89 Crimped Hair Ideas That Are Making A Comeback in 2021!


There are a lot of hairstyles that are making a comeback in 2020. And they are coming back with a bang! We are showing you one that made a lot of noise back in the era of the 2000s. Yes, we are talking about the crimped hair 2020 ideas here that are becoming excessively popular! We want to show you the styles that are perfect to be added to the hairstyles of today. There are ways to keep them subtle, or you can make it bold! Models are sporting them all around in the fashion shows. So we wanted to show you some looks here too!

So if you are looking to get that style that has a lot of texture and volume, then you can try out any of these styles. Add on some crimps on the sides of the hair, and you can add an edge. Get inspired by the looks on most of these images, and you can recreate them soon. We love the way the hair gets that added volume when you crimp it. So if you put away your plates of the old straightener that can crimp the hair, put it back on for they are back!

Here are more than eighty ideas of crimped hair that you can try out to bring back the styles of 2000!

crimped hair


Updating your style with crimped hair

It is time to amp things up this season with these stylish crimped hairstyles! You can get a haircut or you can get them colored in several hues. Yes, there are so many ways to get that needed makeover! But the thing is they are all too bold for someone who has no time! So we are showing you this crimped hair as it requires no colors or cutting here. You can use your hot tools and be on your way to getting that perfect hair!

How to get crimped hair?

Now once you feel good about the ideas of crimped hair, we are sure you want to get them done. The question is, how do you start? If you do not have the attachment for the crimper in your straightener, you need to work a bit harder to get the same effect! So the first thing we suggest you do is to take the hair and braid them well.

Hot tools for crimped hair

Now we are going to show you how to crimp hair with a crimper! They are not as time-consuming as the ones with the straightener were! You can buy the tools that come with a crimping rod in the middle! They were widely popular, and everyone has one back in the day. So if you have it tossed away, take it out! You want to heat them to a pleasant warmth and then place them on the hair for a few seconds. Do that through the hair, and you are set!

How to style crimped hair?

Well, you can take inspiration from the crimped hair 90s styles and use them to form a look that you are comfortable with now! Some stylists have reinvented the whole deal and come up with new designs and styles. Follow them, and we are sure you will adore your hair. The methods can amp up your look and make it extra special. Learn how to do it here. We can also give you come coloring and hair styling ideas for a stunning look. So move on to the article from here!

The addition of accessories

The one style that models and celebs never seem to get enough of is the addition of props on the hair. You can see them add on exotic jewels on the hair when they are ready for a photoshoot or some similar events. These are not only the style for fashion icons, though! You can try them out as well. Here we are showing you how to add that perfect mermaid look on yourself with the right styling techniques. Follow the image, and you can look great for the next dress-up party!

Great for photos

Some crimped hair ideas are only good for photographs. They are not too good for women who are looking for a simple look with an edge! Here you can see some eye-popping styles in this portion of our article. They are paired up with some right makeup, and that makes the whole look stand out. You can surely try to recreate the same if you want to get an edgy look for your Instagram. Check them out to get inspired and get your artistic vibes on!

The one for models

Models can be seen wearing this crimped hair on the runway, and we are surely noticing it. You may have spotted Tyra Banks with the same style on some red carpet event as well! There are sections of hair that you can take and add the crimp on that portion only. When you limit the texture to a small hair section, you can enjoy an edgier look. Here are the best ideas that are loved by celebrity hairstylists. The one on the ponytail is particularly eye-catching for us!

For short hair

When you have short hair, you want to get the hair to stand out! There are so many styles in which you can add to these crimped portions. They are sure to work out once you learn how to style your hair. Take inspiration and ideas from this image here, and you can recreate it. The braids on top are adding that feminine touch and the crimped sections show off the rebellious, bold side of your personality. The duality of the same look is much appreciable in this hairstyle here.

