101 Amazing Auburn Hair For This Summer


Auburn hair is winning hearts of both men and women around the world as it is set to provide a fresh, chic look that stands out strikingly. This summer, set your hair on fire! Don’t you think it’s high time you abandon your boring hair-do and, add some color on it instead? Well, if you agree with me, then I am here to rid from all your next hair color apprehensions.

Ladies and gentleman, it is time we embrace the electrifying and iconic, Auburn Hair. By definition, auburn hair projects hues of reddish-brown shades while also giving off a rich deep red vibe. It is said that only 1-2% of the global population is blessed to have this shade of natural auburn hair. For the rest of the unlucky ones, here is everything you need to know about auburn hair from auburn hair dye to auburn hair with highlights.

1. Medium Auburn Hair

If you feel like going full-on auburn might be an absolutely bold step for you, then tone it down a notch and settle for something like Julia Roberts did. The medium auburn hair is the perfect shade for you to experiment with. It gives off both a rich reddish hue with a perfect balance of a darker tone.

auburn hair

2. Auburn Hair in Curls

If you have lovely voluminous curls that bounce off your shoulders whenever you move, then having curly auburn hair will definitely help you steal the show. Auburn hair in curls oozes off a tantalizing look that is sure to make eyes pop and jaw-drop as you stroll down the streets.

3. Cherry Bomb Auburn Hair for Thin Hair

If you plan to go full on auburn with thin and straightened hair, chances are you are doing the world a favor. This extreme shade of Auburn is likely to stand out in individuals with a lighter and fairer skin tone.

4. Auburn with Honey Blonde Streaks

One of the leading fashion mongers of the twenty-first century, Mary-Kate Olsen has made it a point that Auburn hair with honey blonde streaks is the way to go. This look plays well with the dark tones and honey hues, which showcases a messy, grungy look for a wild night.

5. Auburn Copper Side Partition

Hollywood A-lister Emma Watson has summoned the entire world by adopting Auburn Hair as her signature look. The former Spiderman actress took the fierce step to dye her hair auburn and we are completely swept off by her decision. The copper hint perfectly complements the auburn shade much to our delight.

6. Auburn hair with fringes

Auburn hair proves to be a big asset to a neatly cut fresh fringe with big, curls flowing underway. Not only does this look displays a glossy set of hair but also, manages to render coverage if you have a big forehead and an oval shaped face.

8. Smooth Wavy Auburn Lob

If you are in need of a last-minute styling for a big event the next day, just make sure to braid your moist hair and doze off. Next morning, untie it and voila, you have a dazzling hair-do, sending off some major summertime vibes.

9. Electric Ombre Auburn Hair

The perfect tinge of reddish brown is a life savior for any day. But, if you really want to become the life of the party, its time to switch on the wild side and add some electrifying and bright ombre to the lower ends. This look is sure to grab the attention of many.

10. Sandy Blonde with Auburn Roots

A darker tone on the roots with free-flowing bombshell blonde shade is a guaranteed look that never goes out of style. From a day out under the bright sunlight to a dinner party, this hair-do carries both a fun-loving and exotic look.

11. Deep Auburn Hair for all lengths

If you are a lover of darker hues then, a deep dye auburn hair is sure to make a statement. Not only does the shade go with all hair lengths but also provides a chic, sophisticated vintage look for formal parties and events.

12. Auburn Hair For Men

One of the most attractive things about men is their hairstyle. A man willing to take a risk with auburn hair is definitely a keeper, ladies. Auburn hair in men looks great with a freshly styled Mohawk and also, with a tousled look. The auburn shade promises to give an ultra-shine along with a strong texture.

13. Red Spirals for long hair

If you have a good amount of strong and silky hair, you might want to style with an auburn shade. Let the ends of your hair in loose spirals and catch as they show off lustrous shine under the sunlight.

14. Subtle Auburn Waves

A subtle set of loose curls and waves is all you need to make heads turn at a family event. The auburn hair styled this way, not only allows you to move your head freely but also gives off a trendy look along the way.

15. Major Bombshell Auburn

One of the most stylish trends of the decade is to curate a glamorous letdown auburn hair.  With a high side partition and curls from the high end, you will have the looks to die for. Men will be falling, left and right after seeing you in this look.

16. Side partitioned with minimal dark auburn

Minimalization has taken over the world and apparently supermodel Emily Ratajwoski’s hairstyle quotient too. One can barely notice the dark auburn shades in her hair, but if you look closely they are peeping through her thin strands. This is how you pull of a sexy and neat look!

17. Caramel love

Who doesn’t love a mix of dark and lighter hues dangling on your heavy locks? The best part of auburn hair is that it acts as a great base if you want to add some streaks of caramel blonde. This goes with any hair texture from thick to thin!

18. Dimensional Auburn with a Messy Touch

Streaks of auburn with crimson hair is a look that establishes itself as a perfect score on our list. Set you hair for a formal, sophisticated look or just go with a messy, punk-rock blow out look instead. It’s a win-win situation either way!

