120 Protective Yarn Braids That Will Add Colors to Your Hair


There are many ways to wear your yarn braids. These braids have been taking over the internet and have become the best choice for women who are not so keen on coloring their hair to add the color punch to their locks! You can add colorful acrylic yarn of multiple colors and get them braided to get a look that you are sure to love! These braids are easy to create and give your hair an instant lift. The best thing about this African hairstyle is that it has a protective element to it as well. It not only makes your hair look gorgeous, but it also makes it healthier!

There are so many colors and patterns you can try on with these yarn braids. They have also become widely accepted and adopted by other cultures as well. So, if you are in the search for a right hairstyle, you need to give these braids a try! There are options here that are sure to make you tempted to try them on!  These hairstyles have the oomph to them and will make you look your best as well. We have carefully compiled these hairstyles for you, and you can try them on today! Here is our list of beautiful yarn braids for you to navigate through.

Deep red shades on

Something is alluring and majestic about deep red tones. There is so much you can do with these hues. They give off a fierce vibe, and we are in love with these here!


Funky yarn braided look

There is a messy and fashionable appearance to this look here, and you can see how casual this look is. You can tie it up and go on with your busy day and still look great!

Shades we love!

There are so many colors on this look here, and we have a crush on them! There are reds and greens, and they have all been added by getting yarn on them, so there is no hair damage as well.

Ashy blue and grey hues

There are ashy shades of bluish grey hues on this look here, and we love it. This yarn braids idea is perfect for doing on yourself, and you can wear it as your back to school look as well!

Casual Look

If you are not into yarn braids that are a little over the top, then this is the section for you! You can see how these hairstyle choices are great for a casual day out with your pals!

Pink look

There are light and dark pink shades here, and they have a youthful vibe to it! You can get the tone that you are most comfortable with and wear them on as your yarn braids!

Dark and light shades of brown

Brown is a color that you can try no matter what skin tone and texture you have! They can be flattering for all skin types, and you are sure to be playing safe with them! Make sure you get the shades that look good on you!

Adorable looks for toddlers

Toddlers are hard to deal with sometimes, but their hair can be harder to deal with! You can see how the yarn braids not only keeps these children’s hair on place but also make it a hassle-free hairdo for them!

Thick long braids

There are Instagram posts that have the hashtag hair goals, and these are the ones that make it to the list! These dark thick long yarn braids are looking great, and you need to try them today!

Side pinned down

If you are looking to get a bit of a polished style, this is the look for you to try! Take your hair and pin them down on the side and you are done.

Light baby blue shades

If you are into bright shades of blue, you will love this one! You can see the dark roots here, and the rest has a subtle intensity to it as well! Make sure you wear this with something white for contrast effect once!

Deep green shades

There are so many shades of green out there! They can be dark or light and also have that pale or deep undertone to them. Here are some shades that we loved and can’t wait for you to try!

Tiny tight braids

You can find too many small braids in this hairstyle here. You can see the sections are short and thin and they make the hair look great! Make sure you get them done at a salon for the same effect!

Blues and greens

The best combination that is fun and fierce is the blue and greens that we love these tones! There are quite a few options here for you to try.

Thick yarn braids

Yarn braids can be as thick or as thin as you want them to be. Here we have a well-colored yarn, and they have created a well-balanced look. If you are looking for a youthful vibe, try this!

Deep brown and red hues

There is a deep brown on the top bun here and the red on the rest of the hair. You can see how the hair has an earthy tone to it! Make sure you give this hairstyle a try!

Updo for casual wear

Some updos are sure to make you look polished and chic for events when you need to look great! DIY yarn braids have created these looks, and you can also do them yourself!

Deep roots blonde shades

This look has micro yarn braids, and the ends here have blonde hues on them whereas the base is surely dark black. You can wear this edgy look as you head out for a fun day.

Multi shades of yarn

Here we have shades of yarn that are perfect for teenagers and do make it to the category of yarn braids 2018. These have a fun and flirty look to them as well, and the colors are great here!

Designs on the forehead

This is a half up half down yarn braids look that has some details on the forehead. The tiny details add an edge to the hair and make it look well-put together. The stacked hair is gorgeous!

