95 Sexy Fulani Braids That You Will Surely Fall in Love With


Fulani braids origin can be traced to the Fula tribe, also known as Fulani tribe that reside the Sahel Region of West Africa. They are the biggest nomadic pastoral community in the world, and they came up with these braided styles. It is usually categorized for having five long braids that are decorated with beads, and sometimes there is the use of cowrie shells as well. The braids can be looped on the side or have a design pattern in the center! These hairdos are passed down from one generation to the other and are a very traditional way of getting your hair done.

There are many variations of these braids, and as time passed by, people have experimented with color and ornaments to make this look pop out even more! The Fulani braids history is surely dating it way back in time, but it has still managed to be relevant to this day. There are celebs like Kim Kardashian and Derek Bo that have sported this look and added more attention to it. If you are interested in these braids, then you should give it a try. Here we have compiled 95 sexy Fulani braids for you to choose from.

The Classic Fulani Braids

These brads here are traditional and have that chic elegance to them as well. You can see the accessories you add on can make more of an impact than anything else. The front headband braids are stunning here as well.

fulani braidsTones of red

You can add hues of red into your braids and get them to look gorgeous! You can see how they combine the needed flair to the hair, and they work well for all skin tones too! You only need to find your match.

Forehead braids

Fulani braids are usually looped on to a side. There are many ways to include this loop, and here is a look that you can take as a reference! The front braids are the show stealers here for sure.

Keys to Freedom

Alicia Keys is a beautiful woman and has her share of influence! She chooses to wear these braids, and it got her fans paying a lot of attention to this fantastic hairdo. You can copy the hairstyle to look like her!

Bo Derek’s Look

Bo Derek wore these beautiful braids, and she inspired a lot of women to try it on! Even Kim Kardashian got her inspiration from the actress and got herself the same twists. Here are both the pictures for you to check out!

Derek Braids

Kim Kardashian followed the Bo Derek Look and wore these beautiful Fulani braids. You can see how beautiful she looks in them. But she accidentally ended up calling these the Derek braids and left a majority of people annoyed.

Fulani Braids on celebs

More celebs are trying on these Fulani braids in the recent past than ever! We need to give credit to Kim Kardashian for sure for experimenting with these colors and setting an example for the generations to try on these braids.

Ingenious Braids

Hairstyles are another form of art, and Fulani braids are truly indigenous. We are sure you will love them once you try them on and there is so much you can do with these braids.

F-shaped Braids

These Fulani braids are associated with the notion of freedom as well. One can say that these F-shaped braids here symbolize being free and being beautiful. You can give these shapes a try by getting these sections done well.

Large Bun

There are many elements in here. You can see that the sections on the front have both thick and thin strands, and the beads of various colors are stunning as well. The back here has a thick bun too.

Plain Braids

There are options to keep your braids as subtle and straightforward as you want them to be! You can see that there are alternative braids here and they are of varied sizes. There are no accessories added here either.

Gold Clipped Braids

The central braids here have the perfect sectioning! There is a thin section of twists, and you can see how the clasps are adding subtle details. Adding such accessories at different length can add the oomph to any dull hairdo.

Root Braids

Many elements make up a complete look. Here we have the braids starting from the base, and you can see the roots. You can get your hair sectioned and done precisely to attain this look.

Fantastic cornrows

Cornrows are an excellent hairdo, and you can see how the sections on the front here make up the perfect look. Leaving out parts on the sides adds an element of grace to the hair. The bun on the back is well done too.

Sparse Braids

There is a particular pattern that you can follow with these hairdos! These Fulani braids have equal sections and the central braid parts the hair down well. There is a pattern on this look, and the twists are tight too.

Golden brown braids

Adding color to your hair can make your hair get the depth and dimension that it lacks! You can add darker shades on top and then work your way into a lighter shade for this ombre look with golden brown hues.

Tribal Looks

These tribal looks are sure to make you feel closer to your roots. You can use the ornaments like this one here to get the same effect. There are tiny braids here, and they have been made into a bun.

Curled Up-front

There are curls on the front here, and this is undoubtedly a unique look. You can see that the sections are sparse and the braids fall into a bun on the crown section of the hair. This is undoubtedly a different look.

Minimalist Spirit

If you are looking for a minimal look, then this is the best option for you! You can keep the accessories to a minimum number and then get these Fulani braids to attain a subtle and elegant hairstyle.

