89 Stunning Stacked Bob Ideas To Make You Fall in Love


There is hardly any doubt that stacked bob is one of the most popular hairstyles out there! This hairdo inevitably created a buzz, and many followed the style with a lot of passion! The best thing about these stacked hairdos is that they give your hair a well-rounded and fuller looking appearance! There are so many colors and styles that you can choose from! If you in search of a style that looks good on you no matter what, this is the hairstyle you need to opt for!

There are so many styles that you can choose from, and here we are trying to help you find a look that is most flattering to you! We have carefully put together a compilation with 89 beautiful stacked bob hairdos, and you will find that they meet the needs of almost everyone! This can be the hottest hairstyle of 2019, and we can’t wait for more women to try it on and fall in love with it as we did. Check out these beautiful looks down here and try the one that you find the most alluring for yourself!


The black hair bob

You can see that this hairdo here is simple and plain. There are not a lot of layers in them, and they have that stunning appearance to them! Try this one for a casual and fun look.

stacked bob

 Copper like shine

There is a copper brown shine to the hairstyles here. You can see how bold and bright these colors are. Few will try on this bold shade for sure. If you want to witness how it looks here, we have some pictures for you.

 Short ruffled hair

This short stacked bob haircuts for thin hair is one of our favorites! There are short layers in here, and they make the thin hair here appear thicker and fluffier! If you have short, sparse hair, this is the stacked bob for you.

Shades of dark and light

There are streaks of dark and light shade in here, and they all blend in well together. You can see them cascading on top of one another, and they look majestic. Go for the shades that you love for this one!

The always popular blonde!

This platinum blonde shade has been favorite for a long time. You can see there are light tinges of baby blue in here as well. You can get this look for yourself and feel amazing all day long.

Short Layers

Getting layers into your hair makes it get that volume and fluff that you always desired. They add bounce to your locks and gives it a lift as well.

Rose gold tones

Rose gold shades have gained a lot of popularity as the new hip color of the season. Many stylists love these shades for fair to medium skin tones. Do give this one a try when going for stacked bob.

The perfect angle

This hair has the perfect angle, and the cut is flattering as well. You can see how the hair strands have been paid particular attention to. The hair color also has worked wonders to make this look extra special.

Central parted casual hair

If you part your hair on a central fashion, this is the look that you need to try on. The partition is not clear here, and the vibe is very casual and fun in this one.

Low shave on the back

There are a few stacked bob hairstyles that have a little shave on the back, and it has that added oomph to it! You can see why we love this hairdo. There are many layers on the back, and the clean shave makes it look better!

Brown and blonde

There are brown and blonde shades on the hair here, and we find this combination to be classic. These streaks look great and can be flattering to all skin tones as well. The dark shades add depth to the look.

Stacked bob hairdo

This is one good example of the classic stacked bob hairdo, and we are sure loving this look. It has these short layers, and we have the light colors on the hair right here which looks good on most people!

Up close

This look right here has been focused on, and we can see every detail on the hair! The hairstreaks here have the correct colors on, and it has a well-balanced look to it. You can wear it as your everyday look!

Evergreen Look

There is this look here that reminds us of the times that have gone by. Many tried on this look back in the day. This hairdo has remained relevant to date, and we love it!

Sharp edges all over

If you like sharp edges on your hair, this is the look for you! There are neat, clean cut hair here and the base here looks great! You can opt for this look and choose any color you want as well.

Dark amidst the light

There are ways that you can add dimension to your hair and also add highlights on! The thing you need to do is add the deep colors and light shades to striking the perfect balance for your look.

Silver shades

Silver or grey shades have become very popular nowadays. Celebs and stylists are wearing them, and we are also keen on this look here. The stacked bob here is excellent, and you need to give this look a try!

Timely trimming

Once you get your hair cut into a stacked bob, you need to maintain your look. If you have layers on your hair, you need to get to your salon in time so that they remain intact and pretty!

Chopped up layers

Here you have layers of short hair at the top, and we love how it has an imperfect look to it! This is similar to the pixie cut that we have seen over the years, but it has a bit of length to it!

