101 Daring and Bold Shaved Hairstyles For Women For a Unique Look!


Shaved hairstyles for women are unique, and they sure have their appeal. You must have seen these hairstyles making a round on the internet, and they are exciting for sure! You can try these on in any shape and form, and we are here to help you in the process! Here we have the perfect collection of shaven hairdos that you can take some ideas from. Make sure you choose the one that gives the most joy to you! Give these a try and thank us later when you get complimented!

Check out these 101 daring and bold shaved hairstyles for women that you can sport as your next look!

Short curly hair

These short curly shaved hairstyles for women have the perfect balance to it, and you can see them fall on the face gracefully as well. These shades are sure to entice you.

Shaved hairstyles for women Full side shave

This black and white shaved hair is perfect, and this can be a bit daunting to try on for the first timers! But you can try them on for a unique look.

Slight Side Fade

The small side shave here has a fade effect, and you are sure to love this! This look here can be worn by anyone irrespective of your gender.

Bold Red Hues

There are fiery, bold shades here, and they are sure to be the center of attention everywhere you go! You can try on such bright shades for your vacation look.

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Scalet Johansson’s Look

There are celebs like Scarlet Johansson that try on these bold shaved hairstyles, and we are all for them! You can work on the same look to look as stunning as she does.

Shaved Hairstyles For Women

You can go bold as you want with these hairstyles and choose to get a higher angled shave on the hair! They work out great for all face shapes.

Pastel Pink with blonde

The pastel pink shaved hairstyles for women are widely popular, and you can try on this look at your next change. The darker tones here are stunning as well.

Teenagers choice

These shaved hairstyles for women are also the choices of many teenagers! You can see the black and blonde shades on top here, and they are perfect for all youngsters.


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Reddish tones on Blonde hues

If you are getting blonde shades on the hair, then you can add reddish tones on the sides to get a color like this one here!

Spiked up Hair

The hair here has been spiked up, and the curls on the top are elegant too! You can enjoy the side shave and show it off well also!

Tones of Brown

You can see the blonde shades are shining through the black in here and they are common for most shaved hairstyles.

Darker Roots

Adding dark colors to your hair can make the whole look appear more put together, and it also helps to have the lighter shades on top of this!

Designs on the back

There are designs on the back here, and you can see them well as the braided bun is pinned down above it. The dark base and colors on top are gorgeous.

Purple V-shaped back

The purple shades here are beautiful, and the top bun is alluring as well. There are V-shapes on end here, and they are great for anyone who wants a different look.

Tones of light purple

There are bright tones of purple, and the darker base here is perfect! You can see the volume on the look here, and it has a subtle vibe to it.

Stars and designs

There are star designs on the sides here, and you can see this makes a beautiful look. You can try this look if you are up for something funky.

Heartbeat on the haircut

Every hairstyle is a reflection of the inner personality of a person, and the sides here have a heartbeat to them, which is creative and unique in every way.

Harder choices to make

Here are half shaved hairstyles for women who want a short hair look. You can find this to be a harder choice if you have never tried on shaved looks before.

Long Hair with a side shave

If you have long hair,try this shaved hairdo here! This is bold, and the colors are deep, and they add the perfect balance to the look.

Lavender lilac hair

These lavender lilac shades in here are subtle and beautiful! Most of the shaved hairstyles for women have colors on them that tie the whole look together.

Carry it with attitude

You can carry off any hairstyle with an attitude, and it will look great always! It is all in the way you wear your hair.

Pink’s Platinum Hues

Pink has worn shaved hairstyles for women for a long time, and you can see the platinum hues in here are fantastic. You can see this look here is perfect.

Perfect for photos

Shaved hairstyles for women are perfect for photos. You can see these looks and the more extensive section in the front here are falling on the face perfectly.

The slant cut with long sections

There are many unique shaved hairstyles for women here, and you can wear them to any look extraordinary. The sides are straight, and there are long sections to balance it out.

Free and relaxed

There is a free and relaxed look here, and you can see the way it looks stunning. These are perfect for the vacation too.

Keep it simple

You can keep your hair simple and subtle and enjoy the look! You can see the sides here are shaved well and the look has been rounded off with longer bangs.

Braid at an angle

There are braids at an angle here, and the dark base works well with the perfect blonde on top. They are perfect for everyday wear.

Add some curls

You can add some waves and curls into shaved hairstyles for women to add the feminine vibes. You can get any color that you want on your hair as you like.