19. Auburn association with burgundy

Burgundy is the older sibling of auburn hair when it comes to hair color spectrum. But, there’s always a creative way to blend these two for a chic look.

20. Honey Brown Auburn Waves

The sumptuous hair locks that Amy Adams flaunts is truly an inspirational look. Adams is notably known for experimenting her hair with lots of auburn touches and honey brown streaks. Well, now you know, why she did. Because this look is indeed impeccable!

21. Textured Copper Waves

For a casual day out or an event at work, it is best to style your hair neatly. But if you are someone who prefers bouncy curls, then it is best to highlight the ends and roll up for curls which will give off a trendy look!

22. Electric Auburn Bob

If you are done with a boring, Ms. Goody-shoes look and are looking for a change, then I suggest you take risks and dye your hair all the way. An electric renders a fun and peppy look, that is sure to make you seem more youthful. In addition if you have a bob cut, then I must say, Rihanna would be proud of you!

23.  Copper Ombre for Long, Wavy Hair

If you have a longer length of hair, then it is probably a good idea to have a darker tone in the roots and burning ombre on its way down. This copper ombre with auburn streaks is a spellbinding look and has madea monumental mark in the fashion scene too.

24. Burning Auburn Red

Do you know what people say about red-heads? Jaw-droppingly gorgeous. No matter how the structure of your face is, the magnificent shine of an auburn reddish tinge is sure to make an impression. Style it with neat, sideways curls that maes you ready for any event.

25. Chestnut meets Auburn

If the style icon and global megastar Jennifer Lopez has given it a go, so should you! Chestnut is a subtle shade that plays well a darker tinge of Auburn. You can add chestnut streaks to the outer layers if you are skeptical of showing off your darker hair strands.

26. Rich Caramel with Dark Undertones

If you like mixing it up and playing with layered looks, it is best to complement your darker undertones with rich caramel color. This look promises to give of a fluffy, shiny and soft vibe.

27.  Dark Reddish-Wine Hue for Waves and Curls

If you are blessed with a voluminous set of hair, it is best to style it with curls and waves at the bottom. The search to find the perfect tinge of red might be an arduous task, but if you are biased towards darker tones, it is best to settle for wine-red hues. Trust me, they look great!

28. Vibrant Auburn for Frizzy Curls

Do not shy away if you have frizzy curly hair. Embrace your curls and use the curl mousse to set your auburn curly hair in place.

29.  Layered Step Auburn Haircut

If you happen to possess a layered haircut with stepped style, the auburn touch to it is sure to make a tantalizing look. The hair strands give off a gleaming and radiating look under the sunlight effect.

30.  Blonde Streaks for Short Hair

When in doubt with your dark undertone auburn base, it is a wise idea to dye the streaks on top. If you feel like you cannot pull off the brunette look any longer, do resort to this school of thought.

31. Shimmering Auburn Brown

A consummate and perfect blend of Auburn and brown can do wonders! For that shimmering and sparkling effect, it is best to play well with these colors. Definitely an eye-catchy look, you can never go wrong with auburn brown.

32. Honey Golden Gleam

For a gleaming look, honey golden hue also does the trick. To achieve this look, add a lighter tone of glowing honey golden tinge on top of a darker auburn hair base.

33. Rivetting Auburn Braids

If you have an olive skin tone, do not worry about getting auburn hair. You will pull the look just fine. One way is to side your auburn burns in a braid. Not only does this is seen as a reggae look but can be seen by leading African American models as their go-to look

34. Dark Brown with Sandy Streaks

Auburn shades are always meant to transmit attractive signals. But if you want to add some playful sandy streaks, we won’t argue. In fact, we encourage it. The cross match is making style statement around the world, for both long and short hair.

35. Iconic Reddish Caramel Tinge

An inclination towards the vibrant orange tinge along with reddish caramel tinge is to make your day any hour. All in all, it provides a bright look that goes mostly well if you are vacationing in summer.

36. Sandy buttery waves

One way to present a soft and bouncy look with loose spirals at the bottom is through a sandy hue with buttery tones. Wth dark undertones, a perfect mis-match of black and yellow is distinguished which is all set to win hearts of many.

37. Sunset reddish hues

How much do you admire the sunset that explodes from yellowish orange to a subtle red? Now, would you want that in your hair? Who doesn’t! Make way for this sunset shade of the auburn hue. You won’t regret it.

38. Deep Cranberry for Short Hair

Are you someone who has short hair and still, wants to flaunt curls? Then, don’t worry. A deep cranberry dye is all you need to make your dreams come true.

39. Sunshine Honey

Emma Stone has established her place in the Auburn Hair Spectrum. And we are in awe every time she succeeds in pulling off the look. A perfectly balanced sunshine honey tone to a darker red hair base is the look that always goes right!

