105 Burgundy Hair That Transforms You Into a Mystery Woman


Burgundy hair is one of the most mysterious red hair color types. Burgundy, the color of red wine or claret – is a nuance characterized by being magical, cool and strong without being too strident or noticeable in a bad way. It can really make you think about an exquisite red wine.

As it follows you will find a guide on how to choose the shade of red hair suitable for you, how to care for red hair, as well as colors that can help you get rid of burgundy hair if you do not like how it came out or the way it has become. For many more, read further!

  1. A mix of burgundy hair shades

burgundy hair

2. Celebrity style featuring a shade of red hair

3. Dark copper nuance on long hair

4. Burgundy hair in a very pale shade

5. Black hair complimented with red highlights

6. Purple combined with red results in the color below

7. Carmine red on silky and shiny hair

8. A combination between purple and red highlights

9. Burgundy highlights and low lights in different shades

10. Burgundy hair gradually becomes blonde hair

Everything You Need to Know Before Choosing a Burgundy Shade

Red browns and burgundy are colors that can be part of all sorts of looks, and with so many famous examples (starting with fairy tales all the way to rebellious Rihanna), it does not matter where you find your inspiration. It is clear, however, that women with burgundy hair are complex and strong characters, that don’t get lost in the crowd easily.

To get a reddish brown, burgundy, or wine color in your hair, you will first have to browse through more than 100 examples and a comprehensive color guide. This is because burgundy is more than just a color and it requires a certain look in absolute terms.

11. Delicate and discreet touches of purple

12. Burgundy hair on the purple and pink side

13. Black hair given dimension with reddish highlights

14. Steal her makeup and hair color combination

15. Even burgundy wig to try on before hair dyeing

16. Brown hair with reddish highlights 

17. One color from the roots to the ends

18. Hair that changes color depending on light

19. A mixture of warm browns and amaranth

20. Texture and volume achieved with waves and color

Burgundy Hair Shades and Their Meaning

To choose the right red-brown color, the color of red wine or burgundy for you, it is first and foremost important to understand what these colors represent and what are their sub tones.

The most important of the shades of red is the burgundy color, which comes in several nuances, but there are other categories as well.

Burgundy, a dark shade of reddish brown, or chestnut with a touch of purple, it is considered a cool hair color. For example, it’s not as violet as an eggplant, but it’s not as red as cranberry either.

Burgundy is a reddish shade very close to the color of beet. It is a cold red shade, precisely because of the purple subtone. The name of burgundy comes from a region in France, that’s famous for its wine. That’s why it looks like good wine.

Common Burgundy Hair Shades

Cabaret: a dark red burgundy color or the color of cherry

Claret: a more reddish hue with brown tones

Cordovan: has more brown pigments than the basic burgundy hair color

Cranberry: a shade with pink accents

Brown burgundy: a natural reddish brown

Merlot: a little lighter and redder than the basic burgundy

Dark red brown: a darker reddish tone mixed with a bit of brown

Wine color: a neutral color that has more red pigments and less brown pigments

21. A mixture of auburn and burgundy on hair

22. Different types of burgundy colors

23. A game of reddish highlights and low lights

24. Purple looks like the dominant color

25. Sub tones become visible under sunlight

26. Fashionable and trendy burgundy shade

27. A combination of red shades with various sub tones

28. Vermilion, crimson and scarlet meet on hair

29. Cardinal highlights added on brown hair

30. The new purple brown or puce hair color

Pick the Right Burgundy Hair Shade for Your Skin Tone

The next thing to do, after you have noticed the subtleties of burgundy, is to identify the type of your skin’s sub tone. Here are some suggestions to determine which nuance fits you best.

If you follow your vines, you can easily tell what skin tone you have – as these are seen through the skin.

If you have a warm skin tone with yellow sub tones, your veins will look a little greenish or blueish-green. In that case, it is best to choose more neutral shades of reddish brown or the color of wine. Only in this way they will look good and alive when combined.

Burgundy hair can make warm skin look more sallow and brackish. That’s why this hue fits warm, but very light skin tones – the darker the color of your skin, the more burgundy hair will make it accentuate flaws.

