115 Extraordinary Variations of Blue and Purple Hair For You


This article presents you with a variety of blue and purple hairstyles that you can try out. There are an array of styles ranging from short hair to long hair with different styling options to go with. Coloring your hair never goes out of style, especially when you have several shades to choose from. The blue and purple hair will always make you look fresh and classy, and you can opt for a different style of showcasing the lovely color on your hair.

With this hair color, you can make great use of different accessories to keep a check that your look never looks older. And when you seem that you’ve been on that style for long you can always try experimenting with some other color over the old one to refresh your look! This will always keep you on point and particular about the style that you own. Be it just for a casual day at work or for any formal event or a party; these hairstyles provide that variation and the right look that you wish to have. So, let’s have a look around over the options we have got here for you.

Bob hair with blue hues

The bob hairstyle is one of those that is great to have when you want some color in your hair. It makes it sync well with the blue hues and gives you a refined look. You can always try on some purple hues mixed in with the blue if you want to experiment with your hair.  You can see they go well together and how lovely they shine on your hair.

blue and purple hair Pastel shades of blue

There are some lovely looking pastel shades of blue that you can try on your hair for a change to your everyday go-to look. The pastel blue color palette will provide you a variety of shades to choose from that won’t ever make you look dull. Either you can opt for the pastel and purple, blue hair or you can have a particular style for yourself that truly reflects you and your personality.

Ash blonde tones on pink

The blue and purple hair doesn’t necessarily have to look blue or purple as there are different shades to the color hues that one can use among the tones. This one presents you the ash blonde tones on the pink looking hair color, which adds an edge of style and touch of class over the typical pink hairstyle.

Dark Blue and purple

The purple and the dark blue dye mixed color over the hair is one of the best hairstyles that we have for you in this segment. This style provides you with the choice of picking out which color hue you like to set as the primary color for your hair, and the other would be the highlights that enhance the style of your hairdo.

Casual Braids

Now if you think the blue and purple hairstyle doesn’t favor you with much more hairdo options, then it’s time for you to think again as we can show you how brilliant it looks even with the casual and straightforward hairdo such as the braids as shown here. What’s more, is it also highlights the different color tones you have on your hair and makes your hair look prettier.

Use of Colors

Now, one thing you all have to be clear is we don’t ask you to go with just blue or purple hair color so you can be creative and bold when it comes to hairstyling with colors. You can put on different shades of blue of purple amongst the others to give your hair that unique appeal of charm and beauty.

Black and purples

See the magic of purple hair over the black; you can try it in various styles, not only how it’s shown below. Here the purple hair has been used over the tips more like a color highlight over the black hair which you can also do vice-versa and do the black color over your purple hair or other shades of blue. If not, you can always go for a mix of those colors.

Lavender colors

There is never a reason to question the idea to color your hair as you can always choose when to spice your style up and when to stay low-key. But, what if you can do both of these the same time? Yes, the lavender hair color can be pretty spicy and also low-key when you can choose the right way to wear it over your hair.

Get extensions

Now you know what to do if your blue hair color is not providing you the thrill or newness as it did before. You can always get some extensions or accessories that go along with your hair and hit a new height of coolness and uniqueness. This highlights your personality and restores your confidence with your style.

In between blues

Purple or blue? Can you say which one is the wow factor over this hairstyle? Certainly not. It’s the perfect blend of those two color hues that have led to this gorgeous looking hair. You can observe here the blue color has been used in between the purple color shades. It almost looks like the blue hair colors are hiding amongst the purple hair. That’s one lovely hairstyle for you to try.

Everyday Hair

Also, there are ways in which the purple hair color is not so extreme to have as an everyday hairstyle. Just wear the lighter shades of blue or purple hair and let them fall over your waist naturally or tie them up casually and there you go; You have a beautiful looking hairstyle for your everyday look.

The Bob

There is never one right way to set up your Bob hairstyle, is there? You can choose one single color, or you can select the ombre bob hairstyle or in like in this case you can have purple and blue hair dye mixed and put over the bob to get yourself a brand new looking bob hairstyle.