40. Hot Cinnamon Locks

This shade of auburn cinnamon not only gives off a natural shade but also adds some richness to the texture. A look that kills!

41. Black tones with a reddish tinge

Once you go black, you never go back. Right? Wrong! Don’t fear to experiment with the reddish tinge and enjoy the bests of both shades.

42.  Classic Reddish Orange Ombre

A vibrant orange ombre aded to a classic reddish shade does pop out. This looks gurantees a confident and chic look with a youthful vibe.

43. All Auburn or Nothing Curls

For females with darker skin tone, it is preferable to select the reddish hue that celebrates inclination towards a royal pink spectrum. Remember how Rihanna took back the narrative of how Auburn was only for white females? Well, all hail Rihanna as she made this her signature look. Your curls will look more sophisticated and frizz free.

44. Chocolate brown with Chestnut

If you are planning to go for a buzzcut haircut, it is safe to dye it brown even if you have dark skin tone. Do not ste back to add some chestnut dye on the top for that eye-catching attention.


45.  Copper rustic honey shine

Has someone looked at your hair and said it looks like a ray of copper sunshine? If not, then its time to get down to business. This look is for those who are blessed with straight, thin and fine hair. This shade will definitely add to a beautiful gleaming attire.

46. Chocolate silky hair

Don’t stress out if you are not ready for a full-blown out auburn. A subtle shade coupled with chocolate colored shade is a look for ages.

47. Black and Copper Highlights

For jet black hair, it is always fun to add some copper highlights on the top or randomly on the ends. This style is sure to be eye candy to those who fancy brunette theme auburn style.

48. Burgundy Auburn with Fringe

Have short hair and fringe? Too scared to dye auburn? Why not opt for the burgundy shade of the Auburn spectrum. A perfect blend of purple and red, this will surely make you look like a cutie pie.

49. Reddish orange highlights

If you flaunt long locks and have a darker hair base, maybe you want to opt for a more dazzling look? Auburn highlights with burning orange hair tips will look gorgeous.

50.  Brown with Soft Golden Tint

A safe look for any day is to dye your hair brown and add some golden tints on the parts you mostly have on top. You can flaunt this hair anytime, any day, anywhere!

51. Crimson Blonde Curls

It is always nice to balance the bright crimson with a subtle shade of blonde, that gives off a more subdued hue. Not only does this intensify the hair texture, but it also dazzles the eyes in the sunlight.

52. Glowing Light Brown for Long, Wavy Hair

You don’t have to all go blonde to mix with another color. A light shade of honey brown pays well with dark auburn undertones.


53. Copper Red Affair

Hollywood actress Drew Barrymore chose to make a strong move when she decided to add copper highlights to her moderate auburn shade. And we are totally here for it! We applaud her look. This pops out of the ordinary for sure.


54. Full-on Crimson

If you have been experimenting with a set of bright colors, you might have stumbled into the full-on crimson auburn shade. This shade sure does give off a rock chick attitude and we don’t see what’s wrong with that!

55. Purple tints

Dyeing your hair purple works well if you want to look like a grape. But if you want to look like a purple headed Goddess, it is probably a good idea to mix it up with some dark auburn undertones.

56. Dark and Light Brown Affair

The colors of extreme stand out in their own particular manner. But is it a good thing to associate them together? Amy Adams shows us how this is a perfectly good idea and a style statement. This sure does give off a neutral look!

57. Dark Red with Bright Streaks for Bob Hair

Sad that the new Bob haircut makes you look like you are having a mid-life crisis? Worry not! Just dye your hair in a deep wine shade and gently add some bright red streaks and highlights on the top. Now, you are good to go!

58. Dark Hair

One way to reverse is to have auburn undertones in a jade black hair. The roots will be grown out and you will have a dazzling reddish hue as the hair increases in length.

59. Frontal Side-braid for Moderate Brown Hair

Long, wavy hair normally looks beautiful with a mix of dark brown hair and some tints of deep reddish auburn shade. A look that is set to make heads turn, for sure!

60. Smoky Reddish Golden for Thin Hair

If you have thin straight hair, dyeing it in reddish golden shade will make you look like a diva. The hues of red and golden give a shiny and glimmering look!

61. Dark Brunette with Reddish Tincture

A deep red wine brunette look with minimal reddish tincture is a landmark in hair history. This look does not shout auburn but transmits a mystical darker vibe with a fun reddish hue. You can either let loose in curls or opt for a high ponytail with this.


62. Dark Burgundy Vibes

The right shade of burgundy and red is a constant battle. Ever thought of mixing the two? Voila! Here is how it will look like, a perfectly balanced color that looks great with neatly done low curls. This may be a subtle look, but it will make a deadly impression without a doubt.

















































So, that wraps up our take on the magnificent and electric auburn hair. If you feel that you need some serious fun in your life, start off by getting this hair color. Not only will your auburn hair be eye candy, but it will also prove to be a major confidence booster in your daily lifestyle.



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