana, Princess of Wales, made famous when she married the heir to the throne of the United Kingdom. It seems so long ago.

44. Flipped Out Soft Curls

Some retained their sanity, and even if they went for volume, they went for soft flips.

45. Brushed Up Mullets

Mullets were brushed up in front and let loose and long at the back.

46. The Big Bump

If there was the Bump, the runaway wanted the Big Bump – the biggest and the baddest.

47. Brooke Shields Made Everything Gorgeous

Beautiful soft curls.

48. Really Really Big Hair

Big hair.

49. Sexy Multi Waves

We loved sexy, so we had all kinds of curls and waves in one hairstyle.

50. Iconic Side Buns for 80s Hairstyles

We loved messy. We loved the length. We loved anything we put the extreme side.

51. Beautiful Big 80s Hairstyles Meant Big Bangs

Okay, the 1980s was a big era when the economy was thriving, and we were borrowing like credit limit didn’t exist. For hair, it was all about the bangs. Nobody escaped teasing their bangs to achieve maximum height and setting them all to stand and stay put with Aussie hairspray and Aquanet.













58. Big and Messy Locks in a Headband

We all love dour headband and big hair.




60. Sleek Brush Ups

A combination style that became an iconic 80s hairstyles look.

61. Beautiful Sexy Braids

if 80s hairstyles were about big volume, they were also about sexy. Even braids didn’t escape the sexy factor.

62. Strange Mushrooms

Sometimes we didn’t know what we were thinking.

63. Beautiful Big Sexy Waves

We all went wavey during the 1980s.

64. Sexy Mesy Rocker Locks

The ladies who rocked knew their styles.

65. Soft Crimps Are Pretty

Not everyone went gaga over the crimping iron.

66. Big Bangs and Braids

The bangs were brushed up and teased and sprayed after curling them. The remainder of the hair was braided. Another mix and match 80s hairstyles.

67. David Bowie’s Goblin King Mullet

The Goblin King was an iconic 80s character, and he sported a mullet. The mullet masqueraded as a shaggy cut. It didn’t matter. We all followed.

68. Elegant Mini Chain Headband

Not everything was loud and tacky in those years. One of the best 80s hairstyles we can reuse for our post-millennial lifestyle is the narrow headband. The style is utterly feminine, retro, and simple-to-achieve. Use a bit of lace with garter or elastic, but take care not to make it too tight or you might get headaches.

Part hair in the middle and use either your fingers or the edge of a comb for uneven parting. This will add visual texture and volume to your hair. Slip on your headband and brush down your hair. Finish with some finger-coming to get the size and natural look.


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