98 Fabulous Rihanna Hairstyles You Need to Try This Season!


Rihanna hairstyles are always perfect, and they inspire a lot of women too! She is a style and fashion icon. You are sure to have followed and loved her music carrier. On the way to her successful carrier, she has not only made incredible music, but she has also launched her revolutionary makeup brand named Fenty as well. Her hairstyle journey has dived into colors and hues, and she has experimented with so many cuts as well. She wore her hair long and short and has had her bold share of shaved hairdos as well, which you can see here.

You can see her hairstyle journey and see how bold and daring her personality is! She manages to put her inner nature in her hairdos and represent her true self! You can see her hairstyle from back in 2007 and to the more recent times too! You are sure to get inspired by the way she wore her hair and copy her style to look as stunning as she did in these photos! Make sure you share it with us once you wear them. Here is our collection of 98 best Rihanna hairstyles that you can try this season!


Side Shaved Hairstyle

This is one of the best Rihanna short hairstyles 2015. The side shaved hairstyle is one of the most daring looks she has tried on. It suits her well, and all of the looks are great for all face shapes.

Afro with Red hair

Here are two Rihanna hairstyles with a red hair afro and you are sure to be admiring it! These are stunning, and you can try it on too. Make sure you get the colors to look as great as the ones here.

Her casual side braids

There are many casual Rihanna hairstyles, and you can see the side braids here are approachable and informal. The red hues in here have a tinge of pink to them as well, and we love the whole attire altogether.

The sharp-edged bob

There are sharp edges on her hairstyle here, and the bob is beautiful no matter which angle you look at it from. These are ideal for all occasions, and you can try it on no matter what age you are.

Laid back relaxed appeal

This hairdo here has a comfortable, carefree vibe to it! You can see how effortlessly beautiful she looks and then try out the same look for the days when you feel too lazy to try on new hairdos.

Effortlessly Sexy

Rihanna is a natural beauty, and no matter what look she tries on, she manages to look sexy and stylish. The back bun with the curly hair has the textured front hair let loose, and it seems gracefully gorgeous.

Top Ponytail Hairdo

This is the classic Rihanna hair 2018. You can wear this top ponytail look of hers for a casual yet polished look. There are many variations here, and you can wear the same for a day out.

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The Blue Vibes

Rihanna hairstyles are not just about the hair styling ever! She always manages to make it a grand look. Here she has added on blue lips and gotten tied back bun on top, and it still looks spectacular.

Romantic Rihanna Look

Rihanna hairstyles are not just about the hair styling ever! She always manages to make it a grand look. Here she has added on blue lips and gotten tied back bun on top, and it still looks spectacular.

Inspired by Rihanna

There are many hairstyles that people tend to copy from Rihanna, and here is one of such looks! Her back sported the short hair in the day, and there were many fans of the singer who copied the look.

The sleek bun

There are many elegant bun ideas out there, but you cannot miss this one! The sleek hair has a bun on the back, and the tied back look is perfect for formal occasions! Make sure you try this once!

Fun, short hairstyles

There are a lot of short Rihanna hairstyles, and we have always been a fan. The high hair on her here may not be the style you choose as your next look. But we have to applaud her guts!

Neon shades of pink

Rihanna has never been shy about trying on new and bold colors! You can see the neon shades in here, and it takes a lot of guts to try this look that has such vibrancy to it.

Beautiful Curls

You can get the same curls on your short bob and look as pretty as Riri does here. Her curls are tight, and the whole attire is gorgeous too. You can get the look with a curler back home.

Sleek Long Bob

Long bobs are an excellent choice for many reasons. They were one of the most popular looks of 2018. Here is Rihanna’s version of the hairdo and we love how well styled and balanced it is!

Brown hues on curls

Get your curls on and try this badass look of the singer here! You can add the brown tones on them to add a glamorous touch to them. Get some highlighting hues too to balance it out.

Head Jewelry

There are a lot of ideas surrounding the jewelry you can add to your hair. The one here is a gold colored one, and you can find these readily available in the market in different designs.

Tapered Bowl Cut

The article about Rihanna hairstyles would be incomplete without the mention of the bowl cut. Her shades in here are vibrant, and the bangs are sharp and edgy! The sides have the darker hues peeking through too!

Regular straight hair

This is a look that most women can opt for. She has a natural straight hair parted to the side, and it has the dark colors on them that add the needed depth to it! There are a few more Rihanna hairstyles like this.

