107 Soft Caramel Balayage Ideas to Get a New Rejuvenated Look


Caramel balayage is a spectacular hair color and style as far as hair trends go. The various caramel nuances are romantic, vibrant and mysterious at the same time. Hairstylists recommend a mix of browns, cinnamon, copper, reddish brown, caramel blonde and honey blonde.

Balayage and shadow root are two hair coloring techniques that still remain in trends. In fact, balayage occupies the first place among this season’s preferences. If it’s combined with shades of caramel, then it’s even more fashionable at the moment.

If so far, hairstylists were crazy about using strong, contrasting colors for balayage hair, they are now more focused on less obvious differences between the roots and the length of the hair. And, because caramel is a warm color, it tends to be the star.

In addition, balayage hair is easy to maintain and is ideal for people who need to keep their roots dark and contour their faces with highlights.

  1. Warm shades of caramel added to dark brown hair

caramel balayage

2. Oval face contoured with the help of caramel blonde highlights

3. An obvious balayage done with ashy or cold tones

4. Caramel base continued with warm highlights on short to medium hair

5. Wavy hair shines thanks to a warm caramel color

6. Celebrity style features caramel balayage and a side braid

7. Dark hair evolves into a mesmerizing waterfall of caramel shades

8. Hairstyle gains more depth with the help of a multi-coloring technique

9. The accent falls in the frontal side, softening the model’s face features

10. Color contrasts are almost non-existent with this hairstyle

Caramel Hair for a Younger You

Caramel-colored hair is not a novelty. However, it has just gained the popularity it really deserves. If some Hollywood starts were already fans of this hair color, such as Jennifer Lopez, other stars seem to have fallen in love with the warm tones of the caramel tint just now.

A balanced combination of blonde and golden brown, caramel is the ideal hair color for women who want to wipe off a few years off their faces. It is a light shade that highlights the skin and adds brilliance.

Moreover, it fits perfectly in case you have dark hair and you want to make a change that rejuvenates you, without affecting your hair’s health. Unlike light blonde hair, which involves aggressive hair bleaching, caramel allows you to have a lighter hair color, but without the harmful effects caused by the bleaching substance.

If you want to keep your hair dark, whether it’s black, brown or chocolate, caramel highlights are also a major trend that will help you get those delicate tones that give your face the needed brightness. The most popular technique in this regard is the balayage technique.

11. Shades of darker caramel chosen for the back

12. Messy bob hairstyle with bangs nicely highlighted with caramel balayage

13. Gradient color usage from dark roots to very light strands of hair

14. Going from ombre hair with shades of reddish brown to caramel balayage

15. Caramel colors used to soften a very dark natural hair shade

16. Long, wavy hair looks more textured with light-colored strands

17. Natural and rejuvenated look achieved with shades of caramel brown

18. The difference a few highlights can make for one’s hairstyle

19. Half updo shows the wonders of the balayage coloring technique

20. Matte and damaged hair needed a refreshing dye job

Hair Coloring Tendencies  – Caramel Balayage

As you may already know, the balayage technique involves having dark roots, which gradually become lighter. However, it’s not like the ombre technique where the highlights don’t merge with the sub-tones. It’s different in the way that every hair strand is properly dyed in order to obtain excellent results in contouring, hair texture and overall naturalness.

Professional hairstylists use the balayage technique together with other subtle changes in order to obtain the best caramel hair style. For example, tiger eye is an ultra-modern hair dyeing technique. It is characterized by the transition between brown tones and warm tones of gold and caramel. The result really looks like the semi-precious stone tiger eye, which is easy to mistake with balayage.

Moreover, the tiger eye technique is more suitable for women with dark black hair and dark skin. The result of this type of hair coloring is a contrasting effect because the difference in shades come with 2 to 3 tones. You’d love this combination because it is incredibly beautiful to have caramel highlights and chocolate browns in your hair.

Another similar hair dyeing technique to the balayage technique that results in caramel balayage if done right is the air touch technique. This one was invented by Vladimir Sarbashev, a Russian hairstylist. He didn’t make things easy for hairdressers, but he found a hair coloring method that has no age limits, it doesn’t damage the hair, it confers a visual increase in volume and it lasts longer than other dye jobs.

