47 Imposing Sew In Hairstyles for Voluminous or Long Hair


Countless sew in hairstyles are waiting for you to try them after answering a few questions! Are you among those women who want to create an extraordinary blend of beauty and style for themselves? Do you want to have long and beautiful hair in basically no time? If your answer to the questions above is yes, then you should know that sew in hairstyles are not only accessible to celebrities. The beauty market has extended so much, that you can now choose between numerous types of hair extensions.

Lately there are more and more women who opt for natural hair extensions in order to change their look or to have the long and voluminous hair they’ve always wanted. If you have also decided to join them, you shouldn’t rush. This is because you have a lot to learn about hair extensions in general and about the sew in technique in particular. The latter is the healthiest and most durable option for yourself.

  1. Remarkable volume on wavy hair with natural color transition

sew in hairstyles

2. Staggering Mohawk effect created with contrasting sew in hair

3. Neat and sleek hair embellished with sew in extensions

4. Superlative volume and weight added on bangs

Only the luckiest women on earth have such long, shiny and voluminous hair without adding extensions to it.

5. Sew in extensions create a magic ombre effect with unnatural colors

Take a Look Back in the Hair Extension’s History

Do you think hair extensions are just a trend in modern society? Although you might think that they are a relatively new, hair extensions have been used since the ancient Egyptian times when both men and women added strands of hair to their natural hair in order to get more volume and more length.

Hairdressers were used in the early twentieth century to create the famous Pompadour hairstyle, which looks like women have a teapot on their head. After 1920-1940, when short hair was again in vogue, there was a period when long hair returned to power. Along with this tendency, both natural and synthetic hair extensions reappeared.

Synthetic hair was introduced due to the needs women with less money had. In this way, it became more and more affordable for anyone who wanted extensions to also be able to get them.

6. Sew in hairstyles for kinky hair

Kinky hair might look that it cannot be enriched with extensions, but that’s not exclusively true.

7. A braiding technique that allows the attachment of sew in extensions

8. Undetectable sew in extensions for relatively short hair

9. Fabulous color merging between natural hair and sew in extensions

Everything You Need to Know About Sew In Extensions

Do you want to have richer or longer hair? Do you think hair extensions can be a solution? The market provides us with a wide range of extensions such as clip-on, sew in extensions, micro-ring, keratin and so on. In addition, these can also be found in a wide variety of colors from the most natural ones to the most vibrant ones.

Sew in extensions provide natural hair with volume and a very natural look at the same time. Thanks to the way they are secured onto natural hair, they are almost invisible. When applied, no chemicals or harmful instruments are used.

Seek Professional Help to Sew in Hair

Ideally, these extensions will only be applied by a professional. Before you buy such extensions from a physical or an online store, consider that you will need to go to the salon to have them attached. These extensions can be bought per meter, so the specialist can cut them and style them as needed. You can choose any length of hair you want because now you can fulfill your desire to have really long hair that reaches your waist.

Sew in Hairstyles in Different Colors

The only condition for success is to choose a color very close to your hair color so that no one will realize you have sew-in extensions. In any case, you can always dye your hair while you’re wearing extensions. This is because they are made of natural hair and it behaves as if it were starting straight from the root.

However, it is advisable to go to the salon where the specialist will know how to handle the hair and dye it so that it covers everything, including the hairs very close to the roots where the hair extensions are attached. It is good to choose a natural hair color to make sure it does not damage the remy hair.

10. Edgy hairstyle featuring sew in straightened kinky hair 

11. Honey blonde highlights successfully cover the addition of hair extensions

Putting color where it needs to be has more advantages than you think. Besides hiding her sew in extensions, her golden locks also offer extra volume.

12. A job well done looks effortless on this medium bob hairstyle

13. Sew in hairstyles range from classic straight hair to awe-inspiring dos

14. Voluminous sew in hairstyle featuring sun kissed blonde hair

15. Sew in extensions added over braided hair covered with a mesh

This is how natural hair is braided and hair extensions are attached. This procedure is most impressive in this case because it is done on very short hair.

Sew in Styles  – The Sewing Process Explained

Sew in hairstyles are probably the most comfortable of all types. So, you will get used to them very quickly. This is due to the way they are applied. Unlike hair extensions with keratin or micro-ring, sew in extensions don’t require anything to be glued on your hair, but sewn.

The process involves sewing natural hair strands on thin braids made beforehand. This method confers the certainty of preserving natural hair, which can grow freely.

These sewn extensions can be styled just like your natural hair. You can use both the curling iron or the flat iron without having to worry that you’d get too close to the roots.

As long as these extensions are sewn in properly, with the help of special threads, they will not break until they are removed at the salon. The only aspect you need to be careful about is the way you comb your hair.

You will need to always comb your hair avoiding the roots. This is because you might end up breaking your natural hair or even pulling out the extensions.

Probably the only inconvenience you will encounter with sew in hairstyles is that the roots will take longer to dry. While this is a normal thing to happen, you don’t have to burn your hair with the hair dryer. Instead, you can patiently wait for them to get dry.

16. Asymmetrical bob with a side cut enriched with hair additions

17. Lovely ash blonde short hair sew in hairstyle

18. First class long hairstyle with natural hair additions sewed in 

19. Loose curls give boring hair a dynamic touch and volume

How to Care for Your New Sew in Hairstyles

Even if you do not wear sew in extensions, it is good to care for your hair by using quality products, preferably professional products. Even if they are more expensive, you can at least be sure that they will provide your hair will all the nutrients it needs.

If you use professional products you will immediately see the difference after you wash your hair and apply conditioner or a hair mask. Your hair will be much brighter and more silky. You may not want to go back after trying them and that’s not a bad thing at all.

