70+ Swoon Micro Braids Ideas Come to Rescue Your Hairstyle


Part of a multicultural heritage, micro braids are, without a doubt, one of the coolest ways to get people to notice you regardless of season. If your hair is long, then you have no reason not to try them. No other hairstyle highlights the richness of your hair and your natural beauty like this one does.

As it follows, you will get the chance to browse through tens of pictures featuring different types of micro braids. One or more will definitely suit you and transform you into the center of attention anywhere you go.

If you’ve managed to comb your hair in various African styles before or you’ve been approached by a stylist who wanted to try such unforgettable hairstyle on you, then don’t hesitate to look further! The best recommendations are waiting for you below!

Say yes to becoming a more charming version of yourself, who makes others think of beauty, naturalness and a touch of exotic when they look at you.

  1. Micro braids with curly loose ends

micro braids

Whether your hair is curly or straight, you can easily opt for micro braids. Curly hair results in a wet and wavy micro-weave that looks very charming. The braids are wavy here. Stylists recommend using a serum to suppress the curly nature of your hair when you want to try micro braids to straight hair.

2. Perfect golden hue to match the skin

3. Thin twists looking like thin braids

The picture above actually presents twists, not braids. They are done different by parting a section of hair in two, not three.

4. Layers of color can be added

Use multi-layered colors to create interest in your micro-braiding style without having to mix different colors in each single braid.

5. Perfectly groomed and reinforced 

6. A closeup view of root braiding only

7. Two inches of braiding are enough

This hairstyle is a masterpiece. There are very few braids in the upper part of the scalp because most of the hair remains free. The ends can be styled wavy or straight.

8. The top knot made of braids

Whether you go to the supermarket or on a date, this look is cute, trendy and easy to throw together.

9. Detail image of root braiding

10. Thin braids unleashing in waves

What are Micro Braids?

Braids are one of the most popular ways to wear natural hair because they come with almost endless possibilities. In a sea of incredible wickerwork, micro braids can be the most versatile of them all.

We are talking about the classic braiding technique, with three strands of hair. These super thin braids are thin enough to make complicated up-dos with. You can wear them braided to the ends or leave them open with loose, flowing hair.

11. The tips remain free

12. Half up, half down hairdo done differently

13. Braids fade away in a high bun

14. A high bun and a side cut

15. Part your hair as usual

16. The facial expression of contempt 

17. You can go for a totally different color

18. Add red synthetic hair for the effect

19. Micro braids styled like normal hair

20. Ponytail hairstyle for braided hair

There’s nothing like braided hair pulled together into a ponytail. The way you want to wear the ponytail is up to you. You can wear it high or low. This style is perfect for all women or girls. Women who live in humid areas often style their hair like this.

How Long Should Your Hair Be?

The minimum length your natural hair should have for this hairstyle is 2 inches (5 cm). However, you should know that although braiding such short hair is possible, the result will not be as neat and as smooth as in case of longer hair.

In fact, if you decide to add extensions to those braids, the tips of your natural hair will most definitely stick out. Thus, creating a less aesthetic result which will not stand the test of time. In other words, the braiding will not hold through too many washes.

Something you should keep in mind is that cutting those hairs that stick out is a total no-no. After you’re done wearing micro braids, your hair will not look pretty undone.

Hair Extensions for Thin Braids

Synthetic and human hair extensions are both an option with micro braids, which means you do not have to break the bank to get this cool protective style. If you have short hair, it is possible to extend its length without changing its natural appearance. For best results, it is advisable to use human hair extensions. This hairstyle is not suited just for people with curly or kinky hair.

Synthetic or natural hair can be added starting from the hairline. Next, it is braided out at 1 inch (2-3 cm) over the initial hair length. What’s great about synthetic hair is that it confers more fullness, it increases the wearing time by a few months and it protects the natural hair. In addition, one can achieve great effects by imposing synthetic hair in different colors.

