84 New Crochet Braids Looks for a Healthy Hairstyle Change


Curly hair is cool, chic and trendy – and black women have turned their crocheting hairstyles into an impressive mix of outstanding looks. A great thing, crochet braids can fit almost any woman, as they could give your hair a cool look while keeping everything clean and fresh. If you are looking for a hairstyle inspiration, we have put together the best crochet hairstyles that you will love.

  1. Short crochet hairstyle

crochet braids

For a fun, summery look, opt for a shorter, cheeky, curly pixie. Short crocheted braids are always effortlessly stylish and perfect for any occasion.

2. Faux washing and walking crochet hair

The perfect wash and go? Give this crochet hair a try! These crochet-coils give a perfect wash and go, while protecting your natural hair. The heart-shaped cut is flattering to almost any face shape, and the shorter length makes it an incredibly chic yet manageable-style.

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3. Unwrapped crochet Havana Mambo twist

When you get tired of your twists, it may be time to unravel you. This glamorous style can be easily adorned with a few colorful strands or braid jewels.

4. Jumbo curls with side-section crochet weaving

How cute are these jumbo curls? With a touch of brown, these jumbo curls are the perfect balance of sweet femininity and sophistication. To help care for these, try putting them in a knot during the night.

5. Ombre hairstyle achieved without hair dyeing

6. Side part tightly crocheted braids

Tight crocheted braids are now very trendy. They are very easy to make and maintain. The strands of hair on the front side are divided laterally. They take small sections of the hair and process them into very tight crochet braids.

7. Ocean wave crochet braids

Sea waves crochet braids make the hair look very elegant and stylish. The hair is casually split laterally. The length of the hair is medium and extends to the shoulders. It can easily be worn to casual or semi-formal outfits. Lightweight makeup with highlighted eyes is best for this hairstyle.

8. Crochet braiding with loose hair

This unique style combines crocheted roots with a casual hairstyle. The crochet braid was made only in the front sections of the hair. The rest of the hair is gelled and carefully left open. The braids on the front strands are elaborate and have been executed only with a small section of the hair.

9. Bouncy twist outs for medium hair

The bouncy-twist-out-crochet braid shows how many variations are possible with the crocheted braid variant. The braids were made in thicker sections and have been turned outside to create a fresh new look of the crochet braids.

10. Curly hair that’s thicker than ever before

To give your hair additional volume, you can try this hairstyle. This can also be done with straight hair or curly hair.

What are Crochet Braids?

Crochet braids are a stylish and functional hairstyle if you want to renew your hair without putting too much strain on your scalp. In fact, crochet braiding is a technique for adding hair extensions that are already braided and you will only wear them in your hair. Do you know that hair extensions often look as natural as your hair, so there are chances that crochet pegs will be mistaken for real hair?

The technique in this hairstyle allows you to use hair extensions without pulling your strands – you already have cornrows and the hair extensions are threaded through your braids with a crochet hook and tied with a knot instead of sewing them into your hair.

11. Full head of hair due to extensions

12. Invisible hair extensions for an awesome look

13. Crochet braids taking different shapes

14. Awesome curly hair with bangs

15. Senegalese look made by twisting hair

16. Purple hair extensions added to the roots

17. Two different colored extensions added

18. How extensions are secured to braided hair

19. Senegalese braids with multiple shades of gold and copper

20. Don’t forget about hair accessories

The Wonders of Crochet Braiding

Easy to Do and Long Lasting

If you do not want to sit for too long just to get a braided hairstyle, crochet hair braiding is perfect for you. Braiding long hair takes hours, especially if you have kinky or curly hair. Crochet braiding on the other hand, does it all in an effortless manner that’s very chic.

Depending on the complexity of your braids, the quality of the hair extensions used and your maintenance routine, a crochet hairstyle may last for 2 months or more. So, you do not have to frequent your hairdresser just to fix your hair. However, it is not advisable to keep your braids in for more than 2 months, otherwise you will strain your natural hair too much.

Crochet Braiding Reduces the Frizz in Your Hair

Did you know that the hair extensions used in crochet trims provide flexibility? Yes, it is easier to install them in your hair while reducing the amount of frizz, especially if you have curly hair. With crochet braids you get a clean and polished look while looking chic.

Crochet Braids as a Protective Style

Did you know that crochet braids can be used as a protective style for your hair? Since your hair is woven, you will not expose it to the sun. In fact, it also lets your natural hair relax and breathe while you reduce hair damage. Moreover, it gives your hair time to grow healthy and strong.

