125 Asymmetrical Bob Cuts for a Unique and Charming Style


The asymmetrical bob reinvents itself every season and seduces women of all ages. This cut consists of asymmetrical hair, which is shorter in the back and longer in front. It has the advantage of lightening the capillary mass and giving volume to the roots and sides. It is perfect for all those women who complain about lacking volume. In addition, it is a cut that suits all types of women, even if you have a square face.

For a more dynamic asymmetrical bob, you can degrade the entire cut, alternating short locks with long locks. This variant is full of character and will bring movement to the hairstyle. Do you want more good news? The asymmetric bob adapts to all types of hair: smooth, wavy or curly. Let’s read further and find out everything there is to know about this particular type of bob.

  1. Medium wavy hairstyle with black roots

2. Asymmetry created with a short side 

3. Victoria Beckham’s short bob with long bangs

4. Hair parted properly for an undercut

5. Long bob on copper hair with longer front

6. Coarse gray hair with really short bangs

7. Asymmetry allows longer hair in the front

8. Back and side undercuts covered by longer strands

9. A difference in length from one side to the other

10. Rainbow highlights embellish an asymmetrical bob

The Comeback of the Asymmetrical Bob

Four decades ago, in London, Maurice Tidy fashioned the bob hairstyle. He created a whole line that had a maddening effect on many women, giving birth to a unique and feminine style. Now this hairstyle returns to its fashionable, classic and customized lightweight curls, with more geometric and easy-to-maintain cuts. It offers timeless and sexy quality to every woman, so not many have the courage to choose it because it puts them in the spotlight wherever they are. It is a haircut that is recommended for straight hair, but not exclusively.

For a short bob, the hair is cut short to the base of the ears. Moreover, the style can be divided according to the length of the bang. If you have a round face shape, then you can easily choose a short bang, arranged along the face in a symmetrical manner. If you have an oval face, then it is recommended to quit the bangs all together.

The symmetry between the face shape and the haircut are the two elements that need to be taken into account. You can choose from so many bob hairstyles, both short and medium long. In addition, you won’t have to do much in order to maintain such hairstyle. You can use a round brush and a curling iron if your hair is stubborn and you need to bring the ends inside. Conversely, you can wear the tips outward or just gracefully curl your hair.

In fact, the asymmetrical bob can easily be adapted to curly hair. An eloquent example is the selection of the famous Sarah Jessica Parker in the 4th season of the successful Sex and the City series.

Regardless of the bob haircut style you choose, do not forget to keep it as natural as possible, simple and easy to maintain. Do not forget that no matter what hairstyle you choose: short or long, its color or the shape you give it, your hair talks before you do, so  before making a decision, you must take into account what you want to say, show and prove with your hair.

11. Celebrity style promotes sun-kissed hair slightly longer in the front

Rosamund Pike rotated the slimmest asymmetric bob at the Golden Globes this year. The “Girl Gone” top actress and Oscar nominee has recently had a baby, so it’s safe to say she looks better than ever. Because she has an apple-shaped face, any hairstyle fits her well. More on one side and less on the other side, Pike’s simple but elegant bob made a pretty big impression.

12. Rita Ora’s short asymmetric bob with a side fringe

The unconventional style of Rita Ora and beautiful music can not go unnoticed. The pop singer rocks a blonde hairstyle, and she never looked better. The latest short asymmetric bob comes with a side edge. It’s stylish, elegant and incredibly exciting because it’s not super-combed. Rather disorderly and natural, this hairstyle seems to be effortless. If you are a ferocious blonde thinking to adopt a short bob, be sure to “accessorize” it with red lipstick.

13. Relaxed kinky hair cut with dramatic asymmetry 

14. Ravishing loose curls on thick hair arranged in a long bob

15. Asymmetry highlighted with another hair color

16. Rihanna gave the asymmetrical bob a try as well

17. Alternative style presents a side cut and long blonde strands

18. Over the ears bob with a side parting

19. Contrasting short left side and really long bangs  

20. The effect of spikes for a messy hairstyle

A Short Story About the Asymmetrical Bob

In 1920, a great American actress, Coleen Moore, appeared on the big screen wearing a bob haircut. This year marks the first public appearance of the bob hairstyle, thus making numerous willing women stand in line to get one.

