108 Bright Rainbow Hair to Fulfill Your Fairytale Hair Dream


Rainbow hair is one of the hottest hair trends of recent times. You can see how the blend of colors on the hair have that bright and fun appeal to them. You may have seen this look being worn by Instagram models, and it is easy on the eyes! There are hues in here that can flatter everyone and any skin tone. No matter what hair length and texture you have, you can try on these rainbow bright tinges.

If you are looking to incorporate these hues on to your hair, we are here to help you! The summery vibes of these hues are stunning, and we love it! You can choose any color combination and tones from this collection here. All you need to be careful about is getting it done the way you want! You need to take care of these locks after you get rainbow hair.

Rainbow on short hair

There are options for rainbow hair short lengths in this look here, and we love it! Check out this look here for reference on colors.

rainbow hair Bright and beautiful

This rainbow here has bright and beautiful tones in here, and we are in love with the intensity here! You can get your inspiration from anywhere!

Chocolate hues with red and orange

There are brown chocolate shades with red and oranges in them, and the braids make this a stunning look, and it shows off all the colors!

Curls and colors

The big curls here are tight, and the colors are mind-blowing! You can add colors to meet your needs.

Pastel Hues

These rainbow hair pastel shades are the perfect tones, and you are sure to fall in love with them. Check this look out and get them done soon.

The Pinks and Oranges

There are tones of pink and oranges in this look here. You can see the basic rolled up hair is also looking stunning here.

A Side Twist

The side twist is a relaxed style! You can take the sections of the side and then twist them to pin them on the side and you are done!

Cuts and Colors

The cuts and colors here are artistic, and we love the way it has a perfect balance! You can try this for an edgy appeal.

Sleek straight Hair

If you are into beautiful hair that has a slight body to it, this is the shade that you want to go for! Make sure you screenshot this one!

Get Your blonde hues on

There are ash blonde hues on the top here, and the colors in here are stunning as well! You can see the rainbow hair is perfect.

Long Braided hues

If you have long hair, then this is the perfect color option for you! You can see the braids and the free hair underneath this as well.

Sharp ends

The sharp ends on these hair are edgy, and the colors on the front are vibrant! You can see the green and reds with blues in here as well.

Deep greenish blue

There are deep seafoam green shades into this look here! The highlights with the red hues are classic choices for anyone.

Underneath the dark hair!

The rainbow hair hidden underneath the black hair here is a surprise for many! You can use many colors to get a fun appeal.

Purple Domination

There are purple hues on here, and the blues are mixed up well with them! You can try on the colors with short hair to get the same effect!

In between the blues

There are colors here in between the bright blues on top and bottom! You can add any colors here, and the pinks and blonde are stunning.

Underneath the brown

You can add these rainbow hues on the brown and here is the perfect balance to the hair! They are subtle and have an earthy tone to them!

Prismatic Hair

There are prism-like colors in this look here, and the hues are to die for! You can look like a model with this!

Ash Blonde with Pastel shades

These pastel shades work for many women, and you can check these out if you want some shine to your hair!

Hints of pink

There are hints of bubblegum pink in here, and we are sure you will love this! The colors here will work for any skin tones!

Connected Braids

The braids here are interconnected, and there are different hues on both of them! You can get the look for a day out!

Curls and Texture

You can add textures and curls to the look, and it can be done by using a curling iron or straightener! Choose your pick of how you like your hair done.

Soft yet fun!

There are soft blonde hues here on top, and the bright punch of colors peek through! The rainbow hair can be versatile and meet your needs!

Pop of colors

There is a pop of colors here with the orange and blondes! You can see it well under a blue base and dark background here.

Get your wig

If you are not willing to wear your hair on such bright colors every day, then you can wear a wig! Style your wig and color them as you like.

The fiery red

Fiery reds are fierce and have a fabulous look to it! You can see the yellows and blues here, and they are all working out well.

Angled Bob

The bob was a rage in 2018, and it has still made an impact here! You can use colors to enhance this angled bob to your liking!

Bangs on!

If you are looking for bangs on the bob, then this is the look for you! You can choose to get the shades of your liking for sure!

Ash grey hues

There are ash grey shades in here, and we are in awe of the color combination here! You can take this image here as a reference!

Thick hair with purple tones

If you have thick hair, you can use the purple tones to complement it! These colors here flatter everyone’s skin tones!

