101 Breathtaking Homecoming Hairstyles For You


It is a very sad feeling and the moment when you have to say goodbye to someone who loves for a long time, you miss them when they are not home and maintaining the distance relationship is hard. So to celebrate the happiness of someone returning home after a long time is called homecoming.

It is a way of welcoming home with your loved ones. But on another hand, it is also a celebration that is done of school and colleges dedicating to the passed out students, who used to study in that school or college. Giving a warm sweet message saying you’re always welcomed and is an act for appreciation. Well, for this grand event, you got to look unique and at your best. Because it is an important day and for all good causes. So here are the most breathtaking homecoming hairstyles.

Twisted Updo

homecoming hairstyles

Messy hairs are always appreciated. For them, Because if you mess your hairstyle, you can say it was supposed to look like that. And twisted hair updo is excellent as its extremely easy. Just divide your entire hair into two parts and french twist it. Wrap a twist around your hair then pin it, do the same with a second twist.

This version of twisted updo is different because it is more polished and more cleanly done. It is the same way of doing, but you want your twists to be as neat and tight as possible. The hair can be hairspray to tame any flyaways. Perfect for any business meeting.

Looped Half Ponytail Homecoming Hairstyles

Divide your hair into two parts and grab top half of the hair. And make a half ponytail, make sure to tie it loosely. The reason why you want to tie your hair loosely is that you should it be able to pull your hair tie just a little bit down. Then loop your ponytail, and here you have one of the easiest homecoming hairstyles.

This is the same as the other looped half ponytail. Now, what’s different about this hairstyle is that after you finish looping your hair, take two small sections from each side. Twist it and wrap across the ponytail and pin it. By doing so, you can conceal the hair tie.

Rose Petal Updo

This is such a beautiful hair look. First thing first, make an excellent base for the updo by straightening your hair pin straight. The apply hairspray to make it hard and easy to maneuver. And carefully with lots of hairpins, make each petal individually until it looks like a rose petal.

Beachy Loose Curls

Simplicity at its best. All you have to do is take big chunks of hair. Then curl it loosely and don’t keep your hair for a long time. Using a larger curling iron can also help. Then hairspray just a tiny bit, because we don’t want the hair to be crunchy. After that, lightly run your fingers through your curls to break the curls apart.

Half Dumpling Hair-do

The hairdo looks like a dumpling. First, grab the top half of your hair from one ear to another ear and make a knot bun. Then with the rest of your hair, messily and roughly curl your hair if you want to spice your hairdo a bit.

Twisted Half-do

Let us change things around here for a bit. A normal wrapped around twisted half-do is beautiful at its glory. But adding an element of the braid to heat things just a little bit. First, for each both section, you want to start with braiding your hair for the only couple of times, then only begin twisting your hair, wrap it around your head and secure it.

Elegant Braided Updo

Start by leaving the top half of your hair. Then for the ginormous updo, there is a trick and method to achieve this kind of hairdo. There is something called bun stuffing, which is made of soft squishy material. Place it where you want your bun to be, then start concealing the packing by putting a hair over it and pining it until you make an intricate [pattern and the padding is fully covered. With the front part, make a french braid and wrap it over the hair bun.

Do you know that you can create heart-shaped braids? I know, right! It’s adorable. To get this adorable braid design, braid normally as usual, and lightly pull each side of the braid to make this fluttering hair design and of course a bun to complete the updo.

The updo consists of many twists and rolls and curls. It is quite an interesting updo and needs a particular skill to do this updo. For adding more variance, add two tiny braids to keep your hair out of your face.

Donut Updo With Inverted Braid

This might sound tricky, but stay with me. Bend down and flip your hair upside down, then start braiding your hair upside down until you reach the top of your head and tie a ponytail. You must have heard about the old, cut your socks half to make a donut bun. Pr use other hair tools to create a neat smooth donut bun to complete the look.

Mermaid Braid Half-do

Curl your hair first to add structure to your hair. Then grab your top half and divide that into two parts. Make a fishtail braid n each side, until it meets the center and tie it. Flatten down the braid and lightly tug the braids. After that, make a simple standard braid and tie it. Pull the braids, and here you go.

Dumpling Updo

Leave your bangs and with the rest of your and make a dumpling bun. You can achieve that by twisting and wrapping your hair, then secure it on the place. After that swoop your bangs loosely and wrap it around the bun.

Braided Hairband

Part your hair typically and then start french braiding your hair along the hairline. This will create a hairband effect. Curl rest of your hair to complete these type of homecoming hairstyles.

I love the icy blonde look. It looks so cool and refreshing. The beachy effortless curls are serving justice to the hair color and doing it’s even most. Make a braided hairband by creating two braids and wrap around your head. It looks so good.

