101+ Wispy Bangs Ideas to Create a Hot Statement Hairstyle


Wispy bangs are the most handy solution when you want to make a hairstyle change without sacrificing the length of your hair. Moreover, they help enhance your best face features, they make the look in your eyes more piercing, they narrow your face and confer you a youthful appearance. In addition, wispy bangs are a fit to every typology, as long as you keep in mind the shape of your face before cutting your hair. When choosing this look, however, you should also take its challenges into account; wispy bangs need special attention when it comes to styling and keeping them fresh.

Perhaps you always wanted the brilliant bangs of Audrey Hepburn or Brigitte Bardot’s. Maybe you just discovered a wrinkle on your forehead and the perspective of using Botox is too painful. Maybe you always wore a bang, but you’re trying to reinvent yourself. Or maybe you’ve found that bangs are the hottest hair accessories this season – in fashion and on the red carpet. Regardless of the reason that brought you here, one thing is certain – this is the year you will have the hottest bangs.

  1. Medium long, wavy hairstyle with bangs

wispy bangs

2. Highlighted bangs complete a silky hairstyle

3. Naturally wavy hair with wispy bangs

4. Topknot and bangs complete a half updo

5. Messy look achieved with a wavy hairstyle

Wispy Bangs – Suitable for All Hair Types and Face Shapes

Sporting bangs has been trending for a long while, so 2019 makes no exception either. So, if you do not have bangs, decide on a style that suits your physiognomy and which will succeed in highlighting your face’s beautiful features.

It’s said that everyone can look good with bangs, so if you think you don’t, then you didn’t find the right bangs style and wispy bangs might be just it! Fortunately, bangs are suitable for all types of hair and lend themselves to any face shape. All you need is a little help from a hairstylist.

And because we know how difficult it is to find something special about styling your hair today, we thought it would be good to give you some examples of how you could wear your bangs.

6. Romantic updo with exquisite face-framing

7. Medium long hair with big curls and thin fringes

8. Seductive updo with feathery bangs

9. Long hair styled with fringes and curls

10. Thin bangs cover a wide forehead

What are Wispy Bangs?

Wispy bangs are straight but not too thick and divided in thin hair strands, which leave the forehead partially uncovered. Straight bangs appear near the upper middle of the head, while wispy bangs are close to the beginning of the forehead. They are basically fringes with less hair.

It is a bang style that, although it covers the forehead, it does not cover too much of it. So, if you have a wide forehead and the goal is to hide it, this option is the most recommended for you. In addition, one disadvantage is that if you have very greasy hair, that fact will be immediately noticed because it is thin.

11. Long natural hairstyle completed with feathery bangs

12. Cute top knot and middle parted fringes

13. Platinum gray hair styled with fringes

14. Short and thin bangs of natural color

15. Long blonde hair with and without fringes

Wispy Bangs – In Harmony With Your Face Shape

If you have a round face, avoid straight bangs, and short and straight bangs. Try a longer length of the bang, ending at your eyebrows’ level; an asymmetric bang that touches your cheekbones and prevents the effect of shortening your face.

A face shape is considered “square” when the forehead, cheekbones and jaw have the same width. If your face is square, avoid short, straight, round and thick fringes. Instead, choose a long, asymmetrical bang that creates a warm shape and “sweeps” the square shape off your face.

A face with the shape of the heart (or inverted triangle) is characterized by a broad forehead, tall cheekbones and a narrow chin. The goal is to balance your chin, so choose wispy bangs. The minimum length should be up to your eyebrows and maximum up to the corners of your eyes.

If you have an elongated face, then long, straight bangs will add width to your face. Avoid fringes that end above your eyebrows. To bend this face shape optically, choose wispy bangs, cut in an asymmetric manner, up to your cheekbones.

When one’s face features have a natural symmetry, contoured cheekbones, and a wide forehead, it means he or she has an oval face. With this face shape you can enjoy any kind of bangs due to balanced symmetry.

So, as shown, wispy bangs are suitable for every face shape.

16. Properly cut bangs and a killer smile

17. Medium to long hair emanates naturalness 

18. An oval face makes fringes look good

19. Messy hairstyle completed by feathery bangs

20. Wispy bangs used with a purpose

Wispy Bangs  – For all Hair Textures

• If you have thin hair, then wispy bangs parted on one side may give you the impression of larger volume. Feathery fringes are not the best solution here, but they would still look good.

