101 Box Braids Ideas – The Hair Trend of Champions


Box braids, those braids that reminisce of the African hairstyle, are back in trend! Several celebrities have already adopted this trend, including sisters Kim and Khloe Kardashian, Cara Delevingne, Jessica Alba, Carmen Electra, Jennifer Aniston and many more. Moreover, this hairstyle can be tried by all lovers of fashion and modern lifestyle!

Box braids are braided very close to the scalp and are especially suitable for sports training. They do not keep too much of the romantic and feminine elements such as classical, lightweight braids do. But even so, they enjoy a crazy success, being also preferred for black tie events. Regardless of the length and thickness of the hair, they always look spectacular and can be worn at any time.

Box braids are a hairstyle that you can adopt at the next outdoor festival, knowing that the next morning you will wake up with an intact hairstyle! In addition, you can take advantage of its resilience and you can include it in the top of the hairstyles that you wear at the fitness room!

Will you wear Boxer Braids this season? Browse through the next 100+ box braids hairstyle to decide!

  1. African braids styled in a high ponytail

box braids

2. Accessorized braids styled in a high bun

If you add lots of synthetic hair to your braids, they will become heavy. So, even if the hairstyle above looks deliciously exotic, you must first consider its weight. Experienced box braids wearers are probably used with this aspect.

3. Thicker box braids twisted and styled with a middle parting

4. Medium long braids swept on a side

5. Jumbo braids are thicker than micro braids

6. The addition of colored hair extensions is possible

In order to diversify your every day look, you can add crazy colors in your braids to highlight your nonconformist and playful side. The color palette has no limits in this regard. So, you are free to let your imagination fly.

7. Jumbo braids look like natural hair

8. Twists as another protective hairstyle

Box braids aren’t twists. There is an obvious difference between the twists from the image above and the 3 strand braiding process. Both are, however, protective hairstyles and worn by women with kinky hair.

9. This is how extensions are added to cornrows

10. Celebrity style with jumbo braids

Box Braids – A Wide Variety of Options

By box braids one understands a rather elaborate hairstyle, in which the hair is braided into many thin or thick braids. The finer and more numerous the braids are, the longer you can wear this hairstyle, but no longer than 4 to 5 months.

Your natural hair should be at least 4 inches (10 cm long), before you can even think of getting afro braids. You can get many styles, such as monochrome braids, braids with highlights, zig zag braids and many more. Everything is virtually possible with African braids.

Box braids do not harm your own hair and can be easily removed after the wearing time. They are a very good solution, if you want to grow your natural hair without damaging it! While the hair is braided, it is no longer strained by the daily styling (brushing, blow drying, styling products) and can recover and grow wonderfully! Even very fine hair can be “bred” long in this way.

11. Micro braiding with platinum extensions

If you want a real quick hair color change without actually dyeing your hair, you can opt for micro braids with extensions. Your natural hair is braided close to the scalp and the extensions are styled like natural hair.

12. Jumbo braids with golden accessories

13. Thick braids made with the help of extra hair

14. Flawless braiding technique and result

After your box braids are done, they will look flawless with no baby hairs sticking out. However, you should consider that they will not look as neat after washing them unless you use special hair-taming products.

15. Hair parted in triangles, not squares

16. Golden braids and nicely styled baby hairs

17. Half up top knot and half down braids

18. Add accessories and colored hair to braids

19. Very thick braids decorated with a golden wire

20. Another way to style slightly ticker braids

All the Things You Need to Know About Box Braids

At the beginning, it must first be discussed how thick the hair should be braided. After all, the total working time depends on the thickness of the braids and therefore sometimes also the price. Added to this is the effect on the wearing comfort as well as the durability of the hairstyle.

Thin braids are noticeably firmer, while thicker braids tend to be less durable. However, you will probably have to add extensions to your natural hair either way. The addition of synthetic hair makes the hairstyle last for months longer, the braids are more voluminous, firmer and can be extended to the waist. In addition to the added protection offered by the synthetic hair, there is also the option of thermally sealing the hair ends. Professional stylists actually use synthetic hair for these reasons.

