100+ Medium Hairstyles to Keep You in the Spotlight in 2020


Medium hairstyles are numerous, allowing you to choose from a wide variety that is also easy to maintain. If your hair is medium length, then you are surely interested which hairstyles will keep you in the spotlight during this year.

Among 2019’s trends we can count loose curls, different types of waves, but also shiny, sleek and straight hair. Most of the ideas below are easy enough to do yourself. In addition, it is a known fact that all medium hairstyles last longer, better and are easier to style.

These hairstyles do not bring radical changes to the main elements we are used to. Specialists in this field believe that it is important to choose a hairstyle that highlights our features, and not necessarily one that falls within a certain trend. Hairstyles for medium hair are based on the fact that women who have medium-length hair can choose from a wide range of models.

  1. Low braided bun with loose strands

medium hairstyles

2. Amazing updo with curled hair

3. Layered blonde hairstyle with bangs

4. Volume and length in one hairstyle

5. Flowy hair twigs and long bangs

6. Messy medium hair with a braided crown

7. Classic curled ends on blonde twigs

8. Regular cut with blonde highlights for volume

9. Half up, half down balayage hair

10. Slightly waved hair adds charm

Discover 2019’s Tendencies for Medium Long Hair

This year’s tendencies when it comes to medium hairstyles doesn’t promote excessive styling. It’s all about choosing simple styles for your hair that are adaptable and easy to wear. In addition, such hair length can be highlighted through various styling methods, as well as the wearer’s attitude.

Almost every medium hairstyle is easy to achieve. Moreover, they are easy to reinvent, and promote variation. Such hair length is ideal because it allows you to switch between styles or to just let it free because it will not make you uncomfortable.

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11. Braided crown on beige highlighted hair

12. Curly hair with curly bangs

13. Medium long bob with sun kissed twigs

14. Red brown hair with messy curls

15. Wavy hair flows like water in a cascade 

16. Copper and blonde highlights on hair cut to the shoulders

17. Ashy tones on voluminous medium hair

18. Straight hair swept on a side

19. Shiny hair that looks freshly blow-dried 

20. Cute and practical blonde bob

Add Curls to Your Medium Length Hair

Curls are considered romantic and feminine. They represent the kind of style that never gets out of fashion. Whether they are let loose, or nicely styled in an updo or braided, curls confer a very natural and elegant feeling.

In addition, medium hairstyles with curls are easily adaptable and can be worn in a large variety of combinations and on different occasions. Keep in mind that if you opt for curls, to create the loops towards the tips, not starting from the roots. This is because they would take too much of the hair’s length.

Put Your Hair up in a Bun

Having medium hair is quite suitable for making a lightweight bun that is very stylish. Because it is such a simple hairstyle, the bun can be done in a short amount of time and without using too much styling products.

It is recommended though to use hairspray in order to make your bun last longer, but that’s not mandatory. If you don’t have the shiniest or softest hair, then you have an extra reason not to use styling products.

When you opt for buns, don’t forget to also add an accessories. From simple decorative pins, to more elaborate jewelry, you have many options to choose from depending on the occasion.

Also, we shouldn’t overlook the fact that buns are suitable for women of all ages. If it’s your first time wanting to try a bun, then you should consider using a common item such as a sock.

Conversely, if you don’t want a neat bun, but a messy one, just leave it on the nape of the neck and carefully pull out some twigs to turn heads around you!

21. A crown of roses on rose hair

22. Medium hairstyles for women kept in trends

23. Ravishing dyed hair made of chocolate and purple mix

24. Celebrity style promotes and angelic and retro look

25. Make a low bun taking the following instructions

26. Flowy and cute medium cut with waves

27. Natural curly hair swept on a side

28. A mix of dark ashy roots and light blonde neatly braided

29. Medium cut with volume and front highlights


30. Honey blonde hair waved with style

Decide to Sweep Your Hair on a Side

Medium hairstyles that feature hair swept on a side will be a great hit this year. This is because they have a nice youthful and cool feel to them. Even if you don’t have bangs, you can still sweep your hair on a side, as comfortably as possible.

