103 Luminous Chestnut Hair Shades Seen on the Runway


For a long time, chestnut hair was considered a camouflage variant among hair colors. The new hairstyles of 2019 end this perception. These days, new, shining and natural nuances transform the elegant simplicity of brown hair into art.

Pucci, Chloé and Max Mara are just a few of the great legends of fashion that cast models on the runway who amaze with their long chestnut hair, soft and fluid in incredible natural shades. While different blonde nuances are not always designers’ favorites, this hair color gets to be fashionable almost all the time.

The wide range of shades makes chestnut hair even more exciting. The palette of fashionable natural colors now encompasses variations of a medium reddish shade of brown.

This year, both blonde hair and brown hair are more appreciated in harmonious, almost uniform colors, with shimmering shades that seem to change depending on the light.

  1. A multitude of brown, violet and blonde shades in one

chestnut hair

2. Nina Dobrev proudly wearing chestnut hair

3. Blonde and red brown highlights add dimension

This color can be added to any dark hair using techniques such as balayage, to lighten the base in a subtle way. When the creamy color has been distributed in the right areas, you should imitate what the sun does naturally, giving your hair a greater dimension. It is one of the most popular forms of coloring for people with dark brown hair.

4. Violet and blonde combined on brown hair

5. Drew Barrymore wears chestnut hair Color like no other

6. A game of light and dark colors 

7. Perfectly straightened hair shines in natural light

8. Chestnut colored waves with highlights to the ends

9. Subtle golden caramel highlights soften the look

10. Reddish brown adds dimension to a pixie cut

Choose the Right Coloration for Your Chestnut Hair

Perhaps you are bored with the natural color of your hair or just feel the need to try a new look. There are many good reasons to dye your hair. It is obvious that in the field of bright shining and shadows, the winner is brown hair, which comes out detached in front of the blonde. You can choose one of three different methods to change your hair color, namely temporary shade, intense tinting and dyeing. We want to help you choose the right method for your hair.

The pigments in brown hair are known to best reflect light. So, chestnut hair manages to win the fight against blonde hair hues when it comes to shine. Your professional stylist can help you if you want to become a brunette or if you just want to add a little shine to your natural hair color. Alternatively, you can paint your hair alone.

Temporary hair dye versus permanent hair dye

A temporary nuance is the method chosen by all women who want to try a new hair color; or at least that’s the best recommendation. There will be no surprises that will shock you, and the color will gradually disappear every time you wash your hair. Depending on the intensity of the hair dye, the magic of your new chestnut color will last up to 15 washings. Compared with permanent dyeing, temporary shades are softer with your hair.

As a general rule, temporary shades can enhance the natural color of your hair or provide deeper nuances. Whoever has brown hair will keep her brown shade, but with new accents from the full spectrum of chestnut hair. However, keep in mind that dyeing blonde hair with a temporary chestnut dye will actually make it look black at first.

Also, after applying a temporary shade, the color pigments will confer more volume to thin hair.

11. Lighter highlights added in the right places

12. Dimension added with color, not the scissor

13. Flowy, voluminous hair is luminous

14. Copper shades compliment chestnut brown Hair Color

15. Dark chestnut color matches skin color

16. Bright copper highlights for brown hair

It is very difficult to get a pinch of extra light on dark hair as deep chestnut hair without reaching an unwanted orange hue.

17. Highlights added from the ears down

18. A very natural look that looks sophisticated 

19. Curls have more volume when bleached

20. Style achieved with daring highlights

Get Chestnut Hair With an Intensive Tint

As you may have guessed, in terms of efficiency, the intensive tint is in between the temporary hair shade and the permanent hair dye. Intense tinting can darken the natural hair color with up to three shades. It is also a gentle way to cover gray hair.

In principle, this works just like permanent hair dyeing. In the process, the upper layer of the scalp is penetrated, and the color pigments are absorbed deep into the hairs.

Just as a temporary hair color, this type of hair color cannot lighten natural or dyed hair and it washes off after about 24 washings.

Another difference between the temporary and the intensive shades is as follows: if used regularly, intense shading will leave the hair a little darker than its natural shade.

