128 Extraordinary Reverse Ombre Hair Color Ideas To Try Out


Reverse ombre hair is a hair trend that looks unique and alluring and has a different approach than ombre hair! The idea here is to reverse the colors that you would use on the ombre hair! Here the darker shades will go on the base, and the lighter shades will fall on the top! You can use multiple shades for sure and balance out the whole look. The hair color trend has gathered a lot of attention for itself, and many women have followed it. You can get shades that are subtle and simple or go for colors that are bold and daring!

If you are on board with this hair trend, you can go through these looks we assembled right here and find the shade that works the best for you! When you are new to these colors, you can find it to be a bit scary to try them on, but we assure you that it is going to be the best thing you do. You can add the flair to your hair and make it look so much more put together! Here we have a wide range of reverse ombre hair options for all hair lengths that you can get inspired by!

Celebrity Hairstyles to look out for!

We sure love to follow the looks of our favorite celebrities! There are so many hair color trends and haircuts that they try on, and it makes all of us go crazy over them. You can see that these celebs are stylish and experimental and we love them!

Here we have Jennifer Lawrence, Rihanna, Sarah Hyland, Sophia Bush, and Kaley Cuoco and they all have a fantastic reverse ombre look going on!

reverse ombre

Ash blonde shades

One of the best color trends of all time includes the use of ash blonde shades! These hues were worn by celebs like Kim Kardashian and other influential women!

You can try on these shades, and then get the same look like these images here. The colors and tones have to match your skin tone; that way you will look your best! Get a stylist to get this great look!

Brown tones on

Brown is an earthy tone, and it has that safe color effect that makes it very approachable! You can try on these shades no matter what skin tone you have. You can adjust your color to match the shades you love the most!

These are short hair options, and they have slight tones of brown on them! You can add a bit of texture to the hair with the help of a hair curler!


Rose gold hues

There is a blonde shade here with the perfect rose gold shade on the base here! The look is classic, and both these shades are great on the hair.

If you are looking for some light tones to get on your hair, these are the ones to try! The tones can be adjusted to get a bit redder, and we love the whole sleek and subtle look here!

Platinum blonde tones on short hair

There are many shades of blonde that you can try out, but the currently trendy hue is surely the platinum blonde. You will surely love the shine and luster of the hair color here!

You can go for any cut and texture, but here we have some short hair options that you can choose from! Make sure you get the shiny appeal of this tinge!

Amazing Short hair Inspiration

Reverse ombre is a hair trend that you can get done even on your short hair! There is no denying that the shades and hues on these short hair pack more of a punch!

They can truly transform the way your hair looks as well. Celebs and stylists have come up with so many stylish ways to wear short hair, and here we have some that you are sure to love!

Red fiery tones

There is a boldness to the hair here, and we love the way it adds the bling to the hair! The fiery shades are great and add the fierce vibe to them as well!

You can get any tone and depth of red on your hair and make it look as beautiful as this one! Here we have some shades and hues that you can try for yourself!

Pink tones on

Pinks are the favorite of many, and they sure are a flattering color! You can get these shades of pink to work with any other hair color as well. Here we have them paired up with the blonde and black, and they look striking.

You can add depth to the whole look and make it seem much more special just by adding some waves to them or straightening them out.


Long Bob with ombre

These long bob haircuts are so unique, and they look majestic with any hair color on as well! Here we have some reverse ombre hair looks that you can get on your long bob!

You can try this option out if you are not a fan of the short cut bob hairdo! If you are comfortable with mid-length hair, this is the look for you to try.

Grey Hues

There are reverse ombre grey hair options that took the internet by storm, and many tried on this shade and made this an attractive look. Here are some of the grey hues that you can try out!

These looks are wearable and approachable as well. They used to be considered a hard color to wear, but now it is pretty standard for youngsters to try on this tone.

Shades of purple

There are tones of purple in the reverse ombre hair here, and we can put it into the reverse ombre 2018 look category for sure! You can wear this color to any look.