Unusual and unique

Here we have a rounded up stacked bob that has a unique element to it. The brown shade on the base here is acting as a great transition shade, and the dark makes all the difference there!

Angelic Look

This stacked bob with layers have the perfect color and cut is beautiful too! You can see how there is a classic vibe to the whole look! You can try this look out for the days when you need to go on any special occasion.

A little touch of blue

This is a color that you can wear if you a fan of such bold colors. The blue here has accentuated the blonde, and it makes the merge well! You can see how the stacked bob here has an edge to it because of the colors.

Show off your tattoos!

This is a super short stacked bob, and you can show off all your tattoos with this one! You can look fierce and bold as well with this look. The black hair here has the depth to it that we love!

Tones of purple underneath

Purple is an unnatural color since it is not so common in nature. You can get yourself a purple hue, and it may take some time to get the colors right. Make sure the color is the one you desired.

The immense volume

The main aim of the stacked bob is to add some size and depth to your hair! You can see how the hair here has a lift on the back and gets that extra body and movement as you get layers on them!

Sleek style

There is an elegant and smooth look here, and you are sure to get swept off of your feet by this one! There are layers in here that have neat cut sharp layers, and the side view is great!

Warm shades of brown

Warm tones of brown work well especially if you have a tan on! You can use as dark of shade as you like and pull it off with much elegance! Take this one here as a reference!

Side curls

The hair on the sides of this short look has been curled, and we love how the light reflects on from the twists and turns of the textured hair here!

Blonde and burgundy underneath

This look here has an unusual angle to it for sure, but you can see the colors well from this angle! You can see the dark burgundy shades on and the light blonde look on the top, and it all merges well!

Sleek stacked bob

This bob here is perfect for all the office going ladies out there. It has a smooth texture to it, and you can see how there are many colors on them as well. The blues, blondes, and browns are all subtle here.

Pin it up

There are days when you get tired of your hair falling on your face! You can see how the hair on the front here can be placed back for such days with the help of a single hairpin!

Light burgundy hues

Burgundy is the mid color that lies between reds and pinks, and you can try this on as you like it! The best thing is you can add golden tinges to make it appear brighter!

Playful colors on

There are rainbow colors on this one! You can see the blues and purples with neon green and pinks as well all mixed up on this one! Make sure you enjoy this look as much as you want!

Ruffles on top

There are short layers on top here, and they make it look as if the hair id ruffled there! You can see how you will need to style your hair a bit before stepping out if you get this look on!

Keep it short

If you do not like long hair, then this is the one you need to pay attention to. There is short light hair here, and the balance is excellent as well!

Black and purple

Deep black shades work on excellent as a base for bright colors to pop out! They can look great and make the whole look appear fun and flirty as well. Give these purple shades a try once with black hair to know the feeling.

Salon treated hair

When your hair is done at the salon, it looks way better than it does when you do it at home! Expert stylists rightly do the colors and texture, and the results are great as well!

Youthful vibrancy

This look here is perfect for teenagers and will work great if you are into short hair as well! You can try this one on for a fun and flirty look!

For all ages

There is no age limit to how and who can wear this hairdo. There are women of all ages who have adopted this look and made it their own!

Blunt bob cut

The round edges here are sharp and is sure to make you look stunning. This is a great style, and you sure need to try this one on the next time you get your hair changed!

Detail Focused

The details are most prominent on looks like these. Make sure your ends are just right as you get them done!

Back view

When you try on a hairstyle on, you want to make sure that it looks good from all angles. The following picture here shows you how a layered bob will look if you have short layers at the back!

Perfection from all directions

We notice there are the perfect cuts and layers on this look from all angles! The hair has the shine and luster to it, and we love the longer sides!

A bit of depth

There is a bit of depth to this haircut here, and we are so thrilled by it! You can see the angular bob with the shaven back! The dark shades at the roots add the depth here.

Summer Hairdo

The summers are always giving us a reason to cut our hair short! The look here is perfect if you are looking to change your hair this season. Make sure you get the cut to beat the heat!