Curls on short hair

Curls are one of the most loved ways of adding volume to the hair. Here she has short hair for sure, but the cuts and style have made this look like a big, flawless hairdo!

Long shaved haircut

There are many shaved Rihanna hairstyles that we have seen, but this one is different! She has kept it short on the front and thick and long on the back for the perfect illusion!

Slaying as always

She is always slaying in no matter what hairstyles she wears. Her side swept long bangs go well with the short hair. Copy this look to look like her!

Brown hair with a side shave

Side shaves are famous, and Rihanna has tried them all! It has a golden top here and a shaved look on the side with a darker black color which creates a right balance.

Voluminous Waves

These waves in here are bulky, and they are the ideal way to add texture and bounce to your hair! You can try on looking as breezy as she does here.

Slight Waves

You need not add a lot of curls and textures into your locks to look beautiful! You can take inspiration from some of Rihanna hairstyles and get the hair in slight waves.

Get some bangs!

Add some bangs on to the front to achieve a face-framing, beautiful hairdo! You can see how it covers up the high forehead and adds a feminine touch.

Long Long Hair

Rihanna long hairstyles are classy and romantic, and this one here is the same! You can see the dark waves here are giving her an effortlessly beautiful look.

Pinned Up Messy Look

A messy look is a new trend that is gaining popularity. You can add waves or use your natural hair texture to get this pinned up to look here. Make sure you add the pins securely to keep the hair in place.

Headscarf on

You can add headbands of your choice to your hair and copy the look here that Riri has! You can see how she manages to look stunning with these colorful headscarves on her hair.

Fiery and Fierce

Rihanna does not shy away from color, and no one needs to prove it! You can see it evidently from these fiery red shades here.

Spikey short hair

Many short Rihanna hairstyles have spikes on the top! You can see the dark black and brown tones in here, and you are sure to love it! The sides have a straight cut.


She sported this look back in 2007, and we are sure you loved her chic, everyday wearable look! You can try on these waves, and the colors are still relevant as well. You can try this hairdo to look as stunning as she does.

Well-styled hair

The red Rihanna hairstyles are always popular, and a lot of people are a fan of her deep fiery hues. You can see the red tones in here, and the bangs and sleek hair has been well-styled as well.

Ash blonde hues

These ash blonde shades on Rihanna hairstyles are typical, and we love how many celebs are loving them! Kim Kardashian and other celebs have worn this hue on their hair and made it a fashionable look to follow.

Away from the face

If you are looking for a hassle-free look, then you can opt for such Rihanna hairstyles. This pinned back look keeps the hair away from the face and are perfect for all season, especially the hot summer days.

Longer Bangs

There are longer bangs on the front here, and they even touch her eyelashes here! This is a longer blunt bob, and the dark black colors are well paired! Try this trendy lookout once to know why we love it.

Blonde hues on a dark base

You can take the help of an expert stylist to find the perfect shade of blonde to match your skin tone. You can use the blonde hues here and pair them with the dark black base on the base!

Ombre Hair

Ombre hair color is the perfect hair trend to follow! They are evergreen and work out well for everyone! You can choose the shades as you like for this look. The side part and straightened look are working well.

Dark hair bowl cut

These bowl cuts can be categorized into Rihanna short hairstyles 2017. Many have tried on this look and appreciated her uniform bowl cut. The accessories and the makeup here has a perfect look.

Sleek side bangs

Side bangs here are elegant, and they are pinned down to the side. The sleek hairdo has the perfect makeup to go with it here. Her stylists are always creating looks for her that are stunning and perfect!

Top bun with bangs

A high bun works for all occasions, and they are widely easy to do! The messy bun on top is perfect here, and the bangs are well positioned on the top of her forehead here! They work well if you have a high forehead.

Curls Upfront

There are curls on the forehead here, and they are free falling. The dark base on the sides is beautiful. They have a blonde shade on these curls, and they are the most used hair color, among other options.

Deep brown hues

These tones are loved by many, and there is a reason for that! The deep brown shades in here are stunning, and everyone can approach the colors. The earthy undertone and the lipstick is well-matched.

The edgy look

The side shave here is bold, and the spikey hair is perfect to balance it out! You can see the makeup here, and it has paired well with the short and edgy Rihanna hairstyles!

Natural look

When you are in a hurry and have no time for much, this is the look to go for! You can see the top bun here, and the hair is not overstyled. This is a basic, fun look.

