124 Trendy Caramel Highlights That You Can Experiment


Caramel highlights are a common trend till the date. The first thing that strikes our mind when we listen to the word ‘caramel’ is the golden brown delicious, mouth-watering syrup we find in the candies and desserts but NO! In this case, by caramel highlight, we meant a similar caramel syrup like-color on hair.

Caramel highlight can come in various hues. It does not matter what color your hair is or the length or the texture, caramel highlight can never go wrong. From going gray to sticking to natural blonde or black, caramel highlights provide a range of contrasts and complete your look. Lately, they have taken a wide range in the fashion industry. So, we here decided to compile the top 100+ best hairs you can try.

Turned Ends

caramel highlights

As we earlier said, you can highlight your hair caramel on dyed hair. Here in this look, you can see slightly purple dyed hair. The caramel highlight is at the ends, and the terms slightly turned similar to soft curls. This hair gives a natural look for an everyday style.

With Front Bangs

Bangs have been a trend since the ’80s. To make the look extra, highlight them with dark caramel hue and curl the ends to give a retro yet modified look. Suitable for any ages.

Shoulder Cut With Caramel Highlights

If you are tired of long hair, you definitely should try this hairstyle, and the caramel highlight has done the perfect addition.

Curling them gives an adorable look.

Sunset Streaks

If anyone has told you blonde and golden cannot go along, then they are wrong. They create the perfect sunset inspired look. You can try on either shorter or longer length.

Braided Brown

Brown, the darker shade of caramel looks attractive on longer curled hair but have you ever tried braiding them? Now that you have seen this look, you will try. This look gives you a flirty and playful look.

Straight Highlight

Straightening your highlighted hair can never go off trend. It gives you a casual natural look that can also be perfect for any events.

Loose Curls

For this highlighted look all you have to do is make loose curls only by either braiding them or using low head curl wands.

The Highlighted Blonde

The naturally blonde hair and caramel highlights go very well together. The mid-length hair length looks casual in this look.

Highlighted On Jet Black

The look is the perfect example for someone who has naturally jet black hair. If you are wondering if it is okay to use caramel on black, now you know.

Fish Tailed

We know braiding hair can never go wrong and if it is fishtail braid we are talking about, the chances are much low. These braids and caramel’s shade combination gives a gypsy vibe and is preferable for any look.

The Combined Tone

Caramel highlights have various hue tones. Contrasting both the warm and cold tone can create this beautiful bold look. Wear them with long front bangs and look brighter.

Long Bob Balayage

The subtle honey brown highlight in an extended bob cut can make you look chic and glow your locks.

50 Shades Of Caramel

This look here has all the caramel shades mixed. From dark brown to blonde and golden, this look creates a multidimensional look for your hair.


This shade of caramel, sunflower blonde, provides you a warm sunkissed look for which you won’t have to wait until a golden hour to take snaps.

Caramel Ombre

Ombre hair is a forever trend. For few people maintaining roots might be a difficulty. Ombre highlights are definitely for them. The ombre with different hues are the perfect match.

The Dark Combination

The darker roots are a very casual look. Highlight the lower tips half-way down, the darker natural tone. It gives a boho vibe, making you ready for every event.

A similar cold and warm tone combination but this caramel highlight is a very light shade to the previous one.

Loose Sunset

The sunset highlight is a perfect tone for someone with a lighter skin tone. Loose curls can never fail to amaze your personality.

Deep Dyed

This shade of highlight on natural medium brown hair is a simple yet chic look.

The Highlighted Bob

The sparkling caramel grabs more attention in this adorable bob cut. To enhance the look, curl them.

Rosy Brown

A look inspired by Angelina Jolie, wear this rosy brown highlight with the caramel texture and get this unique mixture of tones.

Pumped Caramel

Caramel highlights also look good in a longer length and pumped way.

The Grey Streaks

If you ever feel like caramels and dark and brown tone are overrated, grey streaks are there for you. Wear caramel touch casually on dark base but along get few grey stripes.

Warm Brown

Are you hesitating to combine both the dark tones together? You better not! The havana brown highlight with black base create a warn, relaxing scheme, and always quick look.


Caramel blonde is a true inspiration from the Hollywood divas such as Nancy O’dell.


Caramel highlights can never go wrong with the layered hairstyle. This hairstyle has taken over the fashion industry for a long time and has remained the favorite. Highlighting with caramel makes the layers even out better and flaunt.

Straight Gold Long Bob

The other hue, golden tone looks formal and refreshing in the straight cut long bob.


Caramel is not only a warm tone. There is nothing wrong with a raw sound as it looks more relaxed and attractive. Curl them up for a better experience.

Cinnamon Streak

This shade named after a real cinnamon stick and powder used in almost our daily lives. Nina Dobrev is the perfect example of this hairstyle. This style would look beautifully groomed without any effort.