All these colors

You can use all these colors here to create your rainbow hair! You can take this caramel tones on top.

Pink and blue

There are many rainbow hair color techniques, and you are sure to love this! The hidden rainbow hues are perfect with these pinks and blues.

Majestic look

The whole look here is majestic! You can see these pastel shades in here are stunning, and the shine is beautiful.

Everyday wear

These dark hues are perfect for everyday wear. The shades here are numb, and you can use these toned down colors!

Light Hues

These light pastel unicorn shades work well on all hair textures! You can add these shades on mid-length hair.

Volume on hair

You can add some volume to the hair by using a blow dryer! You can even backcomb your hair on the top to get this same effect.

Subtle colors

If you are not willing to try on bright rainbow shades, you can use the subtle tones like this one!

The top bun

The shine in this bun is adorable, and you can see the colors on the base with blues and blondes as well.

Purples and greens

There is a burst of colors here, and the pinks and greens on this hair show the whole color compass!

The majestic long braids

These majestic long braids are surely hair goals! You may need to add extensions to your hair to get this braided look.

Thin hair

If you have small, wispy hair, then this is the ideal color for you! The subtle ash blonde on here shows off all the colors.

Long bob sleek look

The long bob has a lot of magenta tones in this one! You can try this one if you are not comfortable with short hair!

Out of a magazine

This whole attire sure seems like it comes out of a magazine hair! You can choose the same cut and colors for an edgy look too.

The fairy-tale dream

If your kid is into rainbow hair, then you can fulfill their wishes with this hairdo here! They are sure to be thrilled.

The transformation

The transformation from the pastel shades to bright rainbow hair is stunning! These shades are fantastic and will need professional help.

Unicorn Hair Trend

Unicorn hair is a hot hair trend! Some youngsters love these colors and are willing to get the unicorn horn to get this done too!

Everyday Bun

The bun here has a classic everyday look to it and is sure to get you in a good mood in the busy early mornings!

Cascading Layers

There are layers in the short hair here, and it has to cascade short sections. The colors are ideal for a fun look.

Rose Gold Pink tones

There are rose gold pink tones on the sides here, and they are adding the feminine vibes to this look.

See the change

Once you get the hair done in rainbow colors, you are sure to see the transformation!

Half and half of the colors

Half of the hair has teal green shades, and the rest has yellow tinges on them! You can stand out in the crowd with these.

Washing your hair

When you get your hair colors, you need to lower the times you wash your hair, and you need to use safe color shampoos.

Fun and vibrant

If you are looking for a fun and vibrant shades, then this is the optimum choice for you.

Black hair

If you have the black hair on you naturally, then this look here might be flattering for you.

The whole attire

There is an oomph in this full attire here! You can see the short hair gets all the flair from this color and the makeup too!

The sides

There are darker sides on the hair here, and the rest has colors of vibrant hues. You can see the yellow tinges are perfect here as well.

The top colors

The top colors of magenta pink are fun, and there are multiple shades here. You can see the wavy hair, and the colors show off well.

Color the ends

You can add rainbow hair highlights to your hair and make them pop out even more! These colors are sure to make you the center of attention everywhere.

Green tones

There are tinges of green and rose gold in here as well, and this makes it a unique look to try out.

Long rainbow hair

If you have long hair, then make sure you try these rainbow hair color shades! Make sure you get vibrant colors like these.

Perfect Shine

There are shiny strands in here, and you can see that they give off a youthful hair vibe! Make sure you get pastel shades you love.

Tight curls

You can get tight curls on the hair here, and you can see how the colors make it shine even better!

Follow your heart

When you visit a salon to get your hair done, you need to follow your heart and choose the colors that you love the most.

Keep it basic

If you are not looking for vibrant shades, then you can try on the basic, dull shades like the ones in here.

Perfect with braids

The best way to show off the rainbow hues on your hair is by getting them in a braided look.

For all ages

There is no age limit if you are willing to try on these colorful hues! Women of all ages have tried on these rainbow tinges.

Blonde on top

There is ash blonde shade on the top of these vibrant hues, and you are sure to love them! Make sure you get this professionally done.

Live the fantasy

There is fairy-tale fantasy in everyone’s minds, and you are sure to love them when you live it out with these colors.

Bowl cut

A bowl cut is a fun look, and many loved this crazy style back in the day! The hues here are well balanced, and you can get the ideas you need from this look here.

