122 Goddess Braids Designs So Elaborate They Used to Be Maps


The Internet has become fuller with goddess braids designs during the past months due to their increasing popularity among both black and white women. If you think that goddess braids are just a new cornrow style, then you’re wrong! Although it is easy to confuse it with braid styles that you’ve seen so far, the braids of the goddess are a new viral hair trend about which everyone is crazy.

The reason for their popularity is due to their low maintenance requirements, low cost and, as you may expect, it is easy to wear them in everyday life. They are easy to do by someone who knows this braiding technique. In addition, if you try this hairstyle once, you will most probably like it that much that you’ll keep coming back to it in time.

If you are among the ones who follow each and every one of the hair trends that go around, then you must know how popular African braids are lately. This hairstyle that has won the Internet is perfect for you to give your hair a rest, in case it is tired from all the aggressive chemicals that you used on it. Those with curly and thick hair will enjoy goddess braids the most.

  1. A style that never gets old

goddess braids

2. A bun made of braided hair

3. Impressive pattern and a top knot

4. Dutch braid takes the hair away from the face

5. Double Dutch braids united in one

6. Goddess braids of different thicknesses 

7. Micro braiding results in a huge bun

8. Halo braids secured in a low bun

9. Cornrow or Dutch braid done on a side

10. Goddess braids meet in a spiral of hair

Spice up Your Hair Routine With Goddess Braids

Now you can spice up your daily hair routine through the use of any of the wonderful braid hairstyles presented below. The following hairstyles are especially applicable for long hair. In these hairstyles, you will find everything from braided ponytails to braided buns and cornrows. In addition, you must follow an exact method to adapt to them properly or simply ask for the services of a skilled professional.

Chances are you’re looking for a hairstyle that can withstand moisture. Luckily, braid hairstyles satisfy all this. In addition, there are several unique ways to look beautiful by adopting them. Brilliant hairstyles with braids updos are ideal for special occasions. To test these styles, the possibilities are endless. Also, goddess braids require minimum maintenance during the summer.

11. Braiding style directed towards the top

12. Thick goddess braids with extensions

13. High bun made of twisted hair

14. Tight alternation of cornrows

15. Ghana braids end with a thick fishtail

16. Profile view of a neat braided bun

17. Thick halo braid continues in a side braid

18. Perfectly done cornrows or Dutch braids

19. Pattern originated from African Americans

20. Goddess braids done with hair extensions

Goddess Braids Throughout History

A braid is a plait that results from interweaving three strands of hair by crossing them alternately and squeezing them tightly. Its history is linked to the life of humanity because, in order to obtain social and cultural status, braids have been worn by men and women. In addition, they loved braids for their functionality by keeping the hair organized.

The First Goddess Braids

The first records that have been found of braided people speak of an Assyrian gentleman, around the year 3500 BC, who appeared in public with his beard braided in small braids to decorate his appearance. During that period, combing and taking care of one’s hair was a symbol of social status and hierarchy.

In ancient Egypt braiding was reserved for royalty and for ceremonial rituals such as weddings. Rich women often adorned their heads with beautiful goddess braids and even some extensions were added to make them more glamorous, namely feed in braids.

The braiding style that Cleopatra wore was popular although the braids were also worn by men. This is because when they wore their beards braided, it was a sign of divinity. In the case of ordinary people, they wore simple braids for practical purposes, namely to keep their hair away from the face while working.

Braids With Meaning in America

Historically, most Native American women and children wore braids with different meanings, for example, it could be differentiated if a woman was married or single according to the braids she wore.

Braiding was also done for religious rituals.

Native American men wore braids with feathers, furs, leather, or pearls to prepare for war.

The Mayans created great headdresses with braids while the Indians wore simple and long braids with a stripe in the center.

Goddess Braids for Rich European Women

In medieval and Renaissance art pieces, upper class women appeared with elaborate braids.

The most simplified styles of braids were often chosen by ordinary women for functional purposes – to keep their hair clean between the baths and to keep the hair out of the way while cooking, cleaning and performing other daily tasks.

The braided crowns were the styles of braids most worn in the European medieval period, since in Medieval Europe a woman who wore her hair loose was seen in a bad way. This is  because it was considered lack of modesty and conservatism. For social reasons, it was very rare to see a woman who wore a hairstyle that was not secured in beautiful thick braids during this time.

