88 Highlights for Black Hair [Natural Colors you will Love]


Highlights for black hair can take your hair color from natural to evergreen. You’ll need a good hairstylist and an eye for details to pick the right color that suits your hair. Whether you’re looking for highlights to pull off a natural look or for adventure, we would love you to try these 88 highlights. Without a doubt, they’ll suit your natural hair color and make you look enchanting before your peers.

Green Highlights For Black Hair

The black color remains but the green undertone comes into play to make the style unique. You may want to integrate the green-colored hues by the sides or allow it to take up a greater portion of the hair.highlights for black hair

Brown Highlights For Black Hair

Here is a nice combination that will enhance your looks if you add the hues rightly. Don’t forget to toss the hair to the sides for a dignified look.

Strawberry Look

Bring creativity and a dazzling look into your hair by incorporating this strawberry-inspired color.

Red Color

Red hues tag along with black hair. You won’t have a hard time pulling this off, especially when there’s a hairstylist to help with the job.

Dark Brown Highlights

Nothing compares to the dissolving brown hues into the natural color of your hair. You sure would love this hairstyle after making it.

Dark Tips

The near-visibility of this highlight is partly because of the position (the tip of the hair) and the small portion of red hues used by the colorist.

Silver Highlights For Black Hair

Here is a quick hairstyle that you can pull off with the right hues. It looks great with the hard part in the middle of the head.

The Fluctuating Bangs

Without a doubt, the brown and black hues on this large bangs haircut are all shades of beauty.

Bob Highlights

Your bob hairstyle wouldn’t look complete without a touch of this highlight. The brown and silver hues are so glaring that an admirer won’t ignore you.

Caramel Tints

This style doesn’t look but you’ll be careful during the styling to get as many colors as you can into the hair.

Teal Highlights

Although it looks like one of those drawings out of cartoon series, this teal-highlighted hairstyle is a great pal to your natural hair.

Disconnected Look

The idea here is to do something unique with your hair without looking bad. Although this may be disconnected, you can rely on the varied colors to maintain a neat look.

Colored Strands

Sometimes, it’s important to do something extraordinary to make the best out of something. Take a cue from this hairstyle and look nice.

Mixed Colors

The idea here is to unite the black and red hues using a web of intricate weaves that make it hard to pinpoint the starting point.

Ashy Highlights

Here goes one of the natural highlights you can rely on to look good in every occasion.

Blue Blurb

This highlight might seem blurry when regarded from a distance but it is actually something you’ll love to have on your next hairstyle.

Wild Highlights

Leave the admirers to rack their brain on the sort of color combination used on this hairstyle. It’s not only fascinating but gives you a feeling of adventure.

Jelly Look

Aside from the gel or any other styling product you use in the course of making it, this hairstyle goes the extra mile to make you look good with the underlying highlights.

Hidden Highlights

There’s a need for an eye for details to decipher the colors used in this hairstyle.

Chestnut Ombre Hairstyle

Here is a warm color that gives your hairstyle both depth and dimension.

Golden Brown

This side-tossed hairstyle with the middle part is a clear indication that two highlights can work in tandem without hassles.

Weaved Highlights

The dark brown highlights in this hairstyle wouldn’t have looked nice if they stayed put at a spot. That is why you should weave backward for even distribution.

Curly Highlights

Regardless of the hairstyle, you’re going for or the length of your hair, this cream-colored highlight is sure to play a good role when featured.

Light Blue Highlights

Without any doubt, the dissolving look of this light blue color in your hair is a reason why you shouldn’t hesitate to integrate it into your next hairstyle.

Dark Brown + Middle Part

Here is a nice way to try your hands once more on the dark brown highlighted hair. Create a middle part with side braids.

Smoky Brown

This could have passed for another dark brown highlight but the smoky look gave it away.

Burgundy Hue

The contrast between the black and burgundy hue reminds us of a couple – they look perfect together and will work for a long time to come.

Honey Highlight

This style is near natural and can pass for your normal hair. Nevertheless, the honey hues make it look sophisticated.

Green and Purple

This reminds us of the saying that “except two agree to work, nothing can happen”. The green and purple highlights are a couple that promises to make your next hairstyle a bang.

