102 Platinum Blonde Shades Worthy of Mother of Dragons


Platinum blonde has again come to the attention of the stylists. This color is not easy to achieve, especially if you are a brunette, but it seems that the beautiful Kylie Jenner has managed to adopt it already and to wear it as if she had this look since the beginning of the world. She is not the only one sporting this hair color with pride and grace.

Platinum blonde is a hair color that brings us to the classic, aristocratic beauty of the Hollywood Golden Age stars, but unfortunately it is not easy to wear.

Kylie Jenner Brought Platinum Blonde Back

Although she is no Mother of Dragons, Kylie Jenner is undoubtedly a trendsetter. In addition, because she has adopted the platinum blonde shade, we will probably start to see it more often around us. She wore extensions and wigs before, but now she took a radical step and chose to dye her hair completely. We imagine that it was not easy to get that perfect shade of platinum blonde. However, with an army of stylists to back her up, the mission was certainly much easier.

Although she has dark skin and her hair is naturally brunette, Kylie has fulfilled her desire to be among the platinum blondes. Although she was initially undecided, it seems that it eventually she went on with the hair change and does not seem at all dissatisfied with the outcome.

  1. A full head of platinum blonde

platinum blonde

2. Honey platinum blonde on long, wavy hair

3. White hair with very subtle pastel highlights

4. Platinum hair with dark roots

5. Platinum hair with shades of butter

6. Pearl platinum long hair with waves

7. A hair that’s almost white

8. Surreal shiny white hair with bangs

9. A creamy type of platinum hair

10. When beige and white nuances meet

Platinum Blonde is Not for Everyone

Unfortunately, if you are not one of the Kardashian sisters, platinum blonde can prove to be a real nuisance, at least until you get exactly that distinctive shade that all women dream of. Of course we’d all like Marilyn Monroe’s look, but how many of us will get there without burning our hair? In addition, platinum hair does not go for absolutely any type of complexion.

Stylists say you have to have two important features to carelessly wear such hair shade. Namely, you have to be young and it is absolutely imperative for your skin to be impeccable. This color highlights virtually any imperfections, making wrinkles, zits and black dots more visible. Although it’s not necessarily a rule (as you’ve seen in Kylie’s case), platinum blonde is more for people with very light complexion and blue or green eyes.

Let us not forget that platinum hair is discouraging for some other reason as well. The reason is maintenance. The latter should be done regularly, because nothing looks more vulgar than visible black roots, which contrasts strongly with the pale color of the hair dye.

These are just a few ideas to keep in mind if you are tempted to dye your hair such light shade. Before you make a drastic change, try a wig and decide if you are right or wrong with this color!

11. Amazing mix of white and champagne

12. Very light blonde with platinum tone

13. Shades of platinum white and beige

14. Dark hair gradually transforming into white hair

15. Platinum silver hair with highlights

16. The hair color of Mother of Dragons

17. Ashy roots turn lighter to the ends

18. Icy blonde on medium long hair

19. Frosted shade of blonde on short hair

20. A cold type of blonde hair

Is Platinum Hair Suited for You?

Before dyeing your hair, you should just think of trendy hair colors. You should think whether or not a specific color matches your complexion. One simple trick that you can use is to think which color have the clothes that suit you best. In case your answer contains cold colors, such as blue, white or gray, then platinum blonde might be for you.

A hairdresser will know best to guide you and recommend the right shades. Even so, keep in mind the main guidelines. Namely, ideally your skin should be light, in shades of pink beige, light pink or pearl shades.

One more thing to consider before dyeing your hair in such light shade is your facial physiognomy. If you have a wide face, then a darker hair color would suit you better. But if you have an oval face or contoured cheekbones, this type of blonde will benefit you, because the light color gives the impression of volume, so it will amplify the sensation of its size.

21. Ash brown low lights and platinum highlights

22. Golden platinum chosen by a celebrity

23. White hair with a tint of pastel pink

24. Platinum hair with yellowish parts

25. Buttery color for a flowy hairstyle

26. Sandy hair with platinum blonde highlights

27. Even light blonde long hair

28. Ash brown and light ash toning

29. A combination of cold and warm shades of blonde

30. The feeling of natural light blonde hair

Switching to Platinum Blonde is a Commitment

Switching from one hair color to another is a fairly simple process these days. However, if you want this process to come out 100% well, it is preferable to take certain elements into account. Considering the wide variety of hair bleaching products, many women opt to dye their hair at home with the help of their best friend.