The secret of the air touch technique is that before applying hair dye, the hair is divided in multiple strands and blow-dried half way. It’s the blow-dried strands that are colored. Mostly suited for blondes, the result of this technique doesn’t involve much maintenance. A visit to the salon is required every 4 to 5 months.

21. Caramel balayage done by applying the tiger eye technique

22. Caramel highlights can be added on curly hair as well

23. Medium bob hairstyle enriched with caramel shades

24. Certain hair strands are 2 or more tones lighter than before

25. Ombre hair or a grown balayage hairstyle with caramel blonde tones

26. Thick, wavy and healthy hair shines thanks to proper caramel highlights

27. Pretty Little Liars star sporting caramel balayage hair at a red carpet event

28. Hair colored depending on length, texture and physiognomy 

29. The brightest hair strands are those from the sides

30. Warm caramel shades can be combined with black natural hair

Caramel balayage is characterized by multiple layers, among which the roots are dark and the hair’s length is dye in lighter shades. This confers brightness to one’s hair and is recommended for women with darker skin tones. When hair is dyed properly, the result will be an incredible game of colors, transitions and even volume. However, you must take into consideration the fact that this option requires a permanent and detailed maintenance.

Caramel balayage is great for those of you who want to refresh your dark hair, add volume, density and a nice shine as well. The contrasting effect is obtained by bleaching a few hair strands. This is usually done with mild hair dye, which does not damage the hair and contains natural ingredients only. This technique is applied in case of a light retouch and care.

The caramel shades used on one’s hair can play another role than the usual ones, namely to contour the face. Makeup is not the only way to contour your face anymore. Now stylists use hair colors to confer a nice shape for your nose, to make your cheekbones appear smaller and correct the shape of your forehead. The principals are the same as in case of makeup; the highlights will help certain areas draw attention, while the low-lights will hide certain areas. For example, caramel highlights around the face will add a touch of tenderness to your hairstyle.

31. Black hair refreshed with a few highlights done on the tips

32. Reddish brown and caramel shades added to dark hair

33. Warm caramel tones can merge nicely with reddish brown and chocolate

34. Long hair just became interesting with waves, texture and highlights

35. Daylight is hair color’s most feared element if not done right

36. Caramel is just one of the many hair shades used for this caramel balayage

37. Highlights and low-lights are equally important for such hairstyle

38. The contouring technique applied in the front

39. Subtle strands of hair were dye in dark caramel shades

40. Dark brown hair appears to have more volume and texture with caramel strands

Caramel Iced Latte – A Drink and a Hair Color

Caramel ice latte is one of our favorite drinks in the warm season. However, as it follows, we will not talk about the beverage, but about the hair color inspired by the shades and textures of the latte with caramel and ice. Although this is not the first hue of hair inspired by the beverages we drink every day (see pink champagne hair, milkshake hair, and so on), ice caramel latte is remarkable because it is very versatile. It can be easily achieved, but also changed (if you get bored quickly).

If you are a brunette and you are tired of your hair color, we have good news for you! You can get a unique look this summer to attract all the looks without completely changing your hair shade. Iced caramel latte adds brilliance, volume and highlights your features.

41. Chocolate browns descend into warm shades of caramel

42. Balayage caramel or the tiger eye hair with subtle differences

43. Going from warm caramel blonde to ashy tones in one sitting

44. Easy to maintain hairstyle with dark roots and properly placed highlights

45. Caramel colors can be combined with orange shades and pink shades

46. Braiding caramel balayage hair can have spectacular results

47. Warm blonde tones, honey, caramel and chocolate all meet on hair

48. A multitude of caramel shades mixed with natural hair colors

49. Ashy finish for a caramel balayage hairstyle

50. Manually picked strands of hair have the desired effect

Choose the Right Shade of Caramel for You

Before we blindly obey to hair tendencies, it is advisable to choose that hair color that highlights our features, which benefits us.

Face features, eye color and skin pigment are the first factors to take into account when you’re trying to get the right shade. A light skin tone would be flattered by light blonde shades in warm tones.

People who have pale skin, with blue eyes, would look best with a northern blonde shade on their hair. This type of blonde is not suitable for everyone because it comes with the risk of making them look older and have edgier features. Besides, it would make us always wear makeup.