Golden Blonde

If the blonde hues are far away from you, consider making use of the golden/near-blonde approach to get what you always wanted.

Copper Brown

Many colorists believe that the brown color is a nice way to compliment black-colored/natural hair. We can’t agree otherwise because this copper brown highlight pulls the right stunts to make this hairstyle unique.

Mixed Highlights

Although highlights/hues are there to change the original color of the hair, the one we have here collaborates with the natural hair to attain greatness.

Almond Colors

Highlights can alter the dimensions and looks of your hairstyle. The almond color we have here is a testimonial to that effect.

Dark Brown on the Edge

It’s like words on the marble – the dark brown hues are on the edge of the hair to create a connected look.

Clean Highlights

Anytime the light blue or ashy hues meet with the black color, the outcome is the same as what we have here.

Stunning Highlights

Beyond the varying colors we have here, the smiles it puts on the face is another thing you should be proud of.

Creative Highlight

It takes creativity and a selection of the best hues to bring forth this wavy hair with touches of blue highlights.

Red Hues

Allow the black color to dominate from the top of the head while the red highlight picks up the race from the crown to the nape of the neck.

Interlocked Highlight

Well, you wouldn’t look like someone that doesn’t flow with the current trends in the fashion industry. The interlocked highlights we have here is a nice way to pull off a good look.

Ash Highlights

The ashy hues are quite impressive when you integrate it into your hairstyle. You must make sure that the colorist styles it the way you want.

Violet Bangs

Have you always wanted something to make your bangs hairstyle stand out of the crowd? This violet bangs highlight is the way to go because it brings on a vibrant look to the long bangs.

Bold and Creative

Here is a style for daring women that want to draw attention at all costs. Consider integrating the dark brown hues to the tips of the hair.


Well, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the fascinating look that comes with having diverse colors on your hair.

Colorful Highlights

The red hue looks good on many skin tones but looks better on a blonde skin like the one we have here.

Dark Edges

The collaboration we have here is one of a kind. The dark brown hue joins forces with the black color/natural hair to deliver one of the most fascinating hairstyles of the century.

Dark Green Highlight

The hairstyle is on the path to greener pastures and the coloring right here is the way to go.

Floral Design

The interwoven strand of hair is possible because of the unified look created by the hues. You’ll certainly love it.

Bob Inspiration

There’s never a thing you can’t achieve with your bob hairstyle. Spotting highlights on your hair are one of the ways you can achieve this without hassles.

Teal Hair

Bring it on with the teal highlights that make your hair look natural at a fraction of the cost. Your friends will be wondering about how you got to pull off this look.

Rainbow Highlight

This signals the emergence of a gem in the women hairstyle industry. Without any iota of doubt, you’ll fit into different occasions because the disparate colors already solve that equation.

Blonde Look

Going blonde can be an option if you don’t like flashy highlights on your hair.

Blurry Honey Highlight

The honey hue is shiny but you can add only a little to maintain the black coloring on the hair.

Invisible Highlight

Who says that the highlight has to be colorful to make sense? When you get your hands on the one we have here, it’ll be very easy to look stylish without the coloring.

Like the Bangs

Allow the highlight to follow the pattern of the bangs hairstyle – wild and free.

Neon Lights

You can easily relate this to the neon lights of the dancing hall. It turns to different directions to show the fascinating look of the hairstyle.

Snaky Highlight

This reminds us of the daring and furious look in the eyes of a snake as it tries to bare its fangs. You too can look daring with this snaky highlight.

Sun-Kissed Highlight

Try your hands on this and leave your friends to wonder about how long you stayed under the sun to achieve the look.

Snowy Highlight

Get ready to attract attention with the casual and well-blended look on this hairstyle.

All for the Red

The neon undertone and the red hues are the secrets to achieving this hairstyle.

Edgy Pixie-Bob

Your bob hairstyle can take the fashionable highlight introduced by Rihanna.

Sun-Baked Highlight

Here is a highlighted hairstyle that makes you look cute and trendy without extra effort.

Caramel and Black Highlight

When there is unity/synergy between the caramel highlight and the black hair color, the outcome is usually something similar to the hairstyle we have inset.