Volumised Half Ponytail

The general rule of thumb for half dos are to part your hair from an ear to ear. Neatly grab all of your hair and tie a high ponytail. The trick of make it voluminising is first to add hair extensions to add thickness to the hair. Then start teasing and hair-spraying your hair to the gods. Smoothen the top of ponytail by ever so lightly combing your hair.

Banana Updo

One of the easiest updo. Comb your hair and make sure there are knots. The start is rolling your entire hair towards one direction; that way it looks like a banana bun. Then use a dazzling hairpin to decorate it.

Braided Bun Homecoming Hairstyles

One of the interesting homecoming hairstyles, where the whole updo is based upon braids. Start with french braiding your front hair to the back of your hair. The merge it with the rest of the hair and braid the entire hair. Then tug and pull your braid to make it looser and fluffier and wrap it to make an updo.

Another homecoming hairstyles that revolve around the braids. The exciting factor of this updo is, the braid starts from one side of the head, then gradually goes diagonal to the other side. After braiding to the end, take the end of the braid and pin it on the other side.

This hairstyle is similar to the first one, and it’s just that the braid stops where the bun starts. Make a messy bun to complete the look.

Water Fall Braid

One of the most intricate looking braids is the waterfall braid. Although this homecoming hairstyles look complicated, it is easier than it seems. Just watch a couple of youtube videos, and you are good to go.

Here we have another excellent example of the perfect mix of waterfall braid and messy curls. You can see in the above photo, the mixture of curls and waterfall braid gives this texture to the hair. The added texture enhances and dimensions to the hair color. That is why the hair looks so beautiful as if it’s sun-kissed due to the warm highlights.

Firstly, start with the perfect foundation by creating the most beautiful, well defined S-curve waves. After that start waterfall braiding from each side, and when you meet at the center tie the braid to create a beautiful half.

Twist ANd Braid Half do

Leave the very fronts of your hair. Now take the top half of the hair and do a regular braid. Pull on the braids to mess it up a bit. Then with the front hair that you left out before, divide into four parts and twist it and pin it.

One of the cutest homecoming hairstyles, it looks like as if you are wearing a crown. It is freaking easy and simple and straightforward.

Take two front sections of your hair and french twist it. Then tie it and start fishtail braid. Fishtail braids are a bit different than regular braid, as it only uses two strands to create a braid, and looks like scales on fishtail braid. Now the best part of this homecoming hairstyles are the flowers. The choice and color of the flowers are stunning and matches the hair color so well.

When you don’t want to do a lot with your hair, just waterfall braid both sides of your hair, then pin it in place, roughly curl your hair to complete the look.

Part your hair vertically and grab a thin vertical hair strand right from your hairline. The twist it and pin it behind your ear. Use the top of your hair to hide the hairpin.

Coiled Rose Updo

Make a very deep side parting. After that on the side of the hair, take small strands and coil your hair and pin it. Make 5-6 coils to give a complicated look. After that, make a ringlets tight curls and roughly scrunch your hair and make a messy updo.

French Twist And Braids

The massive trend of gray or silver hair is skyrocketing like crazy. This hair color is eye-catching on itself. Start with french twisting your hair and when you reach the mid-shaft, start french braiding. Do the old tug and pull the braids to make it fluffy.

Wrap Around Ponytail

Tie a ponytail at the mid-range of the head, leaving the front of hair from both sides. The two front hair, which you left, wrap it around the ponytail to give the polish vibe to the hairstyle.

Criss-cross Half Do Homecoming Hairstyles

The method for this hairstyle is to do in layers. Take the top layer strands and criss-cross over each other and pin it, then the bottom layer and criss-cross over and repeat this for few times. Then give yourself a beautiful curl, and you’re good to go.

Messy Top Knot

I love this hair because it is simple and chic. The updo is depended on the volume so don’t hesitate to take help of hair extensions and backcomb your hair to make a substantial fluffy top knot. This is one of those homecoming hairstyles where the messier, the better.

Bow Homecoming Hairstyles

These homecoming hairstyles are celebrity made famous hairstyles. As far as I know, it was Lady Gaga who made a bow hair a thing. Making a bow hair is easier than you think, all you need is hair gel or hairspray to add some sturdiness to the hair.

Messy Elegant Updo

Messy is an understatement in this situation. Messy hair is supposed to be comfortable and effortless, but this hair requires a lot of skills and figuring it out to do. You have to take each strand and pin it to make an updo and also make it look uniform and have a consistent pattern.

One Side French Twist

French twists are very similar to french braid but easier. You start with your desirable side and part your hair two sections and start as close to the hairline as possible. Then twist the two section and grab hairs from the side as you continue to twist your hair. The French twist is those homecoming hairstyles were it is an easier alternative to the french braid and gives a similar effect.

