101 Best Hairstyles for Square Faces That You Can Try Today!


Hairstyles for square faces are not only hard to find, but they are seldom what we expect them to be! These hairstyles look great on celebs, and when we try them, we get disappointed! We are here to help you out to find the best haircut and hair color that can transform your look. Make sure you try out these hairstyles once. You can try on any texture and color as the ones we have mentioned here. Carry it with confidence, and you are sure to look stunning each day every day!

There are hairstyles for square faces that you can search for on the internet, but they never are seen to work out! You need to understand that finding the best haircut for your face shape is quite hard. Even if it looks good on someone, it may not flatter you completely! There are many elements to consider, and we are here to help you out with just that. You can take the help of your stylist and get the haircut and hair color the looks most flattering for your skin tone and face shape.

Identifying Square Face Shapes

You can check certain features of your face to find your face shape. If you have your jaws as the broadest part of your face, it is most likely that your face is square shaped. Your jawbones and cheekbones, along with the forehead, tend to be of the same width too! You can take a marker and outline your face shape on the mirror to find out exactly what your shape is.

Here are 101 best hairstyles for square face shades you are sure to love!

The Voluminous Curls

There are some hairstyles for square faces that work with large voluminous curls. You can check out these looks here and try to achieve the same. If you are blessed with naturally curly thick hair, we are envious of you!

hairstyles for square faces Short Hair with Waves

You can add waves to your hair no matter how short you cut it into! You can add slight waves or get them exaggerated to look thicker and fluffier too. Here is a look that is ideal for mature women.

Waves on layered bob

If you are a teenager, these hairstyles for square faces is the one for you! You can try on the layered bob here with long shoulder length and achieve this fun look. Add some waves, and you are done.

Ombre hair with blunt ends

Here is a look that works for all face shapes! You can try on the ombre hair trend with blonde and dark brown hues on top. You can add some layers to the hair as well. Create some waves, and you are ready for a day out.

The basic blonde hues

These hues here are typical, and the color combination is nothing we have not seen before. The darker bases work for all light hair color, and the brownish-blonde here is complemented by it here.

Short hair

In these hot summer days, you are not going to want to try on long hairstyles for square faces for sure. Here we have a short hair idea that you can try on if you are looking to chop the locks off.

Bangs on the side

Add some long layered bangs on the sides, and then you can get the rest in a long bob. You can get colors of your choice to the look and customize it as per your liking.

Everyday casual

This hairstyle here works for all everyday wearable look. You can try on this look if you are not into an edgy, eye-catching hairdo. These are simple and approachable looks for the common girl who wants a hassle-free hairstyle.

Streaks of brown

There are streaks of brown on the hair here, and they add the highlights on the hair. You can see the dark and light colors work beautifully and creating this great look. Add the bangs to the hair to frame the face.

Angelina Jolie’s Look

The ever so gorgeous Angelina Jolie is an icon and a heartthrob for all! We have loved and admired her for a long time, and here you can see her hairstyles for square faces that work well!

For Small Faces

If you have a small face and are to choose hairstyles for square faces, then this is the one for you! There are bangs on either side, and they frame the face while adding volume to the hair as well.

Keira Knightly’s Look

Keira Knightly is an excellent actress, and her hairstyles change with each character that she portrays on the screen. Here are some of her short and long hairstyles for square faces! You can check them out and try them for yourself.

Tones of Yellow

There are hints of yellow on this hair here, and we are sure you will love this one if you are into bright shades! You can see the dark hair on the base, and the rest has highlights on them.

The soft bangs

There are soft bangs on this hairstyle here, and the hair has the extended length that we all love! You can try the same flared out thin bangs as the look here, and you can look as youthful as ever.

Short bob

If you are interested in short hairstyles that have an edge to them, this is the look you should try on! The short bob has waves on them, and the platinum blonde is always on trend so you can try this on anytime.

Thin hair braids

This is an excellent look for black women. You can see the hair has tiny braids on the full head, and the braids then create a thicker twist on the side! It has been pinned down on the side, and it makes a fun look.

Shine and luster

The first thing you see in this look is the shine and luster! The majority of times the shine comes from the colors and conditioners that hair stylists at the salons use most of the time.

