111 Trendy Natural Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights Looks


Brown hair with blonde highlights comes in numerous styles. If you want to be known for your wonderful and shiny highlights, then you must pay attention to certain light reflexes and shadows suited for brunettes. The variety of highlights and low lights can add instant drama to your hair. So, if you are ready to step away from the ordinary, take a look at the following dye jobs.

Properly dyed, highlights can add a rich and elegant allure which attracts attention. The most known highlights include caramel, honey, gold and coffee. However, highlights can be pigmented using other fabulous dyes, which are rich and vivid and create a daring aura around the girls who want to play with different hair shades.

If you have light brown hair, highlights can help you get more texture for your hair, although the result will not be as dramatic as using other types of reflexes. A more recent coloring technique is to apply a lighter color to the tips, in order to create a shadow effect. It can be characterized as retro, with a bohemian allure, which creates a prefect look for girls who want a radiant and elegant hair. However, there’s much more to it.

  1. Reddish brown hair with blonde highlights

2. Highlights meant to frame the face

3. Strategically positioned highlights for medium hair

4. Honey to chocolate highlights from the temples down

5. Highlights that add more volume to hair

6. Improved hairstyle with the balayage technique

7. Detailed view of white and blonde highlights 

8. Platinum strands of hair on an ash brown base

9. Rose is a color used for highlights too

10. Short bob enhanced with volume highlights

Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights – A Natural, Sun Kissed Look

Let’s be honest: each and every one of us has at least one traumatic experience related to hair dyeing or cutting. It was probably a certain haircut or a badly chosen color, which we stubbornly wanted to try, even though rational voices around us have tried to temper us.

Highlights are one of the most discreet but charming ways to refresh your look without the risks and adventures described above. Especially now, when the summer comes, a touch of light in your hair that’s well placed will suggest that you enjoyed the sun. In addition, a little preliminary research and possibly a discussion with your stylist will relieve you of regrets and struggles.

The initial purpose of the highlights was to make hair look like it was naturally bleached by the sun. Current techniques and products, however, allow for a much wider range of effects – starting with a subtle, almost invisible change that shapes the oval face and reveals other features, reaching up to the dark sections or color blocks, for a dramatic effect.

11. The Balayage technique applied with platinum and ash tones

12. Celebrity style sporting colors from black to white

13. Touches of light added in all the right places

Highlights tend to be done more on the sides than throughout the rest of the hair.

14. Shininess and creamy colors for long hair

15. Straight hair has more volume thanks to color

Even when you don’t see loose curls, you’ll still see a work well done on straight hair.

16. Light added mostly around the face

17. Healthy looking hair with champagne highlights

This woman’s hair is so shiny, everyone would admire it without even doing it on purpose.

18. Brown hair with blonde highlights from a dark blonde palette  

19. Jennifer Lopez demonstrates strategically placed blonde nuances

20. Heart shaped face enriched by blonde highlights

Must-Know Aspects for Never-Before Highlighted Hair

If until now you have never dared to try highlights, then you should consider the following recommendations, which will make the transition from your natural shade to a complex dye job.

  • Always start by thinking of your natural brown hair and how noticeable you want the contrast to be. Any natural color is a good place to start before adding highlights, but we’re mostly talking about brown hair this time.
  • In case your skin is fair, any highlight shade will look good. However, if your skin is a bit on the rose side, you should avoid golden highlights or warm colors. In order to neutralize the shade of your skin, you should choose cold colors like ash. Moreover, if your skin can be characterized as olive, then you would better get red or chestnut highlights.
  • Is your hair really short? If your answer is yes, then you should avoid getting highlights right now. The reason why they are not recommended is the leopard effect that will follow the growth of your roots.
  • In case your hair is long, then the highlights are supposed to give it a bit of brightness. So, place them around your face.
  • Apply an intensive hair treatment which moisturizes and repairs the hair a few days prior to bleaching it.
  • Don’t ever wash your hair and dye it during the same day. It will be too dry because the natural oils don’t have enough time to nourish it.
  • Henna is a powerful color pigment that you shouldn’t mix with other hair dyes. Moreover, you actually have to wait an entire year after coloring your hair with henna in order to bleach it or dye it with chemical substances.
  • Avoid soaking your newly bleached or dyed hair in a swimming pool or the sea for a few days after changing your hairstyle. This is because your new color could suffer modifications.
  • For spectacular outcomes, always rely on professionals. You will have spectacular and unique brown hair with blonde highlights because stylists will use professional products, will combine more than one shade of blonde and will know how to distribute the highlights so that your face and haircut are favored.
  • After getting those highlights, use a dedicated shampoo and conditioner. Bleached hair must be properly cared for in order to avoid coarse hair.

