125 Ideas of Purple Hair For The Bold Look in 2020!


Ladies, are you ready to try on a fabulous looking darker shade this season? Then you need to try out these purple hair ideas. They are bold and fierce, and still, they can be subtle and straightforward too! You can get the hair to look as fabulous as you need it to be. These are undoubtedly harder to get, but they can be done if you bleach your hair correctly beforehand. If you have darker hair, this is essential. But you can also get it done without the whole process of bleaching and use of strong chemicals.

Get the inner diva out, and you can experiment with the shades to get that perfect look. Purple hair can be combined with some pink and blues as well. If you want your hair to look pleasant and subtle, you can also go for some pastel shades. We want you to try out the best look for this season and flaunt it off with the utmost grace. Check out the ways to get your hair styled in our collection here. And we are sure you will be thanking us for the options we showed off here.

Here are our most admired 125 ideas of purple hair ideas that are perfect for women of all ages!

Use of a lot of colors

You can use a lot of colors with the tone of purple. Many think that these are too bold of a hue and they are not to be mixed in with other shades. But that is not true, for you can get them with any different darker tone or lighter hue and get the best of both worlds. Check out our little collection of the best hairstyles with purples and get inspired to try them out.

purple hair For short hair

Here we will show you some purple hair quick short ideas. They are sure to make your heart beat faster. For these are shades that are dark and go well to add that edge to the short hair. You can get your hair cut in many layers and add on some remarkable differences of colors here and there in those sections. That way you can get a playoff the tones well in your locks.

 On a lighter note!

We have some light purple hair ideas here, and they are ideal for anyone who tends to move to the paler side of colors! These hues match up to your skin and make the soft skin look brighter. You can get ideas from the selected images we have here and add them on to your things to try out this season. These hues are trending as they are being used by many celebs as well.

They are mixed in with pink!

The play of pink and purple can go very well together. And we will show you how you can use the combination to bring out the best in you. The vibrancy of these type of purple hair is lovely to try out. And also it is beautiful to look at by others. Take the time to admire these shades and fall in love with the idea of different colors on the hair. Here are some ways to do that.

Use of glitters!

This is one trend that seems to be getting most teenagers excited right now! You can see that there are some lilac toned purple hair in this image and to top it off, there are some bright glitters. This is perfect for when you need to head on to a night party. You can see that they are a bold move! They can be hard to remove, so make sure you use some chunky glitter that makes it all easier.

The perfect ombre hair

Are you interested in purple hair ombre styles? Then you can try out any of these options we have here. There are so many ways to add a hint of purple on the base of these dark, black hair. You can get the hair to look perfect when you get the transition of the colors done well. So head on to a salon if you are not sure you can pull it off at home.

Adding in bangs with purple hair

Bangs are of different shapes and styles for sure. And the one thing that you can be assured of is that they are great for framing the face of any person. You can add on these full frontal bangs to hide any forms of aging that have appeared on you. Or you can also hide away your prominent forehead. These are ideal to be used as a way of making your face seem oval-shaped more than a rounder one!

Creating your style

With so many options, there is so much you can do with your purple hair. There are some stunning pictures here. You can add on some bangs or even get the hair on with some refreshing hair accessory. There are ways to add on some curls and waves or leave them straight. Cut your hair and create short sections if you want the hairstyle that you can flaunt each day. Look at some options here to get an idea.

Darker tones of purple hair

You can use some layers of purple hair dye for dark hair to get the perfect look. So for women who are blessed with dark black hair, we suggest you head on to the salon. There are some ways to get the hair lighter into these shades. For this, you can get the hair bleached first. Without that, you cannot get the hair in any such lighter tones. The colors need to show off well, so get it bleached well.

The mix of lilac tones

Lilac is one color that is making a lot of noise this past year. There are some stunning shades of the lighter purple on this look. And there are also some hues of dark black on top! You can see the plethora of shades that are working out here. Pair the colors with tones of pinks and purples along with blues. You can take ideas from this section and add on the blonde on the bottom like this one here!

Tilting more to the burgundy tones

When you try out purple hair, your hair will inevitably fade out after some time. They will get on with a different color when you get them washed from time to time. Then they can tilt more to the burgundy, red tones. Check out the hair hue in these images, and you are sure to enjoy the look. They look good no matter how they turn out. Here are some fun looks to recreate for the day!

Purple hair with black hues

Pair your purple hair with something black, and you can enjoy the perks of getting the hair in the blend that anyone loves. Check out the colors here and get to your salon today. We are sure you will choose the hairdo that fits your style in this section of our article. There are ombre hair ideas here and if you want you can also try out a layered hair with different colors. They suit all skin tones if done well.

Salon styled perfect hair

Head on to the salon if you want that ideal hairdo to try out on your hair. When it comes to purple hair, you need to get the tinge correctly. They are not colors that are easy to do. So you want to take the extra time and make an effort to head on to the salon. They can get you the ones that are perfect for your skin tone. You will enjoy them for long!

Purple hair loved by all

Some hair colors are enjoyed by all. They are popular all over the internet, and they are pinned a lot of times as well. You can see them on Instagram if you search it thoroughly. But with our compilation, you can see most of them in here. Add on some waves and get the colors to show off well in broad daylight. When the lights hit the curves, the hues shine better.

The textures to try out

On most hairstyles, you can find two textures. There is purple hair that has the sleekness to it. And if you do not want them, you can try out the ones with waves and texture on them. We are showing you both of them in this short section here. No matter what you choose, the hair will look great when you have colors that shine through. Here are some of the styles that we adore.