Celeb Fulani Braids

Celebs are getting more involved and interested in the Fulani braids. You can see many celebrities and even Instagram models wearing these hairdos. They are sure to inspire you to try on these hairdos.

Simple Look

Keeping things simple are the best way to make sure that you look youthful and vibrant! Here we have a look that you can get inspired by. There are little details, and the golden metal clasps are excellent.

Braided Half-Up Bun

A half bun is a beautiful hairdo, and they have been sported by women of all ages in the recent past. There are darker roots, and the rest has the bright brown hues, and the bun has yarns on them as well.

Pigtail or Ponytail

This look here is unique and perplexing. They can be seen as pigtails and also as ponytails. You can see there are sections on the sides and the clasps and yarn on the hair make this a well-rounded hairdo.

Electric Blue accents

Blue hair is famous for sure, and there is a lot of buzz around this look. You can surely get the same look like this one with dark black hair on top and blue accents on the rest of the locks.

Beaded Ponytail

These Fulani braids ponytails are classy and chic. They are not hard to do, and they have a relaxed, effortless approach to it. You can get the pony as high as you want to get the same effect.

Yellow Beads Thin Braids

There are many Fulani braids with beads, and you can try this one too! You can add beads and here we have a bright yellow use of beads! You are sure to love it when it is paired with thin braids.

Waves and braids

Wavy hair has a lot of texture and volume in them. You can get the volume you desire with these thick waves. The central braids are beautiful, and the use of rings are fantastic too. These thin side twists are a perfect addition to it.

Elegant long braids with designs

These braids here have the long length that you desire, and the central sections have some beautiful designs. You can see the twists are coming in from different direction. The yarn on the sides is an excellent addition to the look.


Golden Clasps on Long Pony

When you get these long braids into a high ponytail. They are casual and is a beautiful look for the college-going students! You may be thinking about Fulani braids cost here, but you can be sure that it will be worth it.

Walnut Highlights on Braids

You can see that the colors here are beautiful. Chestnut colors are flattering for all skin tones, and there are undertones that you can choose as well. The beads on the base here are helping to exaggerate the hues.

Golden on top

If you are looking for a fantastic hairdo that has the colors and texture to make everyone compliment you, this is the one to go for. The looped braids are beautiful on the front here, and the bun in the top is terrific.

Braided Bun

There are many sections here, and you can see that this look is a stunner! The side braids show off the specific sections, and the bun on top works well. Do this on an extended length of hair to get the same effect.

Typical Fulani Braid

This is an ideal Fulani braids picture, and you can see why they are raved about so much. Make sure you add these golden clasps on your hair as well to get the intensity and authenticity.

Holidays Hairdo

If you are planning a holiday, you can try on these short sectioned Fulani braids. They are perfect in each photo you take, and the designs on the side are visible as well. This is sure to give you a relaxed vibe.

Heavy Accessories

You can see the use of hair accessories here. The colors are deep, and the coppery red hues on top are excellent as well. The earrings and choker are bold choices, and the beads here surely complement the look.

Mid-length Braids

If you are not comfortable with a long length of hair, then you can decide to wear this look. There are jewelry options for sure, and you will love them. Shoulder length hair is beautiful.

Long Fulani Pigtails

The Fulani braids 2017 section had a lot of long hair options for you! You can see how glamorous this look right here is! Leaving the sections of hair on the sides can make the look appear feminine.

Tones of purple

The dark purple hues are not naturally occurring for sure! They are shades that are hard to get on the hair. You can see the colors here are subtle, and it has the perfect balance of accessories.

Light Decors

There is no need for you to get over indulged in the game of accessorizing! You can see a perfect example of that here. There are light and small hair clasps, and you are sure to look stunning.

Protective hairdos

Fulani braids are also protective hairdos, and the roots will remain safe from the outside pollutants! You can wear these braids and show off the style as it remains protected. Make sure you get the design that you want!


The cornrows are long-lasting hairstyles that keep you feeling free and relaxed. You can see that there is an edge to this look and the V-shape here is sure to entice everyone. The side swept style helps to show off this design.

Violet shades to love

You can see the purple to violet shades in here, and they are all great additions to the Fulani braids here. You can see the rings on here, and they are effortlessly beautiful. The beads on the base are colorful too.