Another similar cinnamon streaks on dark brown hair. The longer length also looks attractive and trendy.

The very similar cinnamon streaked hair with caramel highlight but in a mid-way length, is to show and give you ideas on which range to choose.


The name is after the color texture, from dark to medium and lighter tone. Straight hairs can never go off trend.

Bob Curls

Bob haircut has been a trend since the ’90s. Curling them creates a formal, adorable look. This style here has a darker combination of natural and caramel highlight.

Another similar cut with a lighter tone of caramel.


This sunflower blond hue with the caramel touch provides a metallic look. This hair looks better when you are out in the sunlight-the length and texture of the new talk.

This look here is a similar metallic look but with the touch of ginger shade and a shorter length. Sienna Miller’s hair is an excellent example of this look.

Copper Curls

The copper shade has been a trend lately. For this look, the natural caramel shade and copper shade do the perfect duo. Bigger curls are the best opinion leading to a stylish, retro look.

The Slightest Strokes

If you are looking modify your hair looks but not in a bold way, these slight caramel strokes are for you!

Rose Touch

The natural caramel hues might sound overrated to you. If you ever feel that way, this style is for you.

Upturned Ombre

We are well-known about darker to lighter tone ombre, but this is something different as this hair tone is slanted, lighter to darker.

Shoulder Length

Shoulder length hair can never go wrong for a classy yet chic look. They are the most preferred hairstyle by the womens. Carmel highlighting them looks much attractive.

The Intense Caramel

The look named after its color combination. Get this long bob with front bangs and color them with caramel highlight just a few inches below darker natural hair.

The Combined

These looks here have the color combination of all the hues of caramel. From dark to medium and light, the tones look perfect together.

Caramel Highlight On Dark Hair

The popping color of the highlight creates a contrast to the dark brown hair and provides an elegant look.

Ginger Shade

The ginger tone has gained its popularity widely in the fashion industry. If you ever feel bored of the casual caramel shade, you can try this.

Pink And Caramel

If you are bored of the casual caramel highlight collection, this look is definitely for you. The pink, blonde, and caramel combination provides a feminine look.

Neck Length Caramel

This caramel highlighted hair on darker natural hair creates natural hair like the look, and the length adds cuteness to it.

Straight Sleeked

So far we have shown you many caramel highlights but on curly hairs. Now this style we have here is a sleeked straight shoulder length cut. It looks professional and chic.

Dark With Caramel Stroke

The little strokes of caramel hue on naturally dark hair create a perfect gypsy combo. The longer length and curling them is preferred.


This sun-kissed look here creates a voluminous look due to its contrast. Start with darker tone hair to a medium and ultimately lighter tone; this look is suitable for an everyday look.

Short Curls

This look here worn by Jessica Biel is a subtle yet flirty look made with the help of only curling wand. Easy to create and mostly preferred by young girls.

Straight Ginger

This ginger tone hue on straight hair is a very professional look that can be worn by any age group.

All Brown

The combination of brown with a dark hue to light strokes is a comfortable, easygoing look.

Voluminous Curls

This caramel highlighted hair with voluminous curls looks casual as well as flirty go to event look. Try accessorizing with matching gold chained bags.


The Complete Gold

The provided look is all gold metallic look and makes your hair ultra-reflective and head turning.

The Complete Blond

If you are somebody who is wondering how your hair would look if you highlighted from the very start, then here you got your answer. Starting from the roots is not everybody’s cup of tea. You can try this look and amuse everyone.

The Dark Roots

Caramel highlight looks cool with a darker combination. Letting the dark roots breathe, start from the halfway and create this ombre hair with natural black and caramel.

The lengths are never a problem once you decide to wear them.

The Diva Curls

Highlighting your hair is always a prior option, but when it comes to styling, it can get confusing. The diva curls are perfect for any event or if you are ready to style bold enough, wear them daily.

 Caramel On Medium Brown

The caramel highlight on medium brown hair looks natural, unlike any other colors. If you are planning on going for a natural look, then this idea is for you.

Layered Waves

As earlier said, styling can be a delusion. So curling the ends of the layered tips can create beautiful voluminous hair.

Blonded Tip

This look inspired by Kim Kardashian is a perfect look for someone with a slimmer face structure.  The color tone does justice to both the lighter and darker skin type.

The Hues

The different hues of caramel highlight together can give this minimal effort looking gorgeous hair. This color structure can provide your face with a defined look. The process is known as hair eclipsing.

Retro Look

If you are bored of caramel highlights on your straight natural hair, try curling them in a retro way. This way, it will look even more voluminous and alluring.

Short Ombre

This short ombre would be an adorable, adorable look matching your personality if you got one. This look here looks formal and chic and goes with any style.

Blonde On Dark

You can create this casual looking ombre with blonde and medium brown hair starting with the darker tone. Maintaining the roots can be hard. Therefore, leave them natural.

