100+ Brunette Hair Styles to Achieve Top Attractiveness


Brunette hair has been around since the beginning of human kind. So, it would be outrageous for it to go out of fashion. However, brunette hair is never plain black hair. It is a combination of at least two nuances. Whether we’re talking about natural brunettes or those dyeing their hair to become brunettes, the main idea stays the same. According to each trend that changes from year to year, if not season to season, some brunette hues are in and others are out. First, let’s find out which dark hair color suits you and then see which brunette type is fashionable right now.

  1. Selena Gomez is sporting a warm, natural brunette hue

brunette hair

2. Even chocolate brown hair worn by a celebrity

Katie Holmes made a very good choice with this hair shade, but also in terms of haircut. Its length gives it elegance, however, you don’t want to exaggerate with that either.

3. Beeline honey nuance on brunette hair with highlights

4. Long and straight medium auburn hair

5. Cool brown shades and butterscotch combination

6. Brunette hair with platinum ash brown strands

7. Medium ash brown hair color on wavy hair

8. Ombre hair starts from a natural dark hair color

9. Brunette hair turns into a cascade of light

10. Black hair base and bleached ends

Pick the Right Brunette Hair Type to Suit Your Look and Personality!

Although it is said that “blondes have more fun”, brunette remains the shade of hair that has conquered most of the land over time. But do you know how to choose it correctly, depending on your skin pigment?

Brunette wasn’t ever plain black hair nor will it ever be. Most brunette nuances that you see celebrities wear or even regular women off the street are combinations between multiple colors. Very few women opt for a single shade of brunette. Even those who are accustomed to dye their own hair, in the comfort of their home, choose at least two tones to get the right result.

Don’t Skip the Golden Rule

This is one of the main reasons why you should take into account the golden rule, namely: your skin pigment and its sub tones dictate the dark hue of your capillary adornment. In this way, you can make sure that the new color of your hair will not contrast with the hue of your skin, but it will highlight it, thus illuminating it.

The simplest way you can determine your skin tone is to analyze the color of your visible veins in the wrists. If they are bluish, your skin tone is cold. If they are green, then your skin has warm sub tones. In addition, if your veins are green-blue, you’re in the neutral area.

11. Dark golden brown and butterscotch meet on long hair

12. Medium champagne hair

13. Light golden brown on medium to long hair

14. Brunette roots turn into light ash blonde ends

15. Sun kissed brown hair with highlights

16. More of a blonde than a brunette

17. Style and glamour with light brown hair

18. The new brown hair color: PUCE

According to Wikipedia, Puce is a dark red or purple brown color, a brownish purple or a “dark reddish brown.”

19. Natural brown hair with highlights that appear natural

20. Incredibly shiny hair in more than one color

The Perfect Brunette Hair Color According to Your Skin Pigment

Light skin with cold tones

In this case, the chosen brunette type relies on cold hues, which don’t create a blinding contrast. If your skin is light, opt for a brown nuance or a brunette with gray reflections. If your skin is average with cold sub tones, then any brunette hue with two numbers darker than your natural color will look great on your strands.

Dark skin with cold tones

You are part of a group of happy women who can opt for any brunette hair color they want. If you can not decide, then ask for the advice of a hair stylist with confidence.

Light skin with warm tones

In your case, the choice is a bit more difficult, but do not get discouraged. The warm sub tones you have in your skin wouldn’t prevent a brunette with blue, green or purple infusions to look divine, but more natural variants will perfectly highlight your facial features and eye color.

Average skin with warm tones

Seeks combinations of brunette and brown shades, so that your hair color will perfectly highlight the color of your skin. Specialists are of the opinion that a black hair with brown highlights is the ideal choice for you.

Skin with neutral tones

You are lucky enough to experience both warm shades and cool shades to find the perfect color. If you still need a little extra help, look for the color of your eyes versus brown hair colors.

21. An example of warm skin tone

22. Light golden brown and darker shades

23. Medium ash brown balayage

24. Celebrity hair shows brown hues merging beautifully

25. Dark hair color versus sun-kissed highlights

26. Jessica Alba feeling amazing with her brunette hair nuance

27. Black hair embellished with a few lighter highlights

28. Light golden brown mixed with purple: the new Puce

29. A mix of tones that shine in bright light

30. With blonde highlights for more volume

Even though the woman in the picture above has brunette hair, she has also added a few highlights to confer her locks volume.

