120 Twist Braids Ideas That You Will Fall in Love With!


When you have natural hair, you are looking for ways to make them manageable and stylish. Twist braids can be the perfect hairstyle option for you in that case. They are easy to do and always manage to look elegant no matter how you style them! They are a versatile hairdo and is sure to make you feel like a fashionista! They are perfect for all occasions; so make them into a bun for a formal event or let them free for a relaxed vibe!

These braids are a great hairstyle for black hair. Many women are shy of going all natural with their hair simply cause they are unknown about how you can style them! Here we have compiled a collection of various styles of these braids that you are sure to fall in love with. Check these out and try them out this season and choose the vibe that you want with it!

Side-swept Look

When you have a lot of hair, you surely are looking for ways to make them a look well balanced! And one of the easiest ways to make sure that your hair has that symmetry is by choosing a correct way to part your locks!

There are many ways to part your hair, but the one we are suggesting here is the side swept look! No matter what hair texture and length you have, you can add a touch of transition to your hair by getting a deep side section in your locks!

twist braids

Long Thick hair

Long thick hair has been the desire of many women! They are considered as hair goals for by countless women, especially with the Instagram models posting their long hairdo nowadays!

If you have long and thick hair, you can try this big crochet twist braids hairstyles here! They have a luscious appearance and look extra special for sure! Pin them down or let them loose, you will look great! You can get them colored or even roll them up top for a flair-filled look!

Bedazzled look

There are special occasions like weddings and celebrations when you need to look your best! Braids will be your lifesaver in those days! Make sure you get your braids game on the next time you have an event to attend!

Here we have a twist braided updo that has the perfect balance! The addition of the hair jewelry has undoubtedly made this an exclusive look to try on! They look good on all hair length also so its a win-win situation for everyone!

Black and Blonde Hair

Blonde hair has created a lot of buzz in the hair coloring world! You are sure to have seen women sporting this look with blonde hair countless times! Everyone loves a great hue on them, and this is undoubtedly one to try!

Here we have twist braids hairstyles with the combination of blonde and black hair to entice you! Get them as highlights or try a low ombre hair! Everything looks sleek and stylish when you decide on these shades for yourself!

Mid-length twist braids

Many women opt for medium length haircut plainly because they do not want to deal with the hassles of having too much of a long or short length! This length is flattering for everyone as well!

Medium sized kinky twist braids look great on all haircuts! If you have layered hair, you are sure to look stunning! Here we have options of colored hair as well if you want to try it on! Do check these out for a changed look!

Long Hair with twists

There is no limit to experimenting with your hair for sure! If you have a long length of hair, you can add some details to them by getting them braided! The twist braids here are sure to make it to your list of hairstyles to try on this season!

You can see how they instantly add that touch of glam and elegance to your hair! So what are you are waiting for! Book your salon appointment today! And get yourself these trendy braids!


Thin, sleek braids

There is a glamorous look that you can achieve when by merely getting your hair in an elegant twist braids hairdo! If you have a liking for thin sections, this is the one for you! The longer your braids are, the prettier they look!

They can look a bit heavy, but we can assure you that it is as easy as carrying on your natural hair! These twists are a great expression of the culture and will also keep you closer to your native roots!

The transition from thick to thin!

We surely understand the dilemma that you can face when choosing between thin and thick braided sections! We women sure can get confused as to which style to choose most of the time! These twist braids styles look good no matter what, and they sure don’t help make the decision!

Here we have a few braided options for you to choose from! This twist braids here have the blend of thick sections on top, and they gradually turn into a thin braid at the base! You can see how graceful it looks once you get them on!

Elegant Side Braids

Side braided hairdos are surely a rage among the youngsters! If you want a youthful and vibrant look, you will surely fall in love with this braided hairdo! Get your hair in thin sections before you get them twisted.

Once that is done, you can take chunkier sections of hair and braid them! This look works out well for a party or a casual day out! Try this one if you are a student always in a hurry!

Blonde hues on twists

Twist braids always look great when you try them on! But one great way to make them look even better is by getting them colored in a blonde hue! The best thing about blonde color on your hair is that they can be manipulated to suit everyone!