Ginger Strokes

This natural looking hairstyle, highlighted with the ginger strokes on brown hair looks wonderfully charming. In this look, you do not have to worry about styling your hair. Just let them free straight open, and you are always ready!

Blonde Hair Mix

The Complete blonde mixture in your hair creates a radiance for your hair and look. The different hues create a glowing look to your face.


The combination of medium caramel highlight with natural medium brown hair creates a natural flaunting look you can wear on a casual basis and look fashionable at the same time.

As mentioned earlier length is never a problem. Either wear this style on shoulder length as the first picture or a long bob in the second. Curling is always the best option for a bold look.


The title as per the looks. If you are someone willing to try something natural and minimal, this look here is authentic for you. Just caramel highlight few hairs around the face and you are ready to go!

Caramel Highlight For Thin Hair

Thin hair can have a different texture for the highlight. The curled ends can frame your style more and provide you a casual look.

The Brown Curls

Highlighting the ends can create more drama to your look. They can create an illusion of voluminous hair.

Sassy Curled Bob

Named after the exact look, this curly look here provides a sassy girl vibe providing you confidence.

Beach Waves


Beach waves are the perfect dramatic look if you are willing to try on a bold look. It looks effortlessly precious. The darker roots are not a problem.

A very similar look to the beach waves, the only difference is of the color texture and a little length.

Brown Ombre

Not everyone likes the little colored strokes or the blonded root. For them, the ombre is the perfect look they desire. Let the natural roots breathe and color with caramel highlight halfway. This look is cute and anytime ready to look.

The Front Highlight

The front blonde followed by caramel tone towards the back in a neck length hair can look very cute. Wearing with floral tops or dresses can make you flaunt adorably.

Another similar ombre look but followed by darker caramel texture. This look here gives an edgy rocking look, unlike the first cute one.

The Strawberry Tips

Highlighting your hair caramel can feel tedious at times. To modify, try highlighting your hair tips with ginger tone and you look sassy.

Metallic Shine

Let’s all take a moment to appreciate the metallic shine this look here has! This breathtaking look of caramel highlights on the dusty brown hair looks not less than any shampoo advertisement.

The Strawberry Balayage

The strawberry balayage with dark caramel highlights can give you this gypsy vibe look. They can be perfect for a beach day or outings. Curl the ends to make them look attractive.

The Jet Black Combo

This medium length hair with naturally jet black hair with tip followed by and caramel highlight is a chic go-to look for any age of women.

A similar combo but with a mix of havana brown is the purest look you can find for a longer length hair. Curling them halfway down can be a great option to enhance your look naturally.

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Blended Blonde

This look with mixed blonde tones from the very roots is a breathing highlight that can be a head turner. The beach waved to this look can create a significant impact on your looks and style.


The Feather Cut Highlight

A great example of a feather cut highlight by Lisa Rinna create a smooth, voluminous look for your short hair. The look here is a very bold look that not everyone can attempt to wear. The natural and highlighted dark tone creates a refreshing, flattering bold look.

Highlighted Linings

This caramel highlights lining on naturally dark brown hair creates a subtle, elegant look. This minimalist look requires less effort and yet look beautiful.

These looks are a great example that curling is not the only option to rock your look.

Fire Mixed Highlights

Named after the color tone and the fire is arising to this look, the colors, brown, caramel, blonde mixed into each other. Curling them has made the look much more enthusiastic.

Voluminous Caramel

For this dramatic look, highlight caramel tone halfway and pump roughly curl them. Fully spectacular suitable for events.


The Cinnamon Touch With Caramel Highlights

The caramel highlight on dark brown hair is something we have already discussed. The twist for these looks is to add cinnamon color to the ends and make the look pop-out.

The lengths are not an issue. Try them either long or shoulder length, you can still rock the look. Curling as always remains the top option.

Blended Caramel Strokes


The best thing you can find about this look is the remarkable tones and hues. To make them look extra straighten them first and create a wavy look towards the end. There you have your effortlessly appealing look.

Blonde On Dark Base


If you are a minimalist who wants to have changed but with a minimal look, the natural roots with blonde tip are for you.

Add caramel highlights to the blonde tips, and you have your fun yet minimal look.

Curled Brown Caramel Highlights

You can create this attractive look by mixing the two luscious shades that are brown and caramel. The color combination creates a subtle highlight and curling them into big curls make the look even more noticeable.

Ombre Blonde

Ombre, the forever trend in the fashion industry looks spectacular with blonde shade and natural black hair. Adding caramel highlights acts as the cherry on top for the look.

Combined Balayage

Sometimes it is fun and alluring to have all the shades combined. Create this fun look by mixing blonde, brown, honey, copper, and most importantly, caramel highlights together and for more effect, try pump curling them.

So, now that we have to end of our top charming 100+ caramel highlights look, gather up some courage, go ahead, and have fun experimenting with your hair with our beloved trendy caramel highlights.


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