101+ Seductive Weave Ponytail Examples to Extend Your Appeal


Are you thinking about using a weave ponytail to get the hair length and volume that you desire so much? However, if you still do not know much about this beauty method, perhaps the best idea for you would be to start by trying out the clip on variant.

A weave ponytail is not permanent, and its great advantage is that it can be applied at home with the help of a friend. In addition, it should be easy to maintain, it will not give you any headaches and it will not affect your natural hair in any way if not worn excessively. As it follows, we will see why weave ponytails are recommended for beginners and how you can use them.

  1. Bubble ponytail with extensions so they really stand out

weave ponytail

2. Lush and messy ponytail with curls

3. Cornrows lead to a curly ponytail

4. Extensions added on red hair making it ready for a ponytail

5. French braid hairstyle with a curly ponytail

Do You Need a Weave Ponytail?

Waiting for your hair to grow longer in order to get the look that you want may not be worth it. In this busy world, that’s not something many of you would be willing to do. In addition, you might be confronted with hair growth problems, as well as with bad hair days. For all these situations, there is a simple and accessible remedy, namely the weave ponytail. The latter consists of hair extensions, but in a pre-fabricated shape. With it, you can deal with lots of hair problems, including thin hair and lack of time for styling your natural hair.

Most women end up using hair extensions because they do not nourish their hair at a stage when this is crucial. Lack of hair care at the right time leads to loss of natural hair volume. Fortunately, hair extensions are available in a wide range of colors, shades and styles. In addition, this method is very popular among celebrities, whose long and long hair gives them a stylish look.

6. Simple ponytail wrapped with a golden string

7. High ponytail with silky hair extensions

8. Confident chick displays her long, weave ponytail

9. Natural hair lacking volume necessitates extensions 

10. High ponytail enhanced with natural or synthetic hair

Weave Ponytail – The Most Versatile Hair Extension

A weave ponytail is the only type of hair extension that does not require a visit to a specialist in order to apply it. These extensions can be purchased from an online or psychical store. It is essential to learn whether or not the hair they are selling is 100% natural, also called remy hair. In case of remy hair, the hairs are aligned as they are cut, avoiding hair tangles at the time of wearing.

You will find many internet videos from which you can learn how to apply a ponytail of natural hair. The process is very simple. The weave ponytail is either elastic or collared and can be secured in the back, on a side or really high.

A weave will not make you uncomfortable in any way while wearing it. A well-applied hair extension stays in its place and makes you forget that you even have it on.

11. Halo braid continued with a wavy side ponytail

12. French braid leads to a high, side ponytail

13. Impossible to notice hair extensions

14. Dark hair styled with face-framing fringes and a loose ponytail

15. Messy look achieved with a bubble ponytail

How to Use a Weave Ponytail?

Hair extensions are very simple to use if you use them as a ponytail. In this way, they will not need to be woven, sewed in or even glued into your hair.

It takes only a few minutes to turn your short hair into a long and bulky ponytail. You can remove it even after a few hours, wear it all day or until the next hair wash day.

Comb your natural hair really well until there is no tangle left. Comb it over the head, just like you want it to look when you finish. Make a ponytail using a small amount of your natural hair, around which you can secure the hair extensions.

Choose an extension with 4 clips, and secure it around your natural ponytail. This process will be extremely easy because a weave ponytail is the simplest hair extension type. This is because they come with clip-ons, just like hair pins with clips.

Next, it would be ideal to apply a 3 clips extension over the one with 4 clips and finish the look with a few, 1 clip extensions secured under the ponytail.

After you’re done applying the weave ponytail, comb your hair again towards the ponytail in order to fully cover the clips. Secure your work with a hair band.

16. Dutch Braid turned into a side ponytail

17. Braided ponytail enriched with curly hair extensions

18. High ponytail with red hair extensions

19. Remy hair contributes to a spectacular, voluminous ponytail

Care for Your Weave Ponytail Step by Step

Who says that long hair is no longer in vogue is wrong. Even if medium or short haircuts are the most frivolous, especially bobs, long hair remains the most representative of femininity, playing the leading role when talking about a sexy and exciting look. The longer the hair is, the better.