Short Hair with blonde hues

These shaved hairstyles for women have blonde tones on them, and you can get this flawless look in any hair salon of your choice. These shaved hairstyles for black woman have been loved for long! Braided sides

You can braid the sides of your hair if you keep them a bit longer and the platinum blonde shades are perfect. They show off the shaven hairstyles well.

Bubblegum Pink

The short shaved hairstyles for women are usually the ones that have the most colors on them. You can use these bright bubblegum pink on your hair with red tones on them.

Pink and rose gold with black sides

There are short shaved hairstyles 2017 that we love and the colors are still relevant. The sides are dark, and the rose tone shades are beautiful for everyone to try.

Yellow and pink hair

The yellow and pink tones in this hair are stunning, and the dark base is perfect too. You can see the ruffled, waves here and the ends are remarkable.

Piercings all the way

There are piercings on the face here, and they are adding flair to the look. You can see this full side shave is bold and shows off the personality well.

Dark brown tones

There are dark brown hues in here, and the edgy, spikey hair here is beautiful. You can get the same effect on your hair for your next hairdo.

Longer on the side

There are multiple shaved hairstyles for women with the longer bangs on the front, and they work out so well to frame the face. You are sure to love the blonde tones.

Natalie Dormer’s clean shave

Natalie Dormer is a British actress, and she has these beautiful hairdos here that we adore. You can see the neatly shaved hairstyles for women like these are sported by many.

Majestic long side swept look

Side swept long shaved hairstyles for women are fantastic for all occasions as well. You are sure to be loving this do for the way it can be styled into different forms.

Alluring from all angle

No matter how long we look at these shaved hairstyles, we cannot get enough of it! It looks majestic and alluring from all aspects and sides are fantastic here.

Edgy and Stunning

This look here is perfect if you are heading out to a festive event! You can try on any shades and colors you like and add oomph to it with the shave.

The grown outside cut

Once you get shaven hairstyles on the hair, you need to be prepared for them to grow out! You need to make sure that you get regular trims for it as well.

The perfect blonde and black

There are many shaved hairstyles for women that use this color mix here. You can use this ideal combination of a blonde and black and add spikes to the central part to add oomph!


Soft and subtle

You can keep your hair simple and keep the colors soft and delicate too! Make sure you get the darker shades below and use right highlighting colors to the hair.

The spread out design

The design on the sides here are artistic, and they have the neat and clean sides to them as well. They are adding oomph to the casual look here.

Seafoam green hues

There are teal to green shades here, and we are in love with how bold and graceful this look is! You can get the same side shave with this color.


Textured wavy hair

There are textures added by waves in this shaved hairstyles, and we are sure you can get them in a matter of minutes once you get used to it.

The basic blonde do

Blonde shades are loved by everyone out there, and they are the safer color option too! You can get any tone of this color to look flattering with different skin tones.

Dual Strikes

There are double strikes on the sides here, and the curls on top are also stunning. This look has a casual vibe to it, and we are sure you will prefer it.

Black and blonde combination

The combination of black and blonde is classic, and there are so many ways to involve them in your hairstyles! This is one way of working them out.

Reddish brown tones

Choosing a color can be a bit difficult for sure. We advise you to take the help of a hairdresser and choose the hues that flatter you the most.

Elegant sides with red hair

The cut on the side here is neat and a bit thick as well. The red hair on top is beautiful as well, and we love the way this has turned out.

Perfect for all occasions

There is no need to worry about how to wear your short shaved hairstyles for women for special events. They are perfect for all events and are widely photogenic as well.

Wedding day hairstyle

If you have chosen shaved hairstyles for women, this can be the wedding day look you! The braids are adding femininity and grace, and the shave is edgy and bold here.

Intricate Designs on the back

Getting this style done can take a lot of time! You can see the details here will surely need to be done with precision, and you may need expert help for this.

Dual Cut with an angle cut

The precise details in here are what makes this a must-try look! You can see the sharp angle cut in the side and the color is fantastic here.

Black side shave

A black base is perfect for any bright color! It adds depth to the entire look and makes the hair appear more balanced out instead of looking monotonous and dull.

Faded sides and sharp cut

The side fade here is casual, and the cuts are intense as well! You are sure to love this look once you try it on. They work well for everyone.