21. Faux ponytail made of micro braids

Adding a ponytail made of micro braids to your hairstyle is a great way to try them on. Although you will only enjoy their length and texture, it’s a good way to find out if you want to commit to them or not.

22. Box braids swept from one side to the other

23. A top knot made of jumbo braids

24. Not quite as thin as micro braids

25. Perfect hairstyle with braids parted on a side

26. Space buns made of thin braids

Micro braids can act like natural hair because they are so thin. This means that you can create space buns and other simple hairstyles with them.

27. A practical and protective hairstyle

28. A touch of golden shininess added to thick braids

29. Impressive hairstyle done with jumbo braids

30. Medium long braids are stylish too

Which hair type is suitable for box braids?

Whether you have frizzy or straight hair, box braids are actually suitable for every hair type. However, people with morbid hair loss, dandruff problems, and those who are prone to migraines should refrain from trying this hairstyle. This is because, especially in the first days, when the braids are very tightly tied to the scalp, headaches can occur more frequently.

How long do box braids last?

The finer the box braids are braided, the longer they can be worn. If you have decided to use artificial hair, you can wear the braids for 3 to 4 months.

How to care for box braids?

To keep your hair well-groomed and beautiful for as long as possible, avoid any friction. Therefore, it is advisable to braid the braids at night into a thick braid and possibly even cover them with a satin scarf.

Do not wash your hair more often than once a week. The easiest way to do this is to make a foam by mixing shampoo with plenty of water and then dab it on your hair and then rinse thoroughly. Since the hair must air dry, you should not necessarily lay the washing during the evening. A towel curled around them absorbs most of the moisture.

Extra care is given to hair and scalp by using a spray with aloe vera or panthenol, which promises a calming effect and prevents possible itching.

Bear in mind that during the summer it is recommended to use sunscreen, if you opt for such a hairstyle. After all, braiding the hair creates spots on the scalp that are completely unaccustomed to sunlight and therefore need to be specially protected.

31. Side-swept braids decorated with golden beans

32. Twists do not pass as box braids

33. Box braids are suitable for children as well

34. A stylish top knot made entirely out of micro braids

35. Medium long jumbo braids styled with elastic bands

36. A bob hairstyle made of braids

Creating a bob out of braids is quite a daring choice. This hairstyle is definitely not as versatile because the braids aren’t that long, but it passes as a very effective protective style. In addition, it’s a hairstyle that will look great in the morning regardless of the situation.

37. Colored threads are perfect to decorate thick braids

38. Senegalese braided hairstyle in trends

39. A combination of black and red hair

40. Half updo with a bun made of braids

What happens after undoing box braids?

After undoing box braids, the natural hair should be about the same length as before. However, it will initially appear thinner, because for a long time a dense hair volume was used. Of course, it is beneficial to treat yourself to a fresh haircut right after the braids are undone, but a short haircut is of course not required.

When undoing box braids, you should not be scared by how much hair will fall off. This is quite normal considering one loses around 100 hairs per day. So, multiply that with how many month you kept them.

41. One different colored braid has a nice effect

42. Some of the thickest braids 

43. Long and thick braids parted in the middle

44. Incredible spiral designs on the scalp

Just inserting extra hair and braiding jumbo braids doesn’t mean that other special ornaments cannot be added. In this case, there are wonderful spirals braided close to this woman’s scalp. They are visible when she creates certain hairstyles, not at all times.

45. Braids accessories have many purposes

46. Stylish updo done from thick braids

47. Red hair looks different when braided

48. Full head of braids with volume

49. Braids hairstyle with purple and blue strands

50. Done braids used as extensions

Box Braids – The Hair Trend of Champions

We’re ringing in the next styling round for braids: box braids look like they’re conquering the catwalks, red carpets and streets. Why are models, celebrities and street style professionals now open and available for a sporty braiding hairstyle? It’s clear, box braids claim to be the hair trend of champions, both elegant and sporty!

From the boxing ring to the fashion world, box braids are now more fashionable than you think! Hillary Swank’s braided hairstyle from the award-winning movie “Million Dollar Baby” has become the new darling of hair trendsetters. In the truest sense of the word, because box braids had to put off their image as a cool martial arts hairstyle before they are now celebrated big – from celebrities to catwalk shows.