You can make some adjustments on the hues in your hair to suit your skin tone perfectly! The depth and dimension of this colored hairdo is undoubtedly something you will love! Try this one this season for a stylish look!

Blue Accents

Do you want something fun and flirty for your hair? Make sure you try on this blue hair color on to follow the trend of colors that are going on right now! Blue is a bold choice of color and has been loved by many stylists and celebs alike!

Choose a bold and fun color like this one here is you are looking to spice up your hair! Once done, your twist braids will shine through the color too! You can see how it completely transforms your look!

Twist Braids for Youngsters

Teenagers are always looking for ways in which they can spice up their look! Changing your hairstyle is an excellent way to make sure that you look different and charming! Make sure you give these twist braids a try!

Here are some looks here for you if you want to look as great as a fashionista! They are protective styles as well which is excellent when you use styling irons frequently! It means that they manage to let your hair grow out healthier!

Unique Hairdos with twist braids

There are a lot of ways you can look special and unique! All you need is to let your creative juices flow to make sure you look your best! Some stylists have come up with trendy looks with twist braids!

Here are some options for when you need to look out of this world! Let them loose or pin them up. You can also create sections in thick and thin variations to give the required oomph to your hair!

Afro hair for black hair

You can find a lot of ways to include African styles into your hairstyle! The Afro is undoubtedly one of the most loved hairstyles! They are a trendsetter and always look on point! There are many women blessed with this natural afro look, and we are so envious!

You need to accept your natural locks and wear them with your attitude! For there is no other way to look your best then to love the textured hair that you have for yourself! Style them as you please and add colors to make it look even more stylish!

The small twist braided hair

Here are some small twist braids that you are sure to love this season! If you check out your social media accounts often, you are undoubtedly familiar with this mid-length small twists! They are stylish and have an edge to them that no one can ignore!

Check out the list of amazing styles we have for you here today! You will no longer be confused as to how to style short twist braids from today! They have a relaxed and naturally gorgeous vibe to them that looks stylish as well!


Pulled Back Hairdo

There are days when you cannot handle the hassles of your hair getting in your way! If you are having an irritable day, it is a must that you have a hairstyle on you that keeps you feeling cool! This pulled back hairdo works out great for those days!

These textured hairstyles are easy to keep back and pin up as well. You can give these casual looks a try, and you barely need to be an expert to try this one on!

Curls are a classic!

There is no way that you have not tried on curls on yourself till now! You can see how these curls can make the hair look graceful and stylish at the same time! These curls can add the needed texture to your hair!

They also make it easier to style! Choose any of these twist braids with curls on them to look as trendy as ever! They work for all hair lengths! You can also try them on if you have thick or thin hair!

High Ponytail

Ponytails are probably the first hairstyle that you learned to do on yourself! There is no denying that this hairstyle is comfortable and looks effortless. If you have twist braids on, you can try this high half ponytail on as well for a classic chic look!

Here are some options that show you how this classic hairstyle looks on with different hair length and textures! They tend to look even better on colored hair for sure! Try bold shades to add that oomph to your locks!

Knotted up top hairdo

If you have twist braids on, you are surely going to fall in love with this twisted knotted up look! These are a perfect hairdo, and you can try this on when you want a casual or a party-worthy look for yourself!

Here we have some options for you that can be worn to a special event or for a day out! Try this fun look and know for yourself what all the buzz is about!

Must have braided Wigs

When you are a wig-wearing girl, you are always styling them in various ways! If you want to try these wigs on and have some doubt, here are some styles that can convince you! They will minimize the damage that your hair experiences as well!

No matter if you like your hair short or long, you can choose your pick when you wear wigs! Get them in various lengths and colors and enjoy looking stylish and different every day! These twist braids can be readily available in the wig form!

Night-out look

Ladies, if you are heading out for a night out with your girlfriends, this twist braids hairstyle is the one for you! You can see that the front section here is big and bulky and we surely enjoy the volume on this one!

Here is a look that you can wear to any event not only a day out! Get your makeup to match the look! You can also get the attire that screams perfection to get a well rounded up look!