21. The transition from dark to light hair

22. Waved hair looks more voluminous with highlights

23. The highlighting process starts from the temples down

24. A multitude of both cold and warm highlights

25. Light brown hair with blonde highlights that look natural

26. Short bob look voluminous with lighter strands

27. Highlights and low lights from the roots down

28. Champagne and caramel in hair

29. When white hair is combined with warm shades

30. Light is needed mostly around the face

Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights – Techniques Used to Achieve the Most Intriguing Results

Over the past decades, the hair highlighting techniques were almost non-existent, with the exception of the helmet and aluminum foil. The last few years have brought a real revolution in this area. Here are just a few of the many variations you can choose from when it comes to highlighting hair.

Get Highlights Balayage Style

Balayage is a hair coloring technique developed in the 1970s by the great French hairdressers, which has become extremely popular in recent years throughout the world. The hair is dyed freely (freehand, we can say), depending on the stylist’s inspiration and talent, for a personalized coloring. Its first advantage is to fit short cuts even though it offers the most spectacular results on long hair.

In addition, there is no clear line that marks the delimitation between natural hair and highlights. So, there is no need to keep going to the salon to renew them too often. This is, of course, unless you have many white hairs.

It is generally made with a brush and a kind of plate on which the strand is placed. Some stylists separate the strands with cotton wool or foil, others prefer to tie them before coloring them for a natural effect.

Baby-Lights Are Highlights Too

Baby-lights are extremely fine strands of hair which are colored from the roots down. They are meant to soften the effect of a mono-block. Just as the name suggests, this technique is supposed to imitate the way children’s hair looks until they are around 3 years old. More specifically, their hair comprises numerous shades that are all natural.

So, it goes without saying that baby-lights are for those of you who wish to have a natural look, without being too obvious when a change is made. It also looks great on very dark hair or curly hair.

You can also expect a surprising skin-enhancing effect, even when you’re tired.

Sombre as a More Delicate Ombre

A delicate Ombré, Sombre features a discreet difference in hues between dark roots and highlights. After the madness that embraced the entire feminine population of the planet at the appearance of the Ombré, it seems that the spirits have calmed down and returned to a more natural gradient, much like the surfers who spend all summer on the beach. Also, it is recommended for medium to long hair.

31. Christina Aguilera’s highlights from a decade ago

32. Highlights obtained from multiple color combinations

33. Drastic hair color change for a dramatic look

34. Light brown hair with blonde highlights to white highlights

35. Jennifer Lopez sporting natural looking hair

36. Dark brown hair enhanced with butterscotch highlights

37. The Balayage technique successfully applied

38. Thin baby-lights on a brown base

39. Thick and thin strands of bleached hair

40. Sombre hair looks amazing with loose curls

The Advantages of Having Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights

If you have never dyed your hair before, getting highlights is the right method to make a change that doesn’t have a shocking outcome. If, on the contrary, you are used to painting your hair often, then this hair dyeing method will give your hair a well-earned breath of air, and you’ll feel the joy of a modern styling.

Since contrasting hair colors are no longer in, the game of highlights and low-lights is done within 1 to 3 shades difference from the base color, also known as your natural hair color. Here are the advantages of having brown hair with blonde highlights:

The Highlights Confer Volume

If your natural hair color goes from light brown to honey brown, a few sandy highlights will capture light, conferring the feeling of richer hair. For chestnut hair, use highlights in reddish brown. Next, tame your black hair with light brown and chocolate highlights.

White Hairs Hidden by Highlights

When you have highlights in your hair, you can dye it less often. Even if you have white hairs, they will no longer stand out like before. This is applicable, of course, for highlights that are light blonde or even white.

Oily Hair Goes Dry With Highlights

When you bleach your hair, it becomes dryer than before. Now, while this wouldn’t usually be an advantage, it is in case of women with oily hair. Even so, the bleached strands of hair can deteriorate in time. This fact implies you are still nourishing your hair with conditioner. One pro tip would be to avoid applying conditioner to the roots.