In order to reinvent one side dos, don’t hesitate to use the flat iron to create the illusion of perfection. Also, add any type of accessory that helps your hair stay put regardless of weather.

Turn Heads With the Classical Ponytail

Classical or not, the point is to use the length of your hair in your favor and create flashy looks. Regardless of how long your hair is, you should still be able to at least put up half of your hair in a ponytail.

What you can do to make it look that you have more hair than you actually do, is to confer volume to the ponytail, as well as in the front. Use bobby pins and hairspray to make this look happen for you. The ponytail can be waved, straightened or even braided.

31. Half top knot and half down

32. Medium cut with natural curls shaped with hair foam

33. Medium long asymmetrical bob

34. Rich blonde hair with big, defined curls

35. Sleek shoulder length hair swept over the head

36. Short to medium bob with bangs

37. Classy and stylish dark brown hairstyle

38. Natural wavy hair with long bangs

39. Celebrity wears trendy medium hairstyles for women

40. Jessica Biel effortlessly looking amazing with messy curled hair

Include Volume in Your Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Most of the time, you’ll see that medium hairstyles 2019 feature a lot of volume. If your hair is layer and you also have bangs, then you have extra reasons to try a hairstyle with volume.

In order to give volume to your hair, you should use a big round hairbrush and the hairdryer. Also, it is necessary to use special hair products destined to give hair volume. Among the must have products are shampoo and hairspray for volume.

Since medium long hair is easy to maintain, you can play with it and create stylish looks for yourself. You can adapt them according to the event you are going to attend or for everyday life, as well as depending on your mood.

41. Make a fishtail on the side

42. Bleached tips add more volume and texture

43. The type of high bun that celebrities wear

44. Straight, shiny hair embellished with a braid

45. Long bob on a very charming redhead

46. Highly layered hairstyle for thin hair

47. Braided bangs and curled ends for the wedding day

48. Over the shoulder cut with brown undertones

49. Wavy hair and a middle parting

50. Retro look with tight curls

Gypsy Accents in a Hairstyle for Medium Hair

Medium hair is ideal for a hairstyle with gypsy accents. A unique style, this one features lots of layers and may create the feeling of messy hair. With this look, it seems that hairstylists count on simplicity. This is because is it a hairstyle easy to do, at home or at the salon.

You might be wondering what type of person would look good with it. The answer is really simple. If you are a woman who wants neatly styled hair or who wants to express her inner dynamism, then you can try it as well!

The secret of this medium cut is layering. Layering confers the type of volume that turns head. However, you might have to deal with hair electrification, aspect which can be solved with hair oils for example.

51. Rihanna’s medium hairstyles over the years

Rihanna is a Hollywood star who has also tried medium hairstyles over the years. Sometimes she went for curls, while other times she preferred keeping her hair straight. However, most of the hairstyles for medium hair that she chose were easy to maintain and easily adaptable to any occasion. Whether she opted for a messy top knot, like the one above, or sleek and refined dos, she always looked stunning. You can steal her look if you want to create a fresh, younger and adorable image for yourself.

52. Straight hair layered in three steps

53. Jennifer Aniston and her medium cut

Jennifer Aniston can be set as an example when it comes to medium hair. Her hairstyles usually feature two elements. The first element is about the way the hair frames the face, giving it shine and power. The second element is all about volume.

54. Medium hair for naturally curly girls

If your hair is naturally curly, then you should know that cutting it right is more important than styling it. Even if cutting curly hair is not as easy as cutting straight hair, this is something that needs to be done. It is said that if your hair is curly, then you should look for a hairstylist with curly hair. This is because it is the only way to make sure that he or she knows all the tips and tricks needed to cut and style curly hair. Once cut accordingly, styling curly medium hair becomes a less complicated operation.

55. Wedding hairstyle for medium long hair

A bride with medium hair can easily be in trends during 2019. This is because the basics stay the same: the hairstyle chosen must continue the story told by the dress. Since the wedding day should be a unique moment in a woman’s life, everything must be perfect. In the picture above, the look inspires naivety, femininity, innocence and so on. However, if you want to look like a femme fatale, maybe you should opt for other styles.