Cheap and Fast Solution for Skilled Women

Crocheted braids are less expensive than normal braids and you can even do them yourself as long as you know how. A great thing, your cornrows do not have to be perfect as they are covered by the hair extensions. Most of the time, you can install crochet braids in just a few hours, and they can look very natural and flattering. If done correctly, crocheting hairstyles will add volume and statement to your hair.

21. Really thick twisted purple braids look

22. No baby hairs were left behind

23. Ombre hair without any effort

24. Curly short hair look created with extensions

25. Senegalese twist crochet braids

The Senegalese twist crochet braids can be made in the longer hair length. Long hair is twisted and made into pigtails that fall elegantly. Braids are cut from small hair and processed into separate braids. The small sections of the twisted braids are very clean and elegant. This pretty crocheted pigtail hairstyle can be worn with any casual or semi-formal outfit. A well-made make-up can best be combined with the hairstyle.

26. Crochet braids with multiple colors

27. Short wavy crochet hair

Short hair can also be processed into crochet hairstyles. The hair length is shoulder length. The strands of hair are elegantly curled and the braided crochet hairstyle is executed on the whole head. This crochet hairstyle is best for a formal look and formal outfits. This is a very good hairstyle for the thin texture of your hair. It makes hair voluminous.

28. Curls work as bangs as well

29. Crochet braids on the side

30. Voluminous chestnut black hair

Crochet Box Braids for a Full Head of Hair

If you want your all-natural hair braided entirely, opt for crochet box braids. You can easily channel your inner 90s child into the salon without long hours – most hair extensions are done and they will only take two hours to install in your hair.

If you have an oval or oblong face shape or even wide jaws and defined cheekbones, then this hairstyle is perfect for you. Just remember to add a midsection for a chic and youthful look.

To make everything festive and modern, think about adding different colored braids or highlights. With pre-braided extensions, you can choose trendy hair colors without damaging your strands of hair. However, make sure to opt for shades that complement your complexion.

31. One of the obtained looks with crochet braiding

32. Twisted braids look for little girls

33. The process of installing extension braids

34. An addition of color is always welcome

35. Golden hair accessories for an exotic look

36. Versatile technique encourages many hairstyles

37. Medium long hair with thick braids

38. Medium long hair with thick dark pink braids

39. Medium hair embellished with twisted braids

40. Natural looking locks added to braided hair

Bohemian Crochet Braids for a Carefree and Festive Statement

If you have an oval or oblong face shape, style your braids with a center piece that balances everything. Like most crochet braids, bohemian crochet braids don’t need to be washed too often and the hairstyle lasts for about three months. If you want to step out of your comfort zone, think of a colored hairstyle, though black or brown will give you a classic look.

Water Wave Crochet Braids for a Curly Hairdo

This hairstyle is similar to the bohemian style, but the curls are slightly larger and give you a classic look and more definition. A great thing, this hairstyle will look good on any face shape and will give you a diva boost effortlessly. It’s also a great option if you want to make your casual looks effortless. Do you know water wave hair is the best synthetic hair so far? It has volume and can stay up for more than three weeks, although you can wash your hair with water once a month.

Knotless Crochet Braids for Frequent Hairstyle Changes

If you want to change your hairstyle more often, opt for knotless crochet braids that will not show the knots in the areas of your hair, even if you divide your hair into different styles. In this technique, you still tie knots, but they are not so visible, which is why they are called “knotless.” All you have to do is create cornrows, but make the knots smaller with less hair. To do this, just loop the next strand to the braid, not both, and leave the other strand to cover the knot made from the first strand. In this way, the knots that were made to attach the hair extension are not displayed. A great thing, you can get curly or kinky looks with them, as well as a long straight hair.

41. Ravishing look with kinky hair extensions

42. Interesting look created with extensions

43. Flat braiding with copper accessories

44. Hair let loose from the chin down

45. Crochet braids done in another style

46. Medium hairstyle with well-groomed locks

47. Highly voluminous kinky hair

48. Very natural look achieved with extra hair

49. Fascinating braiding style with loose ends

50. Chestnut hair braided in the front

Crochet Micro Braids for a Chic and Complicated Look

Crochet micro braids are tiny braids that are tightly woven into the hair, which will give you a chic but complicated look. Micro braids require little daily maintenance and tiny braids can be harmful even to the hair. If you have brittle hair, think first before you get this look as it can cause hair loss if you are not careful to remove it. Before plaiting your hair, opt for a hot oil treatment at home to keep your hair moisturized.