Lilac purple shades

Lilac shades are very trendy currently, and some celebs and stylists have loved this look as well. You can pair them with other shades to deepen the effect of the braids here. Use the hair extensions that you get readily available!

The playful colors

There are multiple shades on the hair here, and we are in love with this! You can get a playful, summery vibe with this one and get yourself a youthful, vibrant appearance!


Rainbow colors on your hair

You can get rainbow colors yarn braids on your hair! You can get one shade of the rainbow or go for all the colors! There is potential in this look for sure!

Ash blonde medium hair

Everyone has loved Ash blonde shades over the past year! You can see deep base here, and the rest has a beautiful blonde look on! The medium length of hair has the balancing factor to it as well!

Thin strands on the bottom

The strands on this hair here are light and compact on the base here, and we are recommending this for you! The braids almost look undone, and the hair has an effortless, casual vibe to them!

Medium shoulder length hair

When you have shoulder length hair, you can enjoy the hot summer days without being too bothered by them! Here is a look with mid-length hair and you can try these on with the burgundy brown color!

Multi colors on

If you are confused to try on some colors, then this is the look for you. There are many shades on in here, and you can make this look as pretty as you want them to be!

Dark and light purple

Purple hues are not naturally occurring colors in nature. They sure take a lot of effort to get into the hair! You will need the patience to get the shade that you want and build the intensity on these colors!

Layers on hair

The hair here has yarns all over with white and blue shades on them. They are also multilayered, and they have that added depth to them. This one is undoubtedly a DIY project to try on!

Dark black and blue ombre look

Ombre hair is a big hair trend. They have been used over and over again, and people are still raging over them! You can see how the shades here are beautiful, and they are done with yarns!

Sections on top

There are sections or blocks on top of this look, and we are in love with how great it looks! You can add colors to them as well! Take some inspiration from the look here!


There is a sheer vibrancy to this look right here! It has that yarn braids natural hair look, and we are in love with the casual, effortless vibe that it has. There are so many factors to it, but the deep shades are great here too!

Tones of brown

If you are a fan of brown shades and are looking to incorporate them into your yarn braids, then these are some of the options for you! These tones will work for all skin tones as well!

Bubblegum Pink

Many artists and celebs tried on this bubblegum pink here, and you have to have seen this one on your social media sites! You can try this adorable shade on and slay the look with the yarn twists!

The flowers game

The look here has colors similar to the colors on a flower! You can see how the shades here are bright, and the ends here have the deep tones of black to it as well.

The top knot

The top knot is one of the best hairstyles that women try on! There is an ease to it, and the hair has that half up half down look to it that we love! Make sure you try this look on!




Side Swept look

Side swept hair can make an excellent transition to the whole attire. There are shades in here that we are in love with. All you need to do is take all the hair on to a side, and it looks great!

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Zigzag shades

There are white and blue shades of yarn on this yarn braids, and anyone of any age can wear it! There sure is a youthful vibe to it though and we love it!

Deep middle part

Deep middle-parted hair is excellent if you have thick hair! You can add that balance to your hair and also this style works well for all women who have a round face. You can take some ideas from this one here!

Two low ponies

There is some gap on the hair here, and we have the little pony here on either side here! You can see how the pony has uneven hair, and they are the signs of having layered hair on top!

Clasps on hair

Adding accessories to the hair can make it look so great! You can see how the clasps on the hair here have a delicate balance to it, and we can see the colors and hues on here as well.

Braids or twist?

If you are doing yarn braids vs. yarn twists on your head, we are here to help you out! You have options to see both of them in here, and you can see how great they look! They are excellent no matter what you choose!

Extra blonde hues on

This look is extra and edgy as well. The roots here do have a light baby blue shade to them if you look closer! You can enjoy this look no matter what your pick of color is!

Fun, festive look

These looks here are for the party people out there who are keen on getting a look that matches all occasion! These are looks you can wear to any music festival as well.

Perfect for the holidays

If you are heading out this summer season for a holiday out on some majestic location, then you need a hairstyle that you can be looking great in! The shades here are great, and they do not need a touch up for at least two weeks!