56. Messy bun secured with a golden accessory

57. Hair braided on a side with volume in the back

58. Curly hair doing its thing

59. Voluminous bob with a side parting

60. Jessica Alba’s hairstyles for medium hair

Jessica Alba has tried lots of medium hairstyles. We are all aware of the fact that this woman shines while she’s on the stage or the red carpet and we can say that her hair helps her a lot. She is counting on curls because they suit her very well. However, she looks just as stunning with a middle parting and straight hair.

61. Jessica Alba with side swept hair and waves

62. Blushing girl look completed by blonde locks

63. Medium hairstyles made of twists

64. Layered natural brown hairdo

65. Textured bangs and tips framing the face

66. Cute bob cut with natural curls in the back

67. Oval face perfectly framed with tight curls

68. Layers everywhere done for volume everywhere

69. Wavy bob with a braided side

70. High volume obtained from thin hair

Tips and Tricks for Medium Hairstyles 2019

During this year, most hairstyles for medium hair will be highly inspired from classical dos, which are elegant and suited for various occasions. This year promotes good looks and practicality above all. So, you can expect simple, easy to do and to wear hairstyles, especially for medium hair.

  • Forget about complex hairstyles

Although you want to turn heads with your medium cut, you don’t have to spend too much time styling your hair or opt for a complex do. Also, try to use little to no hair products or tools that imply the usage of heat. Instead, rely on a good hair brush, hair spray, hair pins and hair bands. The main idea is to obtain maximum effect with minimum work.

  • Volume is the secret

The tone of a hairstyle is set by its volume. A medium cut will not be noticed or it will look common if it lacks volume. In case you have thin hair, the hairspray doesn’t work and you don’t know what else to do in order to get some volume in your hair, then tease it a little. Start from the roots and gently tease the hair.

  • Highlight your features properly

The best hairstyle is not one that is fashionable. It is one that highlights your best features and hides the less flattering ones. Therefore, if you want your face to be seen, then choose medium hairstyles that take the hair away from your face. Conversely, if you want to hide certain areas of your face, then let your hair loose and try to make it frame your face as well as possible.

  • Choose the right accessories for your hair

Although hair accessories look very nice and some of them confer a special kind of elegance, you still have to be careful when you attach them to medium hair. This is because they have to match your outfit and the place you’re going to wear them. Also, wearing a big hair accessory might make you uncomfortable.

71. Celebrity hair layered from chin down

72. Wavy ombre hair on a medium cut

73. Textured hair from the eyes down

74. Platinum blonde medium hair with bangs

75. Curled hairstyle with blonde and red highlights

76. The type of natural look obtained artificially 

77. Volume hair based on curling

78. Blonde haircut layered for more volume

79. Medium hairstyles promoted by Hollywood stars

80. Looking confident with messy locks

Hair Colors for Medium Cut Hairstyles

As you have already seen in the examples above, there is no main tendency when it comes to colors. Ombre hair, balayage hair and even hair colored in crazy colors are still in and probably will be because they look to awesome to go out of fashion.

Natural browns and ashy to platinum blonde tend to be chosen by the majority of modern women. Reds are not out of fashion, but not everyone is daring enough to try such an eye-catching color.

Curled hair looks best when it is dyed in various shades with darker undertones and highlights. So, this hair dyeing technique will continue to enchant us this year as well.

81. From short to medium long curls

82. Straight hair flows naturally past the shoulders

83. Half bun, half messy waves

84. Curly medium hairstyles idea for special events

85. Slightly waved hair parted almost in the middle

86. Seductive look with natural blonde tones and fringes

87. High volume and loose curls on a blonde beauty

88. Medium hairstyle for mature women

89. Brown to copper hair cut in a simple way

90. Bridal hairstyle with accessories

91. Easy to wear medium cut

92. Statement jewelry applied on wedding styled hair

In conclusion, if you don’t have difficult hair or hair with special needs, then you have plenty of options when it comes to choosing hairstyles for medium hair. Besides the pictures found in this article, you can also steal celebrity styles because they are always trendy and know what goes and what stays in 2019.


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