Puce or Blackberry – The New Brunette Hair Color for 2019

Women with dark brown and brunette hair have a hard time changing the hue of their hair in lighter tones. Inevitably, in order to get the desired result, hair needs to be bleached, a process that damages it. To avoid burning or damaging the capillary adornment, hairstylists came up with a hue for brown hair that does not require bleaching the hair prior to dyeing it.

As the name calls it, the hue was inspired by the colors of blackberries. Ebony black is “broken” by purple accents, which gives freshness to brown or dark brown hair. Especially during spring, the vibrant, bold colors can make you feel proud and confident!

The hairstylists’ inspiration came from nature, so you have every reason to enjoy a fresh, original look. The blackberry hue or puce is dedicated to rebellious, non-conformist women who have a casual outfit. But elegant women with refined gowns can choose this color to avoid monotony and banality.

31. A combination of brown and its lighter derivations 

32. Uneven highlights put brunette hair into the spotlight

33. Naturalness with light cool brown on long hair

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34. Dark golden brown brings brunettes on top of the attractiveness chain

35. Dark hair color embellished with highlights

36. The type of brunette that looks all natural

37. Slightly reddish brown hair color

38. Delicate hairs look lightened by the sun

39. Ash brown and light ash blonde combination

40. Light blonde shade that suits a brunette great

Make You Hair Unique and Special

Brunette hair is quite common, but there are many possibilities to turn it into a unique and special hair color. The supply of brunette hair dyes is very rich, so you can choose different interesting shades like brown or chocolate.

When choosing a hair color, you have to keep in mind the features of the face. The color of your eyes, your skin tone and the color of your eyebrows must all be considered when you want to change your hair color.

Going from blonde to brunette

Coloring your blonde hair in such way to become a brunette over night is quite difficult especially if you want the result to be successful. Since blonde hair has different shades of gold, brass or brown, you have to choose a brunette color to complement these natural shades. The best solution is to ask a stylist who can help you make the best choice.

Going from black hair to lighter shades

Also, if you want to dye your hair in a lighter shade, it is recommended to ask a professional. However, it’s good to know that certain brown shades require overlapped shadows in order to help with color balance. Also, they are a necessity if you want to avoid a washed out or boring look.

41. Sandy brown color on long hair

This particular type of brunette hair is suited for persons with light eye colors and light skin as well. In addition, it would also look good on naturally blonde women.

42. Golden brown hair has requirements too

This is a light brown shade comprised of an ideal combination between a darker blonde and a light brown. It is mostly suited for people with light eye colors.

43. Caramel brown in light and dark shades

44. Guess whether this is a natural brunette or not

45. Ombre hair resulted by combining brunette with rose

It looks like pink tones will be trending in the spring of 2019 as well. This wonderful look can be achieved by combining a pink shade with golden subtle strands designed to bring extra luminosity to the hair. Adopt this style if you crave for admiring glances.

46. The type of peanut brown celebrities wear too

This color can be worn by anyone, but in the case of Victoria Beckham, there is the advantage of warming up her pale skin and brown eyes. This is possible thanks to caramel chocolate reflexes.

47. Medium ash brown for the princess 

48. Balayage in natural brunette shades

What can be more appealing than long brown hair? Well, the answer is brown hair dyed using the balayage technique. This is because it will definitely look more appealing and exciting.

49. Light ash brown hair with white highlights

For a woman with a beautiful face and bright eyes this gorgeous color will add a subtle touch of elegance.

50. Saved by the balayage technique

What Brunette Hair Says About Your Personality

The Psychology of Brunette Hair

Black hair has made history over the years. Perceptions of this hair color have changed and are continuously changing.

Did you know that the Queen of Egypt, consecrated in history for her beauty and strong character, was actually not considered a sovereign of beauty? Do you want to know why? It’s because blonde hair was considered the symbol of femininity during that time, not brunette.