Colorful hair ideas with crimped hair

No hairstyle collection is complete without the mention of some funky hair colors. Here we have the best ones in this section. The top is covered with crimped hair with greens and pink tones. Then we are moving on to the red-toned pinks. If you are feeling bold, you need to try out these warm tones here. And if you have your eyes on the lighter, youthful colors, try out the pastel shades with pinks and peaches! They look great on long hair as well as short ones.

Crimped hair and long length

Long hair can mean a lot of things. It can give you a lot of space to work with firstly. And if you want volume, then that is also possible when you have such long hair. You can create styles that give off a fierce look that stays on for months. If you want, you can also get the hair to look soft and radiant to suit your personality. Significant fashion icons are sporting these long hair crimped look, and we want you to feel the same trendy vibes this season.

Vacation vibes

You want to chill on your vacation and not do much! But the one thing everybody wants is to have hair that stands out in all the pictures one takes on their holiday! Here we are presenting you how the hair can get this chilled, casual look by using a crimping tool. They can add texture to the hair and give off some rustic vibes. If you are heading on an island, this will be the perfect look for you. Add on some beads on, and your attire is complete.

Wild big waves

You can create a look that is similar to these wild waves here. Yes, you do need some time to get this look completed. They are not going to be easy for sure. So make sure that you have the required time in hand to complete all the sections of your hair. You can also add on a wig with crimps if you are not willing to get all that work done for a look. Here are some ideas to influence you. We are sure you will look relaxed and liberated in these styles.

Elegant styles with crimped hair

Crimped hair is mostly seen as a messy hairdo that has a bunch of texture on it. But we do not think about the ways once can mold it into an elegant look. So we are showing you how to get it done to create a hybrid hairstyle with the combination of natural and crimped hair. You can see that we have some well-twisted hair sections on these buns and updos here. They are making the perfect mix with the hairstyle and adding the needed texture as well. Try it out for weddings, and you will love it!

Add an undercut section

Undercuts are getting widely popular nowadays. And the reason seems to be the edgy and bold appeal that it has on any hairstyle. It is a statement on its own, and we love the rockstar vibes it has! And if you want to amplify that look, even more, we suggest you add on some textured hair crimps. They can make your hair look thicker and get a bit of volume as well. It pairs well with the short hair and the shaved section on the back.

Edgy styles with crimped hair

Here we have some techniques with the crimped hair that are sure to get you a lot of attention. They are not your casual look. It has this charming effect for sure, and you won’t be able to take your eyes off of it as well. These are the styles that are mostly seen in the models for some fashion magazines. You can see the hard work that one required to put in to get a manner similar to this.

Intricate detailing on the hair!

These are our collection of the hairstyle that is perfect for teenagers who want an impressive look. You can see that they will work best for any school day. There are some stunning details on both of the styles we are showing off here. You can take the sections of hair and take the time to create the loose braids like the one on top here. The image we have placed on the bottom here has some tied up sections that anyone can recreate as well.

Some perfect lovely styles!

Everyone who tries on a hairstyle wants to look good. And if you’re going to get that perfection to the point, then you need to check out these styles here. There are a lot of softer edges in this hairdo. You can get a feminine look on yourself if you wear them — the top as a simple tied up section on the back. And the crimps are making this look soft. Mold it into an updo and you are set for a romantic look for a big day!

The one for thick hair

Here we have some big crimped hair idea that can get your hair a different touch! They are best when worked on a thicker section of hair. And for all you ladies who have thin hair, do not get bothered by the thickness word here! You can add on some add on hair extensions to add the needed volume on the hair. Then you can get the same look as the one we have in this image here. The braids will look even better with these styles.

Stunning use of blue hues

Blues and greens are the new shades that everyone seems to adore on hairstyles. You can see that the hair gets a different touch to it once you pair it with these darker colors. We are showing you the ways to add on the crimp on colored hair. We are sure you will want to get this look on you once you lay eyes on how it helps the hair. The rainbow hair on the last image here is perfect for ones who want a vibrant shade.

