111 Stunning Lilac Hair Ideas to Change Your Hair Game Today


Hair and beauty trends are always changing, and the new rage is the lilac hair trend! You must have seen multiple shades of lilac tones worn by influencers and celebrities! These hues have been getting everyone excited, and we are here to show you why this can be the best hairstyle you ever tried in your life! You can experiment with other colors as well and come up with a blend that works out well for your skin tone. It is all up to you to decide what hues you want to get on your locks!

With celebs like Kim Kardashian and Cardi B flaunting these colors on themselves, we are sure to get excited about them! You can get the look of your choice with these color options here. We have compiled a list of the most loved lilac hair trends and also paired together looks that you can wear them with. As you navigate through these hairstyles, you will surely find the one for you. Make sure you get the hues to suit your skin tone and make you look and feel comfortable. Check out these 111 variations of lilac hair right here and head to your salon to get them done today!

Topknot For Everyday

These top knot hairstyles are immensely popular, and we inevitably find this to be a helpful hairdo for those lazy days. All you need to do it wrap your lilac hair on top and tie them up and you need not be very precise as well!

lilac hair Professionally Colored Hair

There is a big difference between getting your hair colored at home and getting it done professionally! You will notice it when you get your hair colored and treated in a salon. They come out better and are also sleeker and smoother because of the treatments!

Lilac shades for thin hair

You can get these lilac shade on them to make all kind of hair look polished! You can see how they bring the oomph to the hair and make them look stylish! You can wear this look here to your office as well.

Light and dark shades

This hairdo is distinctive, and it has the perfect balance of light and dark in them for sure! You can see there are dark tones on the front here and the rest of the hair has the lighter lilac tones. You are sure to love this look!

The pop of Colors

Your hair can look the best when you add the colors of your choice on to them. The shades here at the base are purple toned, and the rest has the lavender lilac hues. But we have to appreciate how the makeup is binding the whole look together!

Hints of blue

You can see the touches of blues in this hair right here, and we are in awe of how great it looks. It has been done on the roots, and the dark black shades are also there on the base color at the top. It sure adds depth to the whole look!

Shine Through

There has to be some shine and luster in your hair if you want them to look healthy! There is no way that the hair can look perfectly shiny all the time. You can add some conditioning products to help your hair heal through and stay that way.


There is fun looking headbands with multiple colors and shades on, and they can make a simple hairstyle look awesome! You can get any color and pattern on them and add them to your braids or loose hair to add that flair to your hair. This is an easy fix for your locks!

Wintery Vibes

There are cold winter vibes in these looks here, and we are in recommending you to try these out for the same effect. If you have pale skin, then the snow and the whole lilac hair will bring out a cold quality in your attire.

Shades Of ash Blonde

Ash blonde is a versatile color and can be used in a lot of ways. There are tones and tinges that you can add to your hair and make them pop out! Here we present to you the ombre and full on shades as well in which you can wear your ash blonde hues.


Dark purple with lilac tones

Purple tones on the hair have been popular over the years. You can see how the light shades here create a nice lilac hair ombre look. The hair has been braided here, and the clasps on them have added an edge to the look.

Platinum blonde hues

One of the most popular tones that you can try on in today’s time is the platinum blonde! You can see how attractive it is and celebs like Kim Kardashian and Cardi B have also tried on these hues. The dark roots make an impact too.

 Long Hair

Long hair is something many women aspire to have. The length you have gives you the freedom to experiment with many hairstyles. They can look luscious and gorgeous when you add some waves and curls to your hair. Here are a few ideas that you are sure to love!

Blue tones

This blue hues hair is lovely, and the bangs here help to frame the face well. You can see the long hair here, and the whole look has an edge to it for sure. Try this shade to look and feel unique!

Textured Long Hair

If you have long hair, you can add these waves to them and get the perfect texture that you want. Here is a look that you can take inspiration from. If you’re going to try on this look, you can also get the hair extensions on!

Ruffled edgy look

There are lilac grey tones in here, and it also has a red to pink tint on the sides here. You can see how the hair here has the perfect balance to it. Try out this edgy look and enjoy the angled short hair!