21. A mix of colors and shininess

22. Asymmetrical hairstyle achieved differently

If you’re bored of the braided models that are all the same length, try this asymmetric bob for your next micro-braid style. This shape is ideal for women with round faces as it pulls the eyes down and lengthens the face.

23. The cornrow technique in detail

Why stop at a braid? Increase your style by incorporating mini braids between larger sections for a new interpretation of proven cornrows.

24. Really fine and thin braiding work

25. The braiding is barely visible

26. Braids come out evenly from the root to the ends

27. Two buns almost like Princess Leia

We are convinced that if the regretted Carrie Fisher had discovered the hairstyle above, she would have thought it was simply perfect for Princess Leia. The space braids, made famous by the intergalactic heroine, are raised at the top of the head, becoming a hybrid. It’s totally wow!

28. A hairstyle that makes you smile

29. Cornrow and an up-do in one

30. Micro braiding at its finest

Who Can Wear Micro Braids?

Thin braids are suitable for every hair type and of course for every hair color! Men, women and children look equally good with this hairstyle, which is very versatile.

Very short braids are very cool especially for boys, while girls tend to wear them longer. Women also have the option to leave their ends loose, to straighten or curl the hair.

The thickness of the braids and the division of the hair into clean geometrical patterns also contributes to the creation of many optical variants.

Micro Braising as Protective Style

So, if you think about it, this is also a protective style for your hair. In other words, you can give your natural hair time to grow healthy again while you wear micro braids.

While the hair is braided, it is no longer strained by the daily styling routine, such as brushing, blow drying, flat ironing, the usage of styling products and so on. Thus, it can recover faster and grow wonderfully! Even very fine hair can be grown in this way.

31. Choose the parting however you like

32. Braiding so thin like a strand of hair

33. Copper and red highlight braids better

34. Slightly thicker braids on straight hair

35. Strands of hair braided almost microscopical 

36. Micro braiding done without extensions 

If your hair is too thin, then you might not get the look that you want. The picture above is just an example that extensions are sometimes not optional at all.

37. Long braided look worn by an African-American woman

Black women love to style their hair with the help of micro braids. These look elegant and can free any woman from the stress of grooming and adjusting their hair every day. Such hair can be fashioned in its own way without putting too much pressure on the braided hair.

38. 2 to 3 inches of braiding are enough

39. Hair half braided, half free

40. Gorgeous hairstyle regardless of woman type

Caring for Thin Braids Hairstyles

The right care for micro braids is, of course, also crucial. In order to enjoy this beautiful look for long, you must take certain steps. Even so, the majority of braids wearers say they are extremely easy to care for. Simply wash them and let them dry naturally.

This is why sporty people, as well as late night sleepers just love them. Even people with frizzy or difficult to work with hair are more advantaged by this type of braids.

Neat braids can also be combined with other weaving techniques, such as twists, magic twist locks, magic locks, dreadlocks – there are no limits to your imagination!

Incidentally, they also look very nice when they are decorated with accessories such as pearls, hairbands and so on, or when artificial hair is used in different colors as well. Synthetic hair is available in every natural and colorful color you can think of.

41. Braiding what’s already braided

Micro braids are perfect for all types of updos like this bun. Such a style can make you see and feel the red carpet, but it will also look appropriate in your day to day life.

42. Long braiding hours end in perfection

43. Thinner hair doesn’t look as spectacular 

44. Two colors and hundreds of micro braids

45. Beyonce sporting root thin braids

46. Braided roots and straightened hair

47. Layers work on braided hair too

The thin texture of the braids gives them a lot of bounce and movement and allows multi-layered looks, which leave you plenty of room to play.

48. Shiny and sleek celebrity braids

This hairstyle is brilliant perfection that would make anyone look their best on the red carpet. Use a special spray for braids that adds shine to your natural or synthetic hair.

49. Short bob made entirely out of braided hair

50. Kinky hair goes all the way

Bohemian Hairstyle With Long Braids

Micro braids have a supreme advantage over other types of braids or even hairstyles. This is because they are special and they manage to catch the eye without too much effort. This is their secret: They shine without you having to find inventive ways to bring them into the spotlight.