Strawberry blonde bob

Strawberry blonde hues are fashionable for a reason, and we can surely say that they will fit everyone who tries them on! You are sure to love this look! There is a vibrancy to this hairstyle that we adore!

Red tones

There are long bangs on this look here! You can see the bangs are touching the eyes almost! There are reddish-brown tones on the hair here, and the long blunt bob is one of the best hairstyles for square faces.

Middle-aged women

There are shine and luster in this hairstyle here. You can see the deep side part adds a depth to the hairdo. You can add colors and cut your hair the same way to achieve this look.

Date night look

If you are heading out for a date night, you can try this look! There are hairstyles for square faces with waves on the bottom and volume on top. You can get the look with minimal effort at home.

Hints of purple

This is one bold look, and the colors are what entice us the most! You can see the purples amid the coppery red shades on the short layered hair. If you are bold enough, try this punch of color!

The centrally parted hairstyles for square faces

When you part your hair in the middle, you can hide the sharp edges of the square face and make it look more oval. The forehead is also concealed with this look, which is a bonus!

Waves on the bottom

One way to style hairstyles for square faces is to add some mild waves on the base of your hair. The top portion of the hair has a smooth, straight texture that falls into curls as we reach the bottom.

Casual look

These short hairstyles are relaxed and have an effortless vibe to them. You can try on the waves on the hair and add dimension and body to the locks! You need to experiment with shades and textures to find the look you love.

Thinner on the ends

If you want to thin out your thick hair, you can get thinner layered sections on the base of your hair! They can make the hair look fluffier and more abundant on the top, and as we reach the bottom, it thins out.

Braided hairdo

You can get the braided hairstyles for square faces like the ones here. You can try adding rings and metal clasps on them to make the look appeal to all face shapes. Use braiding techniques in different hair sections for a unique charm.

Deep, dark roots

You can use the styling tip that most stylists suggest and get the hair on darker tones on the top and lighter hues on the sides! They make a flattering look and is perfect to light up your face instantly!

Mid-length layered hair

Layered hairstyles for square faces are the ideal addition to any look! You can add the layers on mid-length hair and get longer bangs to get this look here! You can add colors of varying depth and intensity to achieve this hairstyle.

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Use some highlights

You can add some highlights on the hair and add some light to the look if you have chosen a darker shade. Here the blonde tones are picture-perfect, and the front section has been highlighted like a dream!

Ombre on short hair

Ombre hair is one of the biggest hair color trends ever. They are always relevant, and people never get enough of this blend! You can try to create this youthful look for yourself too with the blonde and dark brown on top.

Mature hairstyles for square faces

Here are some hairstyles for square faces over 50 years of age and we are astounded by how good and graceful it looks. Both of these looks are long bob hairdos, and they have a side part to them that looks stunning.

Deep tones on the hair

If you are looking to color your hair, then you can opt for these dark, deep shades here! You can try to keep your hair parted to a side and then enjoy these deep shades for yourself! Add some waves to add body to the hair.

Side Swept hair

Side swept hair has the perfect feminine vibe to it. You can see how the transition on this look is adding grace to the hair. You can leave the round edges on the base here, and the blonde hues are excellent too.

Gwenyth Paltrow’s hair

The beautiful Gwenyth Paltrow has her hairstyles in multiple ways in the collection of images here. These looks are perfect if you have medium to the long length of hair. She has different partitions and hair textures on these looks here.

Thin Hair

These are some short hairstyles for square faces and beautiful hair. You may be wanting to get a sleeker appearance on your locks; then this is the look you want to try on. Use dark hues on top and light on the sides.

Long hairstyles for square faces

There are many hairstyles for square faces that you can choose from, especially if you have long hair. The light and dark shades of colors in here are adding light and depth correctly, and the waves help to reflect the hues well.

Vintage look

There is a vintage vibe coming off from this look. You can see the short bangs in this look, and the dark black colors here add depth to the look as well. You can wear this hairstyle for an effortless look.

Kareena Kapoor’s Look

Kareena Kapoor is a Bollywood megastar, and her looks and style are always talked about. You can copy her looks without a doubt in your mind and look as stunning as she does. Her hair color here is to die for.

Jennifer Lopez’s look

Jennifer Lopez has always had some beautiful hairstyles, and you can try on this look of hers if you have a square face shape. The straight hair helps to make the face shape appear longer and gives an illusion of the oval shape.