Variety of buns

There is a large variety of buns that you can try on when you have twist braids on yourself! If you love buns, then you are going to love this section! There are single and double buns as options here for you. We are sure everyone will find something here!

These buns are an excellent option for special occasions! You can also get special space buns to enjoy the youthful and fun-filled look! Choose the option that suits your preference the most, and you will look as trendy as you like!

Beachy Waves

Beachy waves are a perfect option for adding texture into your hair. If you are not a fan of the tight ringlets and soft curls, this is the one style that you need to try!

Here we have a beachy wave that you can wear to any occasion. Make sure you use the styling iron well and get yourself some hairspray to hold the look in place!

Spiral Twisted hairstyle

Check out this spiral twisted hairdo here, and you are surely going to want to try them on! The section has been pinned up well, and the spiral twist makes the perfect look for a stylish night out!

This style lasts for a while when you get them done and are relatively easy to maintain! Pair your makeup and clothes to match your hairstyle, and you will look stunning every day! The red-brown hues are a classic choice as well!

Casual everyday look

Getting these twist braids does not mean that you will not have that casual vibe to them! You can wear these twists no matter what your preference is! Pin them at the back or let them loose to enjoy a relaxed hairstyle!
Here we have some options that you can try on! You can also add clasps on these hairstyles to make them look stylish and trendy! Choose the one that you love the most here!

Purple Tones in dark hair

Purple hair is a very unnatural look for sure! These colors do not occur naturally in nature! These colors are hard to get and thus are even difficult to get on your hair and clothes! These are hard to get even in pigments!
Check out this purple tones in your hair, and you are sure to look stunning! You can also add the dark hues on the base here to add some depth to the hair! Get this style here today!

Red hair

Red is the color that many associates with love and passion! You can see these hairstyles here and how the colors have made the hair look awesome! These shades bring out the best in you and help you stand out in the crowd!

You can try on any hairstyle and still look fabulous because the red hues shine through them! Here are some classic twist braids hairstyles with fiery reds that you are sure to love! Choose from these hairstyle options and get your hair the flair it needs!

Special Occasions

When you need to head out for some special occasion, you want to look your best! There are many hairstyles that you can try on for such events and if you need to figure out what you want, here are some ideas for you!

Especially if you need to attend weddings or parties, you will want to try on these beautiful hairdos! Here we have a side-parted braided hair that looks great when you get ready! You can also opt for the bun at the bottom here and add a hairpin to make things seem more put together!


These hairstyles are perfect for days when you need to pose for those Instagram worthy photos! Here are some ideas that you can try on if you are still searching for braided hair!

When you try on these hairstyles, you are sure to look gorgeous on every photo that you take! Check out the ladies here, and you can see why we suggest on this look!


Who does not want to look like a dream? Everybody wants the perfect hairstyle that gives them an alluring appearance. These hairstyles are so well put together!

When you try on these hairstyles if you want to achieve that model like appearance with minimal effort! They have that strong and deep vibes to them, and we are in love with this!

Eye-Catching hairdos

When you get these braided hairstyles, you are sure to be the center of attention. You do need to take proper care of your hair to maintain it, but these hairstyles are easy to take care of too!

Here we have long hair and a spectacular bun hairstyle for you to try on! Make sure you give these a try, and you will know the difference!

We are sure you ladies have found the inspiration you needed to try on this gorgeous hairdo! These twist braids ideas are sure to make you feel relaxed and look stunning without putting in a lot of effort! Once done they last for long and rid you of the hassles of styling your hair each day! This way you can wake up and be ready to head out! Give these hairstyles are a try and feel the change.

You can look extra or be as practical and relaxed as you want with these hairstyles! These twists are low maintenance and barely need any styling once you get them! You can see how they are the perfect hairstyle option for the summers! If you have thick and curly hair, these braids will keep them in place for sure!

If this article helped you to find the twist braids of your choice, make sure you show us some love and like this article! Do share it with your friends and family who are interested in getting themselves a new hairdo! If you have anything to share with us, make use of the comments section below. We love to hear your comments here! Stay with us for more on favorite topics!


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