Rounded up

The rounded up look at the back sure makes us envious! You can see how the hair has that puffed up look to it, and it can be achieved with some minor use of layers on the back!

Asymmetrical Bob

There is a difference in the length you keep on each side of your hair, and that makes an asymmetrical bob work! You can call this as long stacked bob with bangs where the long hair is on one side only!

Short layers at the back

Stacked bobs have a lot of layers on them, and that is the way they add that volume on to the hair! You can add these short layers on the back here, and it all manages to look good when you are done!

Shave the back

There is a deep shave at the end here, and the dark hair is also visible from this angle. The hair has a puffed up back, and we are recommending this to everyone who wants a kick to their look!

A punch of colors!

The magenta pink, deep color have accompanied the blonde here, and it looks marvelous! You can try this color if you are bored with the typical everyday hues! Make sure you condition your hair after this!

Usual Look

The deep shades here are not unique. You can wear this color on as your everyday look and slay that attire! You can try this one on if you are a college kid and have little time to style your hair!

Light Lilac shades

There are bright lilac shades in here that you can get inspired by. If you are looking for dark hues to try on that can add depth and dimension to the whole look, this is the one you need to choose!

Casual Everyday look

If you are looking for a casual look to wear for as your everyday wear, the bob here is the one for you! You can see how the hair is sleek and placed well to give that salon-like effect!

Curls on the side

This makes it to the list of the easy to wear stacked bob haircuts 2018 category for sure! You can add the curls on the side with the longer section and manage to look great in an instant!

Light brown shades

Light brown shades work well for all skin tones. No one needs to think a lot about getting this color on! They will flatter your skin and make you look great as well. Just go with it for it is a safe choice.


Ready for events

This look has an angle to it, and we can see how it can be worn to any event! This is one look that you need not worry about as you get it cut on your hair for it manages to look bomb!

Earthy tones

Brown hues on the hair look great. They have a gentle, earthy tone to it and we love how the streaks of hair here have been highlighted with the same color!

The vintage look

There is a vintage vibe to this look here. Many women opted for the puffed up back look back in the day, and you may have significant nostalgia as you take a peek at this majestic hairdo right here.

A long section of hair

If you have opted for a bob with longer sections of hair at the sides, you can take these sections and add textures to them. Doing so takes little time, but it manages to look great once done!

Puffed up appearance

The basic reason why many women opt for the bob here is to add some volume to the hair and give it that healthy looking appearance! You can see for yourself here how the hair has a puffed up look.

Slight waves

If you have stacked hair and the section of your hair are curled, they sure manage to look good! They make the whole attire appear more polished and makes it look like you have put in the effort to look great!

Curls on short hair

Here are some stacked bob curly hair options if you have textured hair! You can see how the curls add volume to the look and make the bob appear sleeker and better!

Pink on top

There are slight tones of pink here on the top, and we are in love with this detail. You do not need to add a ton of colors on to your locks to make them look good.

The shape of the neck!

The hair here at the back has been shaven carefully and deeply as well. You can see the shape of the neck from the way it has been trimmed off! It sure is a bold look!

Long hair

If you have long hair, you can opt for the beautiful long stacked bob like the one we are suggesting here. You can see how the color here is deep, and the length is considerably longer!

These hairdos are not only easy to get done on yourself but are also flattering for almost all face shapes. Some celebs and models are loving this hairstyle and have tried on the variations for themselves! We are sure you will love it once you try it on. The best thing is you can decide on many colors and layers on as you like with these haircuts as well! Make sure you get regular sessions of trimming your hair to keep the hair looking great!

If you have found this article to help find the best stacked bob for yourself, then show us some love and give it a big thumbs up! You can also share this with your friends and colleagues to help them find a flattering and easy to style hairdo for themselves! If you have anything to share you can comment down below. Share your experience of trying on bob hairdo with us so that others can find it helpful as well! Stay with us for more on such fashionable hair topics. Till then, this is a wrap!


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