Take Tessa Thompson’s example and you’ll understand what we mean. Moreover, do not hesitate to use extensions. They will offer you the freedom to let your braids hang freely on your body or tie them on a side. The freedom aura of the boho style combined with these special braids are supposed to be enough for your charm to become magnetic.

Create Contrast With Dark Roots and Blonde Hair

This Afro hairstyle overlaid by blonde hair is really special: it associates the exoticism of dark roots with the delicacy of golden strands. If your roots are dark, the effect will be even more dramatic! In addition, this hairstyle also requires long hair in order to have the maximum effect.

Coachella Look With Colored Strands

Chanel Iman is simply gorgeous, and the hairstyle she wore at Coachella is perfect for a festival look. Color a few strands of hair with purple, blue, green or any other hair dye you can think of in order to steal her look. Conversely, add colored extensions to accessorize your hair even more.

Ombre Hair Done With Thin Braids

If you are looking to add refinement and character to your thin braids, then you should consider the ombre hair technique. All you have to do is adapt it to your new hairstyle. Of course, if you think obtaining this look is hard by yourself, then seek professional help.

Braid Micro Braids into a Crown

Your majestic personality can be expressed by putting your thin braids into a crown. This look might make you feel like the queen of the desert. Complete this look with powerful makeup to further highlight the noble character of this hairstyle!

51. A satisfied client and fan

52. The look of having the perfect hairstyle

53. Amateur braiding doesn’t look as great

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54. A thatch is a blessing

55. Mohawks are not out of the question

56. Celebrity who chose micro braiding

57. A messy bun done with thin braids

58. Braids don’t care about color or race

59. Dyed hair braided as a protective style

60. An up-do based on twisting braids

This twisted up-do is a particularly sophisticated way to keep your thin braids secure and out of the face. Use this style to hold your hair together at work or on special occasions.

Glam Look Done With Thin Braids

India Love is one of the shiniest queens of Instagram. Her micro braids adorned with golden accents fit her perfectly! If you want to wear braids and have a glam look at the same time, then add golden extensions to your hair. You can also dye your natural hair if you want to commit to this style.

Does Micro Braiding Affect Your Scalp?

First of all you must know that it doesn’t hurt a bit to have your hair braided in such small chunks. This is mostly because whoever is experienced enough also has a lot of patience and proven technique. Pain means that your hair was braided too tight. Even so, your scalp may feel like it is stretching for a day or two.

61. Fishtail made of braids

62. Combine the practical with the fashionable 

Go for a side shave to give your practical hairstyle a special touch.

63. Chic look with a fashionable hat on

Simple and chic, these long micro braids are a classic way to wear this style.

64. Braiding level expert needed for a braided heart

65. Curly hair styled at its best

66. Headbands can prove to be helpful

67. Add texture to your thin braids

Put a wavy texture into your micro braids by wrapping them around perm rods and dipping them in hot water to harden them. We like this style because it creates softness around the face, and it’s a great way to refresh your look.

68. Red hair makes braids more visible

69. Hair rich, long and wavy to die for

70. Ombre hair with twisted strands

One of the best things about braids and twists is how they allow color experimentation without actually damaging or altering your natural hair. This dramatic look is perfectly trendy, and the twists are a great way to redesign your look for the summer fun or the festivals season.

71. Cornrows and high wrapped ponytail

72. Dark hair hides detailed braiding

Micro braids are so thin that in some cases they look as thin as one hair strand or two. This hairstyle is recommended from multiple points of view, such as being practical, versatile and protective of natural hair. Although it requires a lot of initial time to get it done, once you’re ready, you might never want to go back to not having braided hair.

The price of such service depends on the hairstyle and on how long it takes to be done. Materials like hair extensions (human hair or synthetic hair), hair dye, etc. can be purchased by you prior to your appointment. However, do your research before booking a specialist without knowing all the details. Happy braiding!


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