• If you have thick hair, it is advisable to choose a thin bang as well. A straight bang can be difficult to maintain in the case of thick and stubborn hair.

• If you have wavy hair, a swept on one side fringe can be an excellent idea. You should keep it as long as possible and style it carefully so it doesn’t lose its shape.

• If you have curly hair, a bang on one side is the best solution. You need to comb it with a cylindrical brush during the drying process, turning it easily towards the inside. Do not use the hair straightener as you will create an unsightly contrast between the bangs and the rest of your hair.

21. Ombre hair cut bob style with fringes

22. Celebrity style with middle parted fringes

23. Celebrity style featuring wispy bangs

24. Unpolished updo with long bangs

25. Face framing with the help of hair

Wispy Bangs – Adaptable to Each Hair Length

Feathery Bangs for Short hair

From the point of view of many hairstyles, short hair automatically includes bangs. We can’t agree more with the hairstylists!

How you choose to wear bangs is your choice, that’s why short hair with bangs offers you plenty of fringe hairstyle options.

Either choose an edgy hairstyle with a straight bang, cut above your eyebrows, or choose a hairstyle like Rihanna’s, which was grungy and could make you look like a nonconformist. Conversely, you can choose short bangs that give a breath of fresh air to your appearance.

Feathery Bangs for Medium Hair

If you choose to wear your hair at an average length, then you should know that bob hairstyles are still in vogue, being still the most popular ones. In addition, if you know how to choose a matching fringe style, then you’ll transform a regular bob in an icon of beauty and style. Just look at Ana Wintour, who has been wearing the same bangs style for years.

Depending on the shape of your face, when you have an average hair length, you can choose a straight bang, or if you want to get a strong, personality look, you can go for a thick asymmetric fringe that draws a straight line from your eyebrow line to the chin.

Feathery Bangs for Long Hair

If you have long hair, then a bang is always necessary. We say this because in the case of long hair, the bang is the one that offers the possibility of creating hairstyles with volume and layers. In other words, if you have long hair, get bangs!

Only then will you easily manage to diversify your look by resorting to varied hairstyles that will take you out of the anonymity of the classic ponytail.

26. Beach curls and sun kissed hair

27. Long hairstyle modified with some wispy bangs

28. Reese Witherspoon sporting wispy bangs with style

29. A youthful look thanks to feathery fringes

30. Wavy hair matched with wavy bangs

Other Considerations Before Opting for Wispy Bangs

As seen so far, it’s important to consider factors like hair texture, hair length and face shape when choosing a bang style. However, these are not the only factors to consider. Things like age, height and silhouette are also important.

In order to avoid looking laughable or ridiculous, older women should opt for a medium bang, which is not too long, straight or too thick. We know; there’s such a fine line between these.

Younger women, on the contrary, hairstylists recommend for them to experiment with different hairstyles and bangs styles.

Height and Silhouette are Just as Important

Thin and short women should not opt for puffy fringes that are characterized by a lot of volume. This is because they will look artificial, like a doll. Thicker women on the other side, as well as tall women, should choose volume when it comes to fringes. This is because the disproportion between the head and the body must be avoided.

31. Messy updo with thin fringes


32. Freckles highlighted by properly cut fringes

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33. Long hair styled in a ponytail with bangs

34. Copper hair styled with thin bangs

35. Wide forehead hidden by bi-colored hair

Special Care for Your Wispy Bangs

A beautiful bang is one made of healthy, hydrated and full-bodied hair. All these qualities get you starting with hair washing and ending with applying styling products. We recommend a shampoo with jasmine, which feeds your hair, and a powerful complex of ingredients that clean, nourish the scalp and keep your hair shiny and protected. Fill your hair with jasmine and omega 3, 6 and 9, as well as vitamin E. Moreover, Monoi butter combined with coconut oil, gives your hair back its natural glow.

