106 Fishtail Braid Ideas That Can Get Your Creativity Flowing!


In today’s article, we are talking about a hairstyle that is perfect for all kids and youngsters and even women of age! They are the famous fishtail braid ideas that are getting the spotlight today. We adore how they are suitable for all occasions! You can wear them to work, to the mall or you can even head out to go to a wedding. That is why there are women who love to try them out! We feel like they are underrated for what they can be and so we are showing you more than a hundred ideas in this collection!

These are not as simple and easy as the three-strand braid for sure. But they are not that complex once you start to practice! There are many tutorials online that you can learn from at the ease of your home! You do not need to worry about getting them right the first time around. Start slow, and you can get on to the harder styles once you master the easy ones. We will guide you with the process and how you can tame your hair when they do not act the way you want them to as well!

Here is our collection of the best fishtail braid ideas that are floating around on the internet today!

fishtail braid What is fishtail braid?

Fishtail braids are not at all hard to do. They are a hairstyle that can change the hair from a dull look to a charming one in a matter of minutes. You are sure to think that these are a bit hard! But they are just a correct version of the two-strand braid. Learn how to mold the hair into these shapes and be as detailed as you can be to end up with this!

How to do a fishtail braid?

Here we are going to show you an easy fishtail braid for beginners that is undoubtedly going to come in handy! We will show you the images that have a step-by-step guide here, and you can follow that if you want to get that perfect look for yourself. They are not too confusing so that anyone can follow it. We are sure if you keep to the steps and practice, you will get it right!

Styling fishtail braid for all occasions

You can get your hair ready for any event when you know the art of braiding it! There are some stunning hairstyles in this collection, and from them, you can be inspired to create such great looks. You can head out to an office party or go to a birthday party with this hairdo. We are sure you will be able to pull off this style with ease. So this a talent that is sure to come in handy!

Colored fishtail braid

We are showing you some colored options here. And you will surely find French fishtail braid in this collection. These are hues that can add a bit of warmth and charm to your hair. They combine the needed depth and also give you a boost of confidence in no time! With the shades, you will notice the way you carry yourself will change as well!

Adding on some hair accessories

Anyone can tell you how to get your hair braided, but you can take them to a new level. Add on some hair accessories, and they can be the style that everyone admires. You can add on anything as long as you are comfortable with it! Here we are showing you the ones that are loved by most and highly shared on social media sites. So try anyone of them for a change of looks.

Intricate detailing on the fishtail braid

When you add some details on the twist, they become so much more alluring. They are hard for sure, but you can enjoy the compliment that much more too! Check out the details in this look, and you are sure to get inspired. You can learn how to get them done by following the tutorials you see online. They are helpful for beginners as well and for ones who are trying to figure this lookout!

Multiple fishtail braid in one!

Do you love the idea of this one braid? Then you are sure to love when we show you styles with multiple braids on them! Yes, you can add on a lot of these thick and thin sections of twists and make it a look. If you are looking out for inspiration, you can find them in this collection for sure. We adore them, and we are sure you will too!

The pairing of ponytail and fishtail braid

Ponytails are the comfort hairstyle that every woman loves. They are so easy to do, and they hardly take any time! But if you are bored of the same old look, you can add on a braid here. These are not new hairstyles for sure, but they are surely going to make you feel fresh. They are sexy and can get you a look that everyone else is envious of!

Half up fishtail braid tutorial to try

We always love a hairdo that has a bit of spark on it! They are the foremost half up and half down look that you can do with the braids. These are charming for sure, and they are perfect for college going kids. When you are done, you can pull on the side of the hair, and it looks thick. If you want it to steal everyone’s attention, you can add a bit of texture there.

Keeping them on the side

This is our take on the best side fishtail braid, and they are sure to make you feel good. Take the time, and you can get the twists started at the top and bend to aside. If you have colored hair, you can get the hair to look fantastic as you push them! The hues will be reflecting the shape of the braid and acting as a perfect addition to your locks!

