106 Short Hairstyles for Women  – Update to a Younger Look


Short hairstyles for women are perfect for those of you who don’t have a lot of time to waste on styling your hair. In addition, they are a great way to update your look to a much younger one. Moreover, they can also be very chic, highlighting one’s eyes and two of the most gracious body parts, namely the neck and the shoulders.

However, before taking the necessary steps to a short haircut, you must learn about various types of short hairstyles for women, whether or not you can match a round face with a short haircut, reasons why you should go for a short style and many other ideas regarding this topic.

  1. Short bob hairstyle with a Dutch braid

short hairstyles for women

2. Kinky hair with volume at the top

3. Shorter sides and longer top for afro hair

4. Textured fringes create unexpected volume

5. Wear natural white and gray hair with pride

6. More length left at the nape of the neck

7. Effortless styling and a younger look

8. Volume and texture take years off one’s face

9. Chic short hairstyle with a covered forehead

10. Short hairstyles for women with curly hair

Top 5 Short Hairstyles for Women Explained

  1. The simple, boyish haircut – A beautiful face is not only favored by long hair and a sophisticated hairstyle. A short, boyish haircut can highlight the most beautiful facial features of a woman, especially her eyes. If you are not convinced, the stars who have chosen this haircut can show you that even very short hair can compliment a beautiful woman. Emma Watson, Rihanna, Halle Berry, and Hilary Swank are just some of the stars who graciously wore this masculine haircut.
  2. The Quiff haircut – Quiff is a haircut that blends the pompadour style with a flattop and has recently integrated elements of the Mohawk hairstyle. This haircut offers a rebellious look, even on the punk sometimes, but it can also be very elegant if given a vintage look. Stars like Kimberly Wyatt, Paris Hilton, Pink or Tilda Swinton have adopted this hairstyle.
  3. The undercut – For more daring people, shaved hair offers a rebellious look without being too ostentatious. Although this trend has spread even among people with long or medium hair, this hairstyle is more balanced and more aesthetic in case of short haircuts, because so many courageous stars have approached it successfully. Jamie Pressly surprised everyone with such bold haircut. Mila Jovovich is also aligning with this trend, but with more moderation, so the shaved side is subtle and even elegant. Sheridan Smith goes for a fusion between Marilyn Monroe’s style and the shaved hair trend, and Miley Cyrus used this hairstyle to promote her bad face.
  4. The pixie haircut – Many Hollywood celebrities still continue to show off their haircuts and it looks like this particular hairstyle still holds the top positions in the top of the short haircuts. Sometimes, you can see in your favorite stars a pixie haircut so successful that you can make your appointment immediately at the hairdresser to try it yourself. Audrey Tautou delights every time with her chic style and classical French refined style. Still, the jolt of grace is given to us by Jennifer Lawrence, whose face has been made for hair styling. Other celebrities who have not resisted the temptation of trying this hairstyle are Charlize Theron and Maggie Gyllenhaal, whom this hairstyle perfectly brings out her stunning features.

11. Colored Mohawk with shaved sides

12. Boyish haircut for a feminine blonde

13. Curly red hair styled effortlessly 

14. Simple bob haircut with bangs

15. Longer top styled with messy curls

16. Messy bob on natural brown hair

17. Medium hairstyle with Dutch braids and a fishtail

18. Medium long bob haircut with curly hair

19. Short sidecuts and a longer top

20. Asymmetrical bob longer towards the front

7 Reasons to Try One of the Short Hairstyles for Women

  1. Short hair makes you look like you’re cool and confident.
  2. Short hair emanates femininity, especially if it is perfectly flattened and soft.
  3. Hair looks brighter and thicker when cut short.
  4. Short hair looks healthier than long hair and it is easier to maintain.
  5. Short hair is sexy.
  6. Short hair makes you look younger.
  7. Curls tend to look much more pronounced because the smooth shape of the short hair highlights them more.

If you are now convinced that short hair is as feminine as long hair, here you have a series of tips on what you should and what you should not do when you have short hair:

  • You do not have to comb your wet hair because it is three times more fragile than dry hair and it can break very easily.
  • After washing your hair, use a towel to massage your scalp and then brush your hair lightly using a comb and not a brush.
  • Avoid overloading hair with conditioner. Excessive use of the conditioner can cause hair loss.