The S-shape with blue tones

There is an S-shaped marking on the top here, and the hair is short with blue hues on them! If you have never tried it on, now is the time.

Braided bun with colors

A braided bun is chic and elegant, and the shave on the back here adds that edge to this look! You can see the best of classic and edgy style right here.

Approachable and lovely

This look here is approachable and beautiful, and you can try it on too! They are not too loud and give off a subtle and straightforward vibe to the whole look.

Light cut on the sides

You can get a light shave at the side and achieve this beautiful look. You are sure to love it once you try it on, especially in the summers.

Get Creative

You can get creative with the styles you pick for the shave. There are details and patterns here that can inspire you to try on new and unique styles.

The Crisscrossed shave

There is an x-shaped cut here, and it can be the next hairdo you try on! The shaved back, and the side swept hair all works well in a balanced fashion.

Intricate Designs on back

There are intricate designs carved out in the end here, and they seem to be fading away! You can see that buns here help to show them off too.

Freedom of shaved hairstyles for women

There is a feeling of freedom you get when you decide to cut parts of your hair! You can try on these bold looks and feel amazing while doing so.

Perfect and powerful

This here is a compelling look, and the bun on top is majestic as well. The angled sidecut works out well for any face shape so you can try it on.

Get the bat icon!

There is a look that is sure to inspire you if you are Batman fan! The shave on the side has the bat on it, and it is beautiful.

The mid-side cut

The cut here has been made mid-way through the side, and this is one subtle way to add the shave to your hairdo. You can add designs on there as well.

Casual and Youthful Vibe

There is a funky and relaxed vibe in this hairdo here! You can see how there is a youthful appeal in this hairdo, and the whole attire helps too.

Edgy style

Vintage vibes are coming off from this look here, and we are sure you will love it! If a bold look is what you want, this is it!

Side swept braided look

When you get the side shaved hairstyles for women, you sure want to show them off! You can try on the side swept hairstyles to not only show off your designs but also your accessories!

Confidence in all shapes

No matter what shaved hairstyles for women you try on, and you need to be confident in them! You can wear a spiked up look with a side shave, and it all looks well rounded up!

Tones of rose gold

You can pick up hints of rose gold in this hairdo here! You can surely opt for these soft colors to add flair to your hair and look fantastic!

Summer Vacation vibes

There are major summer vibes from this look here, and we hope you will try this one! These very short shaved womens haircuts are lovely to look at also!

Front and a side shave

You can shave the sides and the front of the hair and get a sleek appearance! You can use the same colors like this one here and flaunt your hairdo!

The variations

There are surely a lot of options that you can choose from for your shaved hairstyles for women. You can see some of these are bold and daring and we love it!

Short hair with a blunt cut

This falls under the short shaved hairstyles 2018 category for sure. You can see the top here has short sections with round edges and the dark sides are adding depth to the look.

Ash blonde with a dark base

Colors can change the way your hair looks for sure. You can see the dark bottom here is a great option, and it goes well with the ash blonde brown shades.

Space buns with lotus back

Space buns are always attractive, and they look great! You can add blue ends to your black hair as well. But the show stopper is the lotus design!

Keep a straight line 80

You don’t need to do much to attain an alluring look! You can get the sidecut, and the straight edges are sure to be impressive as well.

Get the unique shape

You can be as unique and creative with these cuts as you like. Here we have a pattern that is shaved out on the back, and it looks great.

Magenta Hair with volume

There is a bulky appearance at the back, and it has the volume that everyone loves! Keep the sides thin and get these magenta hues on top to complete the look.

Blues and the blondes

These side shaves are fantastic, and they look even better when you add the colors and blonde hues on the bangs. You can try this out with bold tones also.

If you are thinking about getting a shaved look, then you are sure to love this article. You can try on any shades and colors of your choice and then get the cuts that you like! We are confident this article has inspired you to find the hairstyle that suits you the best. The shaved look can be of many different designs, and you can try on any bold and daring shade that you are comfortable with! There are many options for all hair textures and lengths. You can decide on the vibe you want going on for your hair too!

If you think that this article has helped you find the perfect shaved hairstyles for women, then show it some love and give us a big thumbs up! You can try on these hairstyles and share it with other close friends who would love to try on this bold look. Make sure the hair stylist you choose is an expert and knows what he or she is doing. You need to know what shade and undertone you want in your hair before you get it done. We will bring out more of such fashionable hairstyle articles so do stay with us!


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