For a quick Headout

If you are in a hurry to head out, then this is the look you can opt for. You can see the waves in here are short and soft and this makes for an effortless everyday wearable look for a fast head out.

Short bob with bangs

Here we have some short hairstyles for square faces over 50 years of age! These women are rocking the sharp hair look, and we are sure you can find the inspiration you need for the hairstyle in these pictures below.

Blunt ends

There are many hairstyles out there with round edges on the base. This one is one of those. You can see how the hair has the balance of colors and cuts and is everyday wearable as well. Try this one with brown tinges.

Alluring Look

There are many elements in this look here that attract our attention! The ombre hair and the bangs with short ends are perfect in this look. Everyone can try on this look, and it is that approachable for women of all ages.

Short and voluminous look

You can add volume to the hair by adding some layers on them. You can try on this look if you are interested in short hairdos! The side swept bangs have layers on them, and it makes a polished look.

Rihanna’s Edgy Attire

Rihanna has an edgy style, and we have always admired her hairstyles and clothing sense as well. The look here has her personality captured and is showing off the bold side. The spikey hair will need some time to get done!

Middle-parted long hair

If you have long hair and are looking to even out your face shape through your hair, then this is undoubtedly the one to opt for! The central part here makes the best transition and conceals the sharp edges on the sides.

The easy hairdo

This is one relaxed hairstyle that you can try on for yourself. They only have these pinned down braids on the front, and the rest is a short cut hair. Add some waves, and you are done for the day.

Diane Argon’s short hair

Diane Argon has us going gaga over all of her subtle and charming looks, but this one is a different one for sure. You can see her short messy hair, and you can get the same look too! It is that approachable!

Long bob

Here are some hairstyles for square faces over 40 years of age! If you are on the mature side of the age bar, you can try the same look and appear as stunning as the ladies here. You need to try them out to know it for sure! Celebrity hairstyles for square faces

These can be categorized as haircuts for square faces 2017! You can see celebs like Reese Witherspoon and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley here in some beautiful wavy hairstyles. These hairdos will work out well for all face shapes too, so give them a try.


Office hairstyles for square faces

If you are an office going women, you will love this look. You can try on this hairdo for a hassle-free low maintenance hairstyle. The longer lengths on the hair are perfect for all face shapes, especially square shaped faces!

The bob

The bob was one of the best hairstyles of 2018. You are sure to have seen this hairdo gaining popularity in social media feeds. Celebs and stylists of all sorts have sported this same look, and we are sure you will love it.

Perfectly cascading layers

Layered haircuts are perfect for square faces. You can see the cascading layers on the side here fall on beautifully and helps create a soft look. Make sure you get the colors to look the same way too.

Charming Hairstyle

There is a certain charm to the look here! You can get your hair cut in short layers and attain this look too. The side swept bangs are complementing the look perfectly. The dark base here is a classic hair coloring technique.

Polished Hairdo

If you are looking for hairstyles for square faces that have a polished vibe to it, then you are sure to love this one here! The ends here have ruffled layers to them, and the hair color is magnificent too.

Judi Dench’s Short hair

This can be the best hairstyle for square face over 60! Judi Dench has had her hair short and in natural-looking grey to silver hair for a long time now. You can surely copy the same look as you like.

Fun and flirty look

These are the haircuts for square faces 2018. You can wear your hair in this fun and flirty look that has a modern touch to it as well. Make sure you get the hues to match your skin tone too!

We are sure you have found the one you can try on this season as you reach the end of this article. You can decide on any shade and texture and wear them to match your face shape. Take up the screenshots of these images to your hairdresser, and they can grasp an idea of what you want. You need to have a clear idea of what you want before you get the haircut! Make sure you take help of an expert if you are not sure about the colors though.

If this article helped you find the hairstyles for square faces, make sure you show us some love and give this article a big thumbs up! Share it with others who could use a change of haircut to match their square faces too! Here we are sure you can find the hair length and textures that you desire along with the colors of your choice. You need to keep an open mind and trust the hair dresser’s recommendations as well. Share your thoughts with us on the comments section down below and let us know how it worked out for you! We will be back with such exciting topics!


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