The same rules apply to olive skin, which can be recognized by green veins, even if it is questionable whether olive is a warm or cold color. In any case, find out that olive skin can look really green if you associate it with burgundy hair in red-violet shades. This is because green and violet are opposite colors on the wheel of colors and tend to exclude each other when they are close. This effect works wonderfully in color-block clothing, but not when it comes to combining hair and skin.

The color of wine, brown and burgundy in hair are for cold skin sub tones. If you have a predominantly cool skin tone, which translates into pink sub tones, then you can play with both a cool burgundy hair color and a neutral brown or a reddish wine color.

The same advice as in the above paragraph also applies if you have a neutral skin tone that can be recognized due to the veins that appear to be more blueish. It does not matter how light or dark your skin may be. Only delicate or intense skin tones tend to look good with burgundy or the color of wine.

So if you have very pale skin, intense burgundy hair may give you a slightly dark, Gothic look. Conversely, if you have a dark skin tone, then wine-colored hair will give you a balancing and a less dramatic effect.

Take these details into consideration when choosing a hair dye in the desired burgundy shade. In addition, try to take into account that they are not necessarily very specific as there are other factors involved as well. More specifically, the color of your eyes or the tanning level can change your perception as well. Every woman is different in her own way.

31. Puce is the new purple shade of brown

32. Wavy hair highlighted by a pinkish brown shade

33. It’s all about her burgundy curls

34. Curled hair creates more colored reflexes

35. Rihanna’s burgundy hair with locks

36. Light crimson hair for an alternative style

37. Brown hair with a subtle red hue

38. Ombre hair with a gradient from brown to red

39. Hair dyed like the Peacock’s feathers 

40. A mix of burgundy shades on natural brown hair

Get Burgundy Hair for Blondes or Redheads

On lighter colored hair, a burgundy hair dye can discolor up to a pink shade, especially after a few washes. Instead, on ginger-colored hair, burgundy looks redder than it would look on brown hair, for example.

To make your hair dye look closer to its real color, you should first add more reddish pigment to your hair by painting it medium brown. This trick will give you a dark base from which your burgundy shade will look more saturated.

Get Burgundy Hair for Brunettes

If you are a brunette and you do not want to go through a complicated hair dyeing process, opt for a burgundy shade or a wine shade that’s not too different from your base color. However, if your hair is already very dark and you are looking for a slightly lighter burgundy hue, you may need to bleach your hair with at least a sub tone before painting it in a burgundy shade. As always, it is best to go to a professional salon especially if you do not have much experience in painting your hair red.

41. Hair that’s not red or purple

42. Incredible shine on bright red brown

43. Try a burgundy wig before going full on redhead

44. Dark hair with a tint of burgundy

45. Leadership and power expressed by long, burgundy dyed hair

46. Shiny hair dyes with an even color

47. Puce hair or purple brown is in trends right now

48. Rosewood touches on dark brown hair

49. An accepted extravagance when it comes to hair color

50. Lily, mauve and purple on a brown base

Keep Burgundy Hair’s Intensity Longer

Varied shades of reddish brown, including burgundy and red, seem to fade much faster than other hair colors. That’s why good color maintenance is so important, both to make the burgundy color look fresh for as long as possible, and to keep your hair healthy and in the best possible condition as a whole.

Here are some useful tips for doing this:

  • The less often you wash your hair, the brighter and longer the color will remain. Once or twice a week is the ideal frequency for hair washing according to some specialists. Also, make sure you’re switching to a sulfate-free shampoo. Sulfates are hard cleaning agents that you will find in most shampoos, but they can dry your hair in a serious manner and thus speed its discoloration process. So, avoid using it as much as possible!
  • Regularly treat your burgundy hair with conditioner made especially for dyed hair. It will keep the burgundy color of your hair lively and intense while maintaining the hair soft and nourished.
  • Hot water opens hair cuticles more than cold water. This means that this process can remove hair dye as well. For this reason, wash your dyed hair with lukewarm water.
  • Hair loses both protein and moisture when dyed, which makes it tern and weakened. But regular application of hair masks on reddish-brown hair and multiple nourishing treatments, as well as deep hydration are the keys to increasing its strength. The best are hair treatments with proteins, especially if they also contain coconut oil, so beneficial for every hair type.
  • High temperature will always damage your hair. This process is increased if your hair has been dyed, in which case the heat can accelerate the discoloration stages. So, try to avoid using heat as much as possible. If it’s really necessary, then make sure you add a thermal protection spray in your routine.
  • You will also need to protect your burgundy colored hair from harmful UV rays, but also from chlorine-water, found in pools.