Pixie Highlight

There’s much to do with highlights than just adding colors to the hair. Seize the opportunity created by this inspiring hairdo to make many hairstyles such as the high bun out of your highlighted hair.

Blonde Hair with a Difference

Out of many hair coloring approaches, the blonde hues stand out and we can’t stop being bullish about it. The blonde styling makes great impressions on the side strands as well as on the volume at the top.

Warm Brown Highlight

Your highlighted hairstyle doesn’t have to be dark brown to look good. For instance, the warm brown style here is fascinating as well.

Dark Hues on the Bottom

It’s yet another time to try your hands on the dark brown hairstyle; this time, it stays at the bottom of the hairstyle.

Dark Brown on a Black Weave

Find a way to color your weaves with the dark brown and you’ll be glad you did.

Smokey Brown

Beat around the top until you infuse the Smokey brown highlights to dominate weaved hair at the crown.

Brown and Black Highlights

Have you listened to the popular “black and yellow” rhythm? The lyrics take a different form with the integration of brown and black highlights on the wavy topknot hairstyle.

Light Ashy Highlight

Even though the ashy highlight can be fascinating, you can regulate the density by going for the light ash variation.

Caramel Highlights on Black

Bring the caramel highlight to bear on your natural hair color.

Susceptible Highlights

The nude blue hues on this hairstyle hid under the cover of the dark brown highlights.

Black and Purple

There’s a sharp contrast here but the purple highlights on the tips come out unscathed.

Moderate-Blonde Highlight

The blonde hairstyle has a moderate look when the blonde hues are added to the hairstyle.

Infused Brown Highlight

Integrate the brown highlights on your hair and be sure to look good in all seasons.


Dark Almond

The almond hue ought to be inspiring and flashy but the impact of the black hair color keeps it down to a moderate tune.

Purple Highlight

Purple hair looks good on women that have dark skin tone. It can also be feasible for light-skin toned women that want to explore something different from the blonde-inspired hairstyle.

Moderate Honey Highlight

You’re sure that the honey hues make your hair to look glamorous. However, a moderate approach like this is also fascinating.

Dark Brown Edges

Integrating the dark brown hues on the edges of the hair is a nice way to compliment the black color/natural looks of the hairstyle.

Rosie Pink

There’s a favorable transition from the natural hair color to the Rosie pink highlights for black hair. This hairstyle isn’t darker or lighter; it’s just moderate. That is what a skin tone like this needs to pull off a nice look.

Nude Blonde

Looking from a distance makes this blonde-inspired appear left out of the game with this hairstyle. However, on closer inspection, you’ll discover that the blonde look is very much intact.

Dark Red Highlights For Black Hair

Red hues are flashy but there’s a space to keep them moderate. Take a cue from this moderate dark red highlight to achieve a nice bouncy hairstyle.

Subtle Honey Highlight

A drop of honey in a cup of coffee not only changes the taste of the drink but also does the same for the appearance. The same applies to the subtle honey highlight that changes the color of the hair to a less visible but dazzling look.

A Touch of Gold

We can never have enough of the honey highlight. Rocking this gold-inspired hair is the way to go.

Accented Highlights

You can see the highlights for black hair as they make the way around all corners of the hair.

Heavy Peach

Just like pitch darkness, this peach highlight can make you slicked back hairstyle to look great.

Purple and Green

The essence of integrating these multiple coloring options is to make your hairstyle tag along with any occasion that presents itself.


We are happy with the insurmountable stead of this hairstyle. Before now, colorists would expect the highlights for black hair to take over the stage and overshadow the natural hair color. Interestingly, the reverse became the case because the black hair color has the upper hand in this game.

Nude Blue Highlights

The nude blue color is not a style for all seasons but anytime it comes into focus, you’re sure of pulling off a dazzling look. For instance, the one we have here diminishes the ambient coloring of the blue highlights and takes on the shape of an invisible coloring. What’s more? Integrating the hue on the weaved back hairstyle helps you look dazzling without efforts.


Show some Highlights For Black Hair

The impact of highlights on hairstyles cannot be underemphasized. It helps in integrating colors and patterning your natural hair to transit to a trendy/chic color. Highlights for black hair also allow you to style your hair differently. Pick a highlighted hairstyle from our list and show some colors everywhere you go.


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