A More Luminous Complexion 

The hair in which we find light shades gives a youthful look to the skin, sweetening the lines of the face. For this type of rejuvenation however, you will have to avoid high contrasts because they have a contrary effect.

41. Carefully placed nuances of blonde

42. Balayage in it’s professional form

43. Baby-lights added on brown hair

44. Curled brown hair with blonde highlights

45. High maintenance short hair with highlights

46. The sombre technique applied professionally 

47. Black hair bleached to brown and blonde

48. Dark red hair benefits from blonde highlights too

49. Balayage hair with warm tones

50. Cold tones of brown and blonde

51. Warm browns intertwined with blonde hues

52. Jessica Biel’s highlights around the face

53. Jessica Biel’s changes hairstyle, keeps the highlights

54. Baby-lights and warm low-lights

55. Jennifer Lopez’s straight and glossy hair

56. Celebrity style combines baby lights with ombre

57. Platinum highlights go well on ashy browns

58. Naturalness achieved by slightly lightening the hair

59. Thick highlights that start from the roots

60. Beautifully braided ombre hair in warm tones

61. Brown hair with blonde highlights looking natural

62. Old school highlighting process applied on ash brown hair

63. Caramel hues give hair a creamy look 

64. Beige and other cold nuances for highlights

65. Warm skin tones require warm hair colors

66. Black hair bleached to white

67. Red browns turn into honey and light blondes

68. Strawberry hair with bright blonde strands

69. Dirty blonde hair with baby-highlights

70. A natural lightening effect achieved with hair dye

71. Balayage hair looks best when curled

72. Thin strands of hair lightened for volume

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73. Sandy hair that looks kissed by the sun

74. A freehand technique that delivers great hair

75. Brown hair with blonde highlights that are neutral

76. Lighter hair portions done on the sides

77. Medium pale blonde hair

78. Highly contrasting dye job no longer in trends

79. Simple highlights added on natural brown hair

80. Gradient hair color and lighter shades

81. Highlights that frame the face and confer volume

82. Short hair looks stylish with golden strands

83. Beige and white tips on brown hair

84. Light blonde mixed with dark brown

85. Celebrity hairstyle counts on naturalness

86. Medium golden blonde hair portions

87. Hair changes color in a gradient manner

88. Straight hair with rose touches

89. Highlights added to the top layer of hair

90. Dark blonde can act as highlighter too

91. Beige blonde coloration on dark brown hair

92. A perfect mix between high and low lights

93. Curly bob cut enhanced with highlights

94. Wavy bob hairstyle dyed ombre

95. Warm brown base and honey baby lights

96. Dark natural hair nuance turned blonde

97. A game of sister colors in hair

98. Reddish brown hair highlighted with blonde

99. Short hair highlighted to look natural

100. Visible additions of reddish brown hues enhance the effect

101. Ashy tones picked to go well together

102. A complexion complemented by hair colors

Although you might be tempted to skip the skin tone test, don’t! It’s really important to have a hair color working in your favor.

103. Discreet highlights throughout brown hair

104. Brown hair with blonde highlights in cold tones

105. Ombre hair before sombre appeared

This example of brown hair with blonde highlights promotes the type of contrast that is no longer encouraged by stylists. A smoother transition would go best.

106. Caramel, honey and butter make a great team

107. Curls mix the colors of hair in the best way

108. Old school hair highlighting technique

This look is not refined but it makes you remember what was hot 10 or more years ago in matters of hair.

109. Light brown hair doesn’t need many highlights

110. Platinum and light beige make a fantastic combination

111. Strands of brown hair kissed by the sun rays 

Thinking that there are so many ways to add highlights to brown hair might be overwhelming. The amount of examples that you can choose from can be overwhelming as well. However, if you think about your hairstyle, length and natural color, then you can surely shortlist your options.

In case you have no idea what would suit you best, try to consider your skin tone and the quality of your hair. In case you’re going for cold shades of blonde, then your hair will suffer more due to intensive bleaching. So, you might want to ask for professional opinion on that.

Meanwhile, pick your favorite brown hair with blonde highlights looks and don’t stop dreaming about about your thrilling transformation that will lift your spirits, regardless how small the changes are!


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