Shorter hair is best for micro braids. Micro-flexing is more difficult as the braids are so small and the process takes longer. It is therefore important to have hair extensions in the hair to prevent hair loss and to make the hairstyle fuller and longer. However, it takes a few extra steps to secure and maintain your hair. You can apply a protein treatment for your hair before you have it micro-braided to reduce the risk of breakage. You also need to add extra moisture with light hair oil so your hair does not dry out.

Crochet Twisted Braids for a Regal Look

If you are looking for a regal look, opt for crochet twisted braids. You can divide your hair into 2 parts and start twisting them until it tightens. When you combine the 2 parts of your hair, you twist them in the opposite direction, resembling a rope. Just tie the braid with your hair extension down and you’re done. You can even attach the braid to your temple or hang it on your neck for a more majestic look.

Crocheted Braids Updo to Make a Statement

If you are looking for a statement-making hairstyle that is both romantic and feminine, opt for a crochet braid updo. You can go for a top bun style or even for a massive knot. This hairstyle will add complexity to a rather simple outfit, and is perfect from casual to more formal occasions.

51. Braids can be curled as well

52. Cubic twist in shades of pink and purple

53. Changing hair color with crochet braids

54. A sort of ombre hair look

55. A radiant hairstyle changes your spirit

56. Attractive hairstyle with bright purple hair

57. Kinky hair styled with a low bun

58. Short to medium braids attached to the roots

59. Hot look with ombre locks

60. Platinum and white extensions

Afro Crochet Braids for a Carefree and Relaxed Look

If you are looking for a carefree and relaxed look, you should opt for Afro crochet braids. While natural hair has the ability to create this look, you can add volume and bounce with hair extensions. So you can create fun hairstyles that can be styled in different ways. The extra volume at the ends of your hair gives you a kinky hairstyle that’s wild and breathtaking.

However, if you want a festive statement, spice up your Afro do with fancy hair accessories like flowers, clips and even jewelry that add some personality to your hairstyle. After all, crochet hairstyles should be fun and exciting and a means to show your creativity with your hair.

61. Ombre braids with lavender and black

62. Middle parted hair with big curls

63. Braiding natural hair is a must

64. Medium curly extensions create a cool look

65. Adding colored extensions is a breeze

66. A really high ponytail

67. Get purple and curly hair in no time

68. Thick hair strands to the shoulders

69. Bob hairstyle for curly hair

70. Tight side braiding and thick braids additions

A Quick Reminder Before Installing Crochet Braids

Caring for your natural hair is essential before you install crocheting braids. Remember, a healthy foundation will give you a long-lasting protective hairstyle while you stay chic and stylish. You can start cutting away your split ends to prevent further damage and breakage. You need to thoroughly wash your hair before crocheting hair, which will encourage your natural hair to grow and maintain its length.

Since you would have crochet braids for at least a few weeks, your natural hair will need as much moisture as possible. So, make sure your natural hair is well moisturized before you install hair extensions. A deep conditioning treatment, after washing the hair, will be great to give it extra hydration. If you already have crochet braids, check the condition of your natural hair. You still need to moisturize and cleanse it for a week or two to ensure the health of your hair.

71. Visible knots in the front

72. Flawless braids knotting is barely noticeable 

73. Voluminous hair styled with side braids

74. Adding green braids for a shocking effect

75. Beige braids crocheted to natural hair

76. Adorable short locks added

77. Heavy braids put up in a bun

78. Get purple hair without any damage

79. Middle parted voluminous hairstyle

80. Side parted hairstyle with kinky hair

Crochet Braids – Washing and Removing Them

Most of the time, if you wear a crocheted hairdo, you can not wash your hair at all, although you can spray some diluted shampoo on your roots or use a leave-on conditioner to cleanse and air-dry it.

If you wash them often, you run the risk of loosening the knots. You can gently massage your scalp with your fingers and wash your crochet braids every two weeks.

When you sleep with them, you can cover them with a satin hood or scarf to protect them.

A great thing about taking crochet braids off is that is easier than installing them. You just have to look for the knots and cut the hair over the knot to loosen the loop. After that, it’s easier for you to pull the remaining hair out with your fingers.

With these hairstyle tips, you can flaunt your crochet braids stylishly.

81. Space buns done with braids

82. Kinky hair for girls with straight hair

83. Swimming with crochet braids is possible

84. Silky strands hair with colorful additions



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