116 Festive and Fun Christmas Nails To Try in 2021!


When the fun festival is around the corner, the last thing you want to do is not be ready for it! But when getting ready for all the celebration, we forget about our nails often. So we are here to shine a light on the marvelous portion of the Christmas nails today! They are a fun way of showing off your creativity and giving your nails the chance to be a part of your attire! We want you to be able to experience nails that are perfect from all angles. So here we are showing you how you can get it done!

These are styles that everyone loves. There are some mattes and some shiny ones in here as well. We added some for beginners and some for pro nail decorators too. They are perfect for anyone who wants to get that stunning colors of happiness on them. We are sure you will be able to pull off the style on your own. Some are simple and yet impressive here. You can also check out these ideas and head to a nail salon to get them. The designs and patterns are what matter the most.

Here is our collection of more than a hundred ways to use Christmas nails on for the upcoming festivities.

The red and whites!

Christmas nails red ideas are widely accessible, and the reason is that they are correctly holding on to the themes of the holiday! We can see the tones of red and glitters in here with the whites. There are a lot of ideas you can find on social media sites. Copy them, and you can get it paired up with a beautiful dress for the holy night!

Touch of burgundy

The darker shades of red have that alluring factor to them. You can see that there is a beautiful tone and shine on them here! These colors will need extra preparations. Be careful while you are painting your nails. The Christmas nails are not meant to be dull. So we have some glitter on them as well. If you do not want that full bling, you can take one finger and add the particles on them.

The use of glitter

Glitters are attractive in so many ways. They are shiny, and they reflect so much of the shine that falls on them. You can get overwhelmed and can get carried away with these chunks for sure. Make sure you choose the nail paint that has the glitters on them that are as per your need. The choice of adding chunky ones or the finer ones is all on you.

For short nails

Do you have short nails and you want that perfect look on them for this Christmas? You may think that there are not a lot of options. But we are here to show you a couple of ideas on short nails that can give you a perfect look. The Christmas nails look good with the belt on top. And the fun festive appeal has not faded away from this design.

The Christmas nails with a tree!

The article about Christmas nails is not complete without the addition of a good tree on them. You can see that there are a couple of options here. The one on top has a shiny yet straightforward look on it. And the one on the bottom is perfect as it has this feminine energy on them. The tree and the star on the top have us going aww over the whole look!

Clear nail polish for Christmas nails

This is one look that has no reference to the whole Christmas vibe. You can see that this is the art that you do not need to wipe off the days after the big day! They can be carried off irrespective of the festivities around it. You can check out the styles here and be inspired to try on something similar to this. They need precision on the thickness you add for sure.

Blue and white as Christmas delight!

When you pair white Christmas nails with some other colors, you can see they form this alluring style! The diagonal tilt on this art is unique. You can wear them to your office Christmas party as well. So try it out for such occasions.bakl

Golden glitters and black nail polish

Black and golden shades are a classic combination. You can add them together, and you can make art that everyone gets amused by. Here is a chunky piece of glittery gold on all of the fingernails. The one that makes the impression is the ring finger. There is a dark black on here with a tree carved on it with a tree. The addition of the star on top is like a cherry on a cake.

The stunning snowflake design

Snow on Christmas day has a different feel to it. And a lot of us associate the pattern of a snowflake with the whole vibe! You can add them to your nails to get ready for the celebrations. Here we are showing you snow created on the fingernails with the single white color on them. Add on some glitter, and they become charming as ever. They can go well with any dress you put on as well.

Simple Christmas nails

Are you looking for some Christmas nails simple ideas that you can create on your own? Then here you can see the image that can be yours! Firstly you can apply white nail polish on the front of your nails. Take a glittery silver polish and add a curve on the front. After they dry out, you can add a clear topcoat with glitter on them. On the nail, you want a design to add a tree. Top it with a star and you are set!

Polka dots and reindeer!