But what do you do when it grows slowly and you have to wait for years to reach your dreamy length? You get hair extensions because in a very short while you can have a new look without too much commitment and an enhanced mood without paying too much for it.

Here is how to care for a weave ponytail:

  • Do not ever use hair spray at the base of the clip on extensions or other styling products based on silicone. They will dry the hair’s roots.
  • Do not comb your hair when it’s wet. The hair with extensions breaks much easier when it’s wet, there being no risk of breaking the hair when it is dry. So, if you wear your weave ponytail at the pool, keep this aspect in mind.
  • Hair extensions can not be applied to very short hair. We can talk about applying extensions only when the hair reaches 4 inches (9 centimeters) in length, otherwise there is a risk that they fall very easily.
  • To maintain hair extensions, you need adequate products such as shampoos and nutritional masks, which you can find in specialized salons. If you want even longer hair, you can opt for synthetic hair. They are much easier to apply, longer than natural ones and cost less too.
  • Wash the weave ponytail with shampoo and feed it with hair conditioner. Enjoy the freedom of washing it whenever you want, separately from your natural hair. Since you can detach it, you don’t have to care for it together with your natural hair.
  • Do not forget to apply a moisturizing hair mask once a week to these natural hair ponytails, as natural remy hair needs hydration as much as your natural hair does.
  • Wash the ponytail with cold water and a herbal shampoo; you will be amazed at how long the extension will last, no matter how often you apply it or whenever you dye it. If it is made of Indian remy hair, it should be thicker and more durable than European remy Hair.
  • Hair extensions are a beauty trick that help you have long and rich hair. You only need a little imagination and some quality pieces and the ideas will come by themselves.

20. Extend your ponytail with natural dyed hair

21. Curly updo achieved with remy hair

22. The pineapple ponytail with kinky hair

23. Rihanna’s side weave ponytail with an undercut

24. Celebrity style featuring a shiny, side ponytail

25. Classic ponytail enhanced with hair extensions

The Negative Effects of a Weave Ponytail

Regardless of which type of extensions you have chosen, their excessive use will cause natural hair problems. One of the conditions could be the premature hair falling, called alopecia. This is caused by excessive hair pulling, by the pressure they put on natural hair. Moreover, this happens especially in the case of a ponytail, where the weight is even heavier.

Worn over a long period of time, weave ponytails may cause the atrophy of the follicles and stop the production of normal hairs. Depending on the intensity and duration of the stress the follicles have undergone, they can recover or not. If you encounter such a problem, a visit to a dermatologist is more than necessary.

Knowing all these, you can enjoy a new look and always care for your hair so that you will not experience problems with your hair follicles.

26. Naturally kinky hair too short for a ponytail extension

27. Kinky hair enriched with clip on extensions

28. Bride’s hairstyle with a ponytail extension 

29. Casual look achieved with teased, wavy hair

30. Red hair ponytail with retro influences

Types of Weave Ponytail to Keep Away from Monotony

Both your favorite and hairstylists’ favorite, the weave ponytail does not have to be common. On the contrary, you should try to mix it up as much as possible, and, why not, try sophisticated styles that will turn heads.

The ponytail twisted in the French style

The apogee of refinement is touched by this simple ponytail, twisted in the French style. The secret of this hairstyle consists in voluminous hair, instantly obtained with clip-on extensions. You will start by adding a hair serum and brushing your hair over the head. Using a large hair elastic, you will secure your hair in a low ponytail, as close as possible to your neck.

Now, make a hole in your ponytail just above the elastic and take the ponytail through it. The sides of the ponytail should now look like they were rolled. These side loops can be pulled if you want a messier look.

The ponytail with retro influences

The whole secret of this hairstyle is the excessive teasing of the hair located in the crown area of your head and fixing it with hair spray. Once you’ve got your hair extensions secured, hide them with gentle curls and a strand of hair wrapped over the elastic.