Many women have loved reverse ombre purple shades, and we are here to help you find the one for you! You can try on any one of these shades and look as polished as the images out here!

Long hair

There are many great hair ideas that we are inspired by. You can choose to grow out your hair or even get hair extensions to get the same effect. There are many options, and one of them is the transitioning reverse ombre hair blonde to brown.

Here are some options that we have put together for you to navigate through. Get all the inspiration you need to get a long hair look.

Straight blunt cut

Blunt cut bob can be stylish and is also wearable daily without being too overpowering! You can surely make the hair colors as fun and bold as you want them to be!

Here we have two blunt cut reverse ombre bob hairstyles with reddish pink tones on them that you can try on! They are sure to make you look trendy and stylish everyday!


Layered haircut with reverse ombre

Layered hair works our well for thick hair, and it sure makes the hair look much voluminous. You can get the same effect on your thin hair with the layers on them.

They work well if you have long hair. You can even get them colored in different tones to make a look more polished. They can uplift your entire look and give you a fresher appeal as well.


The bob haircut

Reverse ombre bob can be the best thing you try on. You can surely see these looks being worn by many influencers and celebs as well. If you check out your social media pages, you will see these to be a new rage!

They can be styled in many different fashions. Here we present some ideas for you to check out and try this season!

 Waves on your locks!

Getting textures on your hair to add some depth and volume to them is a trick that all women know! You can add texture to your locks in a lot of ways, but the easiest has to be with a curling iron!

Take a couple of minutes in the morning to get these waves on your hair and look stunning every day. You will get used to it once you do it daily!

Straight, sleek hair

We have Shay Mitchelle looking her sultry best in this elegant middle-parted hairstyle. You can see the darker colors work well here and created the chic, graceful vibe to them.

There are a subtle shade and style here, and you can wear it for an everyday look or choose to wear it to an event!

Professionally done hair

When you get to a salon and style your hair with the help of a professional stylist, you can sure see the difference in the way it looks! You can get a sleeker and more polished look when professionals handle it themselves!

Here are some looks that you can get done the next time you visit your salon. These are sure to make you stand out in the crowd!

Black and brown tones

Brown and black hues are sure to work out for all skin tones. You can wear this color to any hair length, and they manage to look great! You can choose any intensity and depth to the color you go for this look.

Here are some shades that can be worn by anyone! Make sure you try them on once to know why we are recommending this look for all of you guys!

Inverted Bob

There are many variations to the bob hairdo, and this one here is ticking all the right boxes on our stunning reverse ombre list! You can make yourself look flattering and feel stunning each day with this angled bob!

These bob styles have an angle to them, and we are in love how they look on all aspects! You are sure to look your best when you get them done well!

Majestic Use of Colors

There are many colors in these looks here, and this section is for women who are into bursts of colors! You can try them one and see for yourself why they are such a rage among many! There are many shades in here, and you are sure to fall in love with some of these blends of colors!

There are pinks and purples and other shades as well that are combined here.

Curly hair ideas

Curls on the hair can make the whole look graceful and add feminine vibes to it as well! You can go to a salon to get them done if you are not too good with styling tools.

If you are attending a special occasion or even heading out for a date, you can wear your hair in these curls!

Balayage brunette hair

Here we have a brunette to blonde hair, and they look great here! You can try on these shades if you are not comfortable with loud colors. The sleek straightened hair adds to the whole effect and makes it look even more attractive!

Youthful haircut

Many hairdos can give your face a lift and make you look younger and stylish! You can get the same deep side-parted reverse bob and look as stunning as ever!

There are longer layers here that frame the face well and give off a fresher vibe!

Dark brown tones

Dark brown shades are great if you desire a deep shade for yourself. There are many options here, and you can add some light tones on to them as well.
Here we have a couple of shades that are sure to work out well for all skin tones! You can add any undertones on them and make them pop!