Low bun and fishtail braid

The one look that works well for all women is a low bun. You can get the hair to look subtle and still have that charm as you pair it with the braid. Make sure that your twists are well-done before you get them on a sleek texture. We are confident you will want to recreate this one for any special formal occasions. So pay attention to securing them well.

Perfect for summer days

The ideal thing to try out this summer is the combination of braids and buns! And we are sure you will try to copy them once you lay eyes on what we have here. They are not that harsh and are vibrant for you to try out. We are sure you will adore this frontal braided look once you wear them! If you have long hair, this will be perfect.

Messy fishtail braid styles

Messy is the new perfect for sure. And we are looking to get the look that is trendy right now. So we are telling you how to get it done! All you need it to be sloppy. And if you are clumsy at most things, this will be perfect for you. You do not need to be precise as you try out this hairdo. Take out hair from all sides and leave them be!

Sleek and tight braiding styles!

Now that we got the messy part covered, we want to show you a way to get the sleek part right. Here are some ways to get hair to mimic perfection. You need to have swift hands that are steady for this one. Take the time to create sections, and you can braid them in as you please. As you go on, make sure to tighten each strand and secure them well!

The Dutch style of  Fishtail braids

Here we are talking about a famous Dutch fishtail braid. They are ideal for anyone who wants to get the hair to have that mysterious vibe. They are the reversed version of braiding, and thus they are entertaining too! Here we are letting you see how the hair looks when you get them secured in this twisted style. You will reverse the process you used when you created a regular braid and you are set!

Easy and stylish Fishtail braid

These are the easy fishtail braid for beginners that look good no matter where you are headed! Get the hair to look fab as you braid the sections and take either side from the center of your head. Then you can take them to the back and secure them. Make sure you tug on them a little as you are done. This creates a finesse in the look and makes it look bulkier!

The one for short hair

Women with short hair can try out a braiding a section of hair like the ones we are showing off here. You can take the time to get your hair done as tightly as you please. If you are not looking to try out a fun and flirty look for the fall, use the auburn shade as the one on top here. If this is for the summer, you can get the hair to look cute with the next idea we are showing off!

Get creative with the fishtail braid

The one on top is a looped up bow that follows a fishtail braid. We are amused by the way the ends are done in a curl that looks so perfect. It is the perfect blend of texture. Here are some more that caught our attention and so we bought them for you. Recreate them at your own pace and look fab!

A Different touch!

This bulky twisted hair on the top is perfect for women who want to get their hair to catch all attention. There are thick sections of the central hair parted twisted up! And that does not end till you run out of hair on the base. You can secure them well so that they have that firmness as the day ends! The shine in the hair is what makes us attracted to it too!

Stunning colors with a fishtail braid

When you mix in fishtail braid hairstyles with colors, they form a hairdo that no one can take their eyes off of! The year 2020 is all about using pastel shades, and so we could not miss this in our collection. Here we have the purples, yellows, and lilacs all in one! And if you want to stick to the basics, you can go with the red to brown tones or blondes. Or you can go bold and try out a rainbow hair with waves on them!

For thick hair

If you have thick hair, you can get the hair to look marvelous in these twists. There are muffled up sections on the hair here, and you are sure to get admired for the quality of your hair and your styling tricks as you wear this. These twists sure tend to look good when there is an ample amount of hair to work it out with so we recommend them for sure.

Pulling them on the sid

One trick that is suggested for anyone who wants to get their hair on the thicker side of things without adding on extensions is this one! All you need to have is braided hair that you can pull on from both sides. When you tug on them from the edges, you will end up with a fluffy hair that has a strong appeal to it. Here you can see how to get this fabulous style done and ready!

Back to school fishtail braid

Are you ready to check out a hairstyle that is perfect for when you want to head back to school? Then here we have an ideal look for you. If you are a teenager that wants to make an impression on the first day back, this braided look is excellent! The use of available hair here is fantastic, and we cannot help but admire how good and yet how complex this looks. You can try out some more here as well.

Fishtail braid for weddings

Weddings are a happy and festive occasion where you want to look good for sure. No matter who you are! You could be the bride or the bridesmaids, and you can also be the guest, and will work out great for you! Here we are showing you some fantastic hairdos that you can create in mere minutes. And yet they will get you that polished look to flaunt that evening.