All pinned up

This look has been pinned up and tied up to create an updo and has a height to it! You can see how it has dark roots and the ashy grey shades on the hair to make it look great!

Light lilac shades

The bright lilac tones in here are sure to be tried once in your life for sure! You can see how there are clasps and beads on these looks, and they gave a friendly flirty vibe to the whole look!

The transition of colors

You can see the colors change from blonde to light blonde and the ends seem to have blue tinges on them here! The transformation is sure admirable, and we love how cool and casual it looks!

Designs on temples

The temples are shaven on the sides here, and there are designs created on these that we love! You can see how the colors and all the other elements of this yarn braids are alluring to the eyes!

Copper brown shades

Women of all ages have loved these shades, and they never die down! You can see this coppery brown shade here, and the sections here are great as well. Make sure you take help to get this done!

Turquoise Blue

There are blue tinges on the look here all over, but the highlight here is undoubtedly the turquoise in here. They are bright and have that shine to them as well. Yarn braids here look stunning here!

Short hair on top

There are many how to do yarn braids on short hair tutorials online by beauty gurus that you can watch to learn to do this look! They are easy to do, and they look great as well!


Medium length of hair

There are so many colors and elements on this look here! You can see the golden clasps and the sections and has a new and fresh feel to it as well!

Short Hair

There is an asymmetrical bob here, and you are going to find this delightful! The natural black hair has a perfect look to it, and the makeup makes it look so much better as well!

The neat section

There are neat and clean sections here, and you can get this done on yourself as well! Make sure you get the color combination that you want and get a yarn that is shiny and not too hard to work with!

Teal hues on

There are bright teal shades on this one, and you can try this if you are into deep, bright shades. You can make sure the colors stay on longer by using good quality yarn for your yarn braids!

Grey shades

Grey was once taken to be a sign of aging, and now it has been loved by so many! You can make your pick from these pictures we have in here! You can surely add colors and add intensity on to match your skin tone and fit your style!


The bun here has been made to look so much better with these colors here! They pop on the hair and make it look attractive. You will be the center of the party as you wear and flaunt this look around!

Headband Braids

Headband style braids have a casual look to them most of the time, but this one here looks majestic! You can see how the hair here has that thick appearance, and the colors are great as well!

Black and red

Black and red is a classic combination, and you can wear this so well in the summers! There is a blend of color that you will love, and there are yellow on the bottom one as well that you need to check out!

The bob

This yarn braids bob can be the best thing you try on this summer! There are so many looks that you can recreate with these bob haircuts. There are yarns of yellow to blonde shades on here all wrapped up as well!


Sleek pulled back

These tiny yarn braids are pulled back and secured there. They help to keep the face free from flyaway hair and is sure to help you if you have a busy day ahead or are just too tired of hot days!

Multi shades of red and brown

There are reds and yellows, and brown yarns in this braided look and the ends here are still black! You can see that this look sure takes some effort to complete, but the look is excellent!

Space buns

Space buns are great, and they can be worn to any event as well. You can see how the hair has the balance to be worn to any occasion, and they work out well if you wear them to the gym as well!

Red tones

There are brown to red shades in here, and there is an ornament on the middle here that falls on the forehead as well You can see the wrap around look here, and it sure is a lovable look.


There are so many options for, everyone, here and we are sure you have found the style that matched your personality from the choices above. Hairstyles are a way of showing off your inner nature, and the better you choose the gorgeous you look.

Make sure you carry your look with attitude and confidence to look your best! You need to also be comfortable in the style you have chosen. There is no way that any look will make you feel better if you are not sure about them! So make sure you and your stylists are on the same page when you talk about these hairdos!

If you found this article to be helpful in your quest to search for the best yarn braids hairstyle for yourself, then do give this article a thumbs up and show us some love! Make sure to share this with more people who would love to try on this fun hairdo. If you have tried these on, or have some suggestions for us, use the comments box below and let us know about them. We value your words the most! We will come up with more fashionable hairstyles, till then this is a wrap!


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