51. Space buns highlight different hair shades

52. Dark brown hair needed burgundy highlights

53. Even purple brown hair on a straight and long hairstyle

54. Dark purple hair follows a gradient

55. Reddish brown highlights and dark brown low lights

56. A combination of red and black

57. Hair coloring technique stolen from a movie character

58. Red hair that looks discolored by the sun

59. Subtle highlights can make a big difference

60. Wavy burgundy hair starts from a dark base

Remove Burgundy Dye or Red Dye From Your Hair

Reddish brown and burgundy dyes can be easily removed, but if you want to change your color altogether, it is, unfortunately, almost impossible. By simply applying another color over it, you won’t change much. You must remove the burgundy color from your hair before dyeing it with a new color.

Once you see your burgundy-colored hair and you realize that you do not like, you should act quickly. The sooner you pass through all of these steps, the better. Here’s what advice to follow to get rid of the burgundy dye in your hair:

  • Start by washing your hair with a cleansing shampoo. That’s the only reason why we could recommend a hair product containing sulfates. Other hair dye removal options that can still work are anti-dandruff shampoo and dish washing detergent. Next, you will need to apply a color removal treatment.
  • There are two ways you can go for it. The first is to get a good hair color removal product, which also contains a little bleach. However, do not expect a hair color removal solution to bring you back to the original hair color – it will remove as much burgundy pigment as it can to prepare your hair for the next round of painting.
  • The second option to remove the burgundy hair color is as effective as the first variant, but it is much milder on your hair and does not involve any bleach. And the bonus part is that it’s a DIY recipe: Take a bowl and put a spoon full of vitamin C in, as well as an equal amount of deep cleansing shampoo. You’ll want to have enough amount to cover all of your hair with this composition, so make more hair color removing solution if you have long hair. Next, apply this mixture to your wet hair, making sure you cover each strand perfectly. When you have covered all the hair with this solution, put on a shower cap and leave this mixture on your hair for an hour. After that, rinse with plenty of water. It will remove a lot burgundy hair dye from your hair, so do the washing under the shower.

61. Ombre hair with different color choices

62. Unnatural hair color evenly spread on hair length

63. Bright ruby shade of burgundy

64. Ombre hair done with browns and reddish browns

65. Brown hair with auburn highlights

66. A cold shade of burgundy on long hair

67. Reddish browns added for more texture and volume

68. Brown hair becomes reddish in the sun light


69. Long hair styled with multiple highlights of different colors

70. Alternative style presents an unusual combination between green and purple

71. Cardinal shade and ruby shade meet on silky smooth hair

72. Brown hair has only a tint of burgundy

73. Light brown hair becomes darker with burgundy

74. A pink and purple mixture on curly hair

75. Puce hair with crimson highlights

76. Light chestnut hair with pale pink highlights

77. A mix of scarlet, vermilion and burgundy hair

78. Puce colored hair extensions for thicker hair

79. The balayage technique used on brown and burgundy hair

80. A fashionable contrast between black and a red hue

81. Long burgundy hair styled with loose curls

82. Almost neon colors used to obtain this gradient hair

83. Reddish brown color shines on healthy hair

84. A way lighter version of pink hair

85. Classic burgundy color on straight, sleek hair

86. Peacock hairstyle with the colors from its feathers

87. Dark brown hair with vermilion tips

88. Adding a touch of purple to a cold shade of brown

89. Ombre gradient turns black into burgundy

90. Dark red hair with golden highlights

91. Hair as beautiful as cartoon character Ariel’s hair

92. Scarlet highlights brighten her face

93. Glossy hair color with purple sub tones

94. When dark brown meets pink

95. Dark brown hair embellished with baby-lights

96. A dark burgundy shade on straight hair

97. Impressive change from one color to the other

98. Warm tones of brown and golden brown

99. Reddish brown discolored by the sun

100. From dark burgundy to a lighter shade

101. Delicate vermilion touches added to ombre hair

102. Reddish pigments added to purple hair

103. Nourished hair shines regardless of color

104. Flawless fishtail made of long, purple hair

105. Small difference in burgundy nuances


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