In contrast, women with black hair were given character traits such as intelligence, a highly developed competitive spirit, self-confidence and moderate sexuality. Black hair, psychologists say, is specific to communicative, practical women, oriented towards concrete results with an open, easily predictable attitude, but with a strong temperament. Black hair also denotes earnestness and perseverance. People with black hair have realistic expectations from life and love simple, unaffected things.

Women with brown hair are considered people who like to learn something new all the time and enrich their intellect. They put a great price on family, moderation, on non-sentient things and on harmonious collaborations with others.

51. Brunettes look awesome with any hairstyle

52. Big curls highlight light brown hair shades

53. Highlights making you think of milk chocolate

54. Black hair enhanced with a few lighter tones

55. A brown shade that looks like buttered toast

56. Beyonce makes brunette Shades a must have

Although her hair isn’t exactly brunette, but a combination of lighter shades of brown, Beyonce still manages to make any hair color she chooses a must have.

57. Hunger Games actress keeps her character’s hair color

58. Kristen Stewart before she cut and bleached her hair

59. Another celebrity look

60. The perfect match between skin and hair

Caring for Your Brunette Hair is Crucial

Whether you pride yourself with natural brunette hair or you have achieved it through repeated dyeing, your goal should be to maintain the color intensity for as long as possible, together with hydration and hair care.

First of all, use shampoo and conditioner types suitable for your hair. If you are a natural brunette, then you’re off the hook on this topic. You don’t have to spend time and money on shampoos made especially for dyed hair. So, just choose products that suit your hair type.

Next, do not forget to apply a hair mask weekly. Whether you prefer to buy it from a professional brand or not, or you make it at home using natural ingredients, it’s not important. What matters is to use one that makes wonders for your hair, giving it luster, volume, vitality, nourishment and so on.

61. Jessica Biel went from brunette to almost blonde

62. Green eyes matched by the perfect brown hue

63. Reddish brown hair that’s long and shiny

Reddish brown is a powerful hair color that matches the type of skin with neutral tones and dark colored eyes.

64. Angelina Jolie sporting one of her brunette hairstyles

65. Chocolate shiny hair in great contrast with the makeup

66. Brown hair colors suites for lighter and darker skin tones

67. Shiny browns that make straight hair glow

68. Highlights added just around the face

69. Hair too beautiful to color with chemical products

70. Brunette adds charm and volume with lighter colors

Keep Your Brunette Hair Shiny the Natural Way

Brunette hair is greatly appreciated primarily because it reflects light very well and has a very glossy look. In spite of these aspects, brunette hair is slightly harsh, and the color is hard to maintain if it is dyed. So, try to take the following aspects into consideration!

  • Shampoo and conditioner should be part of this category, and if possible, spray, oil or serum. Also, because brunette hair has slight drying tendencies, it would be good to apply a moisturizing mask from time to time.
  • A natural recipe example is: mix 5 tablespoons of olive oil with one of castor oil. Apply the mixture on wet hair and let it work for 30 to 50 minutes. Finally, shampoo your hair twice if necessary and rinse with plenty of water.
  • If your hair loses color intensity, boil 3-4 sachets of black tea in one liter of water and rinse the hair with it.
  • Another option is to boil 5 tablespoons of coffee in one liter of water (without adding sugar) – let the coffee cool down and then apply it to your hair. Let it on for a few minutes to get into the hairs, then rinse with plenty of cold water. The color of your hair will be much more intense in just a few moments.

71. Obtain the wow effect with healthy and shiny hair

72. Matte hair colors aren’t recommended for brunettes

73. Ash medium brown with a matte effect

74. Nina Dobrev 

75. Blackberry hair or something close to it

Adding a bit of color to brown hair is a very inspired choice, especially if the hair isn’t getting damaged from ammonia or bleaching products.

76. Medium ash brown dye evenly spread on hair

Brunette hair isn’t boring or out of fashion. As you’ve seen so far, it is worn by countless people and reinvented for almost every season. Plain black hair doesn’t advantage anyone, so why not try color derivations, highlights and sub tones, undertones and even a new hairstyle all together? Find inspiration and stop dreaming about it! Become the brunette you want to be as soon as possible!


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