Angelic Look with a top bun

You can look like an angel with these protective looks as well. The braids are done at an angle on the front, and the clasps are terrific! You can see the top but here adds a youthful vibe to the look

Plaited Cornrows

You can get these thick plaited cornrows for yourself the next time you head out to the salon! This can be the next look that you get, which will change your whole attire.

Long Braids Short Bun

You can get so many styles done on with your Fulani braids. This is one of the intricate designs on the front here. You are sure to love the use of metal clasps, and the bun is perfect for summers.

Beaded Pigtails

Pigtails are a classic, beautiful look. You can see that these are the youthful and feminine hairdos that you can do on your home! You can braid all the sections of hair first and then you can get it into a pigtail.

The Whole look

The hairstyle can get a chance to shine when you have the right makeup and attire on. The central braids here identify the Fulani braids and the long length is flattering! Create a well-balanced look for yourself and look ravishing.

Designs on the back!

There are intricate designs on the back. The sections are widely spaced, and the rings on them are stunning as well. The long hair has yarn, and the top part brings the whole look together.

Magenta Buns

The bun on the top look is much talked about, and the shades here is the real beauty of the look. You can see how these deep magenta tones are working out to make the look pop.

Tones of brown

Use tones of brown if you are not sure about other colors. They are subtle hues and need no different colors to make them pop. If bright colors make you feel scared, this is the way to go!

Youthful Braided large buns

There are many Fulani braids styles that youngsters are attracted to. This one is undoubtedly one of those looks. The bun and the beads all work well to give off a fun, vibrant appeal to your entire look.


Colorful Beads

There are multi-colored beads in this look here, and the tiny braided hair is done well too! You can get the same sleek effect back home or head to the parlor for the same effect.

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White Pearl Black Braids

The addition of one little detail to a look can make all the difference. You can see the pearl ornament added to the front here make this hairdo a stunner. You will love this one for sure.

Pairs of Six beads

You can use the patterns and colors of beads on your hair as per your liking and here there are six beautiful chunky beads added to the ends here. The top bun is sleek and stunning.

Bejeweled Look

There is huge chunky jewelry here, and they add the edge to the thin braids. There are many Fulani braids styles like these, and you can try the one that suits your preference the most.

Cute Brownish Fulani Hairdo

All love earthy brown tones. They are flattering for all skin tones, and so it is the first choice of many! You are sure to love this look and get all the attention wherever you go.

Crown Plaits

Crown braids are easy, and in this case, they are thick too! You can get the appearance of healthier hair as you try on these plaits. The sections on the front are unlike any other hairdo!

Jewels Not Necessary

Fulani braids need no jewelry to make them look astounding! You need not add any clasps or hair accessories to make the hairstyle pop. You can let them be, and the natural styles will be enough.

Twin Buns

As the summer hits, you may want to keep the hair away from your face and enjoy a hassle-free look. Here we have the perfect hairdo if that is your concern. The twin buns here are approachable too.

Blonde Hues with a dark base

Using a dark base here can tie up the whole look together. It acts as the perfect base to let the blonde or other lighter hues shine! Braid them, and they look even better. The choice of colors is all yours.

Pinned Up or let loose

You know that there are countless options in the hairstyle department and you can choose the style that you love the most. You can decide to keep the hair down or pin it up and get the look that suits your need.

Swept to a side

Side swept hairdos are widely favored and loved by all. They add the needed transition to the hair, and it makes the hair look polished and pretty. You can opt for the same hairdo and look as fresh as ever!


You can always keep experimenting with your hairdo and come up with new and fun changes to try each time. Here we have two braided ideas one is a bun, and the other is a loose hairstyle that you can try.


These braids are an excellent option if you are in the search for a unique and beautiful hairdo for yourself. Furthermore, they are protective hairstyles as well, which makes it more approachable than other haircuts. These braids are getting the boost of attention, and with celebs like Alicia Keys sporting them, the fans are curious about it too. There is a distinctive pattern in these looks, and you are sure to stand out from the crowd as you try them on! They sure do check out all the right boxes in our list. We do recommend you to give these a try!

These Fulani braids can be done at a salon, but you need to make sure that your stylist is familiar with them and have the skills to pull this off! You can choose colors and ornaments for yourself and get them as your liking. There are modern touches to this traditional look, and we are sure you will look your best when you wear them. You need to find the look that you can get on board with and we are sure this article helped you to do that. Stay with us if you are interested in fashion related articles.


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