In addition, remy hair, the one used to make natural hair extensions, needs intense nourishing in order to last months without degrading or getting electrifying tendencies. Given that it is 100% natural, it will behave exactly like your own hair and will have the exact same texture.

However, because it does not grow directly from the roots, there are no natural substances available to nourish it. So, you have to compensate with quality products, preferably those made of herbal ingredients.

You could use some hair products based on olive oil, argan oil, castor oil, shea butter, or any other ingredient that is known for its hair nourishing and toning properties.

20. Layered silky hair flawlessly styled and waved

21. Invisible hair extensions sewed in for a natural, long hair effect

22. Versatile sew in hairstyle allows side-parting and waving

23. Natural baby hairs hidden under hair extensions

24. Big curls mask thin hair and highlight the roots/ends contrast

25. Long hairstyle with brown to honey ombre dye job and added volume

Combing Sew in Extensions With Care

Besides feeding the hair with nutrients, you should also comb it with care. It is recommended to use a comb with large teeth, and never start combing your hair from the roots. You need to avoid the point where your extensions were attached in order to not pull them or move them if you comb it too hard.

Combing hair with extensions sewn in is always done from the back of your neck, or if your hair is very long, starting from the tips and advancing along its length, stopping right before you reach the roots.

More extra tips from professionals involve wrapping your hair in a scarf during the night, and washing it all the time while keeping your head straight and not leaning forward.

26. Imposing really long black hair extensions and a braided crown 

27. Sew in hairstyles with bleached extensions

28. The type of hair volume some women only dare to dream of

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29. Amazing fashionable gray hair with stunning volume, length and texture

30. Multicolored hair done without damaging it

Why and When Sew In Hair Can Be a Bad Idea

In principle, any woman can resort to natural hair extensions in order to get the capillary adornment she has always wanted. Whether you put on clip extensions, sew in extensions, or keratine extensions, the idea is to get a much longer and richer hair.

However, you need to consider some issues before deciding to add such extensions to your natural hair. Even if they can be attached regardless of the length of your hair (provided it is long enough to cover the bases of extensions), there are still situations when you should give up the idea.

Sew in Hairstyles Don’t Match Hair Loss

One of these situations is when you have major hair loss problems. For example, if you choose to use remy extensions because their application is the healthiest for your hair, you will not be able to attach them if your hair is too strong and the roots are not strong enough to support the weight of the extensions .

It is normal for hair to fall every time you comb it, but when it falls in an exaggerated manner and it begins to become rarer, it means that it has a problem that needs to be solved with special treatments. Or, maybe you should even go to see a doctor and ask what the problem is. In any case, until you solve the problem of excessive hair loss, you can not take into account the application of sew in extensions.

31. Hair volume that starts from the top and doesn’t end

32. Sew in hair dyed with playful pastel colors and curled

33. A look so natural it cannot be real

34. Different ways to style the combination between sew in hair and kinky hair

35. Braiding technique that prepares the hair for the addition of extensions

Dandruff Doesn’t Welcome Hair Extensions

Another embarrassing problem would be dandruff. Hair with dandruff is a greasy hair in general that needs to be washed more often and very well at the roots. This will be very unpleasant if you wear sew in hair, because it is harder to clean it properly at the roots where the hair is braided.

Besides, dandruff is a problem that needs to be resolved as quickly as possible through professional treatments. It is extremely unpleasant and prevents you from enjoying your hair. Generally, you will not even want to let it loose, but you will prefer to catch it all the time to avoid white peels falling  on your shoulders and back.

Therefore, you should first follow an anti-dandruff treatment. Make sure your hair is perfectly healthy, and then you can think about wearing remy hair.

36. Speechless results bring up the brightest smiles

37. Long black hair extensions styled like natural hair

38. Sew in hairstyles include twisting and braiding

39. Half up top knot and a very rich half down portion of sewed in hair

Fragile Hair Cannot Sustain Heavy Remy Hair

Also, if you have a very fragile hair that breaks easily, it’s not a good idea to put on extensions. As I said before, you need a strong and healthy hair that is able to support the weight of the extensions and not to break even harder when you handle it.

For fragile hair, you could follow a thread-hardening treatment using shampoo, conditioner and a type of hair mask that contains many vitamins and nutrients. You could also use some vitamins or supplements to boost your immunity and help regenerate your hair.

So, wearing hair extensions is a very practical idea, but only as long as your hair is healthy and ready for them.

40. Kinky or curly hair brings more volume than ever expected

41. Medium long hair with defined curls and well hidden additional strands

42. A curly merge of natural hair and extensions

43. Cornrow hairstyle with a pony tail extension sewed in

44. High volume kinky hair styled on a side

Having a full head of kinky hair is sometimes deceiving. However, kinky hair looks best on its own most of the time.

45. Sew in extensions allow hair to be parted on any side

46. Sew in look for medium long black hair

47. Straightened hair strands perfectly covering the sewed in additions

Countless Hairstyles With Extra Hair Sewn In

The number of sew in hairstyles that can be achieved is countless. As you have seen so far, sew in hair isn’t just for long hairstyles, but also for short ones. Even having a pixie cut or a bob cut allows you to add some extra hair for volume or for regenerative purposes.

Now, the line between having strong enough hair for sew in extensions and using them to regenerate your natural hair is very fine. The best advice one can give you is to seek professional help when you can’t decide by yourself.

Other than that, you should be browsing among all the remy hair offers online and making an appointment at the same time!

Free up Your Time and Make an Appointment

Speaking of appointment, make sure to choose a day when you have the most free time because attaching hair to your head and sewing it in will take a while. Although specialists have a way of moving fast thanks to their experience level, this type of work still takes time.

In addition, they will also have to cut and style your hair. Even more, if you have to also change its color, then it will be salon day, all day long.



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