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Majestic Vibe

The long section of hair here has the best use of colors and length. The majestic vibes here are giving us hair goals!

Simple yet fun

These pastel shades are perfect, and you can see how soft and simple they look. If you are into bright tones, you need to try these colors.

Against black background

These rainbow hair color ideas are beautiful, and the shades are looking great against the black background here!


Surprise for all

When your hair hides underneath a color, then you are sure up for a surprise! Once you get your hair up, the colors show up well.

Half up bun

You can take the half up and half down hairstyles here, and you can make a bun on the top half! The hair colors are going to show up even more!

Coppery red hue

There are red and pink tones here that we find these to be stunning. The way they align makes this look beautiful.

Ruffled hair

There is perfection in imperfection, and you can see how a carefree, effortless look is perfect for an everyday look!

Toddler’s hair

There are many hair options for toddler’s hair, and this is surely a look that we love! You can see how the colors make the colors pop with curls here.

Perfect for vacations

This look here has light blues and purple tones, and it has the perfection that you can wear to your next vacation! You can surely wear it as short as you want!

Bolder choices

This color combination, here sure, has a lot of bright colors on them! You can see that they lie underneath the black hair, and the look is flawless.

Exaggerated look

This look here has a lot of colors on them, and it is an exciting look. You can add as many hues on the hair as you would like.

Closer to nature

This look has many elements to it, and we love the colors on! The makeup and whole attire are sure to give you a fairy tale fantasy.

Ponytail Hair

The rainbow hair ombre look here has a dark brown on top, and the base goes into a pink-purple tone to it. The ponytail is easy to do, as well.

Healthy hair

There are a lot of ways you can make your hair appear healthy, but you sure need to pay attention to the inner health as well!

Layers on short hair

This here is a short hair option for rainbow hair, and we love it. The majority of colors here are at the front, which is excellent as well.


There is a pop of colors here, and the vibrancy is surely appreciated! The rainbow hair has never looked great with curls then this look right here!


This is a good image of how your hair can look with the intensity of hues here! The picture here is sure to be inspirational for all!

Layered hair

If you want to add some layers to hair, then they need to be done before you add on the colors. They can make your hair look thicker!

Sectioned colors

You can take short sections on the hair and get the colors on with various hues to get this look! You can see that this has a fun side to it!

Waist Length Hair

If you have long hair, then this color option is perfect for you! You can see the blues and purples are classic here!

Blunt Cut

The ends of this hairstyle have blunt cuts on the base, and it looks great with the blonde hues on top and the rainbow hair beneath it!

Side sections

The sides of this look have been shaven off, and the colors are lovely too! Make sure you try this edgy look once for a perfect balance of colors!

Cool Undertones

There are cool undertones in this look here, and we are in love with how these hues work out. You are sure to love the rose gold on the sides here.


You can accessorize with a lot of things, and here we can see the blue flowers are working well for that! You are sure to love this look.

Yellow shades

There are tones of yellow hues on this rainbow hair, and we are sure loving it! You can see this rolled up hair and wear it as everyday wear!


This rainbow hair has that perfect balance to it! You can see the hues and the buns on top and the jewelry below it as well.

Everyday gorgeous

You can look gorgeous every day as you try on this pastel rainbow hair! You can see that there are long sections of hair in here and the colors are showing off well.


There are braids paired with the pastel blue and pink shades here, and it looks majestic! You can try on this look for a casual day out.

Brown tones

There are brown tones over these rainbow shades here, and we are in love with it! You can see the concealed hues here and is a must try.

Red copper tones on black

There are coppery red hues on the dark hair here, and it is the perfect ombre hue for you to try on if you have naturally black hair.


These hair braids here are cute, and the multi-colors are perfect for all occasions! You can wear this to any themed party as well.

These hues entice everyone, and we are sure you have found the color that you want to get on board with! This collection of ours has everything you might need, and we are sure you have found the hues for you! Make sure you get the tones and tinges that flatter your skin tone. Get help from your hair stylist to get the hair looking great!

If this article helped you find the best rainbow hair for you, then show it some love and give it a thumbs up! You can share it with others and help them find the hues for them! You can use the comments box below to let us know your concerns and ideas! If you loved this article, stay with us for more on such fantastic hairstyles! Till next time, stay stylish!


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