Choose the type of platinum shades carefully. Ask for someone’s advice before you decide. So many possibilities can be really intimidating and you can go for something that does not fit you in the end. Take into account the color, texture and condition of your hair and buy a product that will not destroy your capillary adornment. Do not choose the same shade your friends use – even if it suits them well, for you it can have dramatic effects.

31. Kirsten Stewart went platinum for a good reason

32. Really short celebrity hairstyle dyed platinum

33. Golden platinum to creamy hair color

34. The perfect shades of champagne hair

35. Silver highlights compliment a creamy blonde

36. Platinum blonde on a wavy medium hairstyle

37. Jennifer Lawrence sports an amazing shade of platinum blonde

38. Jennifer Lawrence portrayed with almost white hair

39. Very light blonde with tints of champagne

40. The true platinum blonde hair trendsetter 

Go Platinum Blonde All the Way

These days, becoming a full on blonde has become a fashion statement. Blondes on the runway mostly wear platinum and gray blonde hair, shades that are in vogue this spring and this year overall.

In Germany, blonde is the most coveted and cherished hair color. Blondes and future blondes are the majority of women who frequently go to hair salons in Germany. Blonde hair can be dyed in many different shades, and this gives women infinite possibilities to individualize their hair color. Highlights can be added to create the impression of volume, and the choice of a blonde shade may range from platinum blonde to dark blonde. Everything is possible and everything is allowed.

If you also want to be fashionable this season, you should be inspired by the blonde models of a very light blonde that present the creations of Balenciaga and Chanel all over the world.

Taking a look back, let’s remember that in 2009, the spectacular blonde hair of Agyness opened the show. A year later in New York, the “blondes in space” were the hottest topic of the moment and delighted the audience. Jil Sander has especially grabbed attention with fully faded hair perfectly matched to a simplistic style.

41. Hair so platinum it’s white

42. Blonde hair embellished with a pastel blend

43. Platinum highlights flow from ash brown roots

44. Platinum blonde goes for short hair just as well

45. Kylie Jenner sports straight, short platinum blonde hair

46. Light champagne hue for a popular celebrity

47. Curly hair can be dyed in a light shade too

48. A smile that matches the color of hair

49. Gwen Stefani looking incredible with blonde hair of her choice

50. Really long white hair with ash brown roots

How Switching to Platinum Blonde Can Change Your Life

Being blonde is highly addictive – Once you’ve decided to get platinum hair, you’ll become obsessed by it being perfect. You will waste a lot of time planning the next dyeing and discoloration session, and even more time choosing the right hair products for you. Your bathroom cabinet will look like a blonde hair shop, and your wardrobe will be transformed in order to match your blonde hair.

Platinum blonde hair must be cared for – This light hair shade should look impeccably 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, that is, always. You can not dye your hair once and then just give up. When you do not take care of this nuance, the effects can be disastrous. Besides the fact that your hair will be affected without a proper care routine, your whole image will appear to be unkempt.

Your makeup routine will change – Platinum hair will change your entire makeup routine. Your skin foundation should be lighter in color than your complexion, and the shades of orange and copper must be avoided in case of using blush. When you don’t know what to do, choose red lipstick and black eyeliner with confidence, because they fit perfectly to platinum blonde hair.

You will feel like another person – This hair color will make you feel different. Your face will be much brighter, and you will be happier and more confident. Even if it’s not a natural look, blonde hair will most probably make you look great.

51. When champagne and buttermilk are combined

52. Platinum brown roots grow out white hair

53. Platinum blonde with golden undertones

54. Evenly bleached and colored creamy blonde hair

55. Short hair is the easiest to turn white

56. Pastel toning looks wonderful on platinum hair

57. An icy nuance of butter blonde

58. Butter blonde platinum styled in an updo with braids

59. The whitest platinum hair there is

60. Christina Aguilera is a fan of platinum hair too

Purple Shampoo – The Best Ally of Blonde Hair

White, platinum blonde, gray hair, all these are cold shades which don’t look good in combination with yellow or orange. However, bleached hair tends to have such hues. Even platinum hair can become yellowish in time. This is very unpleasant, so you should know that a way to escape this nightmare is to use purple shampoo.

