110 Stunning Black Hairstyles That You Will Adore


Black is beautiful and we have the perfect styles and haircuts for black hair. The most prevalent color for all races and people, black hair has often been called ebony and raven. No matter what color shade your black hair possesses, our black hairstyles are versatile and attention-getting.

Black is more than a color, especially for Afro-textured hair. African-American men and women are blessed with beautiful and dense locks, however, they would also need to make extra effort to protect their hair.

Back in the days when smooth and silky was de rigueur for fashionable, a lot of stylish people with Afro-textured hair had to sacrifice their locks to hair products and excessive styling.

Black is Natural Beauty

Nowadays, hair is a symbol of personal and style ownership. And we are thankfully going back to natural styling for black hair. What this means is more and more people are turning to protective styling and just letting their hair hang free instead of straightening and styling.

Black hairstyles in our collection run the gamut of the regal and queenly Senegalese twists to simple chic bobs or sophisticated braids.

Black Hairstyles – A Style and Cut for Everyone

1. Queenly Cornrows

Wear your cornrows with regal elegance.

black hairstyles
2. Stunning Curls with Side Braid

Add interest to curls with some side braiding.

3. Real Senegalese Twists and Curls

Wear protective Senegalese twists either with curls or full-on.

4. Cute and Short Curls

Be a pixie with these cute short curls.

5. Dazzling Tight Curls

Black power dazzle with these beautiful curls.

6. One-Sided Black Hairstyle with Loose Curls

Comb over your curls and loosen the hair.

7.  Punky Short Top

Pump up the volume!

8. Simple and Clipped

Wear it simply clipped if you are in a rush.

9.Nicki Minaj with Sleek Straight Black Hair

The style is definitely cooler with bangs.

10. Pretty Long Braided Hair

Be sweet or stunning or both with this cool hairstyle.

11. Sophisticated Lena Headey’s Wavy Pixie

Add some playfulness to this elegant pixie cut.

12. Hippie Long and Loose Black Hairstyle

Comfortably ease by wearing your long hair loose.

13. Easy Up-Do with a High Bun

Gather your hair for this simple top knot.

14. Sexy and Wavy Black Hair

Simple can also be sexy with the addition of waves.

15.One-Sided Pony Tail with Sexy Strands

Add sexiness to a simple one-sided ponytail by pulling some strands loose.

16.Classic Cher Curls

Go retro and classic with Cher curls fitting for a diva.

17. Sexy Royal Mess

You don’t need to be the Duchess of Sussex to pull this sexy bedroom look. The hair is set into soft curls and let hang loose. Finger comb through the curls and let a few strands loose.

18. Sleek Pulled-Back Low Ponytail

Ta,e your waves with this sleek low ponytail

19. Sophisticated Long Wavy Black Hair

Tight waves give a sexy feel to long wavy hair.

20. Straight and Short Pretty Bangs

Give a cheerful vibe with these cute bangs.

21. Simple and Easy Shoulder-Length Waves

Start off simple and easy with this easy-to-maintain style.

22. Messy and Wild Rihanna Long Locks

Sultry looks for long wavy hair.

23. Beautiful Afro

A regal afro befitting an elegant queen.

24. Stunning Micro Dreads

Wear protective hairstyle with some radical vibes with these micro dreads.

25. Angled Bun in a Sexy Messy Look

Add spice to a messy bun by angling it to the side.

26. Romantic Loose Braid

Be flirtatious and romantic with your hair loosely braided together.

27. Classic Shoulder-Length Sleek black Hair

Go for a classic look with a sleek style.

28. Exquisite Waves for Long Hair

Gentle waves make this long hairstyle so whimsical.

29. Serious Curly Shoulder Length

Go for the jugular with this seriously beautiful hair.

30. Layered Nice and Easy

Enjoy laidback layering style.

31. Sexy Curls for a Wild and Messy Natural Look

You can go naturally wild with a messy hairstyle.

32. Pretty Wavy Pixie Black Hair Style

Short means low-maintenance. It also means pretty and cute.

33. Slicked Back Delightful Curls

Wear your curls with a professional slicked-back style.

34. Gorgeous Curls for Long Black Hair

Don’t hide the beautiful curls; wear your hair long and free.

35. Elegant Shoulder-Length Bob

Stay queenly and classy with a traditional bob.

36. Sophisticated Halle Berry’s Ultra Short Hair

Known for her short hairstyle, pick a Halle Berry look that is sophisticated and stunning.

37. Enchanting Wild and Free Long Black Hairstyle

Enjoy the wild rides of youth with free and loose hair.

38. Sultry Layers

Layer your long hair and couple with high volume for this sultry finish.

39. Regal Senegalese Small Twists in a high Bun

Nothing says QUEEN like this magnificent style.

40. Simple and Elegant Chignon Fir for Royalty

She may only be a duchess but Meghan gives a personal twist to Frenchy chignon with some loose strands.