You can take the time and do this in hours where you are free to get this look. The pairing of the polka dots on these Christmas nails are adding a childish appeal to the hair. They are not too hard for sure. Coat the bottom of the finger with the white shade. Take a toothpick bottom and coat it with red shades and create these polka dots. The shape of the deer is what is a bit tricky, but you can get it with a steady hand.

Green all the way!

Green tones can work out great with the nails, especially when you want to create Christmas nails. They are particularly hard to find. You want to put on a coat of dark green on the base and then top it off with glittery shades if you cannot find it. When you see the image here, the tones are what gets you into a whole another level.

Easy and good!

You can see Christmas nails comfortable styles in this portion of our article. They are for beginners who are not satisfied with techniques that are too complicated. The snowflake can be added on with a stamp. The red and white shades are what you can use here. Get yourself a glittery nail paint so that you can top these shades off. You can also add rhinestones to the center of the flakes.

The glossy finish

There are styles of the nails with a matte finish for sure. But the ones that can steal the show are these glossy styles here. You can start with a matte shade and add on a top coat for shine. These styles are bold, and they can make you look glamorous. Add on a glittery touch to get that edge on the nails.

Adding on the jewels

Adding jewels on the Christmas nails can make them more festive than ever. You can see the bow here, and they add a fun vibe for sure. The addition of the shiny elements here is what sets this style aside. The rhinestones are popular as well.

Clear Christmas nails

You can use nail paint that is as clear as this. There are stars shaped on this nail with various tones. Add on the same on yourself, and you can pair it with the clothes you are wearing. Shape your nail well, and you can accentuate this style more!

The matte one

This matte one has our hearts on it! You can see they are a colorful and childish touch to these options. You can see that there are rhinestones on them and some snowflakes added on with glues as well. The use of grey with pink always makes it the right style. So go for it if you are not sure of the combo! The rose gold on the bottom one is stunning as well.

Lovely patterns to try out

If you think you can do this on your own, you may be thinking too ambitiously. They are patterns that need a lot of delicacies! You can see that there are a lot of textures and sections on this nail. There are some colors, and they are used in perfect precision. Zoom in, and you can take a closer look to create a look like this.

Some options we adored!

These are the ones that we thought deserved some appreciation. You can try out the colors of the same vibrancy if you want to stand out. Add on glitters and some jewels on top, and you can get a fabulous style. They are also suitable for days other than Christmas, and so we think they are a good choice.

Take your pick

You can search the internet for sure to get the inspiration you need for these ideas. If you check the tag on Instagram, you will find even more options to play with for sure. There are so many colors and jewels that you can try out. Undoubtedly there is no limit to the look you can make!

Adding a lot or keeping it simple?

There is a choice here when it comes to the pattern and the complexity you want to add to the nails. You can get a simple version or amp things up and play with the ornaments! It can be a glamorous look that sets your look aside, or it can be the one that keeps things going with the mood. You can get the one that matches your personality!

Hard work that pays off!

When you put in a lot of work on something, you can see the results later and be pleased with it! These are the Christmas nails designs that have the perfect colors, and they are fabulous to look at. The use of the gold is setting this color aside more than anything else. Get the same shades, and you can recreate them step by step. It won’t be that hard when you get used to it.

The basics to Christmas nail

People in the world make up so much fuss about a lot of things. But the truth is the simple things in life are what gives us pleasure. Looking at these designs, we can say them for sure. They are not overly complicated to make things worse. You can see there are slight hints of colors on some. They are not popping out for sure, but are still making an impression.

Use different colors

We do know that some shades are recurring on these nails. But we want you to see that there are shades that can be used instead as well. Some women are not fans of overly red and bright Christmas nails anyway. So if you fall under that category, then you can try these hues out. They are not so evident, and we love this variety.

Go to a nail salon

When you need a style that sets you aside from all, you need to head on to a salon. They are best at doing these styles with the perfection it needs. You can get the edges to look good and add on the jewels well too. You can skip the hassles of buying all these things and learning to do them. Book an appointment and you are set for days!