Demi Lovato’s Hair

If you are a fan of music or you tend to catch up with the Hollywood thing and flings, you probably remember this Demi Lovato’s style. This hairstyle was chosen by Demi Lovato herself, so there’s no reason for us to doubt whether it looks good or not. Just wear them off, and there you go, you got yourself a celebrity adored hairstyle. Now, how cool is that?

Side Braids

This is another beautiful blue and purple hair tips on how you can wear them to showcase the beauty of hair color in different ways and styles. The side braids provide a proper view of those lovely color hues that have been done on your hair. And also it makes you ready for that event or party or any casual meeting as well.

Ombre Hair

Here’s how the blue and purple ombre hairstyle can be done. The darker blue shades can be used as a base over your hair, and the lighter blue shades can follow on to give you that beautiful looking blue ombre hair. Or, you can use blue and purple half and half hair, meaning one of the color shade to use can be a shade of purple.

Get the braids on!

This blue and purple hair options show you how well the other colors can be used along with the shades of blue and purple color over your hair. Moreover, the braids done here highlights how beautifully one color falls over the other to create an artistic hairstyle that’s so lovely to see.

Long Pastel tones

The pastel blue and purple hair have created beautiful sync here that looks so majestic and unreal. The color hues on the hair make the hair looks smooth and silky that it’s almost unbelievable that those are human hair and you’d want to touch them to believe.

Waves and textures

The waves and textures are another great way to demonstrate the beauty of blue and purple hair. The waves have different color and the use of textures highlights that distinct hair color tone you have preferred on your hair, and that will make your hair look beautiful and pretty without a doubt.

Blondes on top

It’s not always the case that you should put over the blue and purple hair over your dark hair. It goes well along with that beautiful blonde hair of yours too. Even if you don’t have a blonde hair you can always choose on having a blonde color done over the shades of blue or pastel highlights, or you can have blue and purple hair underneath, it’s a matter of your choice!

Salon Styled Hair

This blue and purple hair looks like it’s been styled by some good hairstylists on the saloon. You can get this hairstyle too with the right color hues on the right layers of hair and setting them right; this hairstyle looks great to go for any occasion.

Exotic thin bangs

For those of you who have lighter hair shouldn’t keep yourself away from beautiful hairstyles. Here we have one of the blue and purple hairdos that can look perfect for you. The beautiful purple thin bangs let your hair shine and express its beauty and bring that charm in you that you were hiding behind.
Choose Your Dye

With all the variety of color tones, we have available in the blue and purple hair for you; it’s up to you to choose the hair dye that looks perfect for you. Also, get some accessories that go along with your style, and with some hairdo options, your color style will never fade out.

Color on colors

There can never be more color when it comes to your hair. As with the right way, they add up to the beauty of your hair and make you look outgoing and fun. The use of a different color on the colors shows your accepting personality and lets your hair express your great personality.

Blond Tinges

This blue and hair color looks uniquely beautiful all thanks to the delicate blond tinges hanging down the tips of the purple hair. This shows how you can choose something different and yet match it with the color hues to make it your hairstyle during any events.

Get Creative

Getting creative always provides you with the best look when it comes to hairstyle. Especially when you have the beautiful color hues of the blue and purple hair color palette to choose from you can show some creativity in styling the hair to make them look gorgeous and attractive as shown in the picture below.


If you think going along with the dark blue or purple hair color is too much for you, then you always have the lighter shades available. Use the lighter tones of the blue and purple hair and add some subtle mix of another color to get yourself a beautiful looking yet not a too flashy hairstyle.


Pink pastel hair

The pink pastel hair is a beautiful hair to choose if you want something more to go on with the color you already have. Be it your natural black or blonde color; the shades of pastel always looks great on them.

Green and blues

The green and the blues hair look together. You can decide on a variety of ways to get them done as well. You can choose which color you would like over the base and which as a secondary color or even decide to throw a mix of the highlights of both to your natural hair color.

Lime Green tones

The shades of lime green over the blue and purple hair in this hairstyle looks beautiful. We agree that it’s not something that you will always see, but that is what’s right about this. You can be unique with your style that shows your bold personality, and who doesn’t love a confident woman?