41. Retro Big Curls on High-Volume Short Hair

Go 40s or 50s, retro is back big-time. The tight curls add volume and pizzazz to a somewhat ordinary cut.

42. Bang It On with Silky Sleek Black Hairstyle

Wear your black silky hair in a classic and simple style if you want big style with minimum fuss. Add bangs for a modern touch or to lighten the sleek. All in all, a polished and urbane look.

43. All Natural Feminine Curly Black Hairstyle

Uneven curly hair gives a touch of whimsy for a natural and feminine vibe. Dress up with big accessories or a gorgeous smile.

44.Exquisite Curly Black Hairstyle for Two Textures and Lengths

There’s a curly hairdo for each of us. You can go tight and medium-length or looser curls for longer hair. The result is still exquisitely beautiful.

45. Short Feminine Wavy Bob

Give a touch of feminine grace to classic but versatile bob with some loose and gentle waves. For lazy weekends, simply tuck one side behind your ear or wear a hairband.

46. Braided Senegalese Twists with Top Big Bun

Afro-textured hair needs a special kind of hair. Locking in your hair in Senegalese twists give two hair benefits: you give your hair a much-needed rest from heat and product and you can also make a personal style statement.

Go big with braids and bun for an amazing and eye-catching style. Own it.

47. Classic and Elegant Waves for Black Long Hair

You don’t need to do a Kim to be this stunning. Go elegant and classical with just the right amount of sultry beauty with soft big curls cascading down your back.

48. Messy Layered Cut with Straight Bangs

Who said that bangs are just sweet and simple? Walk on the wild side with some radical finger-combing and a devil-may-care attitude for the uneven edges. Usually roughly cut with a sharp razor, the edges give a chich grunge vibe to complete the look.

49. Deep Side Part like Taraji P. Henson’s Hairstyle

Add volume to fine hair with a side part. The really soft waves also add some stylish factor.

50. Center Part is Simply Pretty

Your soft waves can be more stunning by opting for a center part. If you want a hassle-free brunch and too lazy to dress up, just pull everything in a bun.

51. Cheery and Cute Curly Short Hair

Black hairstyles need not be so impactful if you keep it short and cute with these curly head of hair. It also gives a perky and cheery look.

52. Simple and Classic Apple Cut with Bangs

Wear your apple cut hairdo with gradual fringe.

53. Voluptuous Big Curls for the Big Girls

Go sexy and sultry with these big curls for long hair. If you don’t want your hair in your face, just pull back or up and twist in flirtatious bun. Stray sexy strands are purely optional.

54. An Afro for Everyone

Choose your black hairstyles – from big retro afro to a more relaxed style.

55. Asymmetrical Bob with a Deep Side Part

Classic and elegant come with a few surprises. Go for asymmetrical length and then a deep side part to add volume to thin and fine hair. Curls are optional.

56. Stylish and Messy Short Curly Black Hair

Finger comb your tight curls for a looser and feminine look for short curly black hairstyles.

57. Queenly High Chignon

Stunningly simple but elegant – wear your hair pulled back and gather high for a classic chignon.

58. Sweet and Easy Clipped and Loose

Wear your hair loosely. Add a touch of order with simple hairpins, then add volume with loose waves.

59. Intricate Micro Braids

You may need some serious styling with these intricate braids or maybe some serious hair time. The effect, however, is beautiful and stunning.

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60. Relaxed and Loose Afro

Black hairstyles fitting for modern women mean easy and comfortable. The style has both.

61. Simple Straight Bangs for Shoulder-length Straight Hair

Wear your hair in a laidback style of straight and sleek.

62. Pretty Side Fringes with Vanessa Hudgens

Frame your pretty face with some soft curls and side bangs.
63. Beautiful Splendor with a Stunning Afro

Big personal statement and eye-catching Afro equals true beauty.

64. Gorgeous Middle Parting with Yara Shahidi’s Curly Hair

Choose a middle part for emphasis and elegant splendor.

65. Long Dreads and Geometric Framing

If making a personal statement of long dreads isn’t enough for you, shave and frame your face for focus.

66. Elegantly Simple Short and Beautiful Curly Hair

Another gorgeous black hairstyle is short and curly. A sophisticated cut makes it elegant and easy-to-maintain. A perfect style for the busy career woman.

67. Sexy Wavy Bob

Free the wildness with some gentle waves.

68. Circular Braided Stylish Black Hairstyles

Go for maximum Oomph! with this sophisticated personal style.

69. Dual-Sided Braided Style

Black hairstyles are as versatile as any kind of styling. Go for lady-like double braids.

70. Flirty Asymmetrical Short Pixie Style

You don’t need to be Rihanna to wear flirty and feminine black hairstyles that have goddess styling but easy maintenance for daily wear.

71. Divine and Gorgeous Curls

Truly a goddess in both effort and styling.

72. Simple Side Part for Maximum Effect

Even if you don’t have the time for heavy styling, just consider changing your hair part. From middle part, change to a side part. Add some curls if you have time to drop by your local salon.