Purple hair for short to medium hair

You can add on some purple hair highlights when you want to get that perfect blend of hues. There are light and dark hues, both mixed in this hairdo. You can add on lighter shades of the purple to add on these highlights. If not you can also try out blushed sections of blues. Some ash blondes are sure to grab your attention as well. Here are images that can show off the styles we are talking about.

Straight hair with purple tones

You can try out any style when you have the perfect hair with the brilliant shades on them. The sleek nature of the hair can be perfect for when you want to go out on a date. There are some options that you can see in this collection right here. Check them out and try it out when you feel like changing up your look. Here are some lovely styles that you can try out the next time you want something simple yet stylish!

Getting artistic with the colors

These are the shades that can show off your creative side! There are bold and edgy styles here, and they can get all the attention to your locks. You will be receiving compliments when you head out of the home. There are some options here for you to check out. With short hair, you can try out some bold punch of colors. They are sure to come out fierce with the combination of some bright attire.

On natural texture of hair

You can add on colors of purple tones on the natural shape of the hair. There are some light and feathery textures on some of these hairstyles, and we are sure you will adore them. Try them up with some dark and light tones to add on some depth and dimension. They are sure to work out for all skin tones and undertones. You can also get them on any hair type as showcased in this collection here.

Adding on shine with purple hair

You could add shine to the hair if you used a bit of shine tonic with the hair colorant! Some tones are perfect for pale skin tones on this look right here. You can also get on with the same if you want that ever so stunning dark shade!

All women love them!

Even if you cannot try them out, you are sure to love them! You can see how the colors are showing off this fabulous tone and shine. There are darker and lighter tones on the hair. But you can also add on some pinks and purples to get that perfect hair! Check out the ones we recommend in this section of our article on the purple toned hair.

We are inspired by anime characters!

You can see some of these here are looks are loved by all who follow anime. Female characters mostly wear them on these animation movies, and you can also copy them. Here we can show you how there are ways to style your hair to look this fab! They are perfect replicas of the hairdos on the anime! Try it out for cosplay or get on with the colors for fun!

The ashier style of purple hair

Ash-blonde is one color that is gaining a lot of buzzes! Not only teenagers love them, but they are also beings sported by women of a mature age. You can wear them no matter what your skin tone is as well. Here are some purple hues mixed with those ashier tinges. They are a perfect blend of colors that make a trendy look.

Central-parted purple hair

Hair colors are beautiful, and they can make your hair look perfect for sure. But they also need to be styled in different ways to make them stand out. Here we have a way for you to change your look entirely! Part your hair in the middle, and you can get the face to look chiseled as well. This is an excellent way to manage your locks.

The back view

You need to check out a look from all sides before you choose to get them on yourself. But the one side that seems to attract everyone is the back view of these hairstyles. They are the angle that you miss when you have a new look. So we are showing you how you can get the hair to look with some colors and texture.

Waves and sleek texture on short hair

When you have short hair, you want to style them using some good texture. And so we are showing you these colored hair tones with some curls and some with straight hair. Check out the hair that makes the most sense for you and wears them as soon as you can. Here are some images that are perfect for everyone.

Build up your colors

You need to add on with the colors and play with them some more to get that perfect look. Check out the shades that are combined with the purple tones. Some hues are sure to make it to your list of must-try hairdos. You can also get a wig to get the same feel if you are not sure to get these hues permanently!

A closer look at the hues

Take a magnified look at the hair and see for yourself how these hues work on most people. Some colors have this added on the section of highlight. And we are looking to get your hair on the best style you have ever seen. These hues are sure to make you feel good about yourself. So book an appointment today, and you can start the process of looking this good soon.

Perfect for photos

When you have hair that looks good on any second of any day, you are feeling confident as it is! Some hairdos can go well for you if you try them out. We are showing you the purples that are best for anyone who wants that burst of color. Check out the tones on this hair and click pictures to get the perfect look. You can later post it on all your social media sites and get ready to get the most likes!

Longer hair with the purple tones

Have long hair and do not know how you can change the monotony of those looks? Then you can try out the addition of purple tones on the hair. When you do that you can get the unique hues on the hair. They are perfect to be styled on for any occasion. You can wear them to parties and also to a casual event.

Perfect for summers

As the hot days of summers are approaching, we love these ideas more. Some hairstyles can be styled to look perfect for the summer days. You can get them on for your teenage daughter, and you can also get it for yourself. These are shades that are good for anyone. Wear them in your way this season to impress everyone.

The edgy ones

There are some bold ones in this collection. But you are sure to know how to get the same hue by looking at shades of purple hair dye chart. They may not be the perfect thing for all of us. Sometimes some looks can be admired but cannot be tried out by all. So check out the styles that we love in this section.

Some other options to try out!

We are showing you some stunning hair options here for all. There are also some purple hair men can try out in this little collection. If you are yet to choose a hair color and texture for yourself, then these are surely going to help you out. See how you can add on the needed depth on your locks. We are sure this will be a perfect guide for you.

And as you reach the end of this article here, we are sure you have enough ideas about all of these purple hair methods! They are not hues that show off on the first try. So you want to have the time to get to the salon for at least three sessions. There are some stunning ideas out there, and they are ideal for women of all ages. You can get them done back home as well if you are familiar with the use of hair colors at home.

We have shown off some tips and tricks here and there for you as well. You can get them in use to get the hair taken care of after coloring them. The bleaching process tends to take away a lot of moisture away from the hair. So you want to add it back to the hair. Use some deep conditioning hair masks, and you can get the hair to feel softer. Check out the images we showed off here and take them to your stylist. They can help you get the perfect shade of darkness and add on the dimension with the light tones as well.

You can show off your love and add on some comments and likes here. We will be looking forward to seeing you again. Check out other fun articles in our collection here. And stay with us for more on such fun and fashionable styles.


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