In the year 2000, the bob is rebelling, being the choice of numerous international stars that have increased its fame over the years. You can definitely remember historic moments like Victoria Beckham’s bob, Rihanna’s asymmetric bob or Katie Holmes’s classic bob. Every one of them gave birth to true hysteria among fans, and hairdressers were overwhelmed by women who wanted a bob haircut.

Suited to any physiognomy, the asymmetrical bob is extremely feminine and nonconformist, as well as the most desired haircut of the 2000s.

21. Wonderful beige hair with a curled bang

22. Ashley Olsen sporting a straight bob without symmetry 

We liked Ashley Olsen’s medium long, straight hair. However, she never dared to cut it, until now. The asymmetric bob that she chose is elastic and elegant. The hairstyle is still pretty sleek and beautifully cut at the ends. For the shape of her face, it’s safe to say she looks good.

23. Side parting a bob without symmetry

24. Sleek, shiny look obtained on straight black hair

25. No parting needed for this particular bob hairstyle

26. Loose curls or slightly curled hair highlights asymmetry too

27. A hairstyle that allows you to play with color

28. Slightly asymmetric short bob on black hair

29. Anne Hathaway’s chic hairstyle

Anne Hathaway had long and brown hair for a few years. In “Les Miserables” she had to completely abolish it, so we have to praise her for having the courage to do that. Hathaway struck again when she became blonde at Ball Met. At the moment, she rocks the most interesting bob.

30. Cuteness highlighted by straight hair and bangs

3 Reasons to Try an Asymmetrical Bob

You have at least 3 reasons to try an asymmetrical bob haircut:

  1. It’s easy to get ready and look incredibly well regardless of the length of your hair. The bob haircut is a classic one, but with a little imagination from your hair stylist, you have all the chances to find a look that catches your eyes. Longer on one side, slightly frizzy or with bangs, the asymmetric bob fits both the average hair and the shortest hair.
  2. It’s simple to style and wear. The asymmetrical bob does not need much time to be styled. Especially since this season, stylists say you do not have to waste precious time for making any hairstyle look too tight. On the contrary, the slightly wavy asymmetric bob that gives the feeling of movement and fluidity is the star hairstyle of the summer.
  3. It gives you multiple possibilities to wear it, depending on the occasion or the moment of the day. Style a slightly asymmetrical bob haircut depending on clothes and your attitude. For office outfits, wear it straight, with a side track. If you have a casual or romantic dress style, use the curling iron for an easy, loose-fitting look. In the evenings or for events you need a glamorous image, so use precious accessories such as glittering shades or diamonds.

31. Jennifer Lawrence looking her best

Jennifer Lawrence is so talented that she certainly knows how to make an impression. Her graceful hairstyle of pixie culture has a rough, but extremely interesting texture. Loose and rather relaxed, we like her hair styling because it’s simple but effective.

32. Hair color change led by asymmetry

33. Nice jawline highlighted by the length of hair

34. Asymmetric bob with dark purple roots and pale pink ends

35. Side view of the longer bob side

36. Highly voluminous curly hair cut in the bob style

37. Long bob with a very long side

38. Platinum hair textured with long bang

39. Long bob features really long front fringes

40. Alternative style featuring a wavy bob hairstyle

Ways to Style an Asymmetrical Bob

The zig zag parting

The zigzag parting fits almost everybody. It perfectly hides the asymmetry of the face and offers a fresh look if part of the hair is combed behind the ear. This variant can be an informal one, part of the hair can be waved towards the inside, while the other part towards the outside. Everything depends on the mood. In this case, you should not be afraid to use the hair straightener: even loose curls will look fresh.

If nature has endowed you with long and thick hair, then you are lucky. If not, then you can use the zig zag parting because it will help you achieve and maintain the same effect. Comb all the hair on one side and start blow drying it. As your hair dries, comb it to the opposite side. When all the hair is dry, bend your head forward and straighten yourself suddenly. Using a sharp-tipped comb, make a zigzag path and fix the hairstyle.