Loose and comfortable

Tight braids look excellent and neat for sure. But they can sometimes tug on the hair and make you uncomfortable! So we want to make you feel good and free in the styles you try out. Especially if you have a hard day to go through ahead. A right hairstyle can surely save you from all sorts of situations and keep you going. So look out for the ones we are showcasing here!

The youthful vibe

This style is screaming perfection for sure. And we want you to check them out and try them out as well. Do not keep it only limited to your saved images on the phone. You need to get handy with it and create them at the liberty of your home. Only then you can get the perfection that you see here resonate on your locks. The colored section of hair is what works well with this style. Fishtail braid for kids

These braided looks are stunning, and they are for kids who want to look polished. There are so many accessories that you can add on them to make them pop! We love the use of vibrancy on most of these combined on hairpins and jewels. The braids are the hero of the hairstyle for sure.

Fierce hairstyles for you!

You cannot keep your eyes off from a look that is this bold and stylish. We love the way these ladies have executed this look. The elements that have been added on are working beautifully, and the coordination is perfect. You can see that these resonate the strength from within. If not to try, then to look at, this is a good one!

Fishtail braid for long hair

Have long hair and looking for a way to style them? Then we are sure you will find these to be helpful! We are collecting the styles that you are sure to love and use shortly. They are low on complexity and high on the looks. So they are good to go once you get the rhythm of this hairstyle right! Let these hairdos show off your personality as well your long tresses!

With loose sections

Here are some hairstyles where we have free parts falling on our shoulders! You can think of this as a hairdo that is best for flaunting for a hot summer day! We see this to be a perfect match for women who want to get that teenager and youthful vibe. Check out the way the braid is set on an angle here. That adds an edge to this look that makes it unique.

Fishtail braid for thin hair

Women with thin hair often tend to think that their hair is not good enough! They are looking to see how they can add that thick, luscious look on themselves. But we want you to embrace your hair and get it to look good as it is. These are fishtail braid ideas that we love for fine-textured hair. We think it is perfect for anyone who wants to get that casual look!

Exciting ideas for a fishtail braid

You can make your style appealing by trying out new things here and there. There are so many style ideas that we love right now! They are lined up for you in this section of our website here. Go through them, and you can try it out when you have the time. It is a time consuming one for sure, and they are also equally great! We are confident you will feel the same when you wear it.

Red carpet fishtail braid

When we take a closer look at celebrity hairstyles, we sometimes think they are too intricate when they are not! Here we are showing you some fishtail braid that was sported by stars for significant events. It matched up well to the idea, and we love how chic and simple this is! You can try out any of these looks for you and then share it with us on social media sites.

Ash-blonde hues

Here are some ash-blonde shades that you can see in almost all fishtail braid tutorial nowadays. They are perfect for any skin tone, and we love this idea! You can ask your hairdresser to get that color matched up for you. Then you can get it done as soon as you can and flaunt it for all to see! We have so many braided sections in this hair, and they are all marrying well.

Perfection with a fishtail braid

They say that you need to work hard to achieve perfection. But we are telling you that you can get the same level of goodness with little work. Here we are presenting to you two of our most loved hairstyles using fishtail braid. There are buns you can make the same way as you use the twists. Check them out as we placed one on the bottom for you!


When you are done looking at this hairstyle collection, we are sure that you can get inspired to wear them. They are not too hard to try out, and they can work for any woman of any age! Make them your own, and you can get them to be the star of your look. When you are having a bad hair day, you can get them in these stunning braids, and it can help you look good. Make sure you are comfortable with the style you are trying out and then carry it off well. You are set for days with this look.

If you are a teenager who is always in a hurry to rush out of the home, then you can try them as your everyday look! The best thing is that you can get this done as you run to class. They are that easy, and you only need a hair tie for this look. You can keep it messy, and when you are bored with it, you can push it into a bun! Wear them for formal occasions or some casual fun event. It all depends on your preference. But whatever you choose, we are sure you will look great!


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