21. Asymmetrical bob on naturally wavy hair

22. A pixie cut with thick bangs

23. Neat and groomed short hairstyles for women are trendy

24. Coquette and delicate look achieved with shorter hair

25. Top knot made with medium long afro braids for black women

26. Short hair in the back and longer in the front

27. Professional and cute look with a pixie haircut

28. Pink wearing her signature hairstyle

29. Medium long hair that’s slightly wavy

30. Color contrast achieved with undercuts

9 Things That Only Short-Haired Girls Understand

Short-haired girls are said to be courageous and childish, but they also have a much easier life than long-haired women. So is that it? Only those who have chosen pixie haircuts or other short hairstyles for women are able to understand certain things.

1. Today I would like to have long hair

Any woman with a short haircut wants at least once to have longer hair for a special event or to try a particular hairstyle. Unfortunately, hair does not grow as we want and need, but has its natural rhythm.

2. Why did you cut your hair like this?

Short-haired girls are often asked why they chose to wear their hair short, and they must always be prepared with the best explanations. They certainly do not want to give the impression that they had an emotional fall. As we know, many people think that women change their haircut when they go through a difficult stage in their lives.

3. Still receiving compliments for previously long hair

If you’re now wearing a short haircut, and before you had long hair, you certainly had a few people around you who reminded you of how beautiful … you were. Almost no one thinks about complimenting your new short style or encouraging you for being bold to have chosen such a great change.

4. Short hair is easy to style

Everyone has the impression that you do not even have to brush your hair when it’s short. It just styles itself every morning. Again, almost no one understands that you are actually fighting it to stay put sometimes.

5. A monthly haircut is part of your schedule

If you are among the women who have fast-growing hair, then you definitely have to go for a retouch every month. Even if you do not cut more than one finger of length off your hair, you will still have to pay the same fee and spend the same amount of time at the salon.

6. The hair-styling products are now among your best friends

You definitely have some favorite hair-styling products, some of which have been around since the beginning and which you know you can rely on at any time. Sometimes the messy style tends to save you, but that hair wax is basically your ally.

7. An unsuccessful haircut is noticed immediately

In case someone messes up with your short hair, you will have to simply accept the reality and wait for little for your hair to grow back. Maybe next time you will have more luck.

8. Short-haired girls have a boyish attitude

Usually, people think about short-haired girls that they are not feminine. Some go as far as questioning their sexual orientation as well. Even though the length of the hair is also related to the personality of a woman, it does not mean it is a written rule. Femininity does not translate into the length of the hair.

9. No one notices the transition from a type of pixie to another type of pixie haircut

Only women who are short haired know what we are talking about. Perhaps they have struggled to “pick” some chic haircuts and have even combined several patterns, but no one notices the change they have made.

Only short-haired girls can understand the things above. Although their capillary adornment puts them in difficulty in a few cases, they can not give up the style that defines them and make them feel good in their skin. Maybe this will be your case too.

31. Accent Dutch braid styles short hair

32. Medium long bob with a Dutch braid

33. Pixie cut with long frontal fringe

34. Medium bob for women with a round face

35. Pixie cut covers the ears

36. Short hairstyles for women with a round face

37. Haircut for curly hair gives volume and frames the face

38. Leighton Meester sporting short hair over the head

39. Hollywood actress wears short hair with highlights

40. Medium long bob on curly, highlighted hair

Celebrities Who Wear Short Hairstyles for Women

The rule that women should have long hair has not been discussed for a long time. These days, women have begun to adopt their short hairstyles in increasing numbers. Besides being very practical because they do not need too much time for styling, they are perfect for those hot days when everything you want is to feel the lower degrees of the thermometer.

In addition, these haircuts are perfect for strong women because they express independence, ambition, determination and courage.

Jada Pinkett Smith

Jada adopted a short haircut with a side arm. “Jada has long hair at the top of the head, while on the side it’s short, which gives it flexibility in terms of style,” says Nunzio Saviano, hairdresser and patron of the saloon with the same name. Thus, a haircut, such as that of Jade, can be arranged in a variety of ways, from crest to bangs fallen into one side of the forehead.

Rowan Blanchard

Actress Rowan Blanchard chose a short, uneven and a little unusual haircut with short peaks and short bangs. It has kept a longer length in the area of ​​the ears so that the hair in this area can be easily styled.