Blonde and black

Blonde and black shades are beautiful, and they are a classic pair of colors to use together. The short hair in here has been one of her most sported looks that has a side shave on it.

The central part

Her long hair here has a deep center part, and we love this look on her! You can surely try this out with hair extensions if you do not have long hair yourself. This is the perfect look for a young person!

Unique Twists

There are many bold looks that she has tried on, but this one is sure to make you love it! The unique twists are working out well, and it has a deep, beautiful appeal to it. You cannot appreciate this look.

Short Hair

You can see the very short hair here, and it looks stunning! You can see the relaxed vibe on this look, and it fits everyone’s need too. You can see how carefree and vibrant Rihanna hairstyles can be.

Thick Hair

There are many looks in the Rihanna short hairstyles 2018 category, and this is one bomb of a hairdo! You can see her side shave here, and the top has been combed up to a side perfectly!

Everyday Look

The sleek, long hair is beautiful, and the angle at which the sections are done is gorgeous too! The smooth, long hair has an effortless, relaxed look and we love the way it has worked out here for her.

Golden Shades

The golden blonde shades in here are perfect, and the blunt bangs here are stunning! You can see the darker base and the lighter, sleek hairdo here! They all merge out to create a perfect look for her.

Polished and Elegant

This look has a refined and elegant vibe to it! The top bun is casual, and the hair has been kept up into a sleek hairdo! You can wear this look to a college day or a day out too.

Graceful side bun

A side bun can be the perfect style to try if you are looking for elegant Rihanna hairstyles. The low bun is beautiful, and the bangs on the side are waves to an angle as well.

Braided Bun

Braided buns are fantastic, and you can try on this look for a particular date or even a wedding! There is a sleek base on the front, and the bun sits on the crown area at the back.

Curls on top

Here she has the perfect event hair with the curled up bun on top! There is a dark base on here, and the brown on top goes well with it. This is a chic look and is approachable too.

Wild Curls

You can go for a wild curled look here and add the deep magenta red hues to make it pop out more! You can curl the bangs on the front here as well to get this look.

The Coppery red hues

You can see Rihanna sport this copper red hues on this look on her California King Bed music video! You can see the waves on here, and they are subtle, yet they make a profound impact on everyone!

The Long Bob

Rihanna hairstyles with bobs are stunning, and they are widely popular! You can see the red hues on here have a darker undertone and we are sure you will love the waves on this look add the perfect graceful vibe.

Side swept bronze look

There is a bronzy look right here, and you can see the deep brown tinge on them. The pair of this color with black hair is working well for her skin tones and the side shave is pretty!

Youthful Vibrancy

These Rihanna hairstyles here have a youthful vibrancy to them! You can wear these short hairstyles, and you are sure to love them! Here we have Rihanna short hair curly look and a sleeker look as well.

Little shave on the side

You can see the side shave in here, and the dark hair here looks beautiful! The side swept bangs here are stunning. This is a casual look with a bit to oomph to it added by the sides.

Rihanna’s Mohawk

Here she has a Mohawk, and it looks so well put together. The sides are shaved off, and the black tones in here are working well with the blonde on top! Try it out for a unique appeal.

Wet Hair Look

Here she has curled her short hair, and there is a wet look on! You can see her middle-parted bob here, and the textured look is perfect. This is undoubtedly one of the approachable Rihanna hairstyles for everyone.

Large Hair with buns

She has long hair in this look, and it has coppery red hues on them. The buns on the top here are adorable, and she has carried this look off casually. You can try the same.

Dreadlocks on Rihanna

Dreadlocks are an exciting look, and you can see them being sported by many celebs. You can see how happy and beautiful she looks in this image here. Try on the same hairdo if you are interested in African hairstyles.

If you are a fan of Rihanna’s, then you are sure to have enjoyed this article! Even if you are not a fan, you can get inspired by her amazing hairdos and try and be as bold and beautiful as she is! The vibe she goes for is different in all of these images! She decided on the romantic look, the flirty and fun look, the casual look and also went for a rough relaxed vibe. There is a hairdo of hers for all the emotions you feel at different times. So you can see her mood in all of these.

If you think that you are not daring enough for her bold looks, then you can go for her subtle hairdo. You can see the plethora of Rihanna hairstyles and decide on the cuts and color that work out the best for all. If you liked our effort here and found it to be helpful, then give us a big thumbs up and share it with others to help them too! We have more of such hairdos in our website so do check them out! You can stay tuned with us for more on such exciting hairstyles.


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