Greek Goddess Braids

In the Flavian era, the daughter of Emperor Tito, wore a beautiful braid style that fit on top and was adorned with metallic accessories, twisted braids and curls. These braids elaborated over time and became popular among wealthy Roman women and became even more popular in later Roman periods. The more elaborate the style of the braids was, the more it said about the carrier’s wealth and available free time.

21. Roots braided and styled with curly hair

22. Curly baby hairs styled nicely

23. Ghana braids keep the hair in place

24. Amazing goddess braids pattern with golden accessories

25. Thin side braids and thick cornrows

26. A spiral of braids styled in a high bun

27. Tight Dutch braids and a voluminous bun

28. Winding cornrows with accessories

29. Classic alternation of braid thicknesses

30. Goddess braids done by a professional

African Legacy Blends With Current Hair Trends

When the slaves arrived in America, they brought back in their minds the ancient African patterns of braiding hair that consisted of a variety of complex and tight geometric designs, which often described the characteristics of the user and identified the kinship of the person, the age, the ethnic group and even religion.

This knowledge was used during the era of slavery, by women who, parallel to the work of emancipation they were also making braids. The braids played a fundamental role in the escapist routes of the haciendas. This is because in their braided heads they wove the maps that later served as a guide in their long and winding road to freedom.

Women gathered in the courtyard to comb the smaller ones’ hair and to design on their heads a map full of paths and escape routes, in which they located the mountains, higher rivers and trees. Their ingenuity and unknown code allowed the enslaved to flee.

Centuries later, they were taken up with fury by African-American movements to claim their identity with this style of hair. Also, the hippies in the 60’s used them through their social movement talking about freedom and about regaining certain values ​​of rural life and care for nature, which had been forgotten because of war and modernization. With certain points in common, the bohemian style assumed by different artists in the 70’s also appropriated the braids as one of the most representative hairstyles of its romantic and idealistic aesthetic with trashy touches, which allowed it to become popular worldwide.

31. An accessory for each braid

When you think you have done it all, take a look at these elegant and flashy hair accessories. Add the extra glamour you’ve been missing with hair accessories and a side braid.

32. Add a tint of color to your braids

Add a golden touch to your braided hair, and you’re ready to go. You will love the highlight and added beauty that makes a simple difference.

33. Perfect execution for goddess, cornrow-like braids

34. Add different colored hair extensions

35. Modern goddess braids form a high bun

36. Thick Ghana braids rolled in a bun

37. Middle parting done with tight braiding

38. Thick box braids hairstyle

It is known that thick box braids prevail everywhere nowadays. Especially when they are very attractive and a versatile way to fix your hair. Alternatively recognized as box braids, this appearance has achieved a greater fame in recent years. To wear it, you must first accept big braids. If you can not afford wearing thick braids, avoid using it. It is guaranteed that the outcome will fire up your personality.

39. Back view of thick and thin braids

40. Accessory for the forehead done with braided hair

41. A hairstyle perfect for the summer

If you love different textures in your hair, why do not you put your fine hair into thick braids and long strands? It’s the perfect summer hairstyle, so you will not want to miss it.

42. Halo braid for a sporty hairstyle

43. Cornrows are great as protective hairstyles

44. Kinky hair tamed by braiding

45. Rainbow hair braided from one side to the other

46. Dutch braid looks like a natural crown

47. Zig zag parting and two thick braided plaits

48. Goddess braids can be styled in a unique way

If you think braids are meant to go back and forth in a perfect straight line, check out this beautiful braid set. Curve up, be creative, try different shapes and curves if you want to add uniqueness to your braids every day.

49. Orderly braids secured in an updo swirl

For those of you who like the avant-garde style more, try this updo swirl. Braid your hair from the bottom to a swirly top bun. Although it takes a little more practice and effort, you know that the wait is worth it for this amazing looking hair.