Braided hairstyles

Adding braids to your hair can make them look graceful and feminine. Here are a few of the most beautiful braided hairstyles that you can try on with your lilac hair. Check them out, and you are sure to love at least once!

For all ages

There is no age limit to trying on the shade of lilac on your hair. Here we have silver lilac hair that will work well for mature women.

Multi braids on

There are multi braids here in this look, and we are in love with how youthful it looks. There are two options here for you with purple tones on one and blue hues on the other. You can wear this to your everyday chores as well.

Anime Vibes

The hairstyle here is so perfect that it almost looks like an animation. You can take your favorite anime character and try this shade on to look like them! Make sure you get pastel shades for added shine!

Rose Gold Pink tones

Rose gold is a fantastic color, and you can try on any tones of this shade with other colors as well. You can add dark black tones to them and still manage to look your best. Here are some looks you can reference as well.

Twisted braids

Here is a look sure to get you a lot of compliments. You can see the braids here, and the sections on the back are twisted as well. This look is sure to be helpful for a day out!

Short funky Hair

Here are some lilac hair short looks that you can try on if you are not a fan of long locks. They are easier to take care of, and they do not tangle as well. It is easier to style, as well!

Twist braided pin-up

Braid some sections of your hair and then pin them down on the back here. You can achieve this twisted braids in a matter of time, and it sure looks beautiful! Try it out for an easy, fun look!

Curls on Purple tones

You most probably have tried on coils on yourself a lot of times. They are a fun way to add some life into your hair and give it some body and movement as well. Here are some purple lilac shades with curls on them.


Side shaven Look

The sides here are shaved, and they add that fierce vibe to the whole look. The purple spikey hair has the same effect as well. You can see that this is a look that only some women would love for it is bold!

Clasps on

There are clasps on this look here, and they are not new to the hairstyling game. You can wear this look for a night out with your friends, and that will look amazing. Set yourself to be unique and go for this bold look right here!

Brown tones

Brown is a vibrant tone for many women. They are earthy, and most of the time are the first hair colors that you try on. They can make a great pair with other hues as well, and here are some options for you to navigate through!

Tones of light blue

There are shades of light blue in here, and they merge well with the lilac tones in the whole hair. You can see that this is a look that most would be comfortable trying on since it has subtle and beautiful colors packed together.

Central Parted bob

If you want to achieve a more well-transitioned look, then you can opt for a central part for sure! They can help you achieve a slimmer face as well, and you need not worry about your hair when you have a bob!

Deep tones and waves

Adding waves to deep tones of hair colors can bring out the shine in them and make it look healthier. Make sure you have some light hues in there too to balance the look out!

Festive look

This is a festive look, and you will love it for when you are in a hurry! You can create this look in a matter of minutes and look great all day long!

The basic bun

Even basic hairdos will manage to look great when you have the right hair color on! The lilac shades here are fantastic for the same purpose!

Sleek Straightened Hair

If you are not fond of curls and textures and are looking for a smooth, sleek option, this is undoubtedly one you cannot miss! This look has been loved and sported by celebs and stylists as well, and we recommend you try it too!

The bob haircut

Bob needs no introduction by now. Everyone knows that the bob was a big trend back in 2018 and still has its grip strong on women of all ages. These shades here and cuts make a difference in the bob hairstyles and will give you a fresh appeal!

Lady Gaga’s look

Lady Gaga has the guts to try on any hairstyle and make it look trendy and effortless! Here she has silver lilac hair on, and she looks stunning in them. There is a well-rounded vibe to the whole look, and we love it!

Everyday fabulous!

Once you get your hair colored in these lilac shades, you can leave all your worries about your hair. They will manage to look fabulous and stylish, even if you do not style them every day. Here is a look that can show you how!

Blunt Cut Bob Hairstyle

Bob is a hairstyle that took a lot of attention from everyone last year. You can see the dark shades here, and they cascade to a light purple lilac tone as we move down to the ends here. You can get this trendy style no matter what face shape you have!

Mysterious Hairdo

The purple shades here are great, and you can see how you can opt for a simple wavy hair or a majestic hairdo when you have lilac hair. The hairstyles show how versatile this color is. You are sure to look gorgeous no matter what your preference is.