21. Sun kissed hair blown by the wind

22. Orange and red highlights added to brown hair

23. A chestnut shade that shines poetically 

24. Waves and lighter color additions to natural hair

25. Dark chestnut nuance with reddish shades

26. Lighter highlights in all the right places

27. Natural roots become lighter in shade

28. Selma Hayek proudly wears chestnut brown

29. Luminous model hair reflects light

30. Hair as natural as it can be

Go Full on Chestnut Without Looking Back

Permanent hair dyeing is for people who are confident enough they want the change. If you choose this option, your hair will permanently be colored in chestnut hues. Even gray hair can be completely covered. However, once every few weeks, you must dye your roots again. The frequency of these retouches will depend on how fast your hair grows.

Do you want a permanent or temporary color change? Everyone who decides to change their hair color should answer this question first. When all is said and done, all three methods will have the desired effect. Your hair will shine in new shades, making you love your chestnut hair.

31. Golden reflexes added to big locks

32. A light, shiny shade of chestnut brown

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33. Light chestnut added on a dark violet base

34. Blue black turns into cold chestnut

35. An iconic look that is a must try

36. Long and naturally wavy hair in light brown

37. Natural brown hair slightly highlighted

38. Caramel and honey meet brown hair

39. Eyes and face features brightened by highlights

40. Highly voluminous hair curled

Make People Look Twice at Your Chestnut Hair

Blonde and red hair attract everyone’s attention at first sight – for a moment. Second looks last longer. The attention is higher. This is a good reason to put chestnut hair in its brightest version.

Black hair tends to reveal its special charm to a second look, as is the case with our favorite black cashmere shawl, sports jacket or favorite jeans. Admiration increases over time as we look more closely. Of all hair colors, chestnut colors are the richest in pigments. A well-groomed brown hair, perhaps even a brown hair painted artistically or nuanced, is pampering for the eye as a five-course meal is a treat for the senses. No variation can be achieved without effort, dedication, and the right ingredients.

41. Short, wavy hair with light chestnut touches

42. Reddish brown hair turns copper in light

43. Ombre technique used for chestnut colors

44. Adding shine to give hair dimension

45. A combination of lighter and darker shades

46. A color that matches the skin quite right

47. Shiny shade of cold brown

48. Brown turns almost copper in bright light

49. Balayge hair starts from the roots down

50. Red brown hair looks ravishing

Hair Care – How to Keep Chestnut Brown Hair Stylish

  • UV protection is very important for brunettes, almost as important as for blondes. While natural brown pigments have the ability to turn the UV rays into heat, for a longer period the sun will still make the brunettes appear more washed out. Brown hair should be protected from sunlight especially if the hair is dyed. Ultraviolet rays discolor artificially pigments faster than natural ones. Also, long exposure to ultraviolet light weakens and damages the hair.
  • After changing your hair color to a shade of chestnut brown, you should use care products for dyed brown hair. Such products protect the color and at the same time give a shine to your hair. Besides the special shampoos and conditioners that give hair shiny reflexes, you can also use simple or leave-in treatments that are sprayed in the wiped but slightly moist hair. These treatments provide warm and luminous reflections to your hair.
  • Chlorine or copper-containing water can create greenish shades visible in light brown hair. Most blondes know a natural remedy against this effect. It consists of acidic hair rinsing either with diluted lemon juice or with water in which aspirin tablets have been dissolved.
  • The intensity of your new hair color may lose its shine. If that’s what happened to you, you can refresh your hair color by using an ammonia-free, shimmering cream that will be lost after washing and will not radically change the color of your hair. The shading cream will add, however, deeper color effects with warm, bright reflections to your hair.
  • Natural oils such as olive oil, argan oil, walnuts or peach kernels feed and help develop each hair. The use of these oils is the ideal way for brunettes to hydrate their hair and give it a lasting natural glow. You will see the best results if you regularly use a hair repair treatment with such natural ingredients that provide a lasting glow.