The low ponytail style

This is one way to get your hair to look sleek and stylish. Here you need to straighten the hair on the top and crimp the sections on the bottom of the side. The hairstyle we have on the head here has a side part and well-colored sections. The hair is then taken to a lower end and tied up on the low pony here. You can see that there are variations to the addition of crimps. Try it out for a fashionable look.

Half up in hues

These are the crimped hair 80s have seen. You can find these to be a helpful look if you are looking to get that polished yet unique style for yourself. There is no need to get the hair in these many shades if you are not comfortable with it. You can stick to the blonde on top and then get an ombre effect with any other shade of your choice. Create this bun, and you are set!

Adding on the bangs

Here you can see the well-cut full frontal bangs. And you will also notice that these bangs are not crimped. They are left straightened out, and you can see that they are adding a graceful touch to the hair. There is also a pink-colored hair in the midst here that is getting our attention. If you are looking to frame your facial features and get a charming look, this is the one.

Tying them loose

When you leave the hair that is colored and crimped to fall free, you can enjoy a liberating style. There are some lilac and pink tones on the top one here. The base of the hair has dark hue son them that adds that flair. You can get the look of your dreams with the needed texture and style with the ones we are showcasing here. We are sure you will love the whole look on you if you try it once!

Medium length hair ideas

One can say that the crimped sections of hair and all the styles surrounding it were made to fit medium to long hair. These are manageable DIY hair, and you need to know the tricks to be able to do that for sure. And when you get it on a moderate hair length, you need to be careful around the temples. You do not want to hurt the ears. So make sure you are taking some safety precautions.

Dual ponytails

This look is something else for they are chill and youthful. You can take the section on the top and create two ponytails on them. That will be a look that is perfect for the summer days. The simplicity will give your face that youthful style. These are surely hairstyles that you can see on models in some ads. They are unique and well portioned out, and they add needed height on the face too.

Styling them well

Once you get the crimps on the hair, you need to style them well. Here we want you to check the way there are some waves and curls here and there between the crimped hair sections. After you get the hair on this look, you need to make sure you tame the flyaway hair. Use some hairspray to be able to do that. Part them on the side properly and run some conditioning products on top.

The one for parties

Now we are showing you crimped hairstyles for black hair that Beyonce herself sported. You can see how she makes this a fabulous style that anyone can wear for parties. She donned it to an award ceremony, and you can copy her look for a party you want to go to! And if you are a fan of the singer, we are sure you will be thrilled to look like queen B one day!

Youthful ones

If you are a teen who wants to try on a loose crimped hair, then we are sure this image will be the reference you need. The hair is full with these textured surfaces made from the crimper. You can see even the bangs have the textures on them as well. And since this is a long hair, you can see the volume on it. You can draw inspiration from them and head spin your hair to look like this.

Messy and elegant

You can find a lot of crimped hair 2019 has seen till now in this article! There are some messy sections on this hair, and we love the way it has this relaxed feel. But even with the ruffled parts here, the hair looks eventful. There is a touch of elegance on both of these hairstyles. You can wear the top one for a casual day out and the bottom one for a festive event like a wedding.

As you come up to this ending portion of the article, we are sure you have enjoyed a lot of these images. You can get the same for yourself if you want to get that old vibes back. We love the way models are wearing them on the runway nowadays. You can see that there are so many ways to get that crimped look. Take the top sections of the hair, and you can iron them with the crimping plates. They add that texture, and so you can mold them into any shape you desire. The ease of styling here is our aim.

Take the time to get the perfect texture if you are not used to these styles. You can also try it out on your wig if you are not comfortable with trying it out on your hair. We are sure you will love the experience with these styles if you wear them once. You can then add on some hairspray on top to seal the deal. Take cues from the looks we created on these images, and you are sure to end up with a fabulous crimped hair. Be inspirational and attractive with these alluring hairstyles.


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