The ponytail on the messier side

The ponytail here is a basic hairdo for sure. You can see the ruffled section here, and they add a relaxed vibe to the hair. You can look as effortless as you want when you try on the messy ponytail.

Unicorn Hair

Unicorn hair is another trend that you can follow when you try on the lilac hair. There are pinks and light ash blonde tones here as well. They all work well together to make the hair resemble the colors on a unicorn.

On the pinker side

There are pink tones to the look here, and we are so in love with them. The dark black hues on the base here are perfect, and the blue tones are complementary as well. The braids here make all these colors look stunning.

Multiple hairdos

This is an excellent example of dark lilac hair paired with light shades as well. You can see the colors are well done, and they can be the perfect base to create any hairstyle. They look good and add depth to any hairstyle you do!

Darker on one side

This is one unique look for sure, and you are sure to get compliments and also stand out when you try this one. The sections of hair have been colored differently here. One half has lilac on them, and the other half has black dye on it!


Volume on Lilac Hair

There is volume in this hair right here, and we are always aspiring to get such a look for ourselves as well. There are grey lilac hair like these that are getting a lot of attention, and it is safe to say that grey pairs well with lilac!

Shiny, Healthy Locks!

Pastel shades can make your hair look healthier and also gives it a natural sheen. You can get the look by using specific colors on the market! Here are some pastel lilac hair dye options and you can choose them to get shine and color to your hair.

Play of colors

The colors here are admirable, and we are in love with how the shades turn out here! The reds and pinks on top here are bright, and they slowly cascade to the purple lilac and blue hues. You can see the magical blend of colors, and we do want you to try them on!

Short waves on bob

You can see the mid-length bob here, and we love the texture in them too. You can see the waves here, and they add that volume on to the hair that we love. The purple tones are sure to get yours and everybody else’s attention!

Flower ornaments

Flowers have been added to hairstyles to get them a feminine touch for years. They can be worn to weddings, and nowadays they have gained a lot of popularity. You can wear this headband with flowers on them on your hair as well for a festive look.

Day out hairstyle

If you have plans to meet up with your friends, then this is undoubtedly a look you need to get on board with! You can see the violet to purple tones in this lilac hair, and we are in awe of how great it looks even with minimal styling.

Loosely tied hair

There are hairstyles that you can try on in a matter of minutes. This look is perfect for teenagers and youngsters! You only need a hair tie and a comb for this look. Take sections from the top and tie it loosely on the back and you are done!

Blunt Edges

Over the years, the blunt cut has gained a lot of popularity. Women are gravitating towards not only colors and trends like lilac hair but cut like blunt cut hair as well. You can try this look right here if you find these sharp edges to be appealing!

Dark tones

There are hues of dark hair here, and they are concentrated on the base of the hair. You can try on this look if you are not too confident about getting lilac hair on the full length of your hair. When you style them, they sure look stunning.

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With Your Shades on!

These hairstyles are great to be worn on the summers. You can see how these locks can work out with prescription shades and even sunglasses!

Special Occasions!

This look right here is for those special occasions that you need to attend to. They can be worn to weddings as well. There are fishtail braids on here, and the added flowers make a difference as well. The lilac hair is the hero here for sure!

These lilac hair ideas are sure to get you inspired to experiment with the ongoing hair trends! You can try on shades and tones and look your best. They are not widely overpowering and have a softer and subtle to it as well. You can try any hairstyle on with your colored hair, and you will manage to look polished. Make sure you get the undertones correct so that they are flattering for you. You can take professional help if you are not confident about getting them done back home by yourself.

You need to get your hair cut beforehand and also treat your hair with some conditioning hair products. You will also need to lower the number of times you wash your hair in a week to maintain the color intensity and stop it from fading away faster. There are purple shampoos in the market readily available, and you can use them to lock the colors in and protect your hair as well. You have to make an effort to condition your hair to protect it from further damage deeply. Not doing so can lead to coarse and brittle hair, which is not a trendy look for sure!

If you found the perfect lilac hair for you, then give this article a thumbs up and also share it with people who you think would want to try on these hues. You can leave us a comment to let us know what your thoughts are about this article and also tell us about your experience of trying on the color as well! Stay with us for more on such fashion-forward hair related topics. Till next time, stay stylish!


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