For dark, green eyes, the most suitable choice would be a cold brown or a beige blonde nuance, which will also highlight the color of one’s eyes. The chocolates and caramel shades part of this season’s trends fit marvelously with dark brown eyes.

51. Curls have a major effect in the end result of a dye job

52. Subtle hair color changes that benefit a dark haired woman

53. Reddish browns merge nicely with shades of caramel

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54. A game of colors and dyeing techniques only professionals play

55. Gradient colors start from black and end with white

56. Natural blondes can benefit from a caramel balayage

57. Browns become caramels in a smooth color transition made on hair

58. Dark hair just became softer thanks to subtle color changes

59. Ombre hair easily mistaken with balayage hair

60. The effect of sun kissed hair obtained in a beauty salon

Match Your Hair Color With Your Attitude

What a hairstylist has revealed to us and delighted us with is that the color of the hair must be matched with something. Well, it does not necessarily have to match the lipstick, scarf or other accessory, but your attitude.

A hair color worn without the proper attitude is like a frame without a picture. Attitude is that element that puts even more color in your hair. That’s why, the color and the haircut must be in line with one’s attitude.

For example, a nice woman might be prone to choosing just one hair color, generally preferring caramel, caramel blonde, honey, reddish browns, all these in order to have an angelic look. A more glamorous woman is usually up to date with the hair trends and will opt for a caramel balayage or something close to it.

So, don’t go asking for a caramel balayage just because it’s trendy, but because it suits you and your style without making an extra effort.

61. Caramel shade chosen according to skin tone

62. Balayage is a hair coloring technique that imitates naturalness

63. Honey blonde with caramel base and low lights

64. Wavy bob hairstyle with caramel nuances meant as highlights

65. Contouring with hair colors can be noticed around her face

66. Warm shades of blonde and brown mixed together with professional skills

67. Hair strands that look discolored by the sun

68. Boring black hair can become a moving attraction with caramel strands

69. Caramel balayage obtained by using multiple shades of caramel, blonde and brown

70. Dark hair become softer, bouncier and shinier just by adding caramel highlights

71. Face contouring turns up amazing with caramel browns around the face

72. Colors that complete each other and confer dynamism to any type of hair

73. Highlights and low-lights carefully chosen for the desired effect

74. Dark hair becomes nicer to look at when it is softened with color

75. Almost no commitment is involved with caramel balayage hair

76. Medium long hair styled with waves and caramel highlights

77. Lighter shades needed around the face for contouring

78. Gold, orange, caramel and reddish browns mixed together for this hairstyle

79. Cold base and sub-tones covered by warm tips

80. Long hair styled with loose curls for better color merging

81. Highlights added where there are strictly necessary

82. Who thought that rose and caramel are shades that go well together?

83. A simple, asymmetrical bob with caramel highlights

84. Everything about this caramel balayage is warm and youthful

85. Properly dyed hair keeps the same effect when styled half up

86. Barely colored hair looks more natural than you’d think

87. Warm highlights needed around the face for a fresh look

88. Brown hair needs a little help with sun kissed or artificially colored strands

89. Shininess kept for dyed hair tips as well

90. Caramel shades added as transition between dark and light colors

91. The accent falls on warm hair colors that make the hair shine

92. Red brown highlights are the most noticeable in this hairstyle

93. Thin highlights are characteristic to the balayage technique

94. A line bob styled with lighter shades of brown and blonde

95. Thin hair can look thick thanks to proper high and low lights

96. Dyeing thin strands of hair is part of the secret

97. Carefully chosen colors go very well together

Caramel balayage can do so much good to your hair as long as it’s done by a professional. As you’ve seen, each example looks like it’s personalized and that there is no standard hair dyeing method for everybody. A hairstylist can refresh your hair with a caramel balayage, but at the same time he or she can use other techniques meant to boost your appearance. That’s why you might be confused which technique is which. What’s important is that you can find inspiration in the pictures above and tell a skilled stylist what you want.

The same goes with the color itself, because there is no caramel hair shade or dye that fits everybody. Your skin tone and the natural color of your hair are important factors. Even so, you don’t have to get discouraged. On the contrary, pick an idea and visit the hairdresser with confidence and enthusiasms that you will look better, rejuvenated, playful and more full of life than before!


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