Bohemian Class

The best and easiest way to create bohemian hairstyles are the two main components. Which are first, the messy curls and secondly, stray strands of hair are braided. This hairstyle quickly becomes classy by just simply adding an extravagant hairpiece.

Plaits Turn Into Crown

Divide your hair into two parts and start braiding, as usual, making two plaits. The braids can be f your choice, whichever style you’re comfortable with the most. Now take one side of the braid and wrap the braid across your head and pin it to the other side. Do the same on the other side.

Bubble Gum Hair

Sometimes, its not really about the styling and cutting. It also may be changing the color of your hair. You can choose how extreme change do you want. Here it is demonstrating the perfect bubble gum hair with the colors used are the ideal shade of bubble gum pink and violet.

Messy Curls Updo

Updos are great when it comes to homecoming hairstyles. To give more character and personality to the hair, let’s start by messily curling the hair. And provide the most important to the bangs and curling the bangs in a way it frames your face perfectly.

Flower And Braid Crown

Flower crowns have been blowing out since it became a stable hair accessory for Coachella. And many women love to rock flower hairband on music festivals. After the trend of flower hairband, came the braided hair faux hairband. This homecoming hairstyle has mixed both element of the flower crown and braided headband.

Messy Mermaid Braid

Messy hair is one of the most popular hairstyles due to many reasons for being fast and effortless. Mermaid braids are those braids that almost resembles the scales of a fish. That’s why it got its name. The mixture of the beach (ocean) and mermaids element can never go wrong.

Brunette Twisted Half-do With Highlights

Highlighting your hair means to lighten only specific particular hair strands. The hair strands are skinny, and the highlights are mostly done only on the top layer of hair. Now doing the french twist of the top half of your hair and tie it, the highlights add refreshing touch the hairstyle.

Messy Updo

One of the classic homecoming hairstyles which are the definition of messy bun. Starting by curling your hair and then scrunch your hair and pin it to create the messy bun. There are no specific ways to do it, neither there is any right or wrong to do. That might be the reason why it is so popular.

Bombshell Curl

Think of big luxurious hair with crisply defined yet loose flowing curls. That’s what a Victoria Secrets model bombshell curl is all about. It is the perfect balance between define curls and big curls. Another essential technique is to curl all of your hair facing outwards from your face and adding a lot of volumes.

Tie Knot Updo

An interesting way of creating an updo. The way this updo is done by creating knots, literally like you would do a shoelace. And after every knot, grab some more hair and create knot as you gradually go down. This is one of the most innovative ways to create an updo. One of the most eye-catching homecoming hairstyles.

Chunky Braid And Loose Curls

Very straightforward homecoming hairstyles. It’s a safe bet, and you can never go wrong. Start with curling your hair loosely curling your hair facing your face outwards and at one direction. Adding the chunky braid to pull the look together.

Spiral Curl With Knotted Half

Spiral Curl is an exciting way of curl where you lay your hair flat to the curling iron, and curl it. The impressive way of achieving this curl is the parting and sectioning of your hair, and you have to part your hair vertically with thin sections of hair to create this kind of curl.  After that twist the top half and make a knot.

Dainty Decorated Chignons

Chignons are one of the most complicated hair looks, and in graduation hairstyles, there is no exception. But to add some spice up to this already gorgeous look is by just adding beautiful pieces of hair accessories.

Slaying The Natural Curls

When it comes to special occasions, people love to experiment with new looks. Straight hair ladies curl their hair, and curly hair ladies straighten it. What is heartbreaking is that naturally curly hair are so underrated and people with beautiful curls would go on different lengths to have straight hair. I hope ladies start to embrace their natural hairs more.

Twist And Knot Updo Graduation Hairstyles

This graduation hairstyle has a unique pattern. The updo consists of first sectioning your hair into three different layers. Then twist your hair from the topmost layer and when two ends meet, make a knot and pin it. Repeat the same until you reach the last tier. After making the knot, pin the hair underneath the updo to complete the look.

Elegant Graduation Hairstyles

Let’s start with the first hairstyle. In the first hairstyle, take a chunky piece from the front of your hair and braid it. After that bring the braid on a diagonal angle and merge it with the rest of your hair. Then make a messy bun, and there you have it.

For the second hairstyle, this is an Afro hair that we are styling. Because of the thickness and texture, this type of hair can be very volumizing. Taking that to the advantage, divide your hair into two parts. The on the bottom hair, blow-dry your hair straight using the tension method. The hair doesn’t have to be perfectly straight. Make a simple bun. And with the front part of your hair, which will be your bangs, apply a curl defining products to make the curls look polished and defined.

Hope you loved the homecoming hairstyles as much as I did. Take care!


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