This hairstyle is no longer worn only during training or at the gym, but everywhere (even at chic events).  Instead of sporty styles, such as a tank top and jogging pants, feminine outfits in combination with box braids are in demand.

51. Ballerina bun done with micro braids

52. Very thick Dutch braid done from box braids

53. Copper hair extensions added

54. Twisting the braids in a high bun

55. Highlights can be added to braids as well

56. Colored threat used to style thick braids

57. Platinum hair extensions in contrast to natural hair

58. High bun and half loose braids

59. A head full of flawless braids

60. Bangs made of braids

Style and Re-Style Box Braids

Box braids look great and are easier to braid than you think. However, no matter how skilled you are, it’s almost impossible to do them yourself. Stars like Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande and Katy Perry have chosen to wear Dutch braids, which resemble the reverse French braids, but are quite different from box braids. Celebrities who got box braids are Gabrielle Union, Tamera Mowry, Beyonce, Eva Marcille and many others.

Box braids are super practical and very popular in sports, as they tame every hair perfectly. However, their place is also on the right carpet right now. For both short haired and long haired women, the available range of hairstyles done with box braids is overwhelming. Besides the inspiration you can find among 100 ideas comprised by this article, you can let your imagination go wild and create new hairstyles with braids.

Box braids have been around for a very long time. Now the trend has prevailed worldwide. So that you can re-style the hairstyle, you must first know which are the most popular ones at the moment.

61. High bun made of thick braids

62. Thick braids shine in natural light

63. Pink and purple space buns

64. Jumbo braids styled in a top bun

65. Jumbo box braids with colored accessories

66. Youthful hairstyle with a half updo

67. Celebrity style features micro braids

68. Hair extensions guarantee enough volume

69. Dimension added with color variations

70. A hairstyle with jumbo box braids

71. Add accessories to complete your exotic look

72. A proper hairstyle gives you confidence

73. Braids swept on one side

74. Twists are different from box braids

75. Model look completed with braids

76. Front and back view of box braids

77. Medium long or long braided hairstyles

78. Puce braids with purple extensions


79. Cornrows done from natural hair

80. Complementary golden hair nuances added

81. Jumbo braids suited for heart-shaped faces

82. Extra shininess added with highlights

83. Half up hairstyle for thick braids

84. Blonde hair used for braiding

85. Braids can be parted according to one’s taste

86. A hairstyle that suits all body types

87. Chick and sophisticated look with braids

88. Platinum white and gray hair additions

89. Braids can be curled like normal hair

If you choose box braids to protect your natural hair, then it’s probably not recommended to curl your braids. However, it’s good to know that you can curl them unless there is synthetic hair added to your braids. Synthetic hair will melt if you use the curling iron on it, so pay extra attention!

90. Gradient colors for micro braids

This hairstyle is probably done entirely with extensions. This means that her natural hair is braided in cornrows, and then the extensions are inserted in the cornrows. You have to admit the result is amazing, although it’s doubtfully natural.

91. Middle parting among jumbo box braids

92. Rich hairstyle featuring thick braids

93. Updos you can try with box braids

94. Hair parted in square sections

95. Profile view of box braiding

96. A happy box braids wearer

97. A perfect hairstyle for summer days

98. Headbands and accessories for jumbo braids

99. Half up high bun on trends now

100. Properly dividing the hair for braiding is crucial

101. Cornrows or Dutch braids done with natural hair

As seen so far, there’s much to know about box braids and how to differentiate various types of braids. The requirements for getting box braids are just 4 inches of your natural hair and a professional who knows how to braid your hair properly and insert the afferent extensions.

Although this hairstyle is practically made for kinky or very curly hair, those of you who don’t have this hair type can still enjoy this hairstyle. The braids can be micro or jumbo when it comes to thickness. If you’re not sure what would suit you well, make the smallest commitment in order to give it a try.

Styling long box braids can be a fun activity because long hair is versatile itself. From high buns, to braiding the braids and putting them in updos, re-styling this hairstyle should be full of possibilities and almost certainly fashionable at the moment!

Also called the hair trend of champions, box braids allow you freedom of movement in sports and an exotic elegance as well.


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