50. Thick braiding technique from thick chunks

51. Baby hairs braided in thin cornrows

52. Cornrows flattering young girls 

53. Feel like a mythical goddess

The braids of the goddess are considered an excellent hairstyle. The reason is that they are impressive and feminine for ethnic women. In addition, this hair style already prevails because it is presented as an instance of many styles. It was found that the style can be worn for several weeks. So far, it comes with several variations of the contemporary style. This would make you feel identical to a mythical goddess.

54. Keeping the hair all black

With several options to stylize black women’s hair, children and men often rock them as well. With the adoption of this hair style, the braids can also be used as a protective style. In addition, they also allow the flexing of the eyes thanks to the help of the hot design. It is known that his style is the cornerstone of the African American community. If you intend to try something unique, then the hairstyle with black braids is the best.

55. Detailed view of side braids

56. The profile of a goddess wearing goddess braids

57. Four rows of Dutch braids become a bun

58. Space buns connected by braids

59. Tall braid requires extra hair extensions

60. Results are just as spectacular in red

61. Three rows of Ghana braids with golden extensions

62. Goddess braids ready for the prom

63. Look great every day without an effort

64. Twisted ponytail added to kinky hair

65. A touch of color in braids can make wonders

66. All braids lead to a bigger braid

67. Lemonade braids styled in a high side ponytail

68. No one goes easy on the scalp

69. Goddess braids embellished with blonde extensions

70. Tall cornrows styled in a low bun

71. An example of how to part your hair

72. Thinner goddess braids than usual

73. Protective and low maintenance hairstyle 

74. Raised braids for a modern look

As we have mentioned many times, you have the option to stylize your braids as you wish. For a more modern look and feel, opt for those high braids that add to the volume of your hair. It looks as beautiful as it feels. And do not worry about the baby hairs on your forehead, in fact, they only add up to your beautiful appearance.

75. Cornrows featuring a nice burgundy color

76. Halo braid continues in a back bun

77. Cornrows with a braided ponytail

Natural hairstyles for girls could be the most beautiful point for their faces. For them, hairstyles can range from ponytail designs to braided styles to cover the cornrow designs. This hair style is best suited for girls and mothers. This is because the girls usually like to go with popular hairdos. The look you get is simple to duplicate on any cutie’s hair. However, others are very complicated and may need help from an expert. Therefore, you may want to schedule an appointment at your favorite hairdresser. The reason is that this will give excellent results.

78. Goddess braids and loose baby hairs

79. Braids radiate from one point on

80. Braids done using complex techniques

81. Tall Dutch braids or very thick cornrows

82. Flawless hairdo made of braids entirely

83. Snail bun done off braids

84. Little girl sporting goddess braids

85. Cornrows done like fishtails

86. All hairs are in place

87. Kinky hair braided without using other hair products

88. Dutch braids combined with halo braids

89. Black Ghana braids use some white extensions

90. Copper hair goes well with black

Only a touch of copper and the goddess braids look even more heavenly than they already are. You can experiment with any color you choose, but we preferred a touch of copper to show what the result will be.

91. Goddess braids styled in Bantu knots

92. The beehive bun made of braids

93. Tall cornrows result in a sporty style

94. Thick Ghana braids done with hair extensions

95. Always choose a starting point for goddess braids

96. Add highlights around the face only

97. Straight hair braided with multicolored hair extensions

98. Multiple highlights and low lights added as extensions

99. The bun of a goddess

100. Back view of a snail bun

101. Follow the path drawn in hair

102. Each braid leads to a spiral

103. Tall braids and huge bun done with purple extensions

104. Orderly cornrows worn in a high bun

105. Tight braiding masterpiece from kinky hair

106. Chic and practical hairstyle worn these days

107. Braids need some color too

108. Purple roots compliments brown braids

109. Two different colored Senegalese twists

110. Faux Mohawk done with a voluminous fishtail

111. Snail buns worn by middle aged women

112. Puce hair goes with braids as well

113. Chunky and curly kinky twists

114. Goddess hairstyle has no beginning or end

115. Goddess braids can be styled according to taste

116. Some women don’t need hair extensions for braids

117. Wear your baby hairs with pride

118. Two thick Dutch braids positioned centrally 

119. Close view of Dutch braiding

120. Faux Mohawk with side braids

121. Lighter hair shade used in the braid’s middle

122. Updo with braids and curly hair

As seen, goddess braids are varied and not a novelty at all.


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