Add waves to your bob

Even more volume can be obtained with the help of loose curls. Styling a curly bob is perfect for every day. These can be done if you have spontaneously decided to go to a party: it does not take long and the curls will last for a long time if you dry your hair well.

Hair swept over the head

Combing the hair over your head is another quick and very simple hairstyle. To do this, apply hair foam and then, using a hair dryer and a round brush, dry your hair over the head. Use hairspray if you think it’s needed.

The loose bun for bob wearers

If the length of your hair allows it, then try to grab your hair and put it in a loose bun. Even the smallest bun will look very good. Gather your hair in a tail and secure it with an elastic band. Spray the loose ends with a bit of hair spray and tease them a little.

You can also try the romantic version of the bun. Before tightening your hair in a bun, put some waves into it.

41. Victoria Beckham wearing the famous bob

42. Curly copper hair styled in an asymmetrical way

43. Geometrical style approved by straight hair

44. Wavy hair confers volume to a bob cut

45. The messy hairstyle look worn casually

46. Platinum hair highlights the lack of symmetry too

47. Rosamund Pike looking great as always

48. Charlize Theron amazes with her blonde bob

49. A mix of platinum hair and pink hair

50. Ginger head sporting an asymmetric bob

A Bob Hairstyle for Every Face Shape

Round face – If you are among the women with a round face, then the short asymmetric bob which is shorter in the back and longer in the front is the perfect haircut for you. Another way to enhance your face’s features with an asymmetric bob is to cut your hair into uneven layers that give your face luminosity as it is molded to the shape of the head.

Oval face – Another face shape that adapts easily to the bob haircut is the oval shape. If you also have this face shape, you can choose a short cut to the ears to show off your cheeks and nose.

An asymmetrical bob haircut gives your face the brilliance needed for an important event in your life. Be the evening star with this haircut in layers that will give you a slim look. It’s a type of haircut for women with personality who are daring and are not afraid to show that.

Heart-shaped face – This face shape is well worth a long bob in layers of different lengths, with the longest hairs reaching up to the shoulder. This type of haircut has the advantage of masking and blurring the faint areas of the face.

Opt for an easy-to-assemble, slightly asymmetrical bob haircut that gives you a light and natural look, that is also effective and elegant. This hairstyle is perfect for heart-shaped or round-shaped faces because it lightens the face and reveals its features.

51. Short left side and blue highlights

52. Celebrity style highlights her jawline with her hair

53. The ” I woke up like this” hairstyle

54. Ends styled outwards for a wild look

55. Dark red hair or reddish brown bob


56. Cheryl Cole’s curved bob with highlights

We did not think Cheryl Cole would ever give up her long and dark hair. And yet, eventually she did. The beautiful singer now has a medium-length bob that is slightly bent on the sides. In terms of hair color, Cheryl adopted an almost blonde brown hair color. It definitely makes her face features brighter than ever.

57. Long bangs cover half of face

58. Rosamund Pike’s short bob and bright smile

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59. Slight asymmetry shown from every side

60. Balayage hair styled according to the cut

61. Heart-shaped face framed by the right haircut

62. Round face covered partially with long bangs

63. Platinum bob with volume and waves

64. Messy look with long bangs

65. Shiny, smooth blonde hair gently parted on a side

The woman above looks modern, stylish and sexy. As you can see, she is a true fan of the feather technique. We like the side fringes as well, since they add structure and fluency to her face.

66. Short bob becomes more interesting when pink

67. Zig zag parting for a long bob

68. Side parting to highlight the shorter side

69. Gradient colored hair with natural roots cut bob

70. Side cut tried by celebrities as well

71. Black hair styled in a silky smooth manner

72. Bangs and longer strands to her advantage

73. Thin brown hair enriched with volume

74. Edgy jawline softened with hair styling

The asymmetrical bob is a versatile haircut that has been reinvented and bent so many times so far, that it will most definitely stay in trends for a long while. Since it’s versatile and it can be adapted to all types of face shapes, it is among the most picked hairstyles from the past decades.

There is no doubt about that – celebrities know many things about hairstyles and should serve as a source of inspiration for the rest of us. It seems that this season includes the asymmetric bob as well. So, take another look at the examples above and identify the cut and style that would fit you like a glove!


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