36. Fringes cut thinner in the middle section

37. Jennifer Lawrence in one of her many hairstyles

38. Another celebrity recognizes how trendy and flattering fringes are

39. Heart-shaped face properly framed by fringes

40. Ombre hairstyle matches the wispy bangs trend

Celebrities Who Wore Wispy Bangs

Natalie Portman has a classic beauty, so she is advantaged by almost any haircut. Even short hair is wonderful! She did not have a voluminous, classic bang, but a thin bang.

Jennifer Garner is also one of those who have tried wispy bangs, but she also likes her hair with her forehead open. Her hair looks best when it’s wavy, whether or not it has a bang.

Jessica Alba has been blonde almost all summer and has left her head on the lookout because she wore her hair mostly caught. Now, however, she approaches a more soft look with a long fringe, parted in the middle.

Kate Winslet is very courageous when it comes to choosing her roles and so is when she comes up with a new look. Light, elegant curls match her slightly asymmetrical, straight, one-sided bang.

41. Oval face flattered with thin fringes

42. Another face shape flattered by fringes

43. Statement hair color and middle parted fringes

44. A hairstyle that styles itself for wavy hair

45. Medium hair adorned with fringes and dyed balayage

46. The look of a doll achieved with thicker bangs

47. High volume hairstyle requires equally thick bangs

We have no doubt that the woman from the picture above has a very rich hair. But if her bangs were just as rich, she would have looked like sporting a heavy curtain, tightening her beautiful features. That’s why wispy bangs work perfectly in these situations. If some hair strands stick to your forehead, use dry shampoo and apply it at the roots and massage it with your fingertips for a fresh look.

48. Wispy bangs above the eyebrows

49. Curly hair works best with short bangs

50. Statement haircut with zigzag bangs

This mannequin’s statement bang is a mix of short and long cuts, a very inspired zigzag. The key is the side (base of the bang) and the patience to convince the other strands to stand in the same position and also to have a natural look.

51. Long, middle parted fringes for thin hair

52. Bangs making an oval face look smaller

The woman in the picture above is sporting a bang style that almost covers her eyebrows, but this is not its most important feature. Rich hair is perfect if it is also thin, making oval faces look smaller. Another reason why this haircut is really cool? The contrast between the wavy bob and the straight bang.

53. Very thin bangs style a messy updo

54. The Gossip girl actress sporting wispy bangs

55. Fringes of different color than the rest of the hair

56. Rashide Jones’s look for anyone to copy

If your hair has a soft texture, then a bang like Rashide Jones’s will look very good and not anemic, as you originally imagined. However, make sure it is controlled. Use a hair straightener to help the ends stay straight on the forehead. In this way, your bang will look more stylized.

57. Classical look for modern women with bangs

58. Updo featuring side parted fringes

59. Highly layered fringes for thin hair

60. Long, blonde hair styled with a few thin bangs

61. Medium-long bob matches bangs perfectly

62. Heart-shaped face beautified with a proper hairstyle

63. Thin bangs with lily highlights

64. Round face framed by middle parted bangs

Bangs that stop tight around the corners of the eyes and highlight the cheeks are extremely suitable for round faces. Divide it in two and arrange it with a rotating brush so that the tips are pulled in. Thus, the hair strands look very light and natural, not covering the whole face.

65. Long bangs reach the eye level for a piercing look

66. Reese Witherspoon strikes again with beautiful fringes

There was a time when the bang swept on one side did not look very inspired. I would not have expected this trend to be adopted again. However, the beloved actress Reese Witherspoon manages to carry a reinterpreted version of the classic bangs to one side. With a proper hair texture and a styling to match, this look is very appealing.

67. Celebrities both sporting bangs in different styles

Here we can see the obvious difference between wispy bangs and thick bangs. The celebrities above have different face shapes and hair texture. However, they both pull off bangs.

68. Thin hair styled with highlights, waves and wispy bangs

69. Hollywood star with impeccable taste in bangs


70. Partially thick bangs get thinner on a side  

Wispy bangs are the most versatile types of bangs. It’s safe to say that the aforementioned fact is true. However, this doesn’t make them easy to cut, style or care for. If you give it some thought, wearing fringes is not the easy option, but it may be the most inspired one!

Fringes are known to add the missing element in a woman’s style, so trying to wear wispy bangs once in a lifetime is a must. You might fall in love quicker than you think! Follow the guidelines above and you will end up loving your new look and hurrying to show it to everyone around you!


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