31. Middle parted hair and a long, wavy ponytail

32. Wavy and extra long ponytail with a braided base

33. Kinky copper hair ready to be styled

34. Half up, half down hairstyle with added extensions

35. The pineapple ponytail on ombre hair

The partially braided ponytail

You don’t have to know how to braid hair in order to make this sophisticated ponytail. Taylor Swift wore this hairstyle for an edition of American Music Awards. In order to steal her style, what you need to do sweep your hair on one side and then divide it in two parts. Next, take a thin middle section and go under section 2, then over section 2. Repeat the same process, but using section 1 this time. This only sounds complicated, but it’s not. It’s like drawing number 8 in your mind.

The really low weave ponytail

Inspired by Vanessa Hudgens, this is a romantic hairstyle for daylight. It can be worn on a side or in the back. What you’ll need in order to achieve it is a wavy hair texture and a few hair pins.

Volume is mandatory for this hairstyle, so if your hair is thin, then you should consider using a few clip on extensions. Bring your hair to one side and randomly curl a few hair strands. Use a hair curler with a large diameter.

From somewhere in the middle of the ponytail, just take a strand of hair and wrap it around it a few times. Next, secure it with a few bobby pins. It’s that simple!

The messy low ponytail hairstyle

Low and messy ponytails are in trends this season as well. Their whole secret lies in texture. So, after blow-drying your hair, squeeze it gently with your fingers in order to make it a little wavy. If this doesn’t help much because your hair is too straight, then use a curling iron. Don’t forget to also tease your natural hair and add weaves.

36. Perfection achieved with a voluminous low ponytail

37. Beyonce’s sleek hair tamed in a low ponytail

38. Celebrity style features a long, weave ponytail 

39. Astonishing side high ponytail with extensions

40. Feed in cornrows secured in a top knot

The sleek ponytail with weaves

On the opposite side of the messy ponytail, we have the sleek ponytail. Such hairstyle was done by Aveda, during the Osklen’s presentation in 2014. The hair’s texture should be very sleek and the elastic band should be hidden by using hair as well. This means you can take two lateral strands of hair and wrap the elastic section with them.

The waterfall weave ponytail

The waterfall ponytail requires elastic bands, hair pins and hair extensions to make. The styling starts by sectioning the hair or, more specifically by choosing the fringe that will fall over the ponytail like a waterfall. The lateral sides, as well as the top, should be heavily teased towards the roots and then directed over the head.

The ponytail that looks like rope

All you have to do is secure your hair in a high or low ponytail, according to your preferences and tendencies. Next, you need to split your hair into two sections, twisting each strand in the opposite direction and then one on the other. When you reach the ends, secure your hair with an elastic.

41. High ponytail amazes with richness and waves

42. Stylish knot done at the nape of the neck

43. Half up hairstyle with thick hair additions

44. Nina Dobrev is sporting an all natural ponytail

45. Neatly parted hair styled in a voluminous ponytail

The combination between a fishtail and a ponytail

To get this fishtail and ponytail in one, you will need to secure your hair in a high ponytail and tease the roots. When you have reached the desired volume at the top, you should divide the hair in two sections. The idea is to bring thin twigs from the sides in the middle of the braid. In order to get more volume, you can easily pull out the side loops. If you have no idea how to braid hair this way, don’t worry and search for video tutorials before discouraging yourself.

46. Goddess braids combined with a ponytail extension

47. Curly hair given extra impressive volume with extensions

48. The effect of a bubble ponytail created with waves

49. Kinky hair tamed and secured in a bubble ponytail

50.  Loose Dutch braid embellished a teased ponytail  

51. Pineapple ponytail looks amazing with color contrast

A weave ponytail has the power of transforming your look in a short amount of time and without risks or high expenses. Moreover, you cannot deny its versatility when it comes to where to wear it and how to wear it. So, if your natural hair is no help, don’t hesitate to use a ponytail extension in order to look fabulous and different every day. Attend a day at work or a special event effortlessly by trying one of the ponytail hairstyles explained above and use extensions like they were your natural fringes.


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