Perfect DIY

There are some projects that you can do back home, and they can be the best thing you do! These are ideas for Christmas nails that can set you aside from the crowd. It won’t cost a fortune as well. These can be done with a bit of things you can find back home. They are infused with rhinestones and have the bling factor to them as well. Check them out and get to the DIY!

Sharp red nails

There is a lot of ways to add on those perfect and shiny Christmas nails acrylic style on yourself. The last longer and have that sturdy feel as well. Here we compiled the options one has for getting the same nails. We all want to have the nails that show off our personality. And with the red hues here, you can show off the passion and fire you have within you!

With the cold weather

When the holiday comes, it comes with cold weather. And some colors capture the feel of the chilly season perfectly. There are light and dark blues and whites that are used to show the snow. You can see there are some mountains and trees with snow on some of these styles. They are showing off the tones and catching the festive vibes well. Here are the ideas to get the same on your nails!

The most used colors for Christmas nails

Are you in love with these nail arts and need to try them out? You can get these ideas with the help of some Christmas nails gel formulas out there. Ask your stylist to add on the most favorite colors for them! The ones we love are the reds and the whites. Pair them up, and you have the feel of the holiday in your hand! Here are some of the most frequently used shades.

The most common design patterns

As you go through countless of these Christmas nail ideas, you can spot a common factor in them. There are some colors and patterns that you cannot miss them! The snowflake one is a classic and is favored by a lot of them. A lot of girls adore the green nail lacquer on them. It adds that Christmas vibe on most patterns. You will also be able to see Rudolph and references to the sleigh!

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Adorable styles we can’t wait to try!

Christmas nails 2019 were fun, and there were so many stunning ideas of the added jewels on them. You can see the patterns here have that casual and yet fun look. The top one has a gift-wrapped on them with red nail paint, and we love the idea. There are also some blues and whites paired in some of these styles. The face of Santa can also be seen on one of these, which is fantastic!

We are keeping it fun and festive!

There are many ways to make the ideas here your own. Everyone has a different taste, and thus you can change what you do not like these options and try out a new look. The use of the Christmas nails is com. And you can see the trees and the Santa Claus reference on them a lot. Check them out now!

Lovely Christmas nails ideas

Here we have a collection of the best nail ideas one can ever try out! Some shades are perfect for the occasion. You can see tons of glitter here, and the colors are also well-matched to the holiday. Paint them on your nails at home and show them off to your near and dear ones. Get them envious of your talents and well thought out nail designs!

Great Christmas vibes!

You can get the vibes of the holidays as you lay eyes on these Christmas nails. They are bright and bold and need no introduction from anyone. The colors and the patterns on them are popping here! The Santa Claus on the nails here are adorable and add on that charming effect on the nails. Match it up with the dress, and you can get a good look.

Worthy of Instagram!

When you have nails that look so lovely, you need to get it to Instagram. Yes, you need to share them with friends and colleagues that follow you! These are stunning from every angle, and you can see how they are making a bold statement. We showed you some styles here with dark colors and some with the lighter ones so that you can choose the grove you need!

We made sure to add on Christmas nail designs 2019 in all of these images, as well. They are not yet gone out of fashion. We love the ways the nails have a different path of trends and styles. You can get them to look fab even if you have not got long nails. There are solutions to each of your issues, so do not worry about anything. We have given you the best ideas that are floating around on the internet today. They are not that bold, and neither are they too dull. The perfect mix is what you just experienced.

There are acrylic and gel nails that you can get as well. On the internet, there are some designs and patterns you can get on at home itself. You do not need to have a lot of things to get them done at home. As we compiled all of these in this article, you do not need to go out looking for more. Yes, surely you can experiment with the colors and make them match your taste. But the most popular ones are reds, white and green! And if you are looking to try out more nail options, check out the collection on our website here.

These Christmas nails are going to light up your attire this season. We are hoping you will have a great and memorable holiday this year!


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