73. Ultra-Short and Uber-Tight

You only need minimal effort and maintenance if you choose an ultra-short cut for tight curly hair.

74. Gorgeous Sleek Black Hair

Simple and easy styling with a sleek black hairstyle.

75. Top Curls Mean Top Tier

Go full-out stylish with this uber cool up-do.

76. Chic High French Twist and Flirty Fringes

Go from manager to funny maven with this chic high bun. Soft nags won’t hurt your style either.

77. Feminine and Soft Fringes and Loose Ponytail

Go for a softer look.

78.Stunning Style with Senegalese Twists in an Elegant Updo

Senegalese twists are versatile so enjoy all the styling you can do.

79. Chic, Sleek and Smart

Just the right touch of sleek and straight chic.

80. Contemporary Micro Braids

Add pizzazz and modernity to traditional micro braids.

81. Heroic Dreads or Regal Short

Choose your fighter with these manly hairstyles.

82. Understated Elegance

Simple and easy but all-beauty.

83. Barbie Curls for Real Black Beauty

Black hairstyles come in all kinds of curls and waves. Try out big Barbie curls.

84.Teeny Tiny Micro Braids

Tiny styling but with major impact – a truly ravishing black hairstyle.

85. Fauxhawk and Quiff

Black hairstyles fit for any and all occasions.

86. Ultra-Long Braided Black Hair

Simple braids can add maximum effect to long hair.

87.Greek Style Braids and Waves

Be a goddess with these braids and waves.

88. Black Silver Style

Add glitter to your gorgeous short hair for a bright and awesome finish.

89. Simple Waves Make Big Impact

Simple means easy and it also means sweet beauty. Enjoy a leisurely weekend with this comfortable style.

90. Celebrity Braids

If you want some of that Kendrick Lamar swag, look no more. It’s both protective styling and attention-getting celebrity vibe.

91. Sophisticated Braids for a Stunning and Feminine Look

The style is magnificent and divine, but the vibe is pretty and feminine. You can easily go from rocker chick to boardroom queen.

92. Flirty Pixie with Loose Layered Bangs

Go for a playful layered look for short black hair.

93. Beautiful Big Afro for an Adorable You

Be you with this stunning big afro that screams personal styling. Just enjoy a hassle-free day and let the curls hang loose and free.

94. Feminine Tight Curls on Short Hair

Be a bit more playful with these tight curls for glossy black hair.

95. Elegant High Bun Medium Senegalese Twists

A perfect hairstyle for black tie events. So own the night and release the diva in you. A perfect regal style for your inner queen.

96. Give Me Curls

Pretty and cute curls know no age limits.

97. Sexy Smooth and Sleek Black Hairstyles

Simple but stunning. Sultry and classic style that fits all aspects of your life – business, pleasure, and home.

98. Beautiful Afro for the Beautiful You

Own your personal style with a ravishing afro that fits the boardroom or the ballroom. Go naturally beautiful. You don’t need to amp up the hair product or overheat your hair.

This afro style is comfortable and relaxed. Wear it with quiet confidence.

99.Star Wars Wild Beauty

A breath-taking hairstyle fir for a warrior queen. Bring the right attitude because this hairstyle is meant to be remembered.
100. Hanging Loose with Medium Senegalese Twists

Enjoy your protective styling while taking ownership of your personal style. Go natural with the twists which protect moisture for Afro-textured hair and helps give your hair a much-needed rest.

101. Sweet Shiny Black Hairstyle with Wavy Edges

A romantic and sweet hairstyle that can go from lunch to evening in a heartbeat. For some subtle difference, tuck your hair behind your ear for casual grace.

102. Pretty But Sophisticated Pixie

If you prefer short hair go for this mature cute that still remains some pixie playfullness. You can add hair product and go punk straight up.

103. Deep Side Part for Short Hair


104. Big Statement, Beautiful Black Hairstyle

Personal style is something you should wear with confidence. Add a dash of playfulness with a full helping of awesomeness. From cornrow braids to micro braids, gather all in a top knot before styling and shaping into anything you want.

Own the style. There is nothing like youthful confidence.

105. Flirty Full On Senegalese Twists

Gather your twists in one big ponytail and let it hang loose and pretty for this feminine and flirty look. You get elegant chic with your stylish protective black hairtyles. It’s hitting two birds with one stone, natural hair care, and fashionable elegance.

106. Fresh Look for Short Hair

Wear a big headband and wear your short hair away from the face for a refreshing summer look. going natural is comfortable and easy/

107. Ravishing Rich Curls for Long Beautiful Black Hair

Comb through your curls or style them with heat, but wear them as ravishingly lovely as the one pictured here.

108. Easy Comfortable Curls

Go easy on the product and wear your curls free and easy.

109. Simply Elegant, Stunningly Short Black Hairstyle

Bygone eras of classy and elegant ladies in secret speakeasies, this curly style is simply enchanting.

110. Retro Short and Radical Black Hairstyle

Grow your hair like grass for a personal statement of style.


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