The slightly disordered appearance of haircuts is specific to 2019, as specialists emphasize naturalness. “The length and appearance of her hair manage to highlight the beauty of her eyes,” said Saviano.

Joey King

Actress Joey King has adopted a rock look that expresses freedom and youth. If your hair is cut as short as Joey’s, then you should know that she lets her hair dry naturally, then adds a little gel with the tips of her fingers. This brings a rough look, worthy of a strong, safe woman.

In such case, it is advisable to emphasize your eyes with a strong makeup. In this way you will receive many compliments and attract the men around you.


Halsey decided to opt for short haircuts and almost rags faces. The biggest advantage of this haircut is that in the morning you can get out of bed and you can walk away without stopping in front of the mirror.

Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose ​​follows two trends this spring: gray hair and a short haircut. If you want to get this look, it is good to pay a visit to the salon because it is quite difficult to achieve.

Zoe Kravitz

Zoe has a very short haircut. It expresses the power of decision, ambition and flexibility.

Katty Perry

The famous singer Katty Perry gave up her long hair in favor of a short and easy punk haircut. This haircut is suitable to hide a wide forehead, thanks to the short and compact branches. In addition, it can be arranged in many ways, and you can enjoy a different style everyday.

41. Very short boyish haircut 

42. Accent fishtail braids for short hair

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43. Bleached hair with short sides

44. Nicely layered blonde hair on the longer side

45. Dutch braid done over side cut

46. Back undercut with minimalist patterns

47. Layered top confers femininity and lightness for older women

48. Bob hairstyle done on the longer side

49. Kelly Osbourne sporting a lily Mohawk

50. Long frontal strands are slightly wavy

51. Color contrast done with natural black hair

52. Medium brown hair styled with a Dutch braid

53. Texture and volume confer a playful image

54. Straight hair with a side parting

55. Mature woman wearing a short hairstyle with bangs

56. Iconic look among the short hairstyles for women

57. Ombre short hair with loose curls

58. Medium bob embellished with two braids

59. Katty Perry’s short haircut with colored top

60. Curled medium hair goes retro short

61. Curled top and almost shaven sides

62. Natural curly short hairstyles for black women

63. Wavy hair perfectly frames a heart-shaped face

64. Dark brown hair parted on a side with beach curls

65. Curled bangs and longer hair left in the back

66. Micro braiding for short copper hair

67. Asymmetric pixie cut with a longer side

68. Bangs that cover a wide forehead

69. Longer curly top with bleached frontal strands

70. Short blonde hair swept on a side

71. Pixie cut worthy of a Hollywood star

72. Medium bob with two Dutch braids

73. Layered top covers a wide forehead

74. Anne Hathaway with one of her short hairstyles for women

75. Geometrical cut for a look worthy of a model

76. Frizzy hairstyle fashionable in the past

77. Curly hair takes off length when styled 

78. Sleek hair with tips styled inwards

79. Simple short hairstyle with four twisted accents

80. Sophistication and elegant with short curly hair

81. Pixie hairstyle with amazing volume

82. Long top and noticeable sideburns 

83. Short side versus longer side 

84. Highlighted hair styled effortlessly with waves

85. Straight hair cut longer to the front

86. Heart shaped face framed with bangs

87. Thick top with bangs ends over the shoulders

88. Side-swept natural brown hair with loose curls

89. High top among the most daring short hairstyles for women

90. Amazing contrast and look with shaved sides

91. Texture and volume achieved with thick hair

92. Messy look created with medium long hair

93. Pixie hairstyle compliments straight hair

94. Side cut and long bangs that cover half of the face

95. Short hairstyle with borrowed Mohawk accents

96. Round face framed thanks to longer sideburns

97. Refinement achieved with a longer Quiff

98. Layered haircut and bangs for a younger look

99. Modern blonde hairstyle with spikes

100. Take 10 years off your face with short hair

101. Simple short hairstyles for women look like this

102. Back and side view of an adorable Pixie hairstyle

103. Highlighted hair appears to have more volume

104. Femininity over 50 achieved with the right hairstyle

105. Short kinky hair fails to cover a wide forehead

106. Blonde top and brown sides for contrast

As you have already seen, short hairstyles for women are numerous and can represent a multitude of characters. You can play with hairstyles, colors and styling techniques in order to achieve the look you’ve dreamed of trying at least once in a lifetime.


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