Reverse bob on thin hair

You can still try on reverse ombre hair if you have thin locks on yourself. You can add some bangs to the look as well if you want to frame your face. Here is a lightly waved outlook that has a well-balanced look to it! Try it out as it is fashionable and fun.

Blunt bob cut!

You can see how the blunt cut on the edges here is excellent. You can make your hair look much more ravishing if you try on getting these blunt bob!

They have an edge at the base, and the short hair looks great! You can make the best of this look by adding light shades of blonde on the front. The toned yellow blonde here works well too!


Burgundy hues on

The shades of reddish burgundy are the perfect tone to try on if you are not so keen on the reddish tones here! You can see how the burgundy shades look so great on the short bob here, and we love them on the darker skin here!

You can try this hue as your primary color on your reverse ombre hair! Make sure you get the right cut to flatter you!

Kim Kardashian’s hair

Kim Kardashian has worn on many shades and tried on almost all hair trends of colors out there. She has been influential on the hairstyle front, and many have tried on these looks of hers to copy her!

Here we have her ombre hair and full platinum blonde tone that she tried on last year. You can try them and look as fabulous as she does in these images!

Purples tones

There are purple tones on this look, and we are there are many who will love this tone! Here we have dark and light shades of purple on here, and we are in love with these!

You can get the full color on or opt for these tones as a highlighting tone on your hair. You will look great if you carry it off well no matter what option you choose.

The basic blonde

If you are not looking for a bright shade of colors to try on, then you can surely try on this basic look! You can try this blonde and black hue to make yourself feel comfortable!

They have a casual vibe to them and can be the perfect reverse ombre hair trend to try on if you want something subtle! Get this look done today and know why we are recommending it to you!

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Orange tones on blonde hues

Orange tones are not the new thing in the hair community! These shades are deep and are flattering for most of the paler skin tones. This does not limit the colors to be tried on only by the fair skin types!

You can see that the tones can be as deep and dark as you want them to be! Here are some hues that can be your inspiration for reverse ombre hair!

Central parted bob

A bob hairstyle has made a lot of noise in the hair and beauty community in the past year, and there are many variations of this look as well! You can see the middle parted hair collection here!

The central part allows you to have a well-transitioned look and helps make a face look much slimmer and sculpted! This can be the hairstyle for you if you have a round face!

The basic ombre hair

The blonde and black hair color here is a great option to try on! The colors here are approachable and subtle! You can wear this look without being too concerned about how to style them since they look good anyway!

The reverse ombre hair looks great on all hair length and textures as well! This is a look you can get done at the comfort of your home as well!

Shiny waves

There are light waves on the look here, and the textures are great as well. You can see the blonde hair here, and the way it has been put together looks very stylish!

You can get this short hair with highlights on the front like the ones here. Make sure you get the shade of blonde that flatters your skin tone the most! Style them minimally to add volume to the hair!

Green tones

Green is not a shade that most people find approachable. They are not the first choice of many women, but these pictures are here to change your opinion about them!

You can get the darker shade of green on your reverse ombre look or try on the tone as Kylie Jenner did for her short hair look! No matter what color you choose, carry it with confidence!

Rainbow shades

Rainbow shades have so much appeal, and they are also called the unicorn hair trend nowadays! You will love these tones, and you can get the shade that you like the most!

This is a color play that you can get done at a salon and should not try on back home for sure. These shades can get tricky to do yourself but look great when completed!

You can see the hairstyles here are excellent, and the colors make any hair look great! They add so much flair to your look and is the perfect style to try on if you are looking to make your hair look unique and stunning! The best thing about trying on this flipped out ombre hair look is that there is no limitation to the colors that you can choose to get this effect! Here we showed you the best colors and tones that have been popular on social media sites. As you wear this look, you are sure to stand out!

If you thought this article helped you in your quest to find the perfect reverse ombre hair, then do show this article some love by liking it! You can share it with your colleagues and family who you think would be able to slay this look! This look is perfect for women of all ages, and all you need is a good hairstylist to get this look on yourself!


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