Short hair

Your hair necessarily does not need to be long for you to go with this as here we have blue and purple hair short that is as amazing as long hairstyle would look. The short hair can be styled with different options, and also the coloring can be done based on your preference or how you’d like to style your hair.

The rings on space buns

In this hairstyle, you can find one unique but a beautiful accessory you can use with the blue and purple hair. Those rings on the space buns work to keep that style look fresh along with highlighting the beautiful color hues used on the hair.  There are other plenty of accessories like that which can go well with this hair color and with different styles, it is yours to choose!

Back view

In this picture, we have for you the back view of a beautifully colored blue and purple hair underneath. The difference in the shade can be seen, and it makes the hair look so unreal yet beautiful. This kind of styles are exotic and would make you the center of attraction over any party or event.

Exotic Hairstyles

There are no limitations to making your hair look beautiful and amazing. A right way of doing your hair along with the perfect combination of the color shades from the color palette provides you with one great hairstyle. Add something extra like a piece of accessory or wear them in a way that reflects your style. There you go, you have an exotic hairstyle for yourself.

Curl your hair

Just because you’ve colored your hair doesn’t mean you can stop styling it in other ways. One great way of having your hair done is by curling them up. Choose the type of curl you’d like or the one that would suit you and don’t hesitate in letting those curls show the beauty of your hair.

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Sleek Hair

Another set of hairstyling option for those with beautiful long hair. Now people might think that this type of hair is not stylish but just with the right selection of blue and purple tone that you use to color will get the work done for it and even if it’s left just like it fell loose, it looks magnificent and mesmerizing.

Dark base and colorful hues

Here we have one especially for you people with dark hair such as black or shades of black. You can choose a different shade of the blue or purple color and even apply it over differently, but this one hair shows how not only it brings a difference to your hair from that blue or purple color, but it also enhances the beauty of your natural hair color.

Majestic Look

To describe the hairstyle that follows below, we didn’t find a more suitable word than majestic Just look at those loosely left curls going down with the different shades of pink, purple, blue, green and yellow. This looks like the hairstyle inspired by the beauty of rainbow that looks as majestic as a rainbow over the clear blue sky.

Youthful Look

The perks of having the right hairstyle are not only the beauty it adds up to you but also the youthfulness it brings on your look. The bright colors and the styling that has been done add up to your beauty and takes away your age by quite a number as it brings the new energy of youthful look on your face.

Dark black roots

Now if you prefer to stick to your roots while changing for good, this hairstyle defines you. Here you can see the natural deep color is still there as the base of the hairstyle which the beautiful shade of purple color has followed them, and then the blue color hues at the tip.

The rock-star look

Want to go bolder with your hairstyle, this hairstyle will bring that rock star nature out and apparent even on your hairdo. It is a beauty with boldness type of look that looks cool upon carried with confidence. So, if you think you got the what it takes to make this hairstyle rock then don’t even think twice. Go for it!

Short hair

Have you cut your hair short recently? That’s, not a problem because here we have a perfect way to present your shortly cut hair best and show its charm. This blue and purple hair color in the hair shows its beauty and how it makes you confident of your hair.

Straight or Curls

In the below shown blue and purple hair, one is straight, and the other presents you the curls. This shows how the difference between the same hair color can be confirmed by the way it has been styled. You can change your look to be ever fresh looking and ready to hit the party or go along with a casual day of work.

Show off your hair

We all have faced the hindrance in expressing ourselves, be it in our new dress or a new hairstyle. But remembering you are not doing justice to your hair if you are shy, so just let the world see the beauty possessed by your hair. Let your hair express your style and let it breathe and shine its grace all over.

Furthermore, we have lots of blue and purple hair that you can go over to choose the right one for you. You can keep some of them on the next hairstyling options that you can pull off with ease and get the best out of the hair type you have. There are ways you can make them even better some of the ideas that were presented above; like using some great accessories or pieces of jewelry that go along with the hair color and the style you have chosen.

Always remember it is you that makes these hairstyles look beautiful so carry these on with style and confidence! Don’t hesitate to experiment with the style to come up with the one that reflects you, that way you will own the hairstyle and shine as bright as this blue and purple hair.


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