Purple shampoo will not cost you a fortune and it is not hard to find. The reason why this works is based on simple color knowledge. What purple does is to neutralize yellow. So, if you have platinum hair, silver or any blonde hue with cold tones, you need to use purple shampoo. Purple shampoo is part of that category of products that is overlooked precisely on the basis that the promise seems too beautiful to be considered applicable.

The only warning with purple shampoo would be to not exceed the amount of time recommended on the packaging. You can wake up with violet strands of hair instead of the gorgeous platinum blonde shade you dream of.

Last but not least, it is recommend to alternate the use of violet shampoo with another product that meet the needs of your hair type.

61. Ash blonde serves as base for a lighter blonde

62. Platinum meets ash blonde

63. Platinum hair color with golden tints

64. Incredible light hair done without a stain

65. More than one shade of ash

66. Professional dye job with a complex colored pattern

67. Rich highlights and undertones for cold skin types

68. Blend white hair with ash blonde into braids

69. Golden-ish platinum hair is also a thing

70. Frosty blonde shade styled in a trendy way

Clothes That Highlight Very Light Hair

For every peculiarity of your body, face, skin, hair color you choose to wear, there are a number of tricks that make you feel great and emphasize the unique beauty you have.

Every shade of hair has certain colors of clothing that highlight it. What you need to do is dress for your hair color and your overall look.

If you’ve opted for a blonde with cool reflections, you can wear tightly colored items, especially red and royal blue, and they will fit you very well.

Black is suitable for everyone, especially for platinum-haired blondes. As Karl Lagerfeld said, “One is never over-dressed or under dressed with a Little Black Dress.”

White and champagne tones will create a beautiful harmony with warm hair reflexes and an elegant look. Ideal for these light shades is to wear accessories that create color contrast.

Mustard – is a perfect color for blondes with warm reflections. This color works very well in combination with brown clothing.

Blue with pink – If you are more daring and want to be in the spotlight, try a combination of pale pink or fuchsia with a pair of denim blue jeans.

71. Very light and natural wavy hair

72. Light hair that’s not quite colorless

73. Platinum shade with a delicate yellow tint

74. Perfection achieved from the roots down

75. Shiny blonde with discreet tints

76. Ashy and cold tones for long hair

77. A blonde so bright it hurts the eyes

78. Wonderful waterfall like hair in luminous platinum shades

79. White to golden platinum rich hair with curls

80. Champagne hair is a shade of platinum

81. Ash platinum beige on medium long hair

82. Immaculate perfection achieved with platinum blonde 

83. Short hairstyle dyed white blonde

84. Icy white and cold brown roots

85. Perfect hair coloring that promotes platinum blonde shades

86. Silver blonde with platinum highlights

87. Yellow undertones complimented by white highlights

88. White hair, don’t care

89. Short pixie cut highlighted by platinum silver hair

90. White hair and beige undertones

91. Silver or gray type of blonde

92. Half white, half brown hair

93. Immaculate white hair looks unreal 

94. Buttermilk hair is very close to platinum

95. Breathtaking braided white hair with serious length 

96. Daenerys Targaryen sets the perfect example for platinum hair

97. Ashy brown tones turn lighter with the balayage technique

98. A tint of beige on white hair

99. Icy hair color that compliments a glowing face

100. Ombre look achieved with the lightest of blondes

101. Pixie cut looks best with silver highlights

102. Tanned skin and white hair mixed together

Men prefer blondes, which could explain why Hollywood has embraced a new trend in hairstyle, namely platinum blonde. Stylists from big fashion houses promote platinum hair. Moreover, a lot of celebrities have “enlightened” the red carpet with platinum hair, as white as ice or in shades of champagne. While some women may want to hide their white hairs immediately, more and more celebrities have embraced this color.

However, we shouldn’t forget that platinum blonde comes with major challenges and not everyone can benefit from it. Because now you know this color is pretentious, even if adorable, you have to think twice before attempting to become an Ice Queen or Mother of Dragons.


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