51. Ashy chestnut pigments compliment dark hair

52. Keep your roots all natural

53. Balayage hair done right with subtle and thin highlights

54. Chestnut locks adorned with honey nuances

55. Rich brown hair with bleached sections

56. Stylish and sophisticated reddish brown hair color

57. Copper chestnut nuance at its best

58. Gradient look with natural roots

59. An even brown color that looks natural

60. Black hair goes lighter from the cheekbones down

Get the Chestnut Nuance of Your Dreams

Do you want to get the brown hair shade of your dreams? Should it be luminous, with reddish or golden shades, or coppery with strands of hair that look bathed in the sun? We asked hair color experts how to achieve the perfect brown color for your hair. Read further and find out more about celebrities with chestnut hair that will surely inspire you to wear this fashionable hair tone.

For a long time we said goodbye to flat hair tones that turned off the tone of your face. And with the permission of the fuses of fashion and blondes in all their versions, it is now when the brown tone lives a total rebirth at the hands of celebrities and experts in color.

Perfect Chestnut Hair Nuance Cheats

Coffee, caramel, red or copper, these are a multitude of nuances that bring light and personality to your hair and your face. However, how to get the perfect chestnut brown for your hair?

One of the answers is offered by the color expert and hair stylist Yolanda Aberasturi. According to her, in order to get a bright chestnut color in your hair it is important to first look at the base tone. This step is followed by dyeing your hair with a dye without ammonia to oxidize it.

Then you can add some bright reflections with a very soft bleaching product so that the color is completely sealed and the power of pigment is not lost. In this way, the color will be more durable and unalterable.

In addition, another key to achieving the chestnut hair of your dreams is to not use clear tones excessively and take the natural base tone of your hair into account in order to keep it shiny and without too much oxidation.

And as a rule, if you want to get cold colors, you will have to mix them with ash tones and if the contrary, you will have to neutralize the base color with warm, gold tones.

It is very important to take into account the haircut you wear and apply the color only where you want to highlight that extra light in the hair. “The best trick to make it natural is to look for organic pigments and apply pure pigment for an extra shine,” says Charo Palomo.

Another thing to keep in mind is the eyebrows that sometimes we overlook when betting on one color or another. Palomo points out that the ideal is not to overcome those two tones above our base to achieve a natural result.

“I love mixing browns with gold and working with a brush, applying the color where the cut indicates”, concludes the expert.

The idea is to focus on finding the perfect tone and analyze your style and personality in order to enhance your natural beauty and that of your hair with a professional coloring technique inspired by the street style of Paris with three different types of colors that allows you to achieve the much desired Parisian look: natural, elegant, sophisticated and luminous.

61. A waterfall of brown nuances

62. Hair like a furious fire

The updo in this picture contributes a lot to the image of fire. However, before you opt for such an intense shade, think more about your everyday life.

63. Touches of light added in curled hair

64. Style with multiple hues of chestnut

65. Celebrity style waiting to be copied

66. Add texture, volume and light to your hair

67. Sensational curled hairstyle in chestnut brown

Curls reflect light in other ways straight hair does. Even so, highlights give curly hair volume and dimension too.

68. kissed by the sun

69. Warm chestnut shades for a darker complexion

70. Long, wavy hair dyed using the balayage technique

The traditional balayage technique adds very light blonde shades in the form of gradient. However, it can be done with darker chestnut shades too, thus creating a very natural look. Take Jennifer Lopez for example.

71. Even nuance of chestnut on long, straight hair

There are five hair styles that will triumph this summer over the rest and yes, the gradient in the form of balayage is one of them. Head over all the celebrity-inspired photos, decide what level of drama goes on with you and then run to the hairdresser to get sun-kissed chestnut hair.

Don’t forget to take your skin tone and hair coloration factors into consideration. They are more important than you might think. Of course, you can get decent chestnut hair without even considering them. However, you won’t get the ideal shade of chestnut brown suited for you.

So, do your research even if what you’re going for is a pretty natural hair color that will not stand out as much as other would. Conversely, if you just pay a visit to a hairstylist, remember to show him or her as many examples